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Criminal timeline of Scientology


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I'm reposting a post from ARS dated 21st December 1999. You can read the original post here:


I have edited it somewhat to remove extra comments (and sickly Hubbard praise that was making me puke) to try to reduce it enough to post it here. Unfortunately it is still a 78 page word document.

This was originally posted by a Hubbard sympathizer (it's all DM's fault) and who one bought into the IRS conspiracy story, so understand where he is coming from if you decide to read this VERY lengthy post.

I'm posting it because I've never seen the history of Scientology put into a time line like this one. I found it fascinating to read and it gave me a greater understanding of HOW & WHY things happened from the 60s onwards in Scientology.

I don't believe everything that is written here, and I certainly don't agree with a lot of the author's opinions but he's done a good job in pulling apart the history into months, years & decades.

I think there might be some value in it for historians and someone might even want to re-write this document & remove the bias. It's a huge job but someone might be interested....Did someone say Veda???? :coolwink:

It's way too long to post in one go so I'm going to chop it up over probably a dozen or more posts.

Part 1



The Church of Scientology of California is founded. It acts as the mother church. It is initially granted tax exempt status.


LRH sells Saint Hill Manor to the Church of Scientology of California.

March 1966

LRH resigns as executive director. He establishes the Guardian's Office (G.O.). He appoints Mary Sue Hubbard as Controller over all Scientology organizations and the G.O. Between 1966 and 1981, LRH, MSH and the G.O. exercised total control over all Church assets, bank accounts, property, copyrights and trademarks.

One of the key policies applied by the G.O. is "Fair Game". It states that an enemy of Scientology may be deprived of property or injured by any means by any Scientologist without any discipline of the Scientologist. May be tricked, sued, or lied to or destroyed.


The IRS removes the C of S of California from the roster of tax exempt organizations. The IRS says it is a for-profit business that enriches church officials.
Note: How do they know that? Obviously someone on the inside gave them financial data. Who was their plant/informant? The point is - this shows they infiltrated the church.
LRH obtains the yacht Apollo and starts the Sea Org. He manages Scientology from there.


In Founding Church of Scientology v United States, the Court of Claims found that some of the Founding Church's money inured to the individual benefit of LRH and family. This included a house maintained by the Church, a percentage of the Church's income, and other royalties and commissions. The court based its finding of inurement on informal loans made to LRH that were never explained.

Decade of the 1970's

In the 1960's decade tech had fallen out to the degree that "quicky grades" were being delivered. That meant only one process was run per grade, so people were not getting the gains they should have obtained from auditing.

LRH applied KSW and handled this, so that all processes for each grade were done. The result was that in the decade of the 1970's, orgs were teaming with people. Each org had hundreds of people on staff and hundreds of preclears and students on lines daily. At that time - Scientology was fun.

The U.S. Intelligence community is engaged in a psychic arms race with Russia. They are conducting mind control experiments and researching all kinds of psychic phenomena. Thus they were interested in Scientology exteriorization tech and other OT phenomena.

Hal Puthoff works for the National Security Agency (NSA). He joins Scientology and goes up to OT 3. After that he goes straight into the CIA-spawned "Remote Viewing Program" at Stanford Research Institute (SRI) in Palo Alto, California.

"Remote Viewing" was just another way of saying exteriorization, they are the same thing.

The other two key participants in the SRI "Remote Viewing Program" were Ingo Swann and Pat Price. Price was an OT 4 and Swann was an OT 7 (who also had a Top Secret Clearance with the military).

These three OTs conducted experiments to scientifically document and prove the phenomena of exteriorization.

The scientific method used to document exteriorization was this:

Ingo Swann and Pat Price would have their bodies physically located at SRI in Palo Alto. A team of scientists would leave Palo Alto and go to some other physical location in the world. Swann and Price would exteriorize and go to the site of the remote scientists and take a look. Swann and Price would then return to their bodies in Palo Alto and accurately describe the location of the remote scientists in some other part of the world.

In addition to the exteriorization experiments, they conducted experiments that scientifically proved that an OT could influence a magnetic field with his thought.

Records of all of these experiments were kept and Puthoff then wrote a book about the experiments, entitled "Remote Viewing."


Hal Puthoff is still the head of the CIA's Remote Viewing Program at (SRI). He remains the head of this program until 1985. Also involved is Louis Jolyn West, a psychiatrist who is a brainwashing specialist, and CIA ties going back to the early 1950's.

Ingo Swann uses his ability to exteriorize to spy on Russia, on behalf of the US Intelligence community. Pat Price was the best at remote viewing. He is said to have gone on from there to work directly for the CIA, with Ken Kress as his handler.

Later in time, Pat Price decided to leave his spy work for the CIA and return to SRI. He stopped over in Las Vegas and died of a purported heart attack in his hotel room. There was no autopsy performed, allegedly due to the persuasion of an unknown individual with a briefcase full of Price's medical records.

Ingo Swann then set up a training program to teach others how to do Remote Viewing.

This, of course, uses Scientology exteriorization techniques, such as anchor point processes and Route 1 processes out of the LRH book Creation Of Human Ability.

To test Swann's program, CIA officer, Major Ed Dames, and five others go to SRI as a training group. The results were more than anyone had anticipated. Major Dames says that within 6 months the team members were producing psychically derived data with more consistency and accuracy than the most renown natural (untrained) psychics in the world.

