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Thank you for your interest in scientology conditions and formulas. Welcome to this mornings class on the subject.

Now, granted I am not an encyclopedia by any means, I will try, from my own experience and memory, to give you all a sampling of what the conditions are about according to my own explanations.

But remember, to get the straight dope, go to the source of the original materials, if you dare....

My attempt here is to give simple (fairly simple) but (somewhat) complete explanations, based on what I have studied. It isn't word for word. It isn't "standard tech." If something I have wrote is in conflict with that you have learned, read, then maybe I am wrong.

I am explaining this stuff so that when someone talks about a condition, or step or whatever on this board, anons and those people that don't know can understand what the heck we are talking about when we speak such babble.

(Disclaimer edited using advice from fellow member Bea Kiddo - please give her three cheers :p)


In Scientology, the relationship of a job, organization, or person as regards an activity or area can be expressed being in a certain condition. Thes conditions have formulas that are connected with them. The idea behind the formula is that proper application should bring about an increased condition, or a higher level of survival.

The conditions, in order from highest to lowest are:

Power Change
Normal Operation

The conditions can be broken up into 2 or 3 general catagories (depending on how you look at it). Non-Existence, Danger and Emergency are consired to be levels where your survival is decreasing rather than increasing. Normal, Affluence, Power and Power Change are conditions where survival is increasing or getting better. The conditions below Non-Existence are considered damaging; in other words, not only is the activity's or person's survival decreasing, the person (or organization) is actually causing harm to himself/itself or others.

We will start with the conditions from Non-Existence up.

All of these conditions (except power change) can be indicated by the level of production of a person or activity as measured on a plotted graph, the graph being units of production (statistics) over time.

Also, as a note, when one starts with Non-E, one is expected to follow all conditions formulas up to normal regardless of what a graph might indicate. There is no "Normal Operation" for a person who is new, regardless of what the graph says. The POST may be in a condition of normal. See Power Change.


This is the condition of the person when they first begin or if the person is not actually doing anything effective. On a graph, it would look like one of these:



To get into a higher condition the person is expected to:

1. Find a communication line
2. Make yourself known
3. Discover what is needed or wanted
4. Do, produce and/or present it.

Basically, once you become the new letter writer, set yourself up ("establish a safe point" - a position from which to operate). Go around to the people that work around you or above you and A) let them know you are there B) ask them what they need or want C) do what is needed or wanted according to your position. If someone does this effectively, they can move into the next stage.


At this stage (going up) you are becoming more in tune with the position but seniors still have to step in and do the job for you because you are not up to that level yet. If you have moved down to danger, it means that there has been a steep decline, there has been a long term decline or higher ups or other people have found it necessary to step in because you are not providing the result. This is called Danger because you are in very real danger of going into non-existence (being unknown as the _______) and/or losing this position.


The steps are:

1. Bypass. For the person this means Bypass habits and normal routines. Stop doing whatever it is you "normally do." For a boss it means, ignore the person normally in charge of the activity and handle it personally.
2. Handle the situation and any danger in it.
3. Assign Danger. For the person, accept the fact that you are in danger. For the boss, assign the area that had to be handled a Danger Condition.
4. Get ethics in. For the person, stop doing anything that is counter-productive. For the boss, handle the personnel by Ethics Investigation and disciplinary actions.
5. Reorganize the activity so that the situation does not happen again.
6. Recommend clear rules and policies that in the future will detect such a condition or prevent it from developing again.

Well, if you are the person, for example, it means whatever you were doing, stop doing it and actually get the result that is needed. For out letter writer, stop leisurly writing letters and start typing them, or don't take 1 hour meal breaks, only take 1/2 an hour. SOMETHING. Whatever habits you have, don't follow them. Actually handle whatever it is that is creating a situation that the job isn't being done. Get clean on anything that you are doing that is destructive (I chat at my desk for an hour everyday), reorganize your area so that the dangerous situation doesn't return (delete the chatting software from your computer), and recommend whatever you see as needed so that such things don't occur again (don't allow people to bring laptops for letter writing).

Going UP the conditions is more mild than going down. Going up, there is no special emphasis placed on discipline. When one is assigned doubt (going down) one must write all O/Ws and report any out-ethics situations. Any that are unreported and found out later recieve stiffer penalties.


At this stage, things are going down mildly. Immediate action must be taken.


1 Promote. This applies to a group or activity. For an individual, it is produce.
2. Change your operating basis. if you went into a condition of emergency, and then promoted or produced, it doesn't alter the fact that some old operating basis put you into Emergeny.
3. Economize. Cut all wastefulness of resources. Anything that doesn't result in a promotion or production of your product must be cut out.
4. Prepare to Deliver. Do whatever is needed to increase your ability to produce.
5. Stiffen Discipline. Tighten up on things. When actions are ordered ensure compliance takes place. Cut out mistakes and things that are distracting.

If someone reached a state of emergency, only swift action will produce an increase. If Emergency lasts too long, then one is in Danger.



For example, for our letter writer. Write a lot of letters. Get those letters done. And then look at what might be slowing you down. Going and getting only a small number of envelopes at a time. Taking hourly smoke breaks. Whatever. Find those things that slow you down and change how you do them. Cut out any waste of paper and envelopes. Don't throw away that "almost empty" can of stickum. Don't spend money on things unless they will help promote or produce. Get yourself boxes of envelopes rather than a few at a time. Make sure there is postage purchased so that the letters can actually go out. Don't take a 15 minute break every couple hours, take only 10 minutes. Things like this.


This is the condition of steady increases. Flat levels does not indicate survival. Only steady increases means a level of survival.


1. Don't Change Anything. Whatever you were doing to get that increase, continue doing it.
2. Discipline is mild. Bosses might let little things slide. Oh, he's taking hourly breaks. No problem. Oh he's a little late. Comment mildly, no accusations. Ethics are mild.
3. Look over the activity carefully and figure out what caused the improvement. Strengthen those things without abandoning other things that are done.
4. If there is a small decrease, find out what changed and remedy it.


Wealth and abundance. Things are increasing rapidly. This is considered the most volatile of the conditions.


1. Economize. Don't buy things or hire people with future commitments. Cut out waste. Don't spend all of the increases you have recieved.
2. Pay every bill. Scrape up all that you owe and pay it. That box of paper you bought on a credit card, pay off the card. Pay off the accounts you might have built up. Pay it all.
3. Invest the remainder of any resources in equipment and help that makes it more easy to deliver.
4. Discover the cause for the affluence and strengthen it.


This can be defined many ways. A person having great influence or great stability in his position. Power in Scientology is defined as the ability to hold a position. A person who is so successful at a particular job that he is unassailable is in a condition of power. On a graph, it is indicated with a new and sustained normal increase after an affluence. (One week of normal after an affluence is not considered power. Only SUSTAINED normal.)


Do not disconnect. Honor and stay connected with all those communication lines that helped you get into a condition of power. Take leadership and responsibility for your connections as an intrinsic part of your success.
Delineate, map out, write up all the lines and actions. Write it all down. If you do not do this, you will never be able to move on succuessfully. You will never be able to disconnect or retire. If you can write up your position sufficiently, you will be able to completely shed it when it becomes time to move on. If you don't people will still be coming back later to get advice, etc.
Write up all the successful actions, alliances, suppliers and connections and get it into the hands of the person that will now be taking over.
Do all you can to make the positon able to be held successfully.

Power as a Leader
For a leader, a condition of power means that you must let people do their jobs. Either lead them or let them do it.
When the game is over, move to something new. If you don't provide something, someone else will. And if you don't let them the game becomes getting you.
When you have power, you must excercise it. Don't let it stagnate. Either use the power or delegate the power to be used in your name. Otherwise you will lose it.
USe the people you have effectively. Don't let them do nothing or they become unhappy.
If you leave or retire, make sure all obligations are completely settled. Empower the people that helped you, have tenable defenses against enemies. Move completely away from the activity. Don't hold on to the little bits. Abandoning power completely can be dangerous.
If you are close to a power, or have been delegated power, do all you can to protect the power. Don't let anyone attack the power. Because your position is based on that power. You don't have to tell the power the little details. Just do your job and watch his back.
And flow power to those on whom your own power depends. Don't feel weak because you depend on a power. Just help the power and don't do anything to harm the power. THat is the road to failure.

