Craig Howarth 's account of being declared a Suppressive Person by Scientology


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Craig Howarth 's account of being declared a Suppressive Person by Scientology.

From the South African Independent Scientology blog, Scientologists getting back in comm:

Craig Howarth gives his account

We have been trying to get stories out of the original 18 people declared at the end of October. It’s a funny thing, when people are kicked out of the church, they tend to get on with their lives so corralling these stories has been a bit of fun.

But Craig has given us a fairly detailed account of his experience in Durban.

We gave up trying to get a picture from Craig but he did supply us with the illustration you see here. He sent it to a fellow staff member when she was ill and not in the org. It’s pretty funny!

Grab a cup of coffee and settle in. It’s a good one.


Here is a time-track summary of my adventures in the Durban org, before and after I returned from my PTS/SP Specialist course. Note that there are really only two senior SO members that I name who acted suppressively and influenced the whole of African Scientology at the time. I have a lot of friends still in the SO and management and I don’t hold anything against them, and I do still care about them. There are full specifics on these events but I’m not going into them here. The illustration above is a “Get Well” card I sent to the Snr C/S during our time on staff.

I started my Scientology career in 1993 after receiving Dianetics (Book one) Auditing from my FSM at the time. I experienced massive change in my life from its application, and promised myself that I would help others with this new tool. So off I went to the Durban org and learned how to do Dianetics auditing and got to work helping others.

In 1997 I decided to join staff because I felt a sense of duty, not because I really wanted to. I had decided earlier whilst doing Dianetics that I wanted to be a C/S and signed up as the Snr C/S to go Flag for training.

I gave up a career as an Architect working with another property developer at the time. I gave up my sport and outdoor activities of which I was so fond, and threw myself fulltime into being a staff member. I was going to make this place Saint Hill size and make LRH proud……….all gullible, green and with a sign on my back saying “kick me” ?
Once on staff, I was convinced by CO FOLO Ken Krieger that being a Snr C/S was not the right thing to do, He wanted an ED for Durban. I really did not want to do this but thought that this must be the kind of personal sacrifice one makes for LRH, so I started internship under Ken Krieger, doing all the exec posts on the org board ending up at Div 6, where I somehow remained.

I really worked Div 6 as the PES, and felt I was going to help as many people in as I could. I held weekend Dianetics Seminars, sold hundreds of books, called people in, gave evening lectures, audited new public and taught others to audit and so on. I have a really great list of some of the miracles that occurred during these times.

During this time things were getting out-pointy, then in 1999 the real shit started, Ken left Durban without warning and phoned me from JHB to tell me that I was now the ED. My first job was to pay the backlogged rent and other expenses. Together with the OES Cameron Wannenburg we collected enough money from training sales to pay all the bills, which was promptly taken by the CLO to cover a criminal activity they had committed earlier…….not paying their taxes.

There were more incidents and I became very unhappy in my state of “clay pigeonness” (not realizing the signs of severe suppression) and decided in Dec 1999 to go to the “Millenium 2000” event in LA and attend the ED conference. There I felt I could get some real help…God help me.

I arrived in LA and attended the ED Conference. I was immediately summoned to one side by a little CMO drone to see the CO of the Management bunch there. She started to accuse me of all sorts of crimes. I told her I didn’t have these crimes and wasn’t sure what she was referring to but she started shouting telling me that she was going to find my crimes. I surprised myself and screamed back at her to back off. She actually flinched backwards not expecting retaliation, but I was hauled away by the CMO and Sec Checked. They could find nothing of value. These twits ran this for a week as I reported to the Int Management building each day.

Whist on board the Mother ship in LA writing a report on the computer, I could hear the different CMO staff (young 15 and 16 year old girls) swearing and screaming at each other. I saw a SO fellow of about 40 being told to “Fuck Off” and being degraded by these CMO girls. I could hear in the background, staff talking the biggest load of rubbish about their posts, and I realized these “highly revered Int Management staff” were stupid and out of character. I’m sure some of the more senior types had some brains and I recall in particular the Qual Sec Int being a very lovely being (I really hope she got out of there unscathed).

I was with Durban DSA in LA at this event and I confided in her that the Int Management treatment was like the Gestapo. I found out later that she wasn’t my friend at all and was only too happy to report me to Death Battalion HQ in SA.

When I returned to South Africa, I had a fresh view on the way things really are. I was intercepted at the airport by a CLO terminal and was told that I was not allowed to go home to Durban but to report to the CLO. I remained at the CLO, and was interrogated (Sec Checked) for two months, to find my crimes and I was later summoned to a Comm EV by Bokkelman. The CO OSA was the Chairman and they held what could only be described as a Kangaroo Court. The findings were predetermined. I was an SP obviously, I had called that jolly band of cut-throats at Int Management “ the Gestapo”. I realized that I had been screwed royally and betrayed big time.

They did not want a decent human being, being effective at helping others. I was shown the findings (SP Declare) by Bokkelman (who looked at me with that “Alien Grey” look) and told me that I had been declared an SP………..but (in hushed tones of concern) told me that he was going to help me. If I did the ethics program set out, he would use his powers to lift my declare. I violated my personal integrity right there and went along with the progam. I returned to Durban org as the Public Reg as It was determined that I was not fit to be an executive any more. However I continued to help others regardless, the title changed nothing.

A year later, 2001, I agreed to go to Flag for the PTS/SP training as an Ethics Officer. Here they made a grave mistake, I returned with armour piercing ammunition and was no longer a clay pigeon.

October 2001 I take on the post of Ethics Officer Durban Day and run all of HCO. I startedto recruit, get files in order and became a terminal for many public who needed my help. I recruited about 25 staff, from new public.

November 2001 LC AF (Bokkelman) comes down and places a very PTS and very unqualled person in Treasury . He also recruits an LC for Durban from the public. The public (name withheld) was so unqualified it was suppressive. He was temporarily on post (2 hrs/day for 3 days/week). He was instructed by LC AF to secretly investigate and report on the Snr C/S Shirley Wartski at the time for “unknown reasons”.

April 2002 CLO AF drone arrives on a mission “with orders from Flag” – Turns out per documents found that it was not a Flag mission but a CLO AF covert investigation of the Snr C/S and other key staff which just enturbulated the org environment. In fairness the person concerned apologises later.

The DSA double agent Durban Day tells me that she is quietly investigating the Snr C/S and reporting up-lines.

May 2002 I recruit two staff for Treasury and the TTC. LC AF swoops down and by-passes the org, stealing the two staff for LC’s and takes them to the CLO. This obviously didn’t work out and the org had to cover the cost of the crime financially.

September 2002 LC AF and CO FOLO Ken Krieger come to steal the ED Durban Day for a post in Johannesburg. They try talking the Academy sup into becoming the ED. They try to talk the PES into becoming the Sup. Org staff oppose this per policy but are accused of “CI to Management Strategy”

2003 During 2003 the CLO was sucking up to COB trying to make the Jobur’ org Ideal. Durban org staff were left alone to get on with things. Durban staff recruited and hatted staff (20 – 25 staff at any time). The Durban org became solvent, all debts paid up and all staff were receiving pay. CCRDs were being delivered and the stats were climbing. An ANZO crew came around and commented how theta and great our org was.

December 2003 Bokkelman, Kreiger and another arrive at the org and brief me about how the Snr C/S is “downtone: and natter about the ED. I am told that the Snr C/S is probably not Clear. They make no comment on how well the org is doing.

January 2004 Bokkelman’s flying saucer lands in our car park without warning. He creates complete and total havoc with our theta org, crashed all our stats, particularly the cash/bills and put us in debt again. He falsified recruitment stats, wrote KR’s on all the key staff for not “expanding”. He called key staff into HCO separately and deliberately 3p’d them against each other. For two months he smashed what we had built up and ruined the credibility of the HCO and Execs. Other staff fled the org. The Snr C/S and ED are told covertly that they are to “watch out for the E/O (me)” as I had the majority of SP traits. When I try to handle this with the ED I am accused of Black PR by Bokkelman. Bokkelman uses the orgs facilities to fake his mission and runs up a telephone bill of R28000 (usually R4000 pm). The org empties out. It should be noted that Bokkelman was most likely sent by “someone” who was so covert he escaped accusation.

