Compare: Greta Van Susteren Tweet and the purpose of Scientology noisy investigation


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Compare: Greta Van Susteren Tweet and the purpose of a Scientology noisy investigation.

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Wikipedia on Scientology Noisy Investigations:

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Noisy investigations are used by the Church of Scientology to intimidate, harass, and attack their enemies. The Church used to openly label such people as Fair Game. The goal of a noisy investigation may not be to find out anything, but to harass the person being investigated. The procedure is to contact friends, neighbours, co-workers, etc. and inform them that they are investigating crimes by the target person.[1]

A 1966 Hubbard Communications Office Executive Letter entitled "How to do a NOISY Investigation" described the practice as follows: "You find out where he or she works or worked, doctor, dentist, friends, neighbours, anyone, and 'phone 'em up and say, 'I am investigating Mr/Mrs .......... for criminal activities as he/she has been trying to prevent Man's freedom and is restricting my religious freedom and that of my friends and children, etc'".[2][3] The investigation may also be done by hired detectives.

A memo, reprinted in the British paper "People", said: "We want at least one bad mark on every psychiatrist in England, a murder, an assault, or a rape or more than one.... This is Project Psychiatry. We will remove them."[3]

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