CORRECTION: DO Fax and Email Xeno Petitions Today!


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Just spoke with Carmel.

Confusing messages were given out today to the effect that only hard copy original petitions are of use.


Please fax or email the petitions to Senator Xenophon's office today AND send the hard copies by snail mail.

EMAIL: [email protected]
Pls cc [email protected]

I suggest you put "Scientology petition attached" in the subject of your email

FAX: +61 8 8232 3744 (international)
08 8232 3744

MAIL: 212 Grenfell Street, Adelaide South Australia 5000
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Need to keep this bumped above the other incorrect thread. :$

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Newbie questions: What are we supposed to say in the petition? Do we have to provide our real name? Does it matter whether we live in Australia?


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Support a Senate Inquiry into the Church of Scientology
Published by Anon101 on Nov 19, 2009

Category: Government
Region: Australia
Target: Australian Federal Government
Web site:
Background (Preamble):
Senator Nick Xenophon is going to the Australian Parliament with a proposal for a Senate Inquiry following letters he has received from ex-Scientologists that describe horrific ordeals that they have endured at the hands of this so called Church.

This petition is to show the support of Australia and the World that we are behind the Senator and wish for this inquiry to be approved to help shine the light on the murky corners of Scientology.

We, the undersigned, call on the Australian Government to approve the proposal, set forth by Senator Xenophon, for a Senate Inquiry into the Church of Scientology and the reversal of their Tax Exemption and the reversal of their status as a church.

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