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CNN Anderson Cooper Scn program!

Discussion in 'Movies, Plays, and Documentaries about Scientology' started by fnx3, Mar 30, 2010.

  1. Operating DB

    Operating DB Truman Show Dropout

    How about a reality show featuring those still in the cult at Int and Flag with the already existing 24/7 drama. No script or coaching needed. They already have who-knows-how many security cameras installed there. Wouldn't take much more to start the series. It'd be sort of like the movie the "Truman Show"? Imagine the ratings worldwide!
  2. KnightVision

    KnightVision Gold Meritorious Patron

    Do you have a link to this last interview?

  3. minnie

    minnie Patron with Honors

  4. HappyGirl

    HappyGirl Gold Meritorious Patron

  5. fnx3

    fnx3 Patron with Honors

    Fascinating comment fr an Ex-TM discussion!

    Hi - just found this comment on an "Ex-Transcendental Meditation (TM)" blog discussion - knew you might be interested as well:

    And then she even included this really cute pic of an Indian E-Meter ... CLICK ...:

  6. KnightVision

    KnightVision Gold Meritorious Patron

    There are three Verrrrrrrrrry Interesssssssssting 'Pink Elephants' that appear in these 'ex-wife's' stories....

    1. They say that their husbands never came home with any signs of having undergone abuse, not even a scratch!

    Hmmmmm.... I actually don't know ANYBODY who never comes home with a scratch!!! It's IMPOSSIBLE to live in this world without getting scratched, scraped, head bumpings, tripping, etc. But our little 'wifey poos' would have us believe that their husband came home for decades without even a scratch........

    That little bit of investigative 'critical thinking' proves BEYOND A DOUBT that these ladies are LYING OUT THEIR ASS!

    2. The 'wifey poos' (2 OR 3 of them) state that it was 'THEIR HUSBANDS' who were the one's who committed the 'beatings' on others; in the case of Rathburn having hit Rinder on occasions....

    Wouldn't Rinder have come home with some evidence of having been hit by Rathburn??

    OOPS! Second little snafu in these testimonies of 'never a scratch'.

    3. The 'wifey poos' (2 OR 3 of them) who state that it was 'THEIR HUSBANDS' who were the one's who committed the 'beatings' on others... wouldn't their husbands (especially Rathburn who appears to have struck others the most- per the Co$ and ex-wife statements).... have come home with some type of self inflicted injury from having beaten on others????

    Don't know about 'Terminators' but human flesh gets injured even when one is hitting somebody else!!

    That right there is a zinger for flushing most of these ex-wives right down the liars toilet... where the filth and stench of the 'bearing false witness' group hangs out.

    Think they are not lying?

    Their very words tell you that what they have alleged is humanly impossible.
  7. Boojuum

    Boojuum Silver Meritorious Patron

    Link to Episode 5 Part B?

    Where's part B to Episode 5?
  8. iamwhoiam

    iamwhoiam Patron

    The Slander Begins

    Last edited: Apr 3, 2010
  9. smartone

    smartone My Own Boss

    No. I mean the ex-scios. Anyway, Anderson finally got around to asking the question "what do these ex-scios gain from accusing DM of violence" in part 5 and the drivelling answers from Madam Munster were pathetic.

    OHTEEATE Silver Meritorious Patron

    Husbands 1 ex-wives 0

    Jeff , Tom and Marty did great. They came across as natural, honest, just telling it straight.No axe to grind. Ex-wives; not so much.
  11. smartone

    smartone My Own Boss

    It's not up on YT yet. Give it a few more hours.
  12. Enthetan

    Enthetan Master of Disaster

    And the CNN execs do not seem concerned about being on the receiving end of OSA dirty tricks. Could it be that OSA is running out of funding to be as big a threat as it may have been in the past?
  13. Type4_PTS

    Type4_PTS Diamond Invictus SP

  14. Good twin

    Good twin Floater

    IamwhoIam's post

    Wow Iam. The email exchange between Dennis Clark and LD is creepy and bizarre. Sadly it's all too familiar. This is a shining example of cognitive dissonance at work.

    More hive talk. "We can justify our contempt." "The exScientologists are psycotic liars." "The media are controled by Big Pharma." "There is nothing wrong here."
  15. AnonyMary

    AnonyMary Formerly Fooled - Finally Free

    Last edited: Apr 3, 2010
  16. olska

    olska Silver Meritorious Patron

    Oh how I miss than man of mine!

    Although a snapshot of it was posted some pages back, I hadn't until now seen on video the bit where Jenny Linson says "I know every inch of Tom DeVoct" and spreads her hands 3 feet apart.

    Yeh girl, and you just showed us with your body language how very, very much you miss him! What a crack up!

    So who's bitter?

    Go Tom!


    (correction to heading: ...THAT man of mine!)
  17. AnonyMary

    AnonyMary Formerly Fooled - Finally Free

    :omg: lol!

  18. SchwimmelPuckel

    SchwimmelPuckel Genuine Meatball

    I've been snickering all day over that! - Hehehehehehehehehe..hehe..he!
    You can edit that too, if you click the 'Go Advanced' button in the edit menu.

  19. Operating DB

    Operating DB Truman Show Dropout

    Oh, I get it, I read your post wrong the first time.
  20. Ted

    Ted Gold Meritorious Patron

    That would seem to be the case, but the management thought process goes more like this:

    She's a greater asset in her position than the perceived liability of her connections, so she stays where she is at. We'll think of a way to use the asset later.