Court awards UK Sea Org kids £3.5million after car crash in which Russell Dienes dies


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Being awarded the money and getting the money aren't the same thing.


Right. At least in the US the 3.7 million could be a fantasy award. Insurance would only cover some of it and collecting the rest would usually be impossible and result in a bankruptcy.

And, the survivors are *teenagers* in the Sea Org, which implies Scientologist parents.

So getting the money may be hard, but dwarfed by the likelihood of *keeping* it. Which could be tragic for the kid with the brain damage.



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Thanks for the additional info UKI.

I remember reading about Bruce in the local paper. Didn’t know he was Russell’s brother but knew he was some relation. Absolutely tragic to have died from something so apparently innocuous, but it make sense that he wasn’t diagnosed if he grew up in a cult that scorned and despised the medical profession.

Do you have more info about Marianne? Is she related to Malcolm? Where did this accident happen and what were the circumstances?

Obviously we can’t always put the blame at the door of the CoS, but it does show the hypocrisy when they preach that only they know the true reason why people get ill and have accidents. There have been so many accidents involving staff and public around St Hill – I know of at least 7 fatalities and many serious injuries. I am tempted to think that there is something in the whole idea of being PTS. This obviously raises the question of “Who are they PTS to?”


No idea about Malcom. Her husband is James Rowell.

Photograph of Russell, Jasmine, and Marianne:

Photograph of Marianne and Darius, before her accident but after his. He actually looks like he recovered well: