Company wants drug program's Scientologist ties kept out of lawsuit


Company wants drug program's Scientologist ties kept out of lawsuit against Hernando County

BROOKSVILLE — There are a couple of points that officials at Clearwater-based Toucan Partners LLC don't want coming up at next month's federal trial against Hernando County.

They don't want any mention of the Church of Scientology. Nor do they want anyone to talk about recent deaths at a Scientology-related drug rehabilitation program.

Toucan Partners is the company that owns the land off Cessna Drive that currently houses the Suncoast Rehabilitation Center.

In recent depositions of those connected with both entities, the county's attorney has asked about the program's connections to Scientology and the problems at similar rehab centers.

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I just love that governments and attorneys are catching on to this scam!

BTW, Toucan Partners is Kurt Feshback and Eric Mitchell, lomg time scientologists. Suncoast Rehabilitation Center is the fictitious business name of Narconon Spring Hill.....


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From the article in the Tampa Bay Times

"The Oklahoma deaths, Mason said, "have nothing to do with granting a proper land use'' for the rehab center. And any mention of Scientology "could only be used to inflame a jury,'' Mason said. "The sole issue is whether Hernando County discriminated against recovering addicts.''

I would say Mason and his client are up against the truth of the hazards of an expanding Narconon facility as well as the fraud, deception and medical malpractice imported by that Scientology front group. The safety and peaceful enjoyment of the encompassing communities is at heightened risk by allowing any fraudulent practices of Narconon and it's Scientology cult pushers.

What civil government would condone the amateur mistreatment of addicts?
Where is the evidence that Narconon is a place of RECOVERING addicts?
And, oh don't dare mention Scientology, which is much of the practice in Narconon. The Jury might be just see the fraud and deception therein.

Addicts need real help, not cult aggrandizing betrayal methods.

Besides, flying ashtrays are a hazard to drivers and pedestrians alike.


Scientology + Narconon = inseparable.