Although its been 30 years now, as i left CoS in 86, and was well past mid KTL when i left. I miss the connection between de-dinging and KTL.
Plz clarify if you can.


Although its been 30 years now, as i left CoS in 86, and was well past mid KTL when i left. I miss the connection between de-dinging and KTL.
Plz clarify if you can.

I'd have to dig out, from storage, the materials, including the KTL Course Supervisor check sheet, from over 35 years ago. From the information I have - from almost 40 years ago, from a reliable source - the KTL came about after Hubbard was upset that some of his slave children - the "Commodore's Messengers" - were goofing up. He concluded they were both stupid (can't "see walls," can't read - functionally illiterate - and were also "PTS" to a person or persons in their environment who was "causing them problems," thus making then "PTS," and also, as I recall, "out of valence."

As it was customary for any whim, notion, or "discovery," by Hubbard to be hailed as a great breakthrough and immensely important, and as Scientologists, generally, were hungry for any "new tech" by "LRH," this was packaged as a new salable item on the list of things that are vitally necessary for the survival and well being of Scientologists for their next agonized (or enjoyable) "endless trillions" of years.

As I recall, there were other writings and "tech" actions from around that period where "de-PTSing," as a term, was used. And there was the mid 1970s "PTS to the Middle Class" screed by Hubbard. So, to Wimbush, the idea of "de-PTSing" seemed as "on Source" as anything could be.

One thing that stood out from reading the KTL Course Supervisors' check sheet was Hubbard's very low opinion of Scientologists. It seems that everyone (other than Hubbard) was a sub literate "out of valence" twit.

It was the grand good fortune of the twits that the ever compassionate Hubbard was giving them (at a price) this wonderful course. And it didn't matter where you were on the "Grade Chart. You could be a "Clear" or an "OT 8," or a "Student Hat graduate," or "super literate," and you were still, somehow, a twit. Not only that, you were expected to be extremely grateful and delighted to have been given the opportunity to be able to "see walls," be able to comprehend words, and not be "out of valence" and "PTS."

This was reminiscent of one aspect of the project conducted by the Communist Chinese in the 1950s and 1960s to re-educate its population, including professional people, doctors, university professors, etc. Such people were to be regarded as small children who knew nothing, and needed to be "educated" and built up from scratch.

Of course, they were expected to be extremely grateful.

But I digress.

Digressing further, look at the similarities between and the current insanity occurring on college campuses with "micro-aggressions," "triggering," "safe spaces," "oppression" etc., with almost anything constituting "oppression," and the mind set of "De-PTSing," "PTS to the Middle Class," "De-dinging," "You're invalidating me," etc.

But I'm wandering.

The point is that poor Wimbush thought he was being a good "gung ho" Scientologist and "on Source" when he started his "de dinging."

Hubbard didn't crush the Missions because of Wimbush's "de-dinging," but because he wanted their bank accounts and real estate.


De-dinging was based on, and inspired by, Hubbard's idea of "de-PTSing." IIRC, this was an action in the newly released (or not quite yet formally released) Key to Life course. Wimbush thought he was being "on Source," and using the latest "LRH tech" - with a wee bit of improvisation.

He ended up becoming a scapegoat, and being used as part of the justification for Hubbard's looting of the Missions.

After he was out of Scientology I talked with him, and he admitted that he had come to realize that the person to whom Scientologists were "PTS," and from whom the "dinging" originated, was Hubbard.

"De-Dinging was SO good! and caught on BIG because it was observable. Everyone was de-dinging. Hubbard must've had a hissy fit over Kingsley putting it out before Hisself could capitalize on all his PTS tech, it became that all the Missions were stealing from him.