COS back to seeking multiple closures of LRH Way for events.


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An active thread has been posted on WWP:

If you remember, the City Council took steps to prevent further closures of LRH Way due to the many complaints coming from non-Scientology residents living on the street, primarily their inability to freely leave & return to their residences.

Residents who complained have been consistently targeted with harassment & threats by Scientology staff & guards. Thus, many are afraid to speak up.

Eric Garcetti's office is well aware of the situation and last week recommended that the permit to close down LRH Way & Fountain Avenue this July 4 weekend be denied due to repeated violations. The permit was denied, then mysteriously reconsidered and approved.

On Friday night, AnonOrange & I were forced to leave the sidewalk across the street from Big Blue on Fountain. One of the LAPD officers, "Turner," who has been aggressive towards protesters in the past, pushed me 3 different times and threatened to arrest me for "spitting" on him which did not occur.

This incident can be viewed on my 6th video. An Internal Affairs complaint will be filed against Officer Turner tomorrow.

We need help stopping these repeated street closures by Scientology. Please make your views known: