Clearwater Board Enforces Super Power Building Fine - $413,500


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I was tired and cranky this morning until I read this. Now I'm happy as a clam...or should I say as happy as an ex-clam? I'm glad someone in Clearwater finally stoop up to the cult.



By Seth Abramovitch Aug 24, 2011 10:45 PM
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Heroic City Board Fines Church of Scientology $413,500, Just to Be Dicks

Each member of an "obscure board of volunteers" representing the city of Clearwater, Florida, has earned a gold star and pat on the back, as they have ruled that the Church of Scientology must cough up $413,500 in fines which they could have easily written off.

The fines have been accruing since 2006, $250 per day, as construction was delayed for years on their Super Power building — a city-sized behemoth of an intake center. The megascam eyesore was finally completed in June, 12 years after they broke ground, which is when the bill came due. The church asked for a 90 percent "good faith" reduction for their efforts in bringing the building to code.

That request went to the city's resident-led Code Enforcement Board, which has a record of leniency and decimating fines. But board members voted unanimously to keep the fines mostly untouched, saying the church had long ignored the rules.

"This board's order was not taken seriously," member Sheila Cole said. "That really bothers me."

You tell 'em, Sheila. [St. Petersburg Times, photo via NickSixers Flickr]


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Way to go Clearwater!

Hey, let's check the scoreboard!

OT's: (- $ 413,500)

WOGS: + $413,5000


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What better indication could there be of what's in store with "Super Powers" than the city lawyer describing the construction of its building as a "shell game"?