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"Religion and Child Abuse News" have their own section just for Applied Scholastics: Scholastics

And finally, here is a related story, but nothing to do with Scientology.
Nick Xenophon is also investigating the scam school, which is fleecing the Australian gov't of tax dollars:

This ^ is notable, because this ripoff is eerily similar to Scientology Applied Scholastics ripoff.

At the Meadowbank Education Trust, the Exclusive Brethren school in Sydney, government funding (state and federal) totals almost $9000 per student, fees paid by parents from post-tax income are just $2700, and the rest, $14,300 per student, comes from tax-free donations and distributions.

This means that, though the government funding is on par with the most disadvantaged schools, the controversial Christian sect has $26,000 per student to spend — more than some top flight private schools such as Xavier College, Scotch College and Wesley College.

The pattern is replicated at the six Exclusive Brethren schools around Australia. In 2009, the sect raised $32.4 million in tax-free money to send its 2537 students to school.

This dwarfs the tax-free component of any other private school in Australia, and acts as a de facto second government subsidy to Exclusive Brethren schools. At other comparable small Christian schools, tax-free payments by parents make up between about 1 and 4 per cent of income.

Exclusive Brethren spokesman Bob Lawrence, of PR firm Jackson Wells, denied the system was specifically set up to avoid tax.

''The schools and parents follow all appropriate tax, education and other guidelines and comply with Australian law,'' he said.

Senator Xenophon said the tax office ''needs to tell Australian taxpayers whether this sort of arrangement is sanctioned''.

''If what the Exclusive Brethren is doing is more broadly applied it could cause a multi-billion dollar hole in tax revenue,'' he said.

I am not jumping on a bash-the-Christians bandwagon. Just noting that other cults in Australia are fleecing the tax-free school system, not just Scilons. I hope the Oz gov't investigates.

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