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Republican Susan Latvala, the Pinellas County., Fla. Commissioner’s Race, Mel Sembler, CIA Mind Control & Scientology

"PAR even bought and operated a mental hospital which is ironic since Susan Latvala, chairman of the board at PAR, has been very chummy with the Church of Scientology™. Scientologists strongly oppose the profession of psychiatry, though many consider Scientology™’s Dianetic™ processing as a sort of poor man’s alternative to psychiatric counseling. PAR’s Dr. Betty Buchan even endorses Narconon™ the drug treatment regimen so closely aligned with"


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5191 Prelude: Arnold Andrews, Operation Par & CIA Mind Control

Florida’s Supreme Court strikes down statue of limitations, allows abuse law suit 20 years later
In 1995 a woman identified as S.A.P. filed a lawsuit accussing the state of Florida of concealing details of how she was “beaten, burned choked and denied food” in 1979 at the age of 3 and 4. The judge threw it out under Florida’s 4 year statue of limitations law (section 768.28(13)). S.A.P. appealed and the matter made its way to Florida’s Supreme Court. On November 27, 2002, in a 5-2 decision, Florida’s Supreme Court ruled that the “statute of limitations” could not stop a lawsuit against the state “when one of the allegations in the suit says the state concealed facts about the abuse and delayed the filing of the lawsuit.” [Source: Naples Daily News 11/28/02 by Jackie Hallifax, AP] 1. 1973: Pinellas County States Attorney James T. Russell and County Sheriff Don Genung invite The Seed, Straight’s progenator, to Pinellas County. Russell and 6th Circuit judges join The Seed’s advisory board. 2. 1978: The Dale Report confirms child abuse at Straight. State Attorney James T. Russell does absolutely nothing while state health officials bow to political pressure from the Sembler crowd, hide the abuse in its official report, and fires its chief investigator. 3. 1978: Sixteen year old Jerry Vancil exposes child abuse at Straight to St. Pete Times but state investigation is dropped when Vancil dissapears. He has never been seen or heard from since (dead or alive) and the state has never bothered to look for him (or his body)."