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Correspondance with an IAS Freedom medal winner


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A little while ago I sent my story, via e-mail to an IAS freedom medal winner. Now some of you will know/guess how this came to pass and who I am talking about, but let's keep this persons name out of the thread, OK?

So, you all know my story, nothing vicious in it, mostly an account of my 25 years in, let's call it my 'scientology success story' http://www.forum.exscn.net/showthread.php?t=7524

I got the following reply (XXXs is where I edit it to protect identities of ....well everyone! );


Kevin, you are a big wanker. You always were up yourself and I often
wondered over the years if you were an SP because of all the shit and
sadness surrounding your family and friends. The hallmarks of an SP. You had
them. When I saw how your wife and children suffered I knew you were screwed
up. You used to walk around as though you were something.

But you know what Kevin - NO PRODUCTS.

That's you.

No products.

The only reason you ever got any products was because of the good people who
came into your life.

Well its all "down" from here Kevin for you. You are sunk.

Like Judas Iscariot and all the other great wankers of history. You have
joined their ranks. Forever!!

You are an SP.

What did you do today to help another being?


Cos that's you all over. Your modus operandi is to destroy.

And I actually know all about you. And Kevin, one day, everyone will know.

Nothing surer.


Now the interesting thing is, my wife, well, she read this and got ... well ...let me just post her 'correction';


Dear XXXX,

I'm very SORRY but YOU don't know what you are talking about !

* Kevin has been a loving and supportive husband over our 22 year marriage. ( The only time we had any trouble was when he was left with out tech, unflat FPRD on solo nots - refer to C/S series 73 RB.)

* He gave up everything except for solo nots for 7 years to deliver a therapy program to our daughter ( I know only a handful of other fathers who did this ). Our daughter has done remarkably well given her initial diagnosis - you don't know anything about her so how could you comment ? And you say you saw our children suffer - but we have only had one child up until recently - so I don't know which children you are referring to.

* He FSMed me onto the Bridge and helped me to get all the way up to and complete OTVII - even when I did not earn any income for the last 10 years as I was a full time carer .

* We are both Patrons of the IAS, Cornerstone members of Superpower, Human Rights Advocates of CCHR, we have donated hundreds of thousands of dollars to Scn projects and have loaned money to dozens of Scientologists to get their next service (of which over $ 150,000 has never been paid back !)

* He has audited me, our daughter, and public when he was on staff and spent thousands of hours helping others through ethics progams and other cylces in the Org.He FSMed a lot of people into the Org and field auditors. He and I were the top FSMs for Flag in NSW.



Yes we will now be labeled SPs because we want to get a repayment of our unused monies on account - OSA and other terminals are already spreading their black PR , enemy lines and dead agent crap. If we had not of been so generous and had not put so much money on account for the last ten years we would of been able to just drift off as ARCX public - but NO because we want our unused $ 100,000.00 they label us SPs.

And you mention what has he done TODAY to help -well today he went and HELPED a neighbour and last week we had another neighbour and his family stay here all week as their house burnt down in a lightening storm - but perhaps that is Kevin's fault too ???

XXXX - we have walked the whole Bridge and paid over a million bucks and at the top there is nothing much there - sorry to burst your bubble - but there are plenty of OTVII and VIIIs who will back this up - but of course they are all SPs too !!!

Have a nice life !



Now our IAS freedom medal winner responded thus;


Dear Vicky

I do know you. Very very well.

The difference between you and me is that I have got the balls to confront and handle whatever comes up as a barrier or an upset to the direction I am going, and the ones I love are going.

And you and your pathetic SP husband and your little gang of whinging weak as piss dickheads, don't.

Vicky you thought that going free was something you just pay for, switch on, then sit back and relax.

Well it's not.

It's something you have to fight for.

Every day.

Not only for yourself but for everybody else out there who doesn't even know they have lived before, or that they have a reactive mind, or what happens when you die.

Anybody on this planet who wants to build a better world, has to fight against the "visciousness of groups and the idiot nature of collective think". In every group there are people who try to stop things with their insane viewpoints, there suppression of good people. 20% of people after all are antisocial like you. They cause all the dev-t, all the out tech, all the "problems" that you had.

You think you had problems!

Even LRH had problems.

But it is a specially selected group that makes it to OT. And you didn't because YOU are weak and selfish. And you have a husband who is an SP and made sure through every action, every word, that you didn't.


The enemy is within the group. LRH even says that. And we have to root them out and keep going.

But you didn't.

You just gave up.

And then became the enemy.

Lightning burned down the house! I am not even slightly surprised.

But that's only the beginning for you and your family. You have tried to cause harm to the only way out for the entire planet.

That is a serious business for you as a being. I would not like to be you for the next few months. Per the laws of karma. You are doomed. Ask any Hindu, Buddhist or Shintoist.

And one day, you are going to have to confront what you did.

What are you going to do to help mankind. Sell hotdogs at Bunnings one Saturday morning to raise money for Cancer research? Go door knocking for old clothes that can be recycled for the poor. That will create a big impact. Just like you thought donating money was enough. Well actually you two did nothing compared to what was needed and you know it. You never got off you butt and actually helped to the level that was needed. AND THAT'S WHY YOU ARE SO ANGRY AT US. Because we have what it takes. The stamina, the balls, the intelligence - TO KEEP GOING.