If you are lucky enough to inherit a position or job that is successful, the first thing you must do is not change anything. Don't do anything your predecessor didn't do. Don't sign anything he wouldn't have signed. The position is in a normal operation at a very high level. You must find out what was done when it was successful and learn to do those things.

Those are the steps for taking over something from someone who is successful.

When you are taking over for the unsuccessful, apply emergency to the position. In other words, promote.

The next post will be on lower conditions (Conditions below Non-Existence)
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Conditions Below Non-Existence

These are the conditions below Non-Existence. Usually this applies to individuals, but sometimes managers apply it to whole groups. In such cases, the group must apply it to it's activities as a whole.


Below Non-Existence there is the Condition of Liability. The person is not simply non-existent as a team member, but has taken on the color or appearance of an enemy. When careless, malicious and/or knowing damage is caused, it is considered malicious and knowing because orders clearly existed against it and it is against the activities or goals of the rest of the team and the purpose of the activity.

It is a liability to have such a person unhandled as the person may do or continue to do things to stop or impede the progress of the project or group. Such a person cannot be trusted. Discipline or the conditions above have not helped. The person continues messing things up.

Liability is assigned when several Danger and Non-Existence conditions have been assigned, when a long pattern of conduct has been remained unchanged, and many times when major errors are committed. The Condition is assigned so that others know not to rely on this person.

The steps are:

1. Decide who are one's friends.
2. Deliver an effective blow to the enemies of the group one has been pretending to be part of despite personal danger.
3. Make up the damage one has done by personal contribution far beyond the ordinary demands of a group member. This is referred to as "making amends."
4. Apply for re-entry to the group by asking the permission of each member to rejoin. The person in liability will only move out of it by majority permission. If a majority refuse, one must repeats steps 2,3 and 4 until it is approved.


Doubt is inability to find out and an inability to make up one's mind about something.

There can be any number of reasons for such doubt. Not having reliable data, only rumor, or there is confilicting data. One has a prejudice toward things. Whatever. In order to complete the steps, one must throw out prejudice and rumor and just go according to verifiable data.

The steps to resolve the doubt are:

1. Inform yourself honestly of the actual intentions and activities of the group, project or organization, based on sound data and setting aside all prejudice and rumor. Any group that you are uncertain of can be evaluated, no matter how nebulous or concrete.
2. Examine the statistics, performance and state of affairs of the individual, group, project or organization that you are in doubt as regards.
3. Decide on the basis of "the greatest good for the greatest number of Dynamics" whether or not it should be attacked, harmed or suppressed or helped.
4. Evaluate yourself or your own group, project or organization as to intentions and objectives.
5. Evaluate the statistics, performance and state of affairs for yourself or for your own group, etc.
6. Join or remain in or befriend the one which progresses toward the greatest good for the greatest number of Dynamics. Announce this publicly to both sides.
7. Do everything possible to improve the actions, performance and statistics of the person, group, project or organization you have remained in/with or joined.
8. Suffer on up through the Conditions in the new group if you has changed sides, or the conditions of the group you have remained in if your doubt in it has lowered your status.


When a person is a known, acknowledged or avowed enemy of a person, group, or activity, a condition of Enemy exists.

The formula is one step: Find out who you really are.

Basically, find out if you really are an enemy to the group. Are your goals at counter-purpose, etc. You might not have evaluated yourself fully before evaluating the organization, person, activity, whatever.


Treason in Scientology is defined as betrayel after trust. Someone or some group has placed trust and faith in you or your stated position and you have violated that.

The formula for treason condition is: Find out That you are.

As a member of the group, this becomes "Find out that you are__ (whatever you are in the organization)". A person who is supposed to be doing something and is not doing it or is doing something else is creating a bigger problem and more dangerous condition than if everyone knew that no one was in that position. So a condition of treason would apply.

Confusion Condition

Defined as any set of factors or circumstances which do not seem to have any immediate solution. More broadly, a confusion in this universe is random motion.

A person in confusion when or because he sees everything around him as being in motion and being in a state he can't control. He can't get anything done as that takes control and the ability to work in a particular direction. This Condition is more common than you think. You will find people who are continuously confused, unable to get anything done while appearing busy, busy all over the place. To handle any confusion it is simply necessary to pick one stable datum. Once one stable datum is picked it is possible to align all other particles or data and get the confusion sorted out.

