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Criminal complaint - Scientologist assault - Peter Gordon Alexandre


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On the evening of March 9, 2011, at the grand opening of Kirstie Alley's Organic Liaison store in Los Feliz, I was assaulted by a Scientology handler, known to anons as "Flyer Guy", since identified by police as Peter Gordon Alexandre.

The LAPD officers I spoke with refused to file a report. I demanded to speak to their sergeant who instructed one of the officers to take my report. I later spoke with a LAPD detective of the incident.

Today, I received 2 letters from the Los Angeles City Attorney's Office. The 1st letter regards the hearing that has been scheduled on Tuesday, May 24 @ 9:30 am to adjudicate my criminal complaint against Mr. Alexandre.

(The 2nd letter refers to the hearing (same date, same time) to hear the assault charges Peter Alexandre has filed against me. This is OSA's handling of charges now. If anyone calls the police to file charges against a Scientologist attacking you, the Scientologist will say you assaulted him/her as well.
I have since learned that Peter is was OT-V in 1994 but nothing appears on the Completion Lists since then.


His wife, Margaret "Peggy" Alexandre has an old Scientology personal page, but, evidently, isn't on the Completion List.


Peggy has a Facebook page:


Peggy is a paralegal in the Pasadena law firm of Timothy Bowles. Tim used to be Rick Moxon's partner in the cult's in-house law firm of Bowles & Moxon.

If anyone knows Peter and has any background info on him, please PM me. Thanks. Garry
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POST- HEARING REPORT - Tuesday, May 24

It has been a very interesting & enjoyable morning. The hearing was scheduled for 9:30, but I arrived early and not long after, “Flyer Guy” (Peter Alexandre) showed up..alone. When he saw me, he immediately did a 180 & immediately got on his cellphone before walking into an open market.

Graham Berry showed up soon afterwards & we walked into the open market to get coffee.. I walked around the market looking for Flyer Guy but he was nowhere to be found..must have found a secret cubbyhole to hide in.

At 9:15, Graham & I checked in at the City Attorney’s Office and had to go through a security check (emptying our pockets, checking briefcase, getting wanned) and sat down in the small reception room. Soon afterwards, Flyer Guy shows up with Rick Moxon, who says hello to Graham.

After a short period of silence, Rick starts bullbaiting me & casting his usual dispersions oblivious to the security guard sitting nearby, and I respond accordingly, asking Rick how come he didn’t bring his usual arsenal of PC folders and documents to use against me, that he usually comes armed with boxes of legal documents.

Moxon smirks. We then started talking about Anon Sparrow’s criminal case which Moxon claims “we won that case” causing Graham & I to break out in laughter.

Moxon boasts, “Well, the judge banned him from ever protesting again at the Org,” whereby I respond that Sparrow can still protest across the street until the civil trial is resolved, and that I suspected he’s going to walk away pissed off again after Sparrow wins that case as well.

I tell Rick he really needs to stop lying because he’s very poor at it, and that he’s gained a really bad reputation in his filing false charges against people and losing most of the court cases he’s involved in, that I’ve read the court record, and am aware that we was quite pissed off when Sparrow was acquitted.

I told Rick it must have been unsettling for him to have to run back to the motel to change his underwear. I noticed the guard on my right looking at Moxon & laughing.

I asked him about his exchange with the ACLU attorney at Sparrow’s trial. Moxon smirks and looks at the ground. I asked him some other questions and Moxon sits quietly with his usual shit-eating grin on his face and doesn't say a word. I told Moxon he has no confront.

At 9:30, the hearings officer greets us and gathers us together in the hallway and asks Rick & Graham whether they want to discuss the case together in the room or separately. I tell Graham I’d like to have us all together in the room to discuss the case.

Moxon immediately objects to this saying he wants us the parties to discuss the case separately & proceeds to charge down the hallway with Flyer Guy behind him, and the hearings officer behind FG calling out to Rick that he’s walking the wrong way. So much for taking the lead, Rick. Douchebag.

Rick & Flyer Guy is in the room with the hearings officer for just under 10 minutes. Graham & I talk to the officer for over an hour. It was a very enlightening conversation and I was quite surprised how well-informed the officer was of Scientology and why it has such a bad rap.

The officer, Ms. Benson, said there was some confusion in speaking with Flyer Guy & Moxon. Flyer Guy told the police officer on the scene (during the opening of Organic Liaison) that I physically assaulted him; Moxon reiterated this during the hearin. But Flyer Guy spoke up and changed his story saying that I assaulted him, that FG admitted body blocking me & that I pushed him away & walked past him.

Evidently, Moxon was peeved at Flyer Guy making thisclarification. (I think FG has a heavy amends project coming his way).

Graham & myself talk to the hearings officer about the case, my history in the cult and my past history working with Rick Moxon and why he’s determined to have me arrested, about the unannounced late night visits to my home from Tommy Davis and PIs, the harassment, etc. etc. We also discuss the cult's history of bad behavior and get into a very interesting discussion about the Lisa McPherson case.

The hearings officer determined that Flyer Guy had no evidence to support a battery charge against me & dismissed his complaint. Because I don’t have videotaped evidence of FG assaulting me, she may or may not charge FG, depending on what she see's on my DVDs (huge thanks to Sparrow for the DVDs).

The hearing ends with Graham commenting, “I don’t think she was very impressed with Moxon or the other guy.” :happydance:


Well done. It seems that recently we're totally using their technique against them - bring your oponent to court as often as you can.