Crikey! Senate lends Scientology a helping hand


Pressure? The poor dears are cracking under what we're doing already - I ALMOST feel sorry for them.:bigcry:
Save your pity, dear, for when the Inquiry starts....They'll need all they can get then. Their lies won't count for jack shit, then. :)

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I can't stop laughing. Must be the medicine I am taking eh.

You are right Emma. Quite right. :eyeroll:
Yep, sad to watch.
I suppose some uninformed people buy this "I'm the one who did it all" BS.
I know the truth but, then again, I've already EP'd the Delusions Of Grandeur Rundown.


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I've known about this for a few days, decided to STFU about it, lest it turns into the usual flaming.


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Well I think it's great! We can all pack up now and go watch reruns of Sex and the City.

My work here is done.

Anyone want a redundant message board with redundant members?

Going cheap!!


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I was finally able to see that video!! :hysterical: OMG, you guys!!!!!!!! I'm totally falling off my chair laughing! You should take your show on the road!!! :hysterical:


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I wouldn't worry too much about it. Apparently Scoots, Feral, Carmel, Peta, Anna & Dean aren't important anyway. :eyeroll:

Or any of the hundreds of others that came forward after Senator Xenophon made his speech to parliament.

Lucky hey!
Hmm.. Why didn't anyone call BS on that? - I feel like a scientology student during recounting of sucess stories...

For what it's worth.. OSA might have singled out Aaron as the 'who'..

But hells bells Aaron!!! - Get a grip!



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I was told that it's pretty standard in this country for groups to ask for and receive a right of reply, and that the CofS didn't get any favours. It's a practice that's long standing.

Looks like Bernard Keane from Crikey needs to get his facts straight on this one.

As a comment, I'm looking forward to my "right of reply" during the Inquiry. :coolwink:

Save your pity, dear, for when the Inquiry starts....They'll need all they can get then. Their lies won't count for jack shit, then. :)

You go for it Carmel! I envy you your opportunity to blow the lid on the world domination (clear the planet) cult!:thumbsup:

Perhaps we should adopt this appellation to succinctly describe the true aims of scientology - It is a world domination cult! :omg:

Some politicians might not like that CofS purpose! Unfortunately some might! :whistling:

Of course the OSA immediate aim is to prevent the Inquiry and this Hansard insertion is an attempt to do this, by giving Senators cause to doubt. They really are a sneaky cult!

Once and if the Inquiry takes place you get your opportunity and I wish you well! :yes:


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Yep, sad to watch.
I suppose some uninformed people buy this "I'm the one who did it all" BS.
I know the truth but, then again, I've already EP'd the Delusions Of Grandeur Rundown.

Was the EP "I now know who I'm not and I'm looking forward to finding out who I can pretend to be?"


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I'm actually pretty disappointed by this.. I like you Aaron and I'm thankful for all you've done. You sure seem to get an 'effect'..

But to adress some of what you said in that video..

No, I don't think the inquiry will fall if the cult bullies get an AVO issued on you.. I don't think the scilons has the Australian justice system corrupted to that extent.

But since it's observable that they do target 'you' as a possible 'protagonist' in some incident of violence, it's a very good idea that everybody at the protest keep eyes and cams on you. You advice a 'turn the other cheek' strategy.. That is sound advice.

Any 'incident' must have the cult as the provocateurs and bullies. And preferably video documented.

This goes for everyone at these protests. It's crucially important!


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Was the EP "I now know who I'm not and I'm looking forward to finding out who I can pretend to be?"
:roflmao: No, that is actually one of the things you handle on the RD, along with "I really like who these people think I am, I'll pretend to be that."

The EP of the Delusions Of Grandeur RD is, "He/She realises he's been pretending and stops doing it." :)


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I wouldn't worry too much about it. Apparently Scoots, Feral, Carmel, Peta, Anna & Dean aren't important anyway. :eyeroll:

Or any of the hundreds of others that came forward after Senator Xenophon made his speech to parliament.

Lucky hey! WTF. Maybe if he'd kept his mouth shut for much of the time and kept his confidences as promised, he wouldn't have such a big head and many of these 'problems' would not exist.


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Oh, and I forgot to mention that he's not being truthful about having been anonymous all these years until now. Back in 2003, he arrived with the empty Light Brigade, searching for joiners for his Crusade.


