Could use some advice from you all on a web page please


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Only once to my knowledge has a substantial group left the CoS for example in recent times, when some Scientologists left the Amsterdam Org together and set up a Rons Org.

Scientologists left the 'Church' en masse following the Mission Holder Conference. Enough so that the picket in front of the Big Blue Complex may *still * be the largest single picket against the 'Church'.

The Cult didn't even begin to recover until '90 or so.



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Hi Miste,

Here is a video that just went up over the weekend on YouTube that might make a good addition to your site. I can personally vouch for its validity.

It quite specifically makes mention of the abuse in the cult.

Hope it helps!


BTW thank you for doing what you are doing!

Oh dear and I'm crying again.

Added it just now.

So much more to do. I'm going to work on the page tomorrow explaining the differences between the levels within Scientology.

Thank you again for the kind words.


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I'm working on the page to explain the difference between Public, Staff and Sea Org and I just wanted a little clarification between Staff and Sea Org.

Sea Org = They live on CoS property, get close to no pay and they're basically 100% in. Something like Catholic Nuns basically.

Staff = ? Do they live on CoS property or still keep their own residences? They are employed by the CoS but are they as immersed as the Sea Org members?

Sorry to sound a little uninformed on the topic, but it's been hard to find much information about the Staff level and it's important to me that the information is correct.

Thanks much!


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Sea Org have room and board covered and live in CofS property. Sign a billion year contract (and often mean it). Supposedly have all training and auditing "free".

Non-SO staff sign 2 1/2 year or 5 year contract and have to make their own living arrangements as well as pay for services at higher orgs (50% discount). It is usually very difficult to leave staff, even at the end of your contract. There is more freedom than in the SO, at least in theory.