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Re: Co$ Bad Press Collection - 2014 - OCTOBER


Man who left Portland Church of Scientology sues for $30,000 allegedly pre-paid for religious training

A $92,000 Scientology Come-on, Woman Says

Translation of webpage from French to English -

Unusual Collaboration Grows Between Scientologists and Nation of Islam Amid Turmoil In Ferguson
*Note: This article is not bad press for the Co$ but an attempt to make the “The Way to Happiness” campaign look like a valid and helpful community service, more info of how the Co$ is trying to infiltrate the NOI. It is an odd article, YMMV.

Meet the Woman Who Helped Bring Scientology to Harlem
*Note: This article was written to make it look like bringing Scientology to the Harlem neighborhood will improve the neighborhood and help the people who live there. This article runs with Disqus comments, and THOSE are worth reading.

Scientology starts collecting $1 million judgment from longtime Tampa nemesis

Tom Cruise to Disown Son for Leaving Scientology in Favor of ‘Spiritual Journey’ in Morocco

Tom Cruise Furious At Nicole Kidman For Encouraging Connor Cruise To Leave Scientology – Will Tom Shun His Own Son?

European Court on Human Rights upholds the fundamental rights of Russian Scientologists

Scientology organization in fear of External Influences

German supporter of Scientology sends 120-page letter

Ex-Scientology couple to sue over 'Faustian deal'

State cites Woodbury living center for license violations

Ex-Tampa mayor Dick Greco: Clearwater should work with Scientologists

L Ron Hubbard’s great grandson Jamie DeWolf says gloves are off

Supervisor: Dorman Ordinance Still Needed for ‘Public Safety’

Blurred Lines: Is Native Advertising Bad Or Good?

Top 20 books they tried to ban
*NOTE: “Going Clear” by Lawrence Wright is on the list.

Leah Remini, ‘Dancing With the Stars': 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Tom Cruise Wears His Special Gold Badge to the London Scientology Prom

Scientologists Harass Ex-Member at LAX Airport

Ex-Scientologe zeigt, wie Belästigung aussieht
[Ex-Scientologist shows what harassment looks like]
Translation of webpage from German to English -

Top Scientology Leaders Caught In Videotaped Verbal Assult at LAX

WATCH: top Scientologists heaping abuse on apostate

Video: A top critic of Scientology is subjected to an “ambush” at Los Angeles Airport

This Is What It Looks Like When An Ex-Scientologist Runs Into Top Scientology Execs At The Airport

A First-Hand Look At The Ultra-Secretive Leaders Of Scientology

CULTS WEEK SERIES: An Introduction to the Long History of Los Angeles Cults

CULTS WEEK SERIES: The Pasadena Haunts of the Occultist Who Cofounded JPL

Are You Kidding Me? Sandra Bullock and Tom Cruise?

Drug rehab centre based on teachings of scientology to open in Heathfield
*NOTE: The comments are worth checking out regarding this fluff article about the NarCONon program.

Tom Cruise Supports Son Connor’s ‘Soul Searching’ And ‘Doesn’t Care’ About His Religious Practices

10 Celebrities Who Believe In Scientology

Scientology suspicious deaths documentary by Markus Thoess

Tophackere smed Anonymous-maskerne på scenen
[Tophacker blacksmith Anonymous masks on stage]
Translation of webpage from German to English -

Mark Hayes: Playing mind games in LA with Scientologists

Is Giovanni Ribisi's Family Quitting Scientology?

Ridley Scott to produce miniseries on rocket scientist, occultist Jack Parsons

Video: A top critic of Scientology is subjected to an “ambush” at Los Angeles Airport

Church of Scientology resists Clearwater aquarium's plans to move downtown

Lawsuits and broken families: The lid comes off Scientology in South Africa

Hacker, Hoaxer, Whistleblower, Spy: The Many Faces of Anonymous – Review

Noise complaints made about gala at Scientology HQ Saint Hill Manor

10 issues that will drive Tampa Bay economy
*NOTE: See #8.



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Re: Co$ Bad Press Collection - 2014 - OCTOBER

OCTOBER (continued):

Surviving Scientology Radio Episode 23 with Maureen Bolstad

TalkRadio Europe and this BBC Radio
Karen de la Carriere discusses human rights, religion and…ahem…ecclesiastical matters
Surviving Scientology Radio Episode 24 with Claire Headley
Surviving Scientology Radio Episode 25 with Mike Rinder
Mike Rinder discusses current affairs of the Church of Scientology

“In the Box” — En la Caja - Interview with Sam Domingo and Pete Griffiths

TheLipTV - Crime Time
Scientology Celebrity Comedy Fraud Exposed

TheLipTV – Media Mayhem
Tom Cruise Brings His Scientology Medal Out Of The Closet

ABC Action News – WFTS Tampa Bay
Church of Scientology opposes new aquarium


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Re: Co$ Bad Press Collection - 2014 - NOVEMBER


Editorial: Church of Scientology cannot veto Clearwater Aquarium project

Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise – Two Years Later

Scientology: Down the rabbit hole and into a curious court case

The Church of Scientology buys land in West Chatswood for $37 million to build new Australasian headquarters

Church of Scientology spends $37 MILLION on huge new site in Sydney for Asia Pacific headquarters

Scientology Spokesman Tom Cruise Dating After Katie Holmes Divorce, Selling Colorado Mansion?

Keeping The Faith: Tom Cruise Flaunts Scientology Medal — Proof He Hasn’t Cut Ties With The Church

Jason Blum’s Hot Reads: America’s ‘Unwinding,’ Texas Oil, Scientology Expose’
*NOTE: Lawrence Wright’s book, “Going Clear: Scientology, Hollywood, and the Prison of Belief” made the suggested reading list of “hot reads.”

Scientology suspicious death stonewalled by Clearwater Police

Heathfield home to drug scheme

Debunking the Dan Mullen Scientology Rumors

Church of Scientology's L.A. Headquarters Serving as Midterm Polling Station

Church of Scientology apologises in response to noise complaints

Guy Fawkes Night and the Famous Mask That Lives on Through Anonymous

Why the World Needs Anonymous


Scientologist Tom Cruise and Operation Fromage

Tom Cruise Net Worth: Was Tom Cruise’s Stars Fading With Scientology, How Much Is His Worth In 2014?

John Travolta, Kelly Preston Still Using Dead Son’s Foundation to Give Scientology Money Tax Free

Paul Haggis interview: 'I've seen Scientology ruin people': The Oscar-winning film director on Scientologist trolls and his new 'flawed' film

Scientologist trolls use internet to attack people and 'ruin their careers’, says Oscar-winning director and ex-church member Paul Haggis

Paul Haggis Talks Scientology in SoHo

Public relations schism: Mormons and Scientologists

42 Reasons Why Scientology is LITERALLY The Absolute Truth
*NOTE: This is a satire.

Crystal Beach treatment facility to expand after board of adjustment ruling

David Pomeranz ‘adores’ Cebu

Jaden And Willow Smith Prefers Homeschooling

Scientologist Obama Donor Will Smith Did a Number on His Two Kids

Quiz: Who Said It, Will Smith’s Kids or L. Ron Hubbard?

Kids say the darndest things: Bizarre Jaden and Willow Smith interview goes viral

Jaden and Willow Smith on Prana Energy, Time and Why School is Overrated

Let Jaden Smith Live, Though Maybe Don't Let Him Rap

Larry Ellis Reed: Could others be using 'Fair Game' tactics?


Tom Cruise and John Travolta Hiding Scientology Secrets According to FBI Files

Beyonce Caught In Scientology Scandal! Her Secret Link To The Church Revealed

“He Patted Me On The Head Like A Puppy” Mimi Faust Details Finding Out Dad Wasn’t Real Father At 16

Scientology: The Story You Haven't Heard
*NOTE: This article attempts to be a propaganda piece a typical example of a Scientologist. The Disqus comments below the article are worth reading. The following 4 articles are rebuttals to the author’s obvious lack of journalism. IMHO these are a fun read and are an example of how the media will treat anything about Scientology, Scientologists, and CoS front groups in the future. It is also interesting to check out Tony Ortega’s specific round-up of these articles.

