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CoS Fraud "vs" Steroid/PED Fraud

Rene Descartes

Gold Meritorious Patron
Fraud is bad. Pardon me for stating that which is obvious.
In the case of the Church of Scientology there is much more at stake than just the money.

The reputation of the group that was formed by mankind’s greatest friend could be frying in the deep fat pan at this very moment.

Consider this. Over the last few years there has been multi revealings brought to light about the use of steroids and other PEDs in sports, particularly baseball.

Accusations were made and what followed?

Denials followed. Lies followed. More denials and more lies. Sound familiar?

What occurred during the times of the fraud?

Statistics were up. They were sky rocketed. Records were broken. Sound familiar?

Then someone confessed and stepped forward with more accusations of others. Sound familiar?

Followed by more denials and more lies. Where have we heard this before?

Then what happened recently? There was a hall of fame vote in baseball and when the votes were taken and we saw what had occurred there were Sosa, McGuire, and Clemens with the reputation of flatulence in an elevator.

Yeah so what happened there? The reputation of the baseball defrauders who had the great statistics was as good as flushed down the sewer. They didn’t even come close to getting into the Hall of Fame and judging by the results of the vote it looks like they never will.

So if L Ron were here he’d probably put something together, I don’t know, maybe he would call it the Fraud-Disreputationator Sequence.

Fraud followed by great stats flowed by accusations followed by denials and lies followed by more accusations followed by more denials and more lies followed by reputation being at the bottom of the dung pile.

Now what a nice dwindling spiral that is.

If Foghorn Leghorn were here I do believe he would be saying something along the lines of that church having received its comeuppance which if he were a rooster in Calcutta he would probably be saying something about karma being dabaitch.

It’s going to be just like that guy in Back to the Future 3 said “Everywhere, people are going to say that Clint Eastwood is the biggest yellow belly”.

Lance Armstrong did step forward on a TV show and confess that he did use PEDs.

But Lance Armstrong does not have the tech. Lance Armstrong does not know that when one tells a lie enough times that eventually it becomes the truth.

Lance Armstrong does not have the personal integrity of knowing that what is true for him is true.

Lance Armstrong does not have an inkling of an idea that one is always supposed to attack and never defend.

The sad thing here, or maybe it’s a good thing, is that the Church is not likely to perform the proper PR activity of stepping forward and admitting blame upon itself. They will continue to deny. They will continue to lie. They will continue to defraud.

They could be led away in chains to prison and they will still deny. Oh maybe one will step forward and confess and cry and sob but the Church will just label that individual as a defrocked apostate spewing the same lies.

It’s so funny that it is hilarious

It’s so funny that it is sick.

It’s so funny that someday it is not even going to be funny anymore.

It’s going to be…