You and Kevin and your idiot friends - like Carmel - whose only claim to fame is some long forgotten PR campaign that went wrong and she never got over it!!! - you guys are like mosquitoes running alongside a battle ship.

You got onto the internet and fell for it hook line and sinker.

You got sucked into the quick sand.

Because you are weak as piss and this is your swan song.

Poking fun and trying to annoy a bunch of heroes.

Go fly a kite Vickey . You are not an OT's arsehole. You are nothing.


Now my dear Mrs. Feral did some more false data correction;


Dear XXXX,

Wow - " Understanding through Communication" - your tag line - well you definitely have a way with words !

But honestly XXXX you DO NOT know me - we never said more than a social hello to each other - you are basing your opinion of me on hearsay and false data.

You say I have no balls or confront - hah sorry love , but you have NO IDEA what balls and confront it takes to get up and through OT VII !!! .( Then there is the level of balls and confront to deliver a full time therapy program to a disabled kid and to get that therapy brought to Aussie so that other families can avail it. But XXXX I don't need your or any other Scios
approval - I have many real commendations, unsolicited from non-scios that I have helped with their kids - truly thanking me for all my efforts )

You say that we just expected to pay our way up the Bridge - NOT TRUE - you have NO IDEA of the contribution level you are required to make to stay on OTVII . Kev and I both stayed on the level - me for 11 years ( until I comped ) and Kev for 15 years ( until he wrote up the out points he had found and sent back his materials in disgust ).

We do not judge if our contributions are worthy enough - the Flag MAA , C/S and RTC do ! So how can you comment on that - are you above them ???

Our contributions were not just bought - and we had to report them every trip to Flag. We did many , many cycles including :

Being on staff in a class V Org - me as an exec and Kev as an auditor
After leaving staff - holding an Org Execs post for a week so she could have school holidays with her kids,
Looking after SO kids so the SO could have SO day,
Babysitting someone who had gone type III,
Painting the Org from 6pm Saturday through till 3am Sunday ( for months) so that no staff production was interrupted ,
Lacquered all the wooden furniture in the Org and building an on policy the Org board,
Using our time and comm lines to source wholesale furniture for the Org,
On OT committee for years,
Set up the NSW Narconon set up Committee and got an ED posted,
Donated materials and furniture to Athena school many times ,
Helped recruit staff for the new ideal org
Handed out letterbox promo for a mission which had collapsed
Organised and sold nearly all the tickets for 3 fundraising events for Org renos
Held numerous events at our house to brief the field about OTVII and Ideal Org
Gave numerous briefings to public about OT VII
Gave up time to be interviewed and featured in many Org promos
Had an off the rails teenager of an OT stay at our farm for over a month and got her through an ethics pgm

XXXX I could go on and on ! In fact I wrote up all my contributions last time I went to Flag - it was 3 pages long .You see my darling, you are getting your information from Cyrus and his OSA friends and they are working overtime to black PR us - they DO NOT HAVE the correct data.

Also please don't make generalities about my friends - a lot of them are not even scientologists - but the rest were all great scientologist. As for Carmel how can you say that about the woman who was a trained auditor and CS of class V org for years and later the ED, power FSM, not to mention what she did for the Athena school and the OT committee
and even had Kha Khan status !!! How can you say that the volcano was her only claim to fame ??? Don't you know the truth behind that one ?

Its funny, but Kev accompanied you to the Drug Free meetings at the Ramanda for weeks whilst you were representing Narconon. He never had anything but nice comments to say about your efforts - he went to back you up so that you
had support in your project. He may have seemed a little strange at that time, as we were just finding out that something was terribly wrong with Courtney - it was a very stressful and unhappy time for us both - perhaps that was what you did not understand. But if you were so adament that he had SP traits, perhaps you should of written up a report on what you observed . Obviously the ethics and tech guys at the Mecca of technical perfection hadn't noticed anything - as he was totally eligible for OT levels.

I know that you "must" now attack us because we are leaving Scientology - LRH says you have to do so and that we must have crimes. So be it - what can I say, in your universe you must be right , I must be an SP and not OT . I think you have not been briefed on why we decided to leave - perhaps if you actually read Kevs story you might know .

If just for one moment you could consider that something might be wrong with the management of the Church -

* Do you know that OTs are getting declared for trying to get KSW applied at Flag ?
I mentioned the out tech to my D of P 6months ago - the data went to the CS - it did not come back with any data to correct me - NOTHING !!! No r- factor saying I have an MU, or another reference applies - NOTHING !!!

* Do you know that several ex International Management have left the Church and are exposing the human rights violations in the SO ?

XXXX perhaps it might be wise love, for you to take a good LOOK and stop listening !!!

We all know that you have worked tirelessly to earn your elig for the auditing side of the Bridge - but honestly you deserve better !

regards, Vicky XXXX
OT VII Completion ( sorry you can't fake that one - the EP check is 2 to 4
ints !!! Though the EP check is not mentioned on the grade chart or in any
of the confidential references on the level !!! )
IAS Patron
Superpower Cornerstone
Human Rights Advocate

The responses stopped,I think OSA stopped our IAS freedom medal winner from communicating to us SPs before she formed fatal cracks in her universe.