Major Dames then acts as the Training and Operations Officer at the SRI Remote Viewing Program for "a new psychic intelligence community". In other words, they were using the ability to exteriorize for spying purposes.
Note: In the 1990s, Major Dames offers a course in "remote viewing" (exteriorization) to the public for $4,500.00 a person. He also sells tapes about this to the public for $299 each. Although he is using Scientology technology to do this, RTC leaves him totally alone. Why is that, RTC?
1972 - 1982

From 1972 to 1982, LRH and MSH created a Liberian Corporation called the Religious Research Foundation with numbered bank accounts in Liechtenstein. The RRF and these bank accounts were dominated and controlled by LRH. In excess of 100 million dollars belonging to the Church of Scientology was illegally transferred into the RRF accounts, for the personal control and use of LRH. This constituted unlawful inurement.

After LRH died, these funds were then within the estate of LRH where they came to be in the possession, custody and control of Norman Starkey, executor of LRH's estate. It is alleged that these funds were then illegally seized and stolen by David Miscavige in a fraud perpetrated on LRH's heirs.

3 December 1972

The Apollo has been under repair in Lisbon, Portugal. LRH meets Jim Denkelsey and Paul Preston there and they fly to the U.S. He lives in Queens, New York for about 10 months before returning to the ship.

June 1973

Due to an off-hand remark by a US District Court judge that the government knew something incriminating about Hubbard, LRH writes the Snow White program. The Snow White program was for the G.O. Intelligence Bureau to obtain all government files on Scientology.

15 September 1974

Cindy Raymond is working for the United States Guardian's Office Intelligence Bureau located in Los Angeles. To comply with the Snow White program, Cindy recruits Gerald Wolfe to infiltrate the IRS offices in Washington D.C.

18 November 1974

Gerald Wolfe is hired as a clerk by the IRS in Washington, D.C. For the next two years, he and Michael Meisner steal and copy IRS and Department of Justice files on Scientology. Many illegal acts were committed. Electronic intercepting of oral IRS communications, forging government passes, infiltrating the government, stealing records belonging to the IRS, Justice Department, and the US Attorney's Office.
Note:They found the OT materials in government files - more evidence the church was infiltrated.
It should be understood that the Guardian's Office had an Intelligence Bureau. It was this Bureau that committed various crimes. This Bureau investigated enemies of the Church, including infiltrating enemy groups with spies. It was charged with obtaining enemy files on the Church. It was common for illegal methods to be used to obtain enemy files, such as using lock picks and even breaking and entering.

The Intelligence Bureau was also charged with handling enemies and has its own tech for doing so. Part of its tech was to try and locate crimes that had been committed by the person attacking Scientology and have them arrested for those crimes. If no actual crimes could be found, then black operations were used to set the person up for crimes he actually did not commit. An example would be planting illegal drugs on him and calling the police, who would arrest him for possession of illegal drugs.

Other Intelligence Bureau handling tech was to use hate and protect buttons. The way this worked was to find out what the enemy's boss hated and then set up circumstances to make the enemy guilty of those things in the eyes of his boss. If his boss hates homosexuals, the black operation would be to have homosexuals call the boss at work and ask to talk to the enemy. The end result was to make the boss think the enemy was a homosexual; hate him for it, resulting in the boss firing the enemy.

Another example of a black operation, using the protect button. Find out what the enemy is trying to protect and threaten it. Let's say the enemy is trying to protect his marriage. Threaten to destroy his marriage. Have a prostitute call the wife and say she slept with the enemy. The end result is the enemy stops attacking Scientology to protect his marriage.

Following are a few of the actual black operations done by the Intelligence Bureau:

Paulette Cooper wrote an anti-Scientology book. Intelligence agents mailed out a bomb threat on her stationary, making it appear that Cooper had done it. This got the FBI after her.

Another intelligence operation was done to Cooper. An agent became her boyfriend. The boyfriend then reinforced and played upon Cooper's suicidal tendencies in the hopes that she would commit suicide.

In 1976 Clearwater Mayor Gabe Cazares was involved in litigation with the Church. One of the intelligence black operations run on him was an attempt to implicate him in a staged hit and run accident. Another intelligence operation done on him was that arrangements were made to have an attorney by the name of Merrit Vanniere, a Scientologist, represesent Mr. Cazares and sabotage his case.

The above gives you a clear picture of the daily work of Scientology's Intelligence Bureau.

The disbanding of the G.O. did not change any of this, it operates exactly the same way now. Scientology's criminal intelligence bureau is run by the Religious Technology Center (RTC).


Jacqueline Van Der Linde and others move in to Clearwater, Florida under the cover of a front group called "The United Churches of Florida". Their real purpose is to establish the Flag Land Base there, which they do. Attacks from the Clearwater community result when they learn that the United Churches of Florida is a front for the Church of Scientology.

During this time MSH has several flaps with Pat Broeker over financial matters and she busts him off of several posts. (Pat Broeker is a Sea Org member posted in CMO.)

During 1975 & 1976, while Wolfe and Meisner were stealing IRS documents, Meade Emory is the Assistant to the Commissioner of the IRS. This is important because in 1982 Meade Emory is a co-founder of the Church of Spiritual Technology, which comes to own all of the Scientology copyrights after LRH's death!

30 June 1976

Gerald Wolfe is arrested by the FBI for use and possession of a forged government pass. This eventually leads to a warrant on Michael Meisner, who eventually defected and told them about their criminal actions in the Snow White program. This results in the 1977 FBI raid.
Note: Who tipped the FBI off about Wolfe?

At this time Scientology has two management arms. The Guardian Office for external affairs and the Commodore's Messenger Organization (CMO) for internal affairs. The Guardian's Office was run by Mary Sue Hubbard. CMO ran Scientology itself, under the direct command of LRH, contrary to public statements that he had resigned all management responsibilities in 1966.

