CNN spanish reportage about Cook's case


A translation for those who don't speak Spanish.

Debbie Cook was the captain of the Organization of services of Flag for 17 years, Member of the Organization of the sea by a total of 29 years and today is sued by his own church on charges of "internal information publishing", it was not sued for lying or disseminate falsehoods, was sued for failing to comply with a form of disclaimer on where the Church of Scientology did not say anything on any subject she committed to the on them, nothing about their internal policies, nothing about its members, nothing about their former members, however in the news we already gave days ago, Cook sent an email to several active Church parishioners, asking to stop follow policies that do not correspond to those published by founder l. Ron Hubbard.
Cook until now has a restraining order which prevents it from talk or discuss anything with regard to this matter, because to so would go to prison immediately and his first audience as it is published in the Tampa Bay Times will be January 4, 2012.
why a church you cover the mouth to its former members?
what you know would endanger the income of this religion?

On the basis of what has been published in the Tampa Bay Times on January 31, 2012 in his article: "Church of Scientology sues veteran leader by his Email of new year" we see that Debbie Cook has signed:

1. Never (in perpetuity) reveal any information about the Church, its personnel and its personnel not already working with them.

2 Waiver of his right to free expression.

3. Never can publish, try to publish or help anyone to publish any information about the Church of Scientology in any kind of public, including newspapers, television, radio or the Internet.
Among other Leonine clauses which can be observed in the following links:
PDF of lawsuit against Debbie Cook
PDF where Debbie Cook signed his renunciation of rights (waiver) or rights Disclaimer:

The original article posted to CNN iReport is located in you can download file your E-mail in Spanish.

Debbie Cook today is day one page to obtain donations and present their case against the Church of Scientology in:

Do after 29 years of life only pay you 50mil dollars? This does not compare to the hours and concerning hours of work that she gave to Flag Service Organization, the Sea Organization and thus its leader David Miscavige.

In Mexico we have associations "non profit" of the Scientology and my question to all this is:

What what happens behind these organizations nonprofit?

How many Debbie Cook are there in Mexico and Latin America with fear to speak for the same consequences?

Mexico is certainly a wonderful country of freedom in expression, but when things of this type exist is the attention of authorities and if it is done is that we as Mexicans are not doing.

Show images of conversations made reaching my person on an anonymous basis where via facebook were preparing to sue and disconnect from Debbie Cook much sooner than expected, which demonstrates the type of control exercised by those institutions in our country, where it was assumed we had freedom of Association, freedom of expression, freedom to choose any religion but freedom of thought and opinion, it seems our rights as well as those of Debbie Cook are conditioned to Leonine contracts of non-disclosure of one form or another.

How change if the resolution by France to declare Scientology as "scam organized"?

France is certainly the home to see where more begins to judge with the same severity.

By Rafael Gómez