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I hate to admit this, but even after everything I've been through and seen, I am only now starting to "get it" in regards to what Veda is talking about with LRH "PR Tech". I foolishly actually believed the PR Series PLs were the "tech" of this subject and could not understand at all why the Cof$ was acting the way it was acting in regards to the steady stream of lies and bullsh!t that spews from Karin Bow-Wow as well as the blatant harrassment and attacks on critics.

No regular Scilon would ever believe that OSA would do this sort of thing because it is all directly contrary to what Hubbard said should be done in the "public" PR policies. That's why they reject the videos of the Squirrel Busters and things like that. But I'm seeing for myself now that behind the closed doors, Hubbard was giving quite a different set of instructions.

With recent media about the NSA spying on US citizens and the outrage over that, there is probably some traction to be gained with existing members by showing how OSA is spying on Scilons without them knowing or consenting.

You are doing a good job of waking up Dupe. No worries. Having a thread that is primarily contributed to by Caroline and Veda is a terrific place to grown up and out of the cultic thinking.



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The checksheet material is complete. Thanks to everyone who contributed:

HCO Info Ltr 15 Jan 1963 The DC Situation (PDF)
Exec Letter 10 Oct 65 Ron's Journal No. 17 (PDF)
(Mark Plummer)
HCOPL 16 Feb 1969 Enemy PROs (PDF)
HCOPL 11 Aug 71 Advanced Courses Materials Security of Data (PDF)
(DOF and me)

Edit to also add: Here's a better copy of E-Meters Replace Guns (Checksheet item 1-B No. 22). Published in the 1991 edition of the Technical Bulletins.
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HCOPL 15 September 1973 Confidential Handling Disconnections

All Scientologists should be aware of the following:

HCOPL 15 September 1973 Confidential Handling Disconnections said:
Very occasionally, there will be a person who has a real live SP on their lines now. No amount of handling will be successful. In this event, the Ethics Officer must draw up a full CSW, with copies of all earlier correspondence and attested handlings and send to the A/G [Assistant Guardian], with a proposed recommended method of handling the situation.

The public person or staff member being handled is NOT informed of what is contemplated until the above CSW is okayed by the A/G, and even then the A/G is not mentioned unless the A/G wishes it.

The A/G will naturally not permit any misemotional or accusative disconnection letters or actions to be done which could rebound on the Org.

HCOPL 15 September 1973 Confidential Handling Disconnections. Guardian's Office Confidential Intelligence Course


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Transcript: Conference with The Guardian, LRH Aide, LRH Communicator, Legal WW...

This 18 July 1966 conference transcript is listed on the GO Intelligence Checksheet, Section 4, Part B, #2. To generate the text, I used SPDL's hard copy of the transcript and the digital version at http://www.solitarytrees.net/cowen/go/conf1807/c180766a.htm. I also added some formatting for ease of reading, and made other minor edits to the text, which is now online at SPDL. Any further corrections would be appreciated. :)

This is Hubbard uncut on the SP Doctrine. He describes in some detail his new policy and instructions for "putting in Ethics" on Scientologists and in society.

Fascinating document, and a must-read for anyone critical of Scientology, or uncritical for that matter.