Church of Scientology uses VeRO program to get emeter listings removed from eBay


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My complete list of Scn US trademarks with all relevant details is here.

The ones relevant to meters are HUBBARD, E-METER, and various MARKs including configurations.

Note that I did my (thorough) research from the US Patent and Trademark Office records; not from CofS statements, which are not always accurate (surprise, surprise).


Wow. Fascinating. Thanks for this, Paul.

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Church of Scientology uses VeRO program to get emeter listings removed from eBay

I have been doing research as to what the Church of Scientology is doing to get eBay to cancel/remove all listings for emeters.

They are using the VeRO program. If you don't know what the program is, go to, click "help", type "vero" and start reading.

The eBay response about their removing a listing is this: "With regard to your item, your listing was removed because we received a report from Church of Scientology International (CSI), the verified rights owner, stating that the listing infringed intellectual property rights. eBay developed the Verified Rights Owner (VeRO) program to protect intellectual property owners. When we receive such a report, we are required to remove the listing."

The CofS has to attest under penalty of perjury by filling out a form and sending it to eBay. Here is the form:

I'd like to find out which "reason" the CofS false attests to.

I find it fascinating that they are getting listings removed of ACTUAL emeters, but the listings which sell schematics to the internal components (like this one) remain.

It really doesn't stop anyone from having a meter.

It's been wide public knowledge for some time that the meter Ralph Hilton sells is far superior to the one the Church uses. You can use it via the telephone and even get session reports printed from it from I've heard. I think if he created a manual for it a lot more would sell. I have to have an instruction book with everything. But a lot of people don't have issues like that. Anyway I saw the meter demonstrated. It's clearly more advanced.
Hank Levin sells a video that is great on meter reads, a meter I've seen but forwhatever reason didn't like (the clarity meter). But good instruction video and books, I actually bought them to get through my meter course.

I've bought four meters on Ebay. You just put it on your watch list and you get notified instantly of the listing. I sent my email addy to the seller and told the seller when the auction got bumped to contact me and they did.



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Interesting that they trademarked RON's Org in 2006. Seems that should be contested by the "real" Ron's Org :)