February 2004 The org has fallen behind in rent and telephone bills and the usual flaps are in full swing. The ED was at the time selling services to overseas public but was ordered to stop by the CLO. The CLO then took all the prospects for themselves for the “Continental Org Joburg”

April 2004 An entheta and external influence in the public is caught squirrelling heavily. He is given a program by the Snr C/S and myself, which he refuses to do and is also vetoe’d by the LC AF. This public has money and promises to buy a mission. He, and his right hand man are very enturbulating and express that they are going to compete with the org. LC AF is using their car for personal transport and gives them a copy of a report on the Snr C/S and myself to discredit us.

May 2004 The ED is pressured by LC AF and CO FOLO to let the Academy Sup go to the SO. She is replaced by a criminal and the academy collapses. She and her husband leave the SO within 4 months due to out-quals.The entheta external influence mentioned above becomes worse and E/O sends a Non-Enturbulation order to the LC AF for approval. This is unacknowledged and it is discovered that this public’s right hand man is being recruited as the LC for Durban.

September 2004 The Sup returns to Durban after leaving the SO and completes her contract. After her contract is up she writes a non standard KR on the key staff as part of her conditions handling with the LC AF. She had been gathering data and reporting on the Durban staff. The rent is backlogged for 6 months.
The ED reports to the CLO for “cramming”. She returns and immediately is in violent conflict with the Snr C/S. The org is enturbulated and I do a 3P handling, and the CO FOLO is discovered as the item, the conflict disappears and the org calms down.

March 2005 SO Mission comes to handle LRH event. By passes ED in treasury and steals the money for the event leaving nothing for rent. This is too much for the ED and she leaves. I end up taking on all functions.The org has been decimated and has no more money or staff but the CLO post a FBO, D/FBO and an LC (all SO network staff) – No use to anybody but the stat pusher who posted them.

April 2005 The newly posted LC starts to run the org getting her orders from LC AF at the CLO. She is also a green staff member and creates havoc.
The other SO network staff are following their own orders from their separate seniors at the CLO. The org is literally being run by 3 separate terminals at the CLO who are not even aware of each other’s orders.

June 2005 I am caught up in all the functions of the org whilst trying to service the public. The network staff have orders to only do functions for their posts.There is no academy supervisor. (CLO took a trained sup to be the BSO to during the materials evolution). The FOLO refuses to let her work as a Supervisor. He would rather have an empty academy than no book seller.

August 2005 CO OSA approaches myself (PES/EO/dogsbody/cook and bottlewasher) and tells me that there is an SP in the org intimating that it is the Snr C/S, and that I am being duped by said SP and should give him all the data I have on the “SP”. Note, they know that the Snr C/S and myself are close friends. I basically tell him to fuck off.

Sept 2005 By this stage the org is squashed but I find a gap in the madness and start running an outflow and book sales progam. I start a call-in of new public and get the BIS stat to rise. A management terminal comes to the org and is caught stealing my PC folder from the Snr C/S office. She puts it back but is caught again taking photographs of the worksheets.

Jan 2006 I detect telexes on the system that are directed at the Snr C/S alleging that she is out-ethics. No reports or specifics. I also discover that a Comm Ev had been covertly convened on the Snr C/S. This is queried and does not go ahead. The only reason given for the Comm Ev was “the org and stuff”. At this point I noticed my ethics folder has been removed.

April 2006 LC AF and FR come to Durban and bypasses and musical chair all the staff around. New flavour of the month is that Div 6 sups are needed. Now the BSO is put on Div 6 sup post, the original sup I had since personally recruited is given to Foundation. A Foundation staff member (who does not qual for staff) is sent to Day to be the BSO. The Sup is sent to Flag and we are left without a Supervisor again.

I have no option but to keep an eye on the course room and maintain the students I had built up. In fact the stats started to rise.

Snr C/S and myself plan out, promote and start a workshop per LRH for new public during the week involving TRs and basic auditing. This proves to be a success and the course room fills up with upstat new public. The car park at any one time had Porches, landcruisers and other high income vehicles owned by the public we had attracted.
Snr C/S and myself start to receive Knowledge Reports from various terminals at the CLO. Even from terminals we hardly knew. The reports were just the usual faultfinding garbage.

Eight of the main old time public are invited for a source briefing at the LRH house. Contrary to what was promised by the LC AF, this turns out to be a crush recruitment action. They are threatened that data could be found on any of them for which they could be declared suppressive. They return to Durban with bad indicators and were too afraid to write a report.