The formula for this condition is: Find out where you are.

It will be seen that the progress upward would be: in Confusion, find out where you are, in Treason, find out that you are; and for Enemy, find out who you really are.

There is an additional formula for the condition of confusion. A locational process can be used to help a person in this state. The steps of the expanded formula are:

1. Locational on the area in which one is.
This is done by someone helping the person in the condition. It is a simple process: "Locate the __(room object)" (pointing to it). The person helping points and has the person he is helping locate the floor, the ceiling, the walls, the furniture, other objects and people, etc. It is run until the person feels he is in present time and he is cheerful about it.

2. Comparing where one is to other areas where one was.
The person helping the person who is the condition asks, "Where were you?" The person can answer anything coming to mind and the coach simply acknowledges. Then ask: "Where are you now?" This process is also run until the person feels he is in present time and cheerful about it. He may voice some realization and if he looks bright and happy that is the end.

3. Repeat Step 1.
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As an additional note, graphing is somewhat of an art as well as a science.

There are different ways to graph statistics, and different ways to interpret them.

Different Interpretations:

One looks at a graph differently depending on how remote the operation being graphed is.

In the below graph the condition might be Danger, Emergency or Normal, depending on what level you are operating on.

The person on the post is in Danger. There has been a sharp decline. However, it would be wrong for the executive committee to bypass and get directly involved just yet. Because although the employee operates on a week to week basis, the executive committee is looking at the three week trend. On that basis it is declining slightly. the lower management would also consider it an emergency, because on a 6 week basis it is almost flat.

But International Management would consider it normal. Because on a three month basis, the graph is trending up gradually. So the employee would apply Danger, the executives and local management would apply Emergency but International Management would apply Normal.


Incorrect Scaling:

Correct scaling of a graph should involve envisioning what the lowest and highest numbers that can be produced are and setting the graph accordingly. Incorrect scaling can produce incorrect conditions.

In the graphs below, each graph shows the same thing. Graph 1 indicates an emergency condition if you look at the overall trend. It's basically flat. Graph 2 indicates affluence. Its trending up nicely.

The correct condition is normal. A gradual increase.

Negative Stats:

Stats can be graphed wrong if one doesn't take into account negative statistics.

There are statistics that one may keep which one wishes to go DOWN. If you are a spy hired by Mr. Spacely to infiltrate Cogswell Cogs (remember the Jetsons TV cartoon?) and the idea is to put Mr. Cogswell out of business, then your stats would be graphed differently than Mr. Cogswell would graph them.

IN the below graph, each shows the same thing. Mr. Cogswell is in Non-E. But the infiltrator is in POWER!

This concludes this morning's lessons on Conditions and Stats.
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Well, since I have typed it out from memory in my own words (looking up references online at the end but not really changing how I explained it) and I made all of the graphs that I used and didn't use material from any "approved source" I can't say that it's all kosher.

Besides, at this point, I'm basically done. Except some small stuff on graphing.

Check out the disclaimer I added on the top.


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Okay .. NOW I am done .. I had to add the little part about graphing stats. (2nd post on the thread).

Whew .. that was a lot of work.


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Not to forget though; consistently and universally 'rising stats' are the sign of...

Faked Stats



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Not to forget though; consistently and universally 'rising stats' are the sign of...

Faked Stats


Sometimes .. sometimes ...

Conditions go up and down. Just going up is usually either false stats or unrealistic stats.


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It gives me a chill just glancing at those dang things.

Self: You. Never. Have to. Do. Conditions. Again.

There, I feel better.


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Grundy, a lot of work there. Not convinced myself on the value of posting Scn propaganda (oops sorry I should have said "Scn tech") for the education of Anons.

Perhaps you would like to review this part of the Hubbard tech and see if there are any illogicalities in it. In other words, perhaps you should follow up your outlining of the tech with a critique of it, for the sake of balance.

Just a suggestion.


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Grundy, a lot of work there. Not convinced myself on the value of posting Scn propaganda (oops sorry I should have said "Scn tech") for the education of Anons.

Perhaps you would like to review this part of the Hubbard tech and see if there are any illogicalities in it. In other words, perhaps you should follow up your outlining of the tech with a critique of it, for the sake of balance.

