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CLO EUS Floor Plan

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As I am currently remembering from 20 years ago:

This stems from my other thread about the CLO EUS Renos mission found here:


CLO EUS (Excalibur) 349, West 48th street, NY, NY

CLO EUS FLOOR PLAN: (as I remember now, I will likely remember more detail and edit it later)

It had in the far back a room used for storing stuff that they needed locked up. 1 time I found cases of eggs in there that were unrefridgerated by the estates chief. Bad Idea. Also the big roaches prowled around back there since there was a rear entrance up to the ground there.

The Kitchen was in the basement, and the boiler room next to that with an oil furnace. There was a large dining area in the first third of that floor. They also used it for staff meetings and had a TV and the VCR that was stolen. To the right side of that room was the Estates Utility closet. In there was a massive Telephone junction interface (if the phones got shutoff due to no bill paying it would have been still possible to use any of the paired connectors in that box to get a line that would work. They were connected to other people's lines up and down the street.)

I found a small touchtone phone in the trash one night (common to find usable equipment in the trash there). I cut some phone line out of one of the wires and built a utility phone out of it, it had a modular jack taped to the back and alligator clips from the screws on that so I could either use an existing phone wire to plug into a jack unit or the alligator clips to test for pairs where there wasn't any jacks.

Also in that room was their phone system terminal jacks for the rest of the building. I could wire the computer system to any cubicle from that point. They kept their rainbow vacs in there too along with all the cleaning stuff.

It had the reception area. Book display on left, The reception desk had the reception phone system on the right and the security monitor CRT on the left under the desk top that had the 3 cameras for the building on a slide show that you could set the display speed for each camera. It was black and white, the 2 front cameras and the one showing the left side of the building's fire escape which led to a flat area and entrance into the building. Cheap cheap cheap system!

Behind reception was an entry way sort of with PC folder filing cabinets and a bathroom next to that. Behind that and to the back of the building was the course room, demo room and maa office and other stuff. In the course room on the back left side were the clearsound nakamichi tape deck systems, I think there were 4 or 5 of them.

It had Freewinds offices in the front. Tom Wells did the glass etching designs on the glass for that office himself with muriatic acid.
In the back was the Comm center, all the office cubicles and the treasury office on the back left and the Comm chief's office cubicle that had the telex stuff in it on the back right.

It had Able and Wise offices in the front, the LRH Office just as you entered the floor, SMI in back of that, the Filing/mimograph room was opposite SMI. Behind the Filing room was a conference room with a large wooden table.

To the left back of that were more unused cubicles and Bridge Office in the far back.

It had Flag Rep & HCO in the front with all the ethics files and HCO materials, going down the side of that floor to the left was the estates office, Cont Finance Director's office, CO CLO EUS' office and in the back of the building was the CMO offices.

The UNIX computer I admined on was in a closet across from the Cont Finance Dir office approx, or between that and the estates office.

It had bedrooms, mine was in the middle on the front of the building, I think 502 was the number. there were 2 bunk beds and set of bureaus in there. On the right side of that floor down the hall were a few bathrooms and shower units across from the rest of the bedrooms.

They did sec checks sometimes in the bedroom next to mine, because I was on night schedule I slept in the daytime. I could hear everything coming out of that bedroom. I couldn't stand that!

It had Exec bedrooms and CMO bedrooms.

As you are looking at the building, the Left entrance leads to a staircase that goes to the basement and up to the 3rd floor. The right entrance to the building has a small elevator that fits about 4 people comfortably with a manually operated gate door. There is a staircase on the right that leads from the first floor up to the roof. (I believe that is the way the stairs worked, I need to focus thought on that area)

The back of the courseroom on the first floor also had an exit to the back of the building.
In back of CLO EUS is a grassy/dirt section of an alley sort of about 25 feet wide between it and the other buildings behind it on the next block.

The roof had a standpipe water tank, I was 1 of 2 people that passed the city exam for standpipe technicians, the other guy, Chuck, from estates routed out long before I got out.
I used to fly paper airplanes off the roof thinking how free they were to go wherever the wind took them.

The building to the left of CLO was burned out by fire before I got there. The building to the right had stairs that heroin addicts used to shoot up on.
The building across the street had a nice jewish lady about 60 at the time that would like to chit chat when she saw me.

I used to chase after the gang that would come up the street breaking into cars at night (a story for another thread sometime)
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