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Posted: Tue Oct 07, 2003 11:13 am Post subject:



I am looking for any and all ex-Sea Org Members.
My name is Aaron Tweddell. I am constructing an organization to bring about the end of the SO. And yes, I actually do think, and know how to effectively do it. I've been planning for some time. This will be the most influential attack launched on this organization and IT WILL cause an internal destruction in the Sea Org. E-mail me and I will send you a Word document with a little more information.
Of course, no one replied fast enough for him, 13 mins later, he made a thread titled: A New Organization To Rid Us of The Sea Org :


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Posted: Tue Oct 07, 2003 11:26 am Post subject: A New Organization to rid us of the Sea Org


My name is Aaron Tweddell, Ex SO Member.
If you would actually like to see this organization disappear, then you are going to have to do something about it.

And many are doing many things.

The reaosn why the SO does not crumble is because it is specifically designed to withstand the attacks that it gets. It does not get weaker.

I know intricate details of their operations and methods. I also know what actually will cause an internal collapse of the organization.

Mine is a 5 year plan. I need 3,000 people worldwide. Please e-mail me or contact me if you are interested and I will then e-mail you a word document which will explain it in much more detail.

This is not for the faint hearted, but then
again, if you've been involved with the SO then its nothing new!

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Posted: Wed Oct 08, 2003 1:46 pm

Its nice to get the attention, but seriouly, there seems to be an issue of trust here.

I know lots of critics, I am in need of people to come aboard, thats all I am after.

How to verify I am no longer in there?

Come visit me in Melbourne?

To whomever got the idea to "post the document" honestly, is that really needed?

I want ex-SO on board for this because people in Scientology or were in it have a misguided belief that because they have been in a church and know an Org Board, that they actually understand how the whole thing works.

At least ex-SO can be bought up to speed easier.

40% of ALL Administration technology and around 35% of ALL the delivery technology created IS NOT AVAILABLE to anyone below ED International and his staff in the Riverside County. This statement also means this is separate form the OT levels. Everyone is out there going "look look, I found their secret documents!!!".

Sorry, you got the wrong ones.

They will have you beleive that the OT materials are the only things they care about. How can you beleive this when we are talking about an organization you know is there hoarding money - so what documents DO THEY care about and WOULD NEVER let a public person, even if they were OT XXX see? Even the Celebs couldnl't see?

All LA based SO staff bar about 8 people at the Hollywood Guarantee Building have access to it.

And its protected and it is not on any INCOMM computer for a bloody good reason.

The Flag Orders that OSA, cMO & RTC run off of, have never been posted on the Net and are completely unknown. These are under lock and key and they have never left any SO Base that have them intheir posession. They are never referred to because they explain in vivid detail the procedures they employ for handling enemies and attacks. The info covers all aspects from Terrorism and the use of explosives to esponaige and tracking methods.

There is no reference to them in any document or Policy Letter available to any Scientologist.

You have to know this information to know how they operate. The OEC volumes are almost never used at that level - they just push it on the lower levels.

People who refer to Scientology and the Sea Org as the same thing are very much uninformed and this is a critical mistake.

You can't identify a correct target to attack if your consistantly aiming at the wrong one.

The Sea Org and Scientology should be thought of as separate, and then it makes it possible to pull the SO apart.

Just because you see the FSO and the AO's, don't be confused that they are nothing more than glorified regular churches on steroids.

Were do you think their main funding comes from? Churches? Not a chance. Try blackmailing celebs because you TOLD them that auditing is CONFIDENTIAL, but then you give them a SEC CHECK which is VIDEOED and RECORDED and take them to the Ethics Officer with knowledge reports. It is NOT covered under the same laws of auditing, and action CAN be taken. The EO says "well mate, you have shot up 10 kilos of coke up your nose and cheated on your wife since your last "Greasy" film. Your going to have to tell your wife and the police to make amends...or you could donate to us because we are the greatest good, and that would be making up the damage...hmmm?"

You think JT made a stunning come back from nowhere? Think favours weren't leaned upon...

Warner brothers - their family are neck depe in it - I don't see their names splashed around...why is that? LA has always been about buying favors, JT got a lot. Tom can't act - or didn't you get the whole point of Eyes Wide Shut? Rather Embarrassing for him...

These $5,000.00 books that cost $50 to make in Taiwan. All for "preservation of the tech" The money never goes through a Church, it goes through Author Services and others. They have nothing to do with delivery - but the money!!!

50 types of prints for Battlefield earth - 500 of each, thats 25,000, eahc sellign for $15,000 - wow, lots of money or haven't you been counting?

3,000 Policy Letters produced on acid free paper and also in engraved metal each selling for $50, and theres 1,000 sets - 3000x50x1000 wow, keep counting...who do you think buys that crap?

10,000 Scn web sites but none that publish the books for the poor people in Ethopia, wow, wouldn;t want to crush the sale of 30 million dianetic books, woudl you?

Wouldn't want to have downloads of "$10,000" Philedelphia lectuires would you? The crap costs a couple of bucks to make...

One Celeb buying the ENTIRE "preservation of the tech series" which gets updated every 2 years? Six digit figures.

Keep counting...

Chruches - blah! Chicken feed...just enough to funds their red tape...

Know who your dealing with, and how they really work.

Top level (not in public view) operating methods are so different from the Lower and Middle of the Sea Org (let alone normal churches) that they have little in common. In fact, the Command Channels booklet is a bunch of hog wash. There is no Watch Dog Committee. Its just a part of CMO International, the same is for other divisions of the chart, they are taught as being separate but they are not.

There are organizations that are Sea Org Organizations that are not even on the chart.

No one can state they know the Sea Org, its procedures or operations when they have not been neck deep in it, and even then, you have to get to a certain level to know the true operations.

"The truth about the Sea Org and thus Scientology" sums up an ignorant point of view. No offense intended. The Sea Org loves seeing this because they know that people are out there attacking the Church when the Sea Org is actually separate.

If Scientology was ended tomorrow, the Sea Org operations are designed to keep running.

Scientology funds other ventures or activities similiar to, but not Scientology.

Their War Chest when I last knew it in 1996 was at $950 Million USD. This is SEPARATE from the war Chest on the Ship in the middle of the Gulf. This is their money held in the Sumitomo bank.

In the event someone wins against them in the US and shuts down the "Religion", it will not effect SO Operations majorly. The thing is, people on the outside would see the AO's and FSO stop and be under the assumption that this means they are not active - this is a mistake.

Remember, the SO almost fell in the mid 80's and was subject to relentless attacks, plants, court cases and so has been redesigned completely, but it seems to be the same to people in the lower levels of the SO and in Scientology.

This is intentional.

They do not intend to go out just because a bunch of people win some court cases.

Don't forget how paranoid these (*&^% are.

I do know what I am talking about, I was in charge of many of their Security Operations; worked in the Flag Finance Offices and know how much bloody money they are fobbing off into holes.

I am looking for troops. I do not intent to engage in activites that are illegal, but I do intend to use their Fair Game policy right back at them.

I am open to people coming on board.

But there is a good reason why I will not just blurt out intricate details of their operations, or their policies to just anyone. There are real consequences.

They do mean business at a certain point and they don't let go. I know, I was one of their people that gave the orders rather than take them.

If you are still asking if I am for real, get over the paranoia, give me a call or call the Sea Org and ask for my status, I don't care how you do it.

On a final note, the wrong doings of the Church are bad. Try to remember what SOME Ex-SO go through when we leave and the price we pay. Try to remember their are hudnreds of SO children being brainwashed at the ages of 6-7 that will NEVER be able to be salvaged. The abortions that are carried out in the SO on the new generation that BELEIVE if they can't get a post replacement it is the RIGHT thing to do to have an abortion, or lose their husband; family; parents...Try to keep in mind SOME people when they leave after years are left on the street and all doors are closed to them and they have to start a new life because this is one of the agreements you make when you get to C-E-R-T-A-I-N levels to never speak to another Scientologist; ex-scientologist; ex-so org member or media if your lucky enoug not to be crushed by 100's of hours of head-screwing sec checking. They have affidavits on us for doing their dirty work, and their damning. I doubt anyone I currently know would paticularly want to be in my company if this information is made public, and this is risk I take because I will not stand by and do nothing.

I lost family, I lost all the people I knew and loved for years and I lost the woman I was in love with. I lost others who left and were so screwed up they axed themselves.

I want the pain to stop for others because I wish someone had had the balls to do it before I saw what others went through.

In the next 5 years people will go bankrupt. People will kill themselves, families will be separated and people killed and lives destroyed through the Sea Org and children will be raised to be space cadets and mindless or aborted.

They will NOT get "over it".

Thats good enough reason to be a little serious about it.

If your not going to help me, then don't do something to stop me. Just let me go about what I am doing.

Don't "print my documents" or call be a "man bent on destruction".

I am Aaron Tweddell. I was in the Sea Org. I have had enough. I want people who have had enough. Its not funny and its not a joking matter, people are dying. Do you understand? D-Y-I-N-G!

When its someone you know personally or a couple of people you know, you might want to jump on board, too.

If you don't want to, don't.

I am passionate about this. If you won't help, at least smile about it if you hear of us causing them grief.

I'll be laughing with you...