Comfort for you. When you miss those who have passed...

Wisened One

This is too good, imho NOT to it has brought me great hope and comfort regarding still being able to connect with my family who has passed on. :touched:

I hope it brings some measure of comfort to you, too. :hug:

My sincerest thanks to HG for giving me this info! :hug:

I've transcribed this from a lecture given by Abraham Hicks.


Audience Member: Hello Abraham, I'm... so happy to be here. Uh, this is like my dream come true.
Well, I have my parents, and my in-laws, and very close friends, that are preparing to.....croak. (Audience chuckles)
And, I know that that's gonna be a great experience, but I'm gonna miss them!

Abraham: You're already planning to do that, yes? (Audience laughter).
I've decided that now you're going, that I'm gonna be less happy than I was, (Audience laughter).
I've decided to take this opportunity to just turn upstream at every opportunity. (Audience chuckles)
I'm no longer gonna allow myself to be the pure postive energy being that I 've been,
I'm gonna use YOU as my excuse to not feel as good as I once felt.
Audience Member: No, I'm not gonna do that, but..I want...
Abraham: (interrupts). You are! Yes you are! If you're planning on missing them, that's just exactly what you just said! I'm gonna use YOU-the lack of you- as my focal point, and it's gonna feel less good, than when I focus upon Who You Really Are.

Audience Member: Well, it's gonna feel less good when I don't have my friend to sit and talk with and be with and have her as my mentor.

Abraham: Not enjoying this conversation?

Audience Member: (Audience chuckles). Yes. (Audience laughter and clapping). I AM enjoying this conversation.

Abraham: So, it's only your mindset . You've already created in your mind, a separation between you and your friend. Because your friend is going to re-emerge into non-physical, and you've decided you won't have easy access. And we wanna say: when you get tuned in, tapped in, turned on, you'll have easier access to the purity of her, than you do now!

Audience Member: That's very exciting. (Audience laughter and clapping).

Abraham: Esther chatted with her father..when Esther's father made his transition, Esther had many happy evenings of chatting with him. And then one night, she said: 'Abraham, is this you just pretending to be my father?' (Audience laughter). Because he seemed so...joyful!
He seemed one!
He seemed to know so much that she had never heard him speak before.
He had released all of his resistance, so his personality changed, because there was no worry present , anymore.
There was no judgment present, anymore.
It was just the pure essence of Who He Was!

But once Esther got used to that, she LIKES her new father! (Audience chuckles) She likes the new, improved Being that this life in this body caused him to become. You see?

Audience Member: Mmm.

Abraham: There's no separation between physical and non-physical. It's all vibration. You just....depends on what frequency you're on.

And if you're beating the drum of: 'I miss you' , you're on a different frequency.
You're beating the drum of: I'm Lowly and I'm Physical and you're Highly and your Dead, -we put those silly words in your mouth-but , but a lot
of people feel that way: 'I'm still Mortal and therefore I'm still LESS than.
I'm NOT the Angel that you are'.

And we say: You don't have to croak to close that gap! Your friend will, your mother will, your father will, when they die, it WILL close the gap, but you can close your gap without croaking, and then you won't miss them!

Audience Member: Mm, m. Yes. I can feel that, thank you.

Abraham: Jerry and Esther took a cruise right after Esther's father made his transition. And Esther was-as you just described-using his croaking as an excuse to not feel quite as good as she could feel. Because on this cruiseship, there were people celebrating their 80th Birthday, and people celebrating their 50th Wedding Anniversary and Esther was regretting not having figured out how wonderful a cruise was earlier, and bringing her parents on one, and now it was not possible.

And then, all of a suddden, she thought: what am I thinking?!

And then she said: 'Daddy, how do you like this cruise?'
(Audience laughter).

And then she heard him singing a song as clearly as if he were sitting in the same room with her, and he was singing a song he always sang whenever they were in the car together, 'On The Road to Mandalay, Where the Flying Fishes Play'

And Esther felt the fullness of him, and she went running from her cabin to find Jerry out on the balcony, to tell him that her father was there singing the 'Road to Mandalay' flying fish song, and Jerry was running to find Esther saying: 'Esther, I saw flying fish! Come and look, I saw flying fish!' (Audience laughter).

And Esther knew, then, that her father had orchestrated quite a meaningful opportunity for her to understand that he not
only was not gone, he was now more accessible to her than he had been, EVER in his physical body.

Audence Member: Wow.

Abraham: Then, she talked to him every night. And then, she sort of ran out of things to talk to him about. (Audience chuckles) And she
was sort of struggling to keep the conversation going, one night.
And her father said: 'You know, Esther, um, we both have things that we could do. (Audience laughter)

And....Esther said-it was like he was wanting to turn his attention from her-and she said:
'But, I don't want to say good bye!'.

And her father said: 'Well then, we'll just keep saying Hello. But for now, go to sleep!' (Audience laughter)

In other words, she was sort of holding to him, it was like, she'd established this connection, and now, she really wasn't gonna let him get away. (Audience chuckles).

And we want you undstand: There's no body getting away! This is a vibrational universe. You can call anything that you want from the boundries of this boundry-less universe to you. You just have to find vibrational resonance with it, you see.

And when you do, you have full, ready access.

Audience Member: That's exciting.

Abraham: It is indeed! Something more?

Audience Member: That's it, thank you.

Abraham: Yes, indeed. (Audience claps).
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