7 July 1977

The FBI raids USGO. They obtain box loads of evidence that proves the crimes of Scientology's intelligence bureau. MSH and 10 others are later convicted and go to jail. Thus, the beginning of a group engram was laid in.

LRH and MSH are living together in La Quinta, California at the time. They spend the next week discussing how to handle their legal situation. Then, he leaves La Quinta with Pat Broeker and goes to Sparks, Nevada.

After the raid, the USGO Intelligence bureau had nightly all hands to destroy evidence of crimes in their remaining intelligence files. It went on for months. At the same time, Vicki Aznaran participates in a massive document destruction program undertaken to destroy any evidence that LRH controlled Scientology. Vaughn Young also participated in all of this destruction of evidence.

July 1977

Shortly after LRH arrived in Sparks, cash was needed so Pat Broeker contacted his soon-wife-to-be, who was the Deputy Commanding Officer of the CMO in Clearwater. They arranged between them for Annie to bring one million dollars in cash from the church. Annie brought the cash to Pat in a briefcase, and turned it over to him at an airport.

This is the point where Broeker starts to cut the line between LRH and MSH by editing letters between them. Over time, Miscavige and Broeker systematically eliminate all of LRH's comm lines except their own.

Gradually, every single person with whom Ron has a comm line, including his wife and children, must communicate via the Broekers. Finally, the Broekers are the only ones in direct comm with Ron.


The IRS issues a notice of deficiency (regarding tax exemption) to the Church of Scientology of California. CSC appeals the decision.

2 January 1978

LRH arrives back in La Quinta and MSH has to leave because she is under FBI scrutiny.


In Founding Church of Scientology v Webster, the church sued FBI director William Webster, alleging that the FBI was harassing Scientologists for no permissible reason.

The church filed this complaint in 1978, the same year in which MSH and eight other high ranking Church officials admitted in a plea agreement that "the network of Scientology organizations had conducted a broad campaign against US government entities particularly the IRS." The court noted that the same government investigations the Church complained about were justified by, and a result of, the church's own illegal behavior.


LRH is convicted in absentia in Lyon, France. Sentenced to 4 years in prison for fraudulent claims he could cure physical illness.

September 1978

LRH has another stroke. (He had his first stroke in June 1975.) Mayo arrived to give LRH assists and LRH was barely conscious. Dr. Denk told Mayo that LRH could die at any moment because his heart was not beating normally. The assists went on for 3 weeks and from those assists came the seeds that became NOTS.

Ron's illness was an additional excuse to further edit incoming communication to him to keep all this "bad news" off of his lines.

NOTS is released this year.

April 1979

Mayo goes to Hemet, California and gives LRH assists again because LRH had just had a cancer operation on the front of his head. They work together on refining NOTS.

Mid 1979

Annie Broeker is working for CMO in Clearwater. MSH is also there operating out of the G.O. Annie is meddling in G.O. affairs and MSH eventually has had it with her and forces her off post. Annie is then sent back to INT as useless on management lines.

1 September 1979

A major change in church management takes place. The Commodores Messenger Org International takes over all church management and the Watch Dog Committee is set up.

LRH orders that messengers who hold management posts are not to stand watches for him, leaving them free to hold their management position full time. He ordered to send two messengers to work with him on a permanent basis who are of no great value on management lines. The two people chosen are Pat and Annie Broeker.

David Miscavige is posted as Action Chief in CMO International.

15 December 1979

LRH executes a will. Ron's tax lawyer, Norton S. Karno is named as Executor.


Con te partirò
Part 2:


Julie Mayo becomes SNR C/S INT Assistant. She helps SNR C/S INT, David Mayo, write Solo NOTs. She also personally wrote some of the original Solo NOTs checksheet.

Late February 1980

LRH is living in Hemet, California a few miles from Gilman Hot Springs where Mayo is. He is auditing Solo NOTS and sending his daily sessions to Mayo. Mayo does any review auditing needed on LRH.

The Tampa Grand Jury is convened. Fearing indictment in the Snow White case, LRH leaves the base in Hemet, and goes into hiding for the last 6 years of his life. The only people he could see taking with him, because they were not needed on management lines, were Pat and Annie Broeker. This was the last time LRH was seen.

Mary Sue and 10 others are indicted for conspiring to steal federal government documents. It was only by the narrowest of margins that LRH was not indicted but he was named as an unindicted co-conspirator.

One of the purposes of the GO was to keep any legal threats "at arm's length" from LRH. However, the incriminating documents obtained in the FBI raid opened a floodgate of lawsuits naming LRH because it was now clear the entire organization was operating under his command. Thus he remained in hiding to avoid any subpoenas.

He settled on his ranch at Creston near San Luis Obispo, Ca. Only Pat and Annie Broeker had direct comm with him.

While in seclusion, LRH is engaged in research and writing. Over the next few years he writes 11 science fiction novels.

Summer 1980

Back in 1975, when GO intelligence agents infiltrated the federal government and obtained their files on Scientology, it was discovered that the old OT levels were in the hands of the federal government. Even the IRS had a copy of the old OT levels in their files.

Remember the earlier part of this time track about the CIA's "remote viewing" program at Stanford Research Institute, (which is not shut down and continues to operate). The U.S. Intelligence community was in the business of making "psychic spies". They were using LRH technology to create people who could exteriorize and then spy for them. Therefore, they took an interest in the OT levels and obviously infiltrated the Church and stole the old OT levels and used them to make their own OTs.

But, with the development of NOTS and the new OT levels, the U.S. intelligence community did not have this material yet. Therefore, they sent in a new plant to steal the new OT levels. The plant was sent in by US Air Force Intelligence. There were over 100 men waiting to do the new OT levels at an Air Force base in Georgia.