May 2006 The rent was backlogged again and I had to drop all successful public service actions to keep the doors open. Fortunately a couple of decent guys from the CLO show up to help with the rent flap and I get the stats up. Mission leaves taking the D/FBO with them. The only staff left is myself, the Snr C/S and the unqualified BSO.

August 2006 The D/FBO now back at the CLO bypasses me and writes a letter to Durban org’s bank for an inter-account transfer to take money for CLO commissions. No correct procedure or statements or allocation, and between the CLO and the CPLO nearly R40000 was whipped directly out of our account.

October 2006 A SO Flag Rep is posted in Durban to make sure the 3 remaining staff members do all their insane management programs and spend their time doing compliance reports.

November 2006 A CLO terminal takes one of our public from Europe, covertly regges him at an exchange rate of 10 – 1. This is so that he pays easily as he gets his intensives really cheaply. Not only does this service have to be delivered by a Flag Trained Class VI Snr C/S, but all the money from this is taken from Durban by the CLO for their overt products.

I receive a call from the CO ABLE telling me to report for my Comm Ev within 48 hours. I have no knowledge of this action and have not even received a Bill of Particulars or any prior ”justice action”. The Comm Ev was secretly being convened by the LC AF.

December 2006 The Comm Ev is held in Johannesburg and I am shown the crimes for which I am accused. They also bring in a 1m high (no exaggeration) stack of covert reports that I had never received accusing me of every evil doing imaginable. 10 Crimes, 6 High Crimes including additional destructive actions I was allegedly involved in. The Comm Ev took about 3 – 4 full days. During this time they continue to send out interrogs to the Durban public and staff to find more data on me that would incriminate me. This was used to discredit me in the eyes of the public that trusted me, but this backfired as the public wrote complimentary and validating reports about my actions in Durban and how grateful they were for the help I’d given them. There were about 2 cowards that wrote critical reports. Needless to say the interrogs were quickly destroyed.

It turns out the real reason for the Comm Ev was to shut me up. I had written too many “Orders, Queries Of” and KRs on the insane actions.

LC AF sends myself and the Snr C/S a Christmas Card with the words “Dear Craig and Shirley,Thank you for what you are doing to keep Durban org there. To a fresh new start in 2007. ARC LC AF”

January 2007 I returned to Durban and remained on staff even though my contract had expired 3 months prior. I always felt a strong sense of loyalty to LRH and felt that I could not abandon my promise, so whilst waiting for the findings of the Comm Ev I got busy helping again. However I continued to receive threats from the LC AF as he told me and other staff that I was going to be declared and that he was going to make sure of that.
I was being harassed and opposed so much and the local findings basically stated that I was so evil that I was to be given a heavy ethics program or declared suppressive. I was three months over my second five year contact and felt that this was not a group I wanted to belong to. I did a full Staff Leaving Sec Check FPRD style.

I put together a full comprehensive report on all the above activities including stats and affidavits and sent it off to International Justice Chief for review. I posted it to a friend in LA who delivered it for me.

All my stress about being declared suddenly left me, I had a realisation that I would rather die being me, at the bottom of the Bridge, than be a coward going OT in fear and ignorance

Two years later in 2009 My findings from IJC were finally out. LC AF was removed from post and had to personally tell me that he had been wrong and that the Comm Ev was squashed. Bokkelman was never the sharpest pencil in the box and I think he was being controlled by Krieger, who is too cowardly to be visibly active and overt in these matters. I realized had spent most of my 10 years on staff sidestepping the bullets and outsmarting these two nitwits so I could successfully help my fellow man.

November 2013 I am now a declared Suppressive Person and one of the Joburg 18 …… and only because I let them.

These are only some of the incidents, but I really just want to demonstrate the level of utter madness that goes on as the norm in the orgs. I am not vengeful or bitter at my experiences and know that most of the staff at the different management levels are just PTS, even Bokkelman in his blunderings. I believe Krieger is also being controlled. I would also like to say that I’m no angel and I’m sure I wasn’t the best staff member either, but I know what my true intentions are.
Thank You for reading my story


Exactly! People have zero idea about the internal shenanigans of Ron's "Islands of Sanity" unless you are there and see it yourself.

It is impossible to accurately convey just how batshit nuts the whole circus is and it gets crazier the closer you get to the Big Top.