Cpt Bill Debrief PART10-Indie Scientology Podcast#40


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Ils sont drôles.

Long time ago I had an American boyfriend..such a nice gentle tall guy. He had such humour.

He learned to speak french for me; it consisted of one Word:

La bibliothèque..

but he would say it in a hundred different voice tone...and made me laugh all the time.

My english was just basic at that time..but hey, when 20 yo, you don't have time to speak when you are in love...

More details to follow
In FRENCH thought!



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If Captain Bill declared Teegeack as a freezone then why do we still get UFO sightings from reliable witnesses? ;)

When did Captain Bill declare this? :D
(In the 1970s, one of my room mates at The Manor told me that he was "in contact" with aliens on a space ship hovering over Los Angeles.)
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