The plant started out by stealing technical materials from ASHO and sending it back to the Air Force base in Georgia. The plant was then attempting to get on AOLA lines to steal the new OT levels, when he was caught by GO security personnel.

The plant knew about the Remote Viewing Program at SRI. The plant said that the U.S. Intelligence community considered Scientology to be a national security threat. The reason they consider it a threat is that beings who can exteriorize could spy on them. Furthermore, the guidance system on nuclear weapons is a magnetic field and it was proven at SRI that an OT can influence a magnetic field with his thought.

Therefore, the U.S. Intelligence community wanted the new OT levels in their hands. They wanted the new OT levels, not only for their own international spying, but for nuclear war defense. They thought that if Russia fired nuclear missiles at the U.S., that their OTs could make them turn around and go back down the hole it was fired from.


Delivery of OT 7, SOLO NOTS, begins.

January 1981

A telex comes down to Miscavige, establishing Mission All Clear (MAC). There are 35 liability cases against the church and many of them name LRH as a defendant. Miscavige is the head of the unit. The purpose of this unit was to extricate LRH from all of the lawsuits that had been filed naming him as the head of the Church.

Because this is so "confidential and sensitive", Miscavige forms a direct comm line with Broeker, by-passing all of his CMO seniors and the Watchdog Committee. Miscavige then began to systematically eliminate all of the other members of the All Clear Committee.

March 1981

MSH is in close communication with Laurel Sullivan and other staff of a project called Mission Corporate Category Sort-Out, MCCS. The project was to create a new corporate structure to protect LRH from criminal and civil litigation. These staff had knowledge about inurement to LRH and the conspiracy to cover it up.

The MCCS meetings were recorded on audio tape. Later, the Ninth Circuit Court reviews the tapes and says they contain evidence of intent to defraud the IRS and thus they were not protected by the attorney-client privilege.

As Action Chief of CMO Int., David Miscavige sends missions to investigate the G.O. Their attempts to get information were thwarted by MSH. MSH cut all of their communications to the G.O., except through her.

April 1981

David Miscavige says (in an affidavit later): without MSH's knowledge, he sent a mission to GO headquarters in England in April 1981. They inspected the Legal Bureau under the guise that MSH had authorized it. They found the GO had mismanaged the Church's legal affairs and was not following policy. They found the GO staff had committed crimes against the US Government and others.
Note: This is nuts. The raid had already happened. It was no secret that the G.O. had crimes. Indictments from Grand Juries had been handed down and the G.O. had already admitted guilt in a plea bargain. LRH was with MSH on the day of the raid and they spent a week discussing what to do. So, LRH would not have been wanting to "infiltrate" the G.O. to "make the discovery" the G.O. had crimes. He already knew. And, if he wanted the G.O. taken apart, all he would have needed to do was tell MSH that and she would have complied.
This adds up to a CMO conspiracy to seize all that LRH & MSH owned, with the Broekers and Miscavige as the key participants, (and a few co-conspirator attorneys).

May 1981

MSH is Controller and she holds control over the corporate structure of Scientology, as well as all of the trademarks and copyrights.

Then, attorney Sherman Lenske appears on the scene claiming to be LRH's personal attorney.

Two months later, MSH gets overthrown from her Controller post and Lenske is instrumental in the corporate restructuring of all of Scientology. A year later he is a co-founder of the Church of Spiritual Technology, which eventually comes to have control over every intellectual property that LRH and MSH had ever owned or controlled.

Another co-founder of the Church of Spiritual Technology (CST) is Meade Emory. He was the Assistant to the Commissioner of the IRS in 1975 and 1976, when the FBI caught Wolfe and Meisner stealing IRS documents, leading to the FBI raid and the overthrow of MSH and the Guardian's Office by CMO staff - the Broekers and Miscavige.

HCOPL 14 June 1965 Politics, Freedom From: "the United States government and the efforts of that government since 1955, stepped up since 1963, TO SEIZE SCIENTOLOGY RATHER THAN FORBID OR STOP IT."

June 1981

Miscavige, along with Pat and Annie Broeker, decided that the Guardian's Office must be eliminated. He gathered a couple of dozen Church executives and they planned a series of missions to take over the G.O.

June 1981

LRH appoints Bill Franks to the post of ED International and ordered Franks to become a signatory on certain bank accounts in Luxembourg containing about 150 million dollars. Between now and December 1981, there is a conflict between Franks and Miscavige over control of these bank accounts.

1 July 1981

David Miscavige arranges a meeting with Mary Sue Hubbard, based on a lie. He calls her on the phone and implies that he has comm for her from LRH.

They get together, but the letter he promised simply did not exist. What he did arrive with was a letter he had had written by church attorneys, (Sherman Lenske & Meade Emory ?) stating erroneously that Mary Sue's presence as the controller of the church endangered and implicated LRH in all church matters. Based on this letter and other conversations that the two of them had, Mary Sue was eventually persuaded to step down as controller.

Miscavige's exchanges with MSH were extremely bitter and he brags around INT for some weeks thereafter about calling her a suppressive bitch and some other names.
Note: The above is fraud. He obtained control through fraud. The attorneys gave her false legal advice to get her to resign and let Miscavige take over.
7 July 1981

Twenty CMO missionaires, headed by Vicki Aznaran, were sent to the St. Hill and Los Angeles Guardian Offices, hoping to simply take over the G.O. Prior to this takeover, power was distributed between the CMO and the G.O. And they acted, to some degree, as a check and balance on one another. This was going to be the elimination of that check and balance and was considered to be a very important operation.

In Los Angeles, the takeover went smoothly until Jane Kember, Guardian World Wide, is encountered. She barricaded herself in her office and refused to be unseated. The missionaires manage to get an appointment with her and she is intractable. The missionaires then send a telex back to INT and two more missionaires are sent out to handle the situation.

What was decided is that a fake telex is going to be constructed, allegedly from LRH, that will order Jane Kember to step down and let the CMO take over the G.O. This telex is typed on the spot by the missionaires from INT, it is put in a folder that contains other legitimate LRH telexes and another meeting is arranged with Jane Kember.

Jane is given the folder of telexes to read, she sees the telex ordering that she step down and that the CMO be allowed to take over the Guardian's Office and that action is done. That is the end of the G.O. and now the CMO and ultimately Miscavige and Pat and Annie Broeker now run the entire church.

This is also fraud. They tricked the Guardian into resigning and letting Miscavige take over by making her think that LRH ordered her to do it.

A Reign of Terror begins, followed by the Golden Age of Squirreling, as follows:

Miscavige established and headed a unit called "Special Project". From this position he ran the entirety of Scientology. He staffed it with 15 people who took over the functions of the GO bureaus. Some of the staff were Norman Starkey, Lyman Spurlock, Terri Gamboa and Vaughn and Stacy Young.

These people now ran the Intelligence, PR, and Legal functions previously run by the GO. The primary focus was on the Mission All Clear, in the legal division of the GO. The purpose of this unit was to extricate LRH from all of the lawsuits that had been filed naming him as the head of the Church. Miscavige was personally charged with extricating LRH from pending litigation so LRH could come out of hiding.

Later, the Guardian's Office functions of handling external matters, such as Intelligence, PR, and Legal are given a new name, the Office of Special Affairs (OSA). Miscavige now runs all of Scientology, both external and internal matters. The only people senior to Miscavige are Pat and Annie Broker, who work directly under LRH.

Fall 1981

Miscavige says that a concern of LRH's was that his personal affairs be handled independently of any church activities. The IRS raised concerns regarding LRH's relationship to Scientology churches. LRH wanted to have his personal affairs managed and to put an end to any concerns about his relationship to any Scientology churches. So, his personal attorneys advised and were the architects of a for-profit corporation that addressed these needs. Thus Author Services Incorporated (ASI) was formed to manage the personal, business and literary affairs of LRH, including his financial and legal matters.

In addition to ASI, another for-profit corporation is formed, Bridge Publications Inc. (BPI) It publishes and distributes the Scientology Scriptures, including books and recorded tapes, and manufactures, repairs and distributes E-Meters. It also publishes and distributes LRH fiction works. New Era Publications performs the same activities for countries outside of the US.

ASI, BPI, and NEP are all for-profit companies. They pay royalties directly to LRH and his successors, which includes Religious Technology Center (RTC) and Church of Spiritual Technology (CST). (Therefore the IRS denies tax-exempt status to RTC and CST).

October 1981

MSH and 10 aides appeal their conviction of conspiracy. MSH and 10 aides go to jail. With her and the Guardian and other key executives in jail and LRH hiding, elements of the Sea Org moved in to take command.

The last thing done by Miscavige is a complete corporate restructuring. He says he does this to ensure a "new GO" could never come about. He says the GO had become entirely autonomous and corrupt. He says part of the measures taken to ensure a similar situation could never occur again was the formation of Religious Technology Center (RTC).
Note: As you will learn later in this time track, RTC is autonomous and is also corrupt. It is the "new GO". Intelligence and legal activities are commanded from RTC. The illegal activities of the GO Intelligence Bureau did not stop, they were continued by Miscavige and other RTC execs.
Vicki Aznaran says throughout her Presidency of RTC, that fair game actions against enemies were commonplace. Fair game activities included burglaries, assaults, disruption of businesses owned by enemies, spying, harassing investigations and litigation, abuse of confidential communications in parishioner files, destruction of evidence, etc.

Lyman Spurlock is a Sea Org member who is also a Certified Public Accountant. Miscavige assigned Lyman Spurlock the task of sorting out the Scientology corporations so they would be legally defensible in the eyes of the IRS. It was at this point that the huge conglomeration known as Church of Scientology of California, was split into many corporations. Lyman worked out the whole shell, including the relationships between the different echelons.

This corporate restructuring is to obtain legal and tax advantages. The complex corporate structure serves as a shield to protect LRH from criminal and civil litigation. Its purpose was also to create an impenetrable, legally defensible network of corporations such that the IRS or other government agency could not "pierce the corporate veil" of Scientology organizations, thereby freeing Scientology management to transfer funds between organizations without concern for the law.

In simple terms, the corporate re-organization is to hide the fact that LRH runs Scientology and personally receives the money from the Churches. (The non-profit money from the Churches is laundered through the profit making corporations.)

13 October 1981

Attorney Sherman Lenske incorporates Author Services Incorporated (ASI).

David Miscavige is CEO & Chairman of the Board - Norman Starkey is President.

Attorney Sherman Lenske, on behalf of Miscavige, Spurlock and Starkey and several others, incorporates ASI which becomes the corporate entity controlling Church of Scientology bank accounts and assets. In fact, the officers and directors of ASI possessed no authority from any Church of Scientology corporation to control its bank accounts and property.

This was earlier called "Special Project", headed by David Miscavige and so is ASI.

At this time ASI is higher on the chain of command than RTC.

Jesse Prince says that ASI, LRH's literary agency, is really used as the clearing house for LRH orders to Church of Scientology International, etc.

The staff of ASI received their orders from LRH and his aide who lived with him, Pat Broeker. When DM was COB ASI, the staff of ASI commanded and ran the entire Scientology network.

From 1982 to 1986 LRH would dictate his orders into a dictaphone. Pat and Annie Broeker would take the tape to Susie Bennick at Gilman Hot Springs, Ca. She would issue despatches to various executives at ASI, RTC, CSI, CST and CSC. David Miscavige oversaw the transcribing operation and enforced compliance to LRH orders. While Miscavige was COB ASI the staff of ASI ran the entire Scientology network. ASI had complete control over the management of all of Scientology.

DM makes the following ASI appointments:

Terri Gamboa, Executive Director Norman Starkey, Legal Affairs Director Lyman Spurlock, Corporate Affairs Director Robert Vaughn Young, Public Affairs Director Stacy Young, Organizing Officer

Vicki Aznaran says that ASI was incorporated to be the funnel through which profits from Scientology Churches were channeled to LRH.

Stacy Young says that she and all ASI staff were instructed that making large amounts of money for LRH was an integral part of running Scientology. LRH's (perhaps Broeker's?) communications to ASI staff made it clear that he felt justified in taking as much money out of the Church as Miscavige & ASI staff could get away with. Miscavige's success or failure was based on how much money he could make for LRH, whether it came from the Church or other sources.

Accordingly, Miscavige made sure as much money as possible was taken from Church accounts. Treasury Secretary, Fran Harris, thought up "labels" which were attached to huge lump sums, which Miscavige then ordered transferred from non profit Church accounts, into ASI accounts every week. These labels were designed to conceal from the IRS the true nature of the transfers.

Miscavige made Lyman Spurlock responsible for working out the legal details of these transfers. Stacy Young, as Org Officer, often had to calm Lyman down after he had been ordered to legitimize some of Fran Harris' money-making ideas. Lyman said he had serious disagreements with Fran about the legality of some of her schemes. Miscavige would always tell Lyman to "make it legal".

The line was that Pat Broeker would tell David Miscavige to bring hundreds of thousands or millions of dollars for LRH. Miscavige would bring the money in a briefcase to Las Vegas. Pat would meet him there and then take the briefcase of money back to LRH.
Note: Or so they say. Wonder if they kept some or all of it?
November 1981

David Miscavige has Bill Franks locked in a room for several weeks while DM assumed control over all Scientology corporate bank accounts, and other assets. DM was represented by attorneys Sherman Lenske and John Peterson and paid them millions for their assistance in this unauthorized and illegal takeover.

November 1981

Richard Murray incorporates Church of Scientology International (CSI).

The articles of incorporation state:

The corporation shall present and propagate the religion of Scientology as founded and as it may further be developed by LRH.

The heads of the following CSI units comprise the "Watchdog Committee".

Sea Org (SO) Flag Service Organization (FSO) Flag Land Base (FLB) Scientology Missions International (SMI) Golden Era Productions (GOLD) World Institute of Scientology Enterprises (WISE) Reserves Celebrity Center International (CCI) Office of Special Affairs (OSA) ---- the new name given to the Guardian's Office (GO).

Marc Yager is CO CMO International Guillaume Lesevre is ED International Ray Mithoff is Senior C/S International Wendell Reynolds is Finance Dictator International Mike Rinder is CO of OSA.

Heber Jentzsch is President of CSI and he has no command power at all. He is a figurehead and his duties are solely to deal with media and other PR groups.

CSI is licensed by RTC and is under the command of RTC and ASI.

Golden Era Film Production studio is located at Gilman Hot Springs, near Hemet, Ca. This also houses CSI. It is called "the Base" and it is where Miscavige has his primary office and residence. It is an 800 acre facility that is heavily fortified, with a high mountain lookout, bunkers, and has assault weapons and bombs.

Mithoff is said to have taken LSD 1000 times. He is said to maintain a secret list of deaths where the Scientologist was C/Sed to "end cycle", meaning let the body die. This has been done in cases where the person was terminally ill.

Late 1981

David Mayo receives many messages from LRH over the next eight months. Amongst other things, LRH suggested that Mayo develop a Happiness Rundown, which Mayo did. When the rundown and course was complete, auditors and C/Ses from around the world came to ASHO where Mayo personally taught the course and interneship.

December 1981

According to Miscavige, LRH had no knowledge of MSH resignation and the disbanding of the GO until 5 months later. This would place his being informed in December. DM says LRH had two reactions:

1) He felt satisfaction that ethical Scientologists had shown initiative and acted. 2) On the other hand, the actions of the GO and Mission Holders, and the inaction of some of the ecclesiastical staff caused him great concern about the future of the religion and how it would accomplish its mission in his absence when he was no longer alive in body.

DM says he was not involved in the corporate restructuring. He says LRH insisted on handling his own affairs with regard to his relationship with the religion as its Founder. As the source of the religion's Scriptures, LRH held the intellectual property rights of Dianetics and Scientology, through the ownership of both the religious trademarks and the copyrights to the Scripture. To accomplish his goal in seeing to the future of the religion he founded, LRH employed his own attorneys to be the architects of his estate planning. It was under these circumstances that two brand new churches came into being. (RTC & CST)

Having learned of GO corruption and having learned that several responsible persons in ecclesiastical management had failed to act, LRH determined that the future of the religion could not depend on a management body alone. To ensure he could maintain the standard and orthodox practice of the religion, LRH had registered all of the Dianetics and Scientology trademarks. While ecclesiastical means would most often suffice to see to orthodoxy, trademarks also provided a legal means to prevent unorthodox use.

Over the years, many individuals had attempted to create splinter churches of Scientology, using a perverted version of the subject. Through the legal power of the trademarks, such offshoots could be prevented or at least prevented from misleading people by representing themselves as orthodox Scientology. LRH decided to donate the trademarks to the religion but he insisted that any church to whom he donated them be entirely independent of any management body involved in the day-to-day affairs of ministering to the religion and its parishioners. RTC was created for this reason - to receive the Dianetics and Scientology trademarks and thus be responsible only for orthodoxy.

LRH also wanted to ensure his copyrights to the extensive library of Scientology Scripture would be used for the benefit of the religion, and not for the benefit of any one person or persons. And again, while ecclesiastical means would usually be all that was needed to maintain orthodoxy, LRH had always employed the copyright laws as a means to legally enforce his rights to prevent alteration of his materials by others.

Also, LRH had often spoken of archiving the Scriptures of Scientology in the event of a catastrophe. Harking back to the concern for the future of the religion and in light of the events of the early 1980s, LRH furthered reasoned that yet another independent church body should receive his copyrights.

Even though RTC would be the recipient of his trademarks, and charged only with the orthodox application of the religion, LRH felt that even those duties could distract them from the ultimate preservation of the religion through archiving its materials in indestructible form.

In an abundance of caution, should any church organization be corrupted again, he determined that no church should hold both the trademarks and the copyrights. Thus, to receive his copyrights, Church of Spiritual Technology was formed. CST's function is purely archival in nature. CST preserves the written Scripture on stainless steel plates, the recorded word on nickel plated recordings, and places all of it in titanium containers stored in vaults constructed to withstand nuclear explosions or other cataclysmic events.

CST also stands as the ultimate safeguard of the Scientology religion should the entire religion, even RTC, ever deviate from the pure Scientology religious teachings.

The GO had already demonstrated the danger of corrupt officials. While powers of persuasion and internal justice procedures had corrected the GO problem, this safeguard was considered insufficient should a similar problem recur in the future. LRH reasoned that involvement in day-to-day affairs was the only way any individual could ever be seduced into unethical activity. Hence, LRH suggested that these new church corporations should have Trustees. As Trustees, they we would have no authority in the conduct of corporate affairs, with neither the ability to give orders or directions, nor perform any corporate activities whatsoever. Their only authority would be to appoint or remove directors.

Since they would not be involved in corporate affairs it was expected they would not become involved in any potential corporate malfeasance or dereliction of corporate duties and bylaws. Since there would be several Trustees, no individual Trustee could subvert the corporate structure or Board of Directors by moving themselves into a position as a Director. As a result, there would be layers of safeguards ensuring corporate integrity, while also providing a mechanism to ensure no church could ever again be corrupted without a mechanism for rectifying the problem.

The restructuring of other churches of Scientology was not part of LRH's estate plan, although it evolved out of the same desire to ensure the future of the religion, not just following the death of its Founder, but for all time.

RTC did not come out of Church of Scientology California, but was a brand new organization, established precisely because the role it is charged with performing did not exist in the religion and the religion almost collapsed because no church performed that function.

December 1981

Bill Franks holds a Mission Holders conference to address expansion plans for the religion. There are two meetings, the first one in Clearwater, Florida, the second one in San Francisco. Miscavige says he was invited to their meeting to give them an explanation of what happened to the G.O.

According to Miscavige, this turned into a "mutiny meeting" by some of these Mission Holders. The Mission Holders were protesting new demands for more money and more control being exerted over them. With all of the shakeups and LRH being unable to appear the Mission Holders were threatening to revolt. Franks agreed to their plans to make themselves an outside advisory board to ecclesiastical management.


Con te partirò
Part 3:


1 January 1982

Attorney Sherman Lenske incorporates Religious Technology Center (RTC).

Miscavige is a Trustee of RTC, giving him the power to appoint and remove Directors. Warren McShane is President. Steve Marlow is Inspector General.

Later, Miscavige replaces Marlow with Vicki Aznaran and then replaces Vicki with Greg Wilhere. Miscavige maintains absolute control over all officers and board members of RTC by possessing undated, signed resignations of each member.

RTC licenses all other Scientology organizations to sell Dianetics and Scientology. This gives it command control over every Scientology corporation and Scientologist, (except the later formed Church of Spiritual Technology).

RTC's Articles of Incorporation state:

It is formed by Terri Gamboa, David Mayo, Norman Starkey, Phoebe Maurer, Lyman Spurlock, Julia Watson, and David Miscavige. The corporate affairs shall be regulated by a Board of 7 persons who shall be designated Trustees, which Board shall have and exercise all powers given to "Directors" by California nonprofit corporate law.

This corporation is organized and shall be operated for the primary purpose of ensuring and maintaining the purity and integrity of the religion of Scientology by acting as a vehicle for guaranteeing the ethical propagation, worship, and administration of the religious faith, doctrines and practice of Scientology, to regulate and conduct religious services for its congregation, to foster and enhance the spiritual welfare of the followers of Scientology, to espouse such evidence of the Supreme Being and human spirit as may be knowable to man and by their use to bring greater tranquility, order and survival to man in the external world, and to propagate and disseminate the Church Creed in accordance with the religious faith of Scientology as laid down by the Founder, LRH and as set forth in the by-laws.

Article VII:

a) To act as Trustee under any trust incidental to the principle objects of this corporation, to receive and expend funds and property subject to such trust, subject always to the terms and provisions of the instrument by which such trust is created.

b) The corporation is to have power and authority of a head organization, to create subordinate corporations, to issue charters to such subordinate corporations and have the articles of subordinate corporations require the dissolution of such subordinate corporations whenever the charter issued by this corporation is taken away from it. Also, the assets of the subordinate corporation go to RTC upon dissolution of the subordinate corporation.