Reporter Hangs Out in New York with ‘Jewish Scientologist’

The Problem With Refinery 29′s Profile Of A Church Of Scientology Member

Why Aren’t Victims Of Cults Treated With More Seriousness And Respect?

Refinery29 Embroiled in Weird Scientology Controversy

Is this the weirdest family in Hollywood? Their Scientology supporting dad's given to spouting nonsense - now Will Smith's children are ridiculed for boasting they can control time

Super $cientologists! Kirstie Alley & Kelly Preston Recognized At Special Church Ceremony — How Much Did They Pay?

HBO Prepping Bombshell Scientology Film From Oscar Winner (Exclusive)
*NOTE: Based on Lawrence Wright’s controversial book ‘Going Clear,’ the documentary from Alex Gibney is likely to draw an aggressive response from the notoriously litigious church… says the sub-headline of this article.

Heads up, Tom Cruise: HBO finishing doc on Scientology

HBO to air Scientology documentary based on book ‘Going Clear’

HBO Hired 160 Lawyers for a Lawrence Wright Scientology Movie

HBO Is Working On An In-Depth Documentary On Scientology And Its Celebrity Following

“We have probably 160 lawyers”: HBO readies documentary on Church of Scientology

HBO to make film of Scientology book, hires 160 lawyers

Lawrence Wright’s Scientology book Going Clear is coming to HBO as a documentary

HBO Has 160 Lawyers Preparing For Its New Scientology Documentary

Why Alex Gibney is a Perfect Fit for HBO's Scientology Doc

How Many Lawyers Does It Take to Make a Scientology Movie? HBO: ‘Probably 160’

“Going Clear” on Scientology and the Lawyers It Needs

HBO lawyers up for upcoming Scientology documentary

HBO’s New Scientology Doco & Its 160 Lawyers

Damage Control Or Proper Planning? HBO Reportedly Hires 160 Lawyers for Documentary on Scientology

Director tight-lipped about secret Scientology documentary

Tom Cruise’s BFF David Miscavige Makes Kooky Scientology Claims

Tom Cruise’s Scientology Leader: “We are Everywhere and Everyone…We are the rock and fortress of humanity”


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Re: Co$ Bad Press Collection - 2014 - NOVEMBER

NOVEMBER (continued):


FOX 13 News – Tampa Bay
Church of Scientology expresses opposition to proposed aquarium

Oklahoma City –
Former Narconon Investigator Says She Was Fired For Going Public


Talk Radio Europe with host Bill Pradley
Karen De La Carriere Interview

Truth Sentinel with Scott
Cults & Religions
(Tony Ortega is interviewed about 18 minutes in.)
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Re: Co$ Bad Press Collection - 2014 - DECEMBER


HBO's Pending Scientology Documentary Investigates Church's Hold On Hollywood Stars

HBO lawyers up in anticipation of Scientology documentary

Taking precautions: HBO hires 160 lawyers before mounting TV movie on Scientology

HBO developing Scientology Film 'Going Clear'

More Details On HBO Scientology Documentary
*NOTE: Tony Ortega says “…This guy Enty is totally full of shit…” on his blog, the Underground Bunker in the Disqus comments -

Katie Holmes Wants To “Hook Up” With Orlando Bloom As Tom Cruise Payback?
*NOTE: This article is typical celebrity gossip, but the Disqus comments are worth reading because there are notable comments made by various $cientology watchers.

"Syphilis Explosion" Ads Jolt BART Riders

Cruise striving to lead Scientology

Tom Cruise has reportedly been studying hard in an attempt to become a ''co-leader'' of Scientology.