Just a suggestion.

Illogicalities? Of course there are illogicalities. There are in most things. That doens't mean that I am the best person to critique it.

I have provided the impetus for debate on the subject by presenting the subject as best I can. Let's see what you people can make of critiqueing it .... I'm going to watch TV.


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Illogicalities? Of course there are illogicalities. There are in most things. That doens't mean that I am the best person to critique it.

I have provided the impetus for debate on the subject by presenting the subject as best I can. Let's see what you people can make of critiqueing it .... I'm going to watch TV.

I'll agree. I have no problem with Scientology Propaganda (although, this doesn't seem to be that exactly.) After all; nothing says Scientology like Scientology :)

Which is why I think it's good for people to check out Scientology's own sites.

In this case, what's being demonstrated is Scientology's 'management by stats', which differs somewhat from the *usual* practice in that the 'stats' are raised to the level of icons, talismans and voodoo dolls.

Important is to understand the so called 'theory' behind the stats. Scientology is 'magical' thinking. The presumption is that, if 'Tech' (including admin and 'ethics' Tech) is being followed then stats *must* rise.

Any 'downstat' is the worm in the entrails that tells you that 'someone' is attacking, sabotaging or 'suppressing' you, or that you are commiting crimes, such as the crime of not following Ron's Intention 100%.

After all, if you were, stats would be going up! :)

That's the stable datum.

It's like the purveyor of widgets whose market has moved on to wadgets discovering that he has *enemies*; maybe the Rotary Club.

A down stat is, for a Scientologist, the dead canary in the coal mine.


Bea Kiddo

Obvious illogicalities:

Affluence and Emergency conditions are total horseshit.

Doubt is not a lower condition, period.

Wisened One

Wow, Grundy, A LOT of work, cool!

It WAS kinda yucky seeing all that crap again, tho.


Oh, btw: I have a glossary I've been expanding on.. if anyone wants that, just PM me!


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Just go through the whole Scientologeze thread and add all of those words lol

Maybe Emma would like it posted? Ask her if she would like it. If you are willing of course ...

Bea Kiddo

Bea sweetheart, can you go into more detail please?

I think it *could* be lower in some circumstances, but at the same time I don't see why someone couldn't have stats in Normal or Affluence while going thru Doubt.

Is it just me, or did you not notice that affluence and emergency as formulas are basically the same thing?

(If you have a admin dictionary, check out "action affluence" for the non-financial formula for the condition).


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Is it just me, or did you not notice that affluence and emergency as formulas are basically the same thing?

(If you have a admin dictionary, check out "action affluence" for the non-financial formula for the condition).

Or look at

http://freezoneamerica.com/Clearbird/ethics2004book/conditions.htm#ACTION AFFLUENCE

I could have just posted that link earlier for the conditions :angry:


come si, come sa (where did I dredge that up from and what is it really supposed to be????) (I'm really asking) (it just sounded right)


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(If you have a admin dictionary, check out "action affluence" for the non-financial formula for the condition).

Erm, yada yada... do the things that won, not new untried things as yet. Apply the formula for the condition one is in... darn it, used to chinese school that all the time. Oh well.
Doubt is not a lower condition, period.

I would disagree, here is why.

Ethics are an INDIVIDUAL consideration. The individual who is in "doubt" about some phenomenon in his life is to some extent unable to be responsible or control it. This seems to me to be an obvious "lower condition".

However, I suspect your statement reflects your experience with the Co$ perspective of using "doubt" as a serfac (sorry, I happen to LOVE that concept) to make anyone who is not in "agreement" with official directives WRONG!!!!! :angry:

THAT is clearly a pile of manure.

Generally, any attempt to IMPOSE ethics on an individual is a mistake. Ethics can't be imposed. It's for the individual to work out for himself. Clearly you have a lot of personal experience with how the Co$ used this to squirrel things up so badly with the result of abusing staff & parishioners.

FWIW, the ethics "conditions" & "formulas" as created by LRH are not things I tend to use much or find a great deal of value in in themselves. But the concept of "responsibility for present state" is one that I do consider as central to being. I get the point without accepting that Hubbard had it all resolved through magic use of his formulae.

Mark A. Baker