So this is the top scios handling life, setting a good example and handling confusions and communication with the tech.
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Pretty damn obvious who's shoes ANYBODY would wanna be in!

Hey Vic, well done girl for keepin' ur cool. I know you'd wanna kill over that load of tripe! Truth don't indicate to these brainwashed fucks, and that's hard!

How good is it now to be among others of like mind, who are free to see, free to communicate, and free to love!

Kev and Vicki, you are fu'kin legends for sure! :yes: I'm so proud to be your friend! Don't let the bastards ever, ever grind you down!

Love always,

EP - Ethics Particle

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More "death throes" documented...

Dear Kevin and Vicki,

Thank you for this information. :yes: Looks like your comm got some big "reads" and a heap of "HE&R" back, didn' it! :omg: :yes:

:clap: :clap: :clap: You guys ROCK! :happydance:



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And you and your pathetic SP husband and your little gang of whinging weak as piss dickheads, don't.

So this is how the Universal Solvent is used. I was obviously using it way too diluted. So that was my problem :duh:

Thanks for posting this Kevin.


Stan D'Teque

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Just proves medals are like piles - every a***hole gets them sooner or later. Thank you for posting this truly informative data - it proves what I always suspected about our "freedom-loving" friend. What's mechanical and can only repeat words and actions that have been programmed into it? Well done Mr and Mrs Feral for at least trying to salvage a being!!!

Panda Termint

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Thanks for posting this, Kev & Vicky. It's an eye-opener for sure! :omg:
I'm disgusted by the make-wrong, obvious wrong indications and vitriol in this "communication" from a Freedom Medal winner. Freedom must have been re-defined along with all the other guff in the latest CofS offerings.
Posting this exchange should help many understand the mindset of the scientological zealot. :nazi:
Cheers, Panda.


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Thanks for posting this Kev

You and Vicky are wonderful people.

This is another piece of evidence of how the enemy is devouring the group from within.

In all honesty I really hope that xxxxx does look and gets out fast.


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Such a perfect example of the mindset of a Scientologist. Homo Novus to the extreme. Attacking, cursing and biting like a rabid dog.

Imagine getting out, visiting ESMB and reading your replies from back then.

Kevin, thanks for the insight. Glad you are out, and able to see it for what it is. A hate speech.

Good twin

:clap: :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap:
That just goes to show why Australia deserves to be the first cleared(of Scn) continent. Such passion. Such dedication. You guys Rock!!!



What fucking hubris!

Unfortunately it is just a regurgitation of mis-duplicated LRH...

If THAT is the "top of the Bridge", then its no wonder they are failing.

Wisened One

Man, I BOW to you two, Kev and Vicki! :bow:

Geeez, looks like this freedom medal winner's breathing too many toxic fumes of their 'universal solvent' eh? :coolwink: They are so 'puffed up' with
their medals, and all the adulation from their peers that they aren't even talking, ya know what I mean?

Thank you sooo much for posting this, hubby's gotta read this! :yes: I cannot BELIEVE that we once thought like that! :omg:

I also need to :bow: to Tory, and to Mark Bunker and to Astra and to the Barnes' for GETTING US OUT!!!! :yes:



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I remember LRH saying in a tape "It is totally fine to push them down all the way to apaty because only we can pull them up" (I go by memory, may not be an accurate quote).

Arrogance and an effort to destroy. That's Scientology.

Anne Ominous

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Anybody on this planet who wants to build a better world, has to fight against the "visciousness of groups and the idiot nature of collective think". In every group there are people who try to stop things with their insane viewpoints, there suppression of good people.

Sounds about right, Scientologist. See you on the other side.

I needed a giggle. Thanks for that, you big wanker, Feral.


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I've always found it seriously funny that anyone declared only from that point on has no products. Why can't they ever figure that out while the person is still connected. :duh:
But it doesn't matter because anyone that leaves is an SP AUTOMATICALLY!:D

I aplaud you for keeping your calm while the Scio can't use their TR's. Love it!


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I thank my better judgement for leaving the cofs and the better judgement of everyone who has left. The product of scientology seems to be a crooked, lying, bigoted, delusional person.



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Wow! I am completely AMAZED that this jerk would actually put THAT crap in writing, and I'd LOVE to know if some Church person was stupid enough to approve putting that in writing!

I'm seriously considering copying your story, Feral, and copying this response from the most ethical beings on the planet, and then sending that into our local Oldies station (heard around the world on the 'Net) -- the morning show people were wondering why Anonymous would picket Katie Holmes' opening night. I think this would explain perfectly!

Wisened One

Yeah, I wanna copy this letter and response, too, May I, Feral?

(And I would edit out names and the scn words in it...or at least put concise meanings next to them)....would that be ok?

Let me know!

THIS is SUCH a perfect example to hold up to the rest of the world WHY Anon is doing what they're doing, WHY soooo many OTs are leaving, why people are leaving Co$, period! :yes: