"Courageous stand of the Daughters of St. Paul against Scientology in Italy"


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I knew Maria Pia for years, and she is not going to back down!

Her book is not in English yet.

:happydance:I am so hoping the cult sues Maria Pia Gardini and her RCC Nun publishers in Italy.

Do It Davey! DO IT!!! DO IT!!!! :prettyplease:



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Axiom, good point about appologies, has it ever happened, has a spokesman ever said "we are sorry?"

I've apologised to individual public when someone at the org screwed up on something, and then fixed it as best I could. This was at AOSHUK 30 years ago. But I'm talking about relatively small admin or accounts matters, not people dying or losing hundreds of thousands of dollars.



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Is there a copy of the apology anywhere? I'd love to know what they said ....

Google is your friend, but here is a link to one example: http://www.escapeint.org/legal/apology.htm


“A group of Scientologists put the leaflet through the letter boxes of those living on the Woods' road and handed it out to members of the public on East Grinstead High Street during one of their vigils. The leaflet described Mrs Woods as a "hate campaigner", that is, someone motivated by hatred and religious intolerance, and as a "deprogrammer" who tried to force people away from their chosen faith. It also cast doubt on the sincerity of her claims to be a born-again Christian. As the defendants now accept, the allegations in the leaflet about Mrs Woods were untrue.

Bonnie Woods does not hate any religion and would not take any step to force people away from their chosen religion or encourage others to do so. While the Woods have on occasion met with Scientologists and their families at the request of their families and discussed the Church of Scientology with them, the Woods have not put pressure on them or the Church of Scientology to prevent them continuing in Scientology. Mrs Woods is sincere in her Christian faith. The publication of the allegations to her friends and neighbours in the local community was deeply distressing to Mrs Woods. In order to clear her name, in December 1993 Mrs Woods sued Church of Scientology Religious Education College Incorporated and the individual members who had published the leaflet for libel.

The Defendants have now acknowledge that the allegations about Mrs Woods were untrue. They are here by their Counsel today to withdraw them and to apologise to the Plaintiff. They have agreed to pay Mrs Woods a substantial amount of money in respect of her claim for damages for libel, and to undertake to the Court that they will no longer make these untrue accusations against her. Defendant's Counsel: On behalf of the Church of Scientology and all the Defendants I wish to associate myself with all that has been said by counsel for the Plaintiff.

The Defendants regret that when responding to Mrs Woods' criticisms of the Church of Scientology they went too far in attributing to her conduct and motives which they now accept were not correct. Through me they apologise to Mrs Woods and undertake (in the terms of the draft Order before Your Lordship) not to make any such allegations again. Plaintiff's Counsel: In those circumstances, the Plaintiff is vindicated and content to let the matter rest. I ask for leave to withdraw the record.”

This is a very rare occurrence and was only prompted by them realising that they could not win this case (defence of libel).

But, even then they couldn't admit it to their own public. They told us they had 'secured an agreement from Bonnie Woods to stop attacking the church'. They tried to make it sound as though they had won the case! :duh:

My experience is that they will never voluntarily apologise as an organization because they cannot afford to be wrong. Occasionally, honest individuals will apologise on their own cognisance but this is pretty rare.



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Clam Bake: Italian

http://xenu.com-it.net/txt/mariapia05.htm Bablefish Translation:

My years in Scientology

Of Devout Maria Gardini, talk with Alberto Laggia. And Paoline, ISBN 9788831533164, 14 euros, september 2007.

(presentation draft from the site of the Paoline Editions)

That of “ Puccy ”, Devout Maria Gardini, is the hallucinatory history of ravennate a coming woman a richest family (is cousins of Raul Gardini) that a day determined to attend a course of Scientology, the church founded from Ron Hubbard. From then its life it would have been transformed in a hell.

All it begins to half of years ‘ 80 when Devout Maria, prostrata from the mourning for the dead women of the father, is crossing one of the more difficult moments of its existence. Its only daughter, drug addict entered in a Narconon community proposes, them to participate to a cycle of saune purificatrici organized from the same movement.

Without nearly to notice of the woman one lets to suck from the whirling mechanism dell ’ organization, fact of with l ’ purchase of course only more and more expensive raggiungibili steps d ’ risen (from a pair to million tens Liras) to be carried out in Italy, Denmark and the United States. Before dell ’ exited from the movement, happened in 1994 after three years of attempts, Puccy, cultured woman who speaks three languages running, she has scaled the maximum levels of the scientologica technique (has caught up level OT VIII), becoming a high civil employee of the movement within the Sea Organization and one of the more appreciated shining and “ auditor ” (confessore) of the church, to such point to obtain in 1988 and 1990 the acknowledgment of which better Scientology “ auditor ” of the world.

In this book-confession, Gardini tells journalist Alberto Laggia cos ’ has quickly in the period in which it is remained in the church of the divi of Hollywood, the backstage of ’ an organization known from “ managing ”, and the judicial fight begun years ago in order to come to its money. A report that seems a film.

Devout Maria Gardini di Gasparro, has worked in the cinema and the cinematographic publicity till 1985, when she has become adepta of Scientology. She has lived for years in Florida, to Clearwater. In 1994, exited from the movement, she has moved itself in Tunisia where she has undertaken l ’ activity of imprenditrice till 2002, year of its I re-enter in Italy. She lives currently in Tuscany together to the Camilla grandaughter. Association is member dell ’ ARIS (Search and Information on the Seven).

Alberto Laggia, journalist professional, special envoy of the weekly magazine Christian Family, for which it writes of the present time, politics and culture. Already reporter dell ’ Handle, is expert of the Italian Northeast. From years one takes care also of ecclesiale report and religious movements, beyond that of problematic regarding the world of the minors. On quest ’ last topic he is author of tests and contributions escapes on specialistic periodicals.

Interview to M. Devout Gardini

Cos ’ is Scientology?

Scientology is ’ an association that defines church, but to my opinion, it is not only, but it is for the sake of lucro, seen the exorbitant costs in order to arrive to the top of the so-called “ bridge towards the freedom ”.

It declares catholic, practicing. The Christian faith is a deep inner experience that would have to give motivations, force and courage in order to face the unavoidable difficulties of the life. How never it, in the moment of the need, has tried elsewhere aid and answers?

Not, I have not tried aid in Scientology in the moment of the need, indeed, to the dead women of my daughter definitive total and to the catholic church is approached again me in way. I wanted to continue a relationship with my daughter who had entered in Scientology, and to join only era l ’ half in order to have it. In Scientology if a familiar one is contrary, the logoff exists and I did not want to lose my daughter.

The feelings are a large one upgrade them dell ’ to be human. In the book, in various points, it seems to understand as Scientology did not recognize at all this value. Cos ’ is that it is more to heart to Scientology of the life of its adepts person?

That they continue to attend the course and l ’ auditing, therefore to pay.

She as it has exited from Scientology from the psychological and human point of view?

Well from the human point of view, with the single regret not to have more nothing and than to have lost 9 years of my life.

How much counted the money in its life? And now how much counts?

Then of it I had a lot and then the money is secondary respect to other values. Certainly, now for me with my pension it is difficult to arrive at the end of the month.

After l ’ experience lived on its skin, to who today said to them that she wants to enter in Scientology, it what would advise?

Councilman to go from a good psychologist if he has need of aid or from own parish priest if she is believer. I would not want to never see nobody to make my experience.
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Catholic Online

Catholic Online (www.catholic.org)

The lawsuit puts Scientology at risk of building a greater enmity with Catholics around the world.

Maria Pia Gardini, a Catholic author who was formerly a Scientologist and has returned to the Catholic Church, has written 'The Courage To Speak Out - Stories of Ex-Scientologists'.
Maria Pia Gardini, a Catholic author who was formerly a Scientologist and has returned to the Catholic Church, has written 'The Courage To Speak Out - Stories of Ex-Scientologists'.

WASHINGTON, D.C. (Catholic Online) – The Church of Scientology in Italy has announced it is initiating legal proceedings against the Daughters of St. Paul and Maria Pia Gardini, a Catholic author who was formerly a Scientologist and has returned to the Catholic Church.

In 2007 the Daughters of St. Paul's publishing house, Edizioni Paoline (Paoline Publications), published Gardini’s first book, ” I miei anni in Scientology” (“My years in Scientology”). The first week of December, 2009 they released her second book, “Il coraggio di parlare - storie di fuoriusciti da Scientology” (“The Courage To Speak Out - Stories of Ex-Scientologists”).

As reported on the Clerical Whispers Blog (clericalwhispers.blogspot.com), the books, co-authored by Italian Catholic journalist Alberto Laggia and Italian Catholic Maria Pia Gardini, have been widely reviewed in Italy.

“Gardini is a former adherent of Scientology and member of its Sea Org elite, who run everything in Scientology and its front groups under the leadership of David Miscavige. She returned to full practice of Catholicism after leaving.”

“Whispers” notes that the lawsuit, along with reports of forced abortions in Sea Org, puts Scientology and its leader David Miscavige at risk of building a greater enmity with Catholics around the world.

In September of 2009 a lawyer for the Church of Scientology in Italy sent a warning letter to Giardini and the publishing house, warning them that they were engaged in libelous attacks. The letter was also signed by the head of the Italian group.

In announcing the upcoming legal action, Paoline Publications was not specifically mentioned as it was in the September warning. However, they did state that the suit would name "whomever assisted her with activities that the Church considers detrimental to its image." Not only would this include the publisher but possibly the 14 ex-Scientologists who contributed to the second book.

Whispers referenced an interview with Gianni Leone, editor of the Italian language online magazine “Mondo Raro” based in the UK. In the interview a Paoline spokesperson said,

“We live in a free country and a publisher has the obligation to be as accurate and as steadfast as possible, because it is not a crime to report the facts when they exist and can be documented.”

“The issues which are dear to our hearts and about which we have and will continue to take a stand are peace, justice, dialogue among different religions and cultures, more from the viewpoint of what unites rather than from what divides them. In this time marked by fear and distrust of others, these are uncomfortable but urgent issues.”

The lawsuit just adds another line to the litany of issues and events plaguing Scientology, with opposition to the movement seemingly growing stronger in recent years. A number of tell-all books, in addition to the two by Ms. Giardini, are currently available.

In June of 2009 the St. Petersburg (FL) Times wrote a series of articles regarding Scientology called “The Truth Rundown.” In November, a Times editorial called for an investigation of the group.

The lawsuit strikes at the very heart of the mission of the Daughters of St. Paul.

For them, publishing is not a sidelight but a central focus of their ministry around the world. As their mission states: “We are women consecrated like Paul the Apostle to be apostles of Christ to the world of today, announcing the message of reconciliation using the means of communication.”

“Sisters with gifts and training in art, writing, design, editing, music, photography, public speaking, audio recording, administration, production and diffusion, work together, alongside the laity, in a many-faceted mission with the common goal of proclaiming Christ and his gift of salvation.”

According to their website, Blessed James Alberione founded the Daughters of St. Paul in Alba, Italy, in 1915. He chose a young seamstress, Teresa Merlo, to be the Co-Foundress of this new community of women and the first Mother General.

When the first sisters pronounced their vows on July 22, 1922, Teresa asked the Founder what name she should take. He responded, “Take the name Thecla, the first disciple of St. Paul.” And so these first Daughters of St. Paul began what would become within 15 years a congregation spread throughout the world, with an innovative apostolate that was precisely what the Church needed in the 20th Century.

In 1931 sisters were sent from Italy to open new houses in Brazil and Argentina, and in 1932, the congregation was founded in the United States.

The Daughters see a part of their mission as providing resources regarding dangerous influences on Catholic families, including cults. These two books are their first concerning Scientology.

Today, there are over 2500 Daughters of St. Paul internationally. As a part of their communications mission, they manage 14 bookstores in the U.S. and Canada, 47 in Italy, 3 in Australia along with many more around the world.

As Clerical Whispers stated, the Daughters of St. Paul have shown the courage of St. Paul and their founder, Blessed James Alberione.


Randy Sly is the Associate Editor of Catholic Online. He is a former Archbishop of the Charismatic Episcopal Church who laid aside that ministry to enter into the full communion of the Catholic Church.


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Here is a link to one of the largest Catholic forums in the world. I have posted there on the abortion issue. I am sure the cult threatening to sue the Paoline Nuns in Italy would be a topic of interest here as well.

Catholic Answers Forums > Forums > Apologetics > Social Justice
A Catholic Call to Arms: Coerced Abortions in Scientology



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Her book is not in English yet.

I am preparing summaries, in English, of the 14 chapters of Maria Pia Gardini's new book Il coraggio di parlare ("The Courage to Speak Out") and the result should be posted in a few days.


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Hello my new friend!
I was just thinking about your summaries and then read here that they will be ready in a few days.....Wonderful, really anxious to read them.
Thank you so much for doing this for all of us here.:happydance:

Do you think it would help to get all of us here and others to write the Daughters of st. Pauls bookstores here in US (Pauline Books and Media) and request English copys? Or is there a lot more to it than something like that?

Another big Thank you, talk at ya soon

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I am preparing summaries, in English, of the 14 chapters of Maria Pia Gardini's new book Il coraggio di parlare ("The Courage to Speak Out") and the result should be posted in a few days.

Goodness, you are amazing!
Looking forward to reading them.


They're nuts! Scientology is.. - Erh.. I knew that already.. I just realized in a new unit of time.. Hit me like a wet donut.. They're nuts!!

They can't sue Gardini! - They'd lose the case, and they must know it.. Exept, they're nuts.. So they threathen to sue, and will have to back down.. Chicken out that is.. Incredible PR value in that!!

Well, I hope that the media makes a giant fuzz about it right away. Don't wait for the suit, it won't come.

Are those books available in english BTW?:wiggle:

No, but maybe this will inspire the good sisters to publish one or both as translations.

Something tells me the cult is huffing and puffing and bluffing here.

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Her Story

I remember from her story that was mercilessly regged for a million dollars

in Italy and at Flag. She also audited the L's, if I recall right, in multiple

languages. She really gave blood, sweat, and tears, but does the "Church" give a damn ? NO WAY.

FUCK THE "CHURCH". :angry:


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How to harpoon the awesome Daughters of St. Paul

Hello my new friend!
I was just thinking about your summaries and then read here that they will be ready in a few days.....Wonderful, really anxious to read them.
Thank you so much for doing this for all of us here.:happydance:

Do you think it would help to get all of us here and others to write the Daughters of st. Pauls bookstores here in US (Pauline Books and Media) and request English copys? Or is there a lot more to it than something like that?

Another big Thank you, talk at ya soon

By all means. Here is something I wrote up for guidance with email addresses


How to harpoon the awesome Daughters of St. Paul

The Daughters of St. Paul are like Anonymous - they are all over the world.

There is a list of lings and email addresses below you can use to harpoon.

So pick out some sisters and harpoon them for great justice.

You can also mention that Italian-American Catholic and father of four, Tom Ciancio was murdered in Denver on December 30, 2009, by the Reverend Rex Fowler, a minister of the Church of Scientology.

Good quote from Cardinal Ersilio Tonini:

Scientology is a serious danger.

Original Clerical Whispers article: Courageous stand of the Daughters of St. Paul in Italy


Moar Catholic ammo:

Randy Sly's Catholic Online article: Church of Scientology Sues Daughters of St. Paul for Publishing Book by Catholic


Cardinal Ouellet in Canada - It's not a church


Archbishop Rauber in Budapest - It's a totalitarian business


Letter to Cardinal Gracias in Mumbai on the Volunteer Ministers


Now that the sisters in Italy have shown courage, the rest of them around the world can do likewise. Suggest Nancy Many's book to them since she is Catholic, and Bonnie Woods book since she is a Catholic who now that she is free from the cult belongs to mostly Evangelical churches.

They really need to hear from exes about their experiences as well as from anons.



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