Congratulations to Cell 4860! You pulled it off!!


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Congratulations Cell 4860!

Well, your plan worked wonderfully!! You were so right....the lawyer we compensated to "fix" the cult's strategy played her part beautifully during the Inquiry. And thanks to Eli Lilly and Merck's $$$$$......she can retire for the rest of her life. She even laughed about their hopeless situation as she picked up her check, and chuckled "Show me the money!!!!"

Another home run!!!


Any resemblence to actual names, situations, locations, or dates is accidental....this is based on fictional characters and events (or is it????)



Feeding your paranoia, one teaspoon at a time..........


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We need also to acknowledge the work of our supah sekret deep cover spai who worked so hard behind the scenes to ensure that the least able, most dodgy, and tricksy of all Scientologists in Australasia were selected to present the submission.


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Ze German nazi psychs approve of Cell 4860.


Tiger Lily

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ROFL TruthandHonesty -- now you've really introverted OSA -- I'll bet the call to arms is being sent out already; this should keep them busy for a while!!

Too funny!!