Tom Cruise studying to be Scientology co-leader

Bill Burr Jokes About Christianity And Escaping Zombies In This Teaser For His New Netflix Special

HBO Set to Release Controversial Documentary on Scientology and Its Hold on Hollywood Stars

The Red-Headed Stepchildren of Scientology

HBO’s Church of Scientology Documentary Set to Piss Off a Lot of Celebs

Sundance Film Festival 2015 Lineup: High-Profile Documentaries Among Premieres

Sundance festival reveals documentary, drama premieres

Sundance Courts Controversy with Films About Sexual Assault, Scientology, Gay-to-Straight Conversion

Suncoast Rehabilitation Center to relocate to Clearwater after settlement

Ex-Scientologist Marc Headley Videotapes Ambush Outside Church’s International Base

U.S. Department of Defense funds Scientology detox program

Protest outside Manchester Church of Scientology

Church of Scientology in Russia faces expert evaluation, closure

Scientologists Ambush Former Member Outside Hollywood Studio

Narconon: The Church of Scientology's secret answer to drug rehabilitation

What It’s Like to Spend a Few Hours in the Church of Scientology

Narconon ‘Secret Service’ directors named in Montreal lawsuit

8 Ways Facebook Is a Cult Just Like Scientology

[SCIENTOLOGY SEDUCED ON DATING PORTAL: Sect attracts women in love case]
Translation of webpage from German to English -

The Scientology Christmas Catalog Is Totally Insane

Scientology Christmas gifts

Your soundtrack to making fun of this Scientology Christmas catalog

Drinking, Fights & Scientology Secrets: Jason Lee’s Ex-Wife Makes Outrageous Claims About Their Marriage From Hell

Escape From Scientology: Former Member Claims Church Made Her Life A Living Hell When She Quit

Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes Custody Battle Over Daughter Suri

Clearwater police worker disciplined for off-color talk

Celebrity Bully? Former Scientologist Claims Jenna Elfman Confronted Her Over Leaving The Church

Our 20 Most Popular Stories In 2014
*NOTE: #7 on the list is the news about HBO working on an in-depth documentary on Scientology and its celebrity following.

Tom Cruise, Katie Holmes Spend Christmas Together Against Scientology Rules; ‘All We Had’ Director Talks ‘Dawson Creek’

Katie Holmes Spends Christmas With Tom Cruise, Which May Have Gotten Him In Trouble With Scientology

Scientology: "Solo ora mi rendo conto della mia cecità"
[Scientology: "only now do I realize my blindness"]
Translation of webpage from Italian to English -

Explosive Interview! Former Scientologist Claims Church Came Between Tom Cruise & Nicole Kidman

Tom Cruise And Nicole Kidman Split Caused By Scientology, Friend Says

Tom Cruise's Scientology Interfering With "Mission: Impossible 5"- Katie Holmes Labeled a "Suppressive Person"

Katie Holmes Did Not Spend Christmas With Tom Cruise

Katie Holmes denies celebrating Christmas with ex-husband Tom Cruise

Katie Holmes reportedly did not spend her Christmas afternoon with former husband Tom Cruise

Surviving Scientology Radio Episode 26 with Marc Headley
Former Sea Org member Marc Headley describes how he and a Danish film crew were ambushed at Int Base by Scientologists. This story was picked up by the International Business Times after Marc filmed the event with his phone and Tony Ortega published the account of the ambush.


David Pakman Show
Church of Scientology Won’t Let Children See Their Mom
Interview with Lori Hodgson, a former Scientologist of 30 years
*NOTE: Lori joins David to discuss Scientology’s Disconnection policy and her family’s history with the Church.


Bill Burr Tackles Scientology, Jesus and Donald Sterling in Trailer for New Netflix Comedy Special (Video)
The trailer showing how Bill Burr lets loose in this feature length comedy special.


Israel TV
Journalist Yinon Milles covers the Lembergers’ lawsuit


National Danish TV – DRK
My Secret Life 6 episode series with one episode examines a person who was involved with Scientology
*NOTE: The program is in Danish without English subtitles, but the above link provides a translated synopsis of the series.

IMDb documentary credits page
Going Clear: Scientology and the Prison of Belief
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This is phenomenal work you are doing! Thank you so much for compiling all this news! It's so important and helpful :thumbsup:

Yes - phenomenal compilation!

I never realized there was such media covering :duh:

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