Contrary to Nation of Islam, Scientology takes pro-Israel, anti-Gaza stand


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Contrary to Nation of Islam, Scientology takes pro-Israel, anti-Gaza, anti-Palestinian stand.

Initially, it is important (albeit not surprising) to note that the Nation of Islam, speaking through its newspaper, The Final Call, has taken a pro-Gaza, anti-Israel position in recent articles:

Israel’s latest genocidal assault against Palestinians is nothing new

Israel’s actions globally condemned as casualties mount

Israel firing experimental weapons at Gaza’s civilians, say doctors

The South African Independent Scientology blog Scientologists getting back in comm notes that, in contrast, the Church of Scientology has taken a pro-Israel, ant-Gaza, anti-Palestinian position:

No moral high ground in war & conflict
The Church, through its various groups and organisations, has become well-known for using times of strife, conflict and disaster to raise money and get PR.

Whenever disaster strikes, Church generally gets into immediate action by eliciting donations from Scientologists for relief efforts such as funding VM teams, handing out WTH booklets and the like. These activities are then broadly documented, photographed and disseminated in press releases sent out by the Church. Virtually every IMPACT magazine has some or other article covering such activities.

But now they are taking sides in the unfolding human tragedy in the middle east.

The following email is being sent out by the Way to Happiness chapter in Israel:


We have provided a link to the webpage at the bottom of this article for those of you who want to have a look.

When one clicks on the link/s provided, the first headline in HUGE letters is this:

“Do you support the helping of children in bomb shelters?”

And then this:

“Isreal Defense Forces (Israel’s Army) wins over Hamas – Together we will help innocent children and their parents!”

At first glance the promo piece looks innocent enough. Until one starts reading further. And then it quickly becomes clear that it’s a blatant piece of pro-Israeli and anti-Islamic war propaganda not dissimilar to the anti-semitic Nazi propaganda from WWII. Only, this time the target is Palestinians, Hamas and other “terrorists” (i.e. anyone not a citizen of Israel).

The article is peppered with anti-Palestinian and Hamas remarks such as:

” Now that all Israelis are united, the IDF acts in an effort to bring an end to the threat of missiles and to the terrorist tunnels of Hamas”

“Maintaining high morale – not surrendering to Hamas!”

“Reinforcing our national strength.”

“Positive occupation for children during summer vacation, interrupted by Hamas’ actions.”

“Strengthening the moral of the IDF.” (IDF: Israeli Defence Force).

One of the pictures featured in the article is of some WTH workshop being run for Israeli Soldiers. The drill is not recognizable as a WTH exercise, but with the crudely scratched out faces, it looks more like the blind leading the blind:


The administrators of this blog take no political stance either for or against Israel or Palestine. We do however hold the opinion that ANY war and/or intentional targeting of civilians is an unforgivable atrocity on humankind and actions such as these fly in the teeth of the Declaration of Human Rights – a program which the Church of Scientology purports to champion and promote. Even a casual view of articles from a variety of media shows how divisive this issue is. One’s mans terrorist is another’s freedom fighter as the saying goes. We all know that Nelson Mandela was terrorist in the 60, 70s and 80s but a hero in the 1990s.

We are aware that heated debates regarding the rightness and wrongness of either side have been raging for a while now, however we contend that the LAST thing the Church should be getting involved in is taking a moral stand in this issue and stating who the terrorists are.

We wonder what Louis Farrakahn would have to say about the Church’s open stand against a prominent Islamic organisation?

Someone should ask his opinion.

Link to article can be seen here:



Gold Meritorious Patron is as cynical and manipulative a piece of propaganda as any I've seen.

In Israel, where support for the IDF is 90% plus, Scientology is

very lamely attempting to position themselves
and piggyback

their stupid and worthless TWTH campaign in a disgusting attempt to raise money.

I very nearly threw up when I read "Open your heart with a small contribution."

It's a local campaign, as evidenced by the country domain.

​Scientology, where war is viewed as a business opportunity.


One thing is for sure...Scientology and the NOI could exist unharmed in Israel...I'm betting not so in an Islam country. There ain't no fair game like what Muhammad's goons can dish out.


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Again, the contrast with the position of the Church of Scientology is striking. Notice the below was shared by Nation of Islam Mosque No. 27, the Church of Scientology Nation of Islam Mosque.

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