The corporation has no members.

No part of its assets shall ever inure to the benefit of any private party or individual.

If the corporation is dissolved, its assets shall be distributed to one or more nonprofit funds, foundations, trusts or corporations which are organized and operated exclusively for religious purposes and which are entitled to tax exempt status.

In an affidavit later David Miscavige says the following about RTC:

RTC is not part of Church management, nor is it involved in the daily affairs of various Church of Scientology organizations. RTC exists to see that Dianetics and Scientology technology is safeguarded, is in good hands, and is properly used. RTC was formed with the specific purpose of seeing that the religion of Scientology was kept pure and true to the source materials of the religion.

The authority of RTC stems from the ownership of the trademarks of Dianetics and Scientology. In brief, RTC's maintenance of these trademarks is threefold:

1. Ensuring that when something is represented as Dianetics or Scientology, that it actually is. 2. Seeing that any organization representing itself as Dianetics or Scientology, while actually being something different, is prevented from doing so. 3. Seeing that anyone offering Scientology, but calling it something else, is prevented from doing so.

As Chairman of the Board he is interested in the standard application of the Scripture of Scientology as detailed in HCOP/Ls and HCOBs and the spoken words of LRH in tapes and films. He inspects and corrects departures from the standard application of the Scripture of the religion. I also ensure that any attempted perversion of the technology of Dianetics and Scientology is rapidly dealt with, to keep the religion pure so that all people may benefit from the application of Mr. Hubbard's breakthroughs in the fields of the mind, spirit and life.

He also oversees the affairs of RTC in its function of verifying that the source writings of the religion are kept pure. This specifically includes the verification that the materials representing themselves as being Dianetics and Scientology are in fact that, and that they honestly reflect the source writings of the religion by L. Ron Hubbard.

He says he is the ecclesiastical leader of the religion.
Note: As you will see on this time track, this shows he is Treason on his post. He has betrayed the trust of LRH and all Scientologists by allowing the re-writing and altering of a vast majority of LRH's tech in books, HCOBs and tapes.
Also, what he doesn't say is that this is how he controls all of Scientology. If they don't do what he wants, he will pull their license to use Dianetics and Scientology materials. Lyman Spurlock arranged for RTC to have contracts with every single corporation that uses Hubbard and Scientology trademarks and copyrights in any way. The real purpose of these contracts was to have a legal means to collect money from these entities and to put anyone out of business who refused to toe the line dictated by LRH or his successors. The purpose of RTC was ostensibly to hold the trademarks in the event of Ron's death.

What actually was accomplished is that the entire church and all Scientologists came under the authority of RTC by virtue of the fact that one's authority to use the trademarks could be removed at any time by this group. This essentially put David Miscavige not only in charge of the entire church but in charge of every single Scientologist. He could simply come down on any Scientologist that he chose to at will.

There was some concern that the trademarks would pass into the public domain because LRH had been claiming that he had been off management lines since 1966. Therefore, he had not been in the position where he was responsible for and controlling the trademarks for the last 16 years.

The church attorneys were terrified that these trademarks would eventually be lost and so RTC was a necessity. (Sounds like Sherman Lenske advised the creation of RTC. More bad legal advice to the Hubbards?)

In fact, of course, what was really going on was that Miscavige was individuating himself from the church because he feared that the church management structure would eventually find a way to remove him. And by setting up RTC and putting himself outside the reach of the church, he assured himself of a position that would be irrevocable.

February 1982

Vaughn Young is invited by Miscavige to join "Special Project" to head up the PR section. The idea was forwarded to LRH who approved Vaughn's appointment in mid-February. Vaughn was then informed that "Special Project" (and Miscavige was Special Project i/c) was in reality ASI but they could not admit it yet.

ASI was formed as a for-profit corporation on the guise that it was Hubbard's literary agency. While it had that function, its actual function was to be LRH's contact point back into the Scientology organization. (He was gone from the ship and had no viable command channels because he was in hiding.)

The staff of ASI reported to LRH and LRH issued orders to the staff, which they then issued down into the organization, thus making ASI the senior entitity in the Scientology hierarchy. This did not come easy because LRH was prevented from saying that ASI was his replacement for Flag because that would have defeated the entire purpose and linked him back to the non-profit churches. So, there was considerable arm-twisting and threats and demotions as Miscavige and ASI consolidated its power over the very Sea Org units that had been in control.

All ASI staff had to write a weekly report to LRH. Miscavige repeatedly rejected their reports, until they were perfectly worded to appear that Miscavige had everything fully under control. No one could send anything to LRH without being edited by Miscavige. This meant that LRH effectively did not know what was really going on from 1981 until his death.

It was during this time until Ron's death, that Miscavige began systematically replacing LRH as the head of Scientology.

Because ASI was at the top of the Scientology empire, it was often the site of meetings with various officers from different Scientology organizations. They had come to learn that ASI staff were now Hubbard's personal representatives and spoke for him so the ASI boardroom became the site of clandestine meetings of various corporations so LRH's orders could be issued. Of course, this was all quite illegal since ASI was a for-profit corporation and we were issuing orders to non-profit entities.

They had simply replaced the earlier structure and disregarded corporate lines as they had always disregarded corporate lines. The difference was that the power was no longer distributed between the GO and the SO but held in one place: Miscavige and the ASI he controlled.

ASI was the site of meetings (often chaired by Miscavige) that directed legal strategies, telling different corporations and their attorneys what to do, what to sell and how much money should come to ASI, which was then funneled into Hubbard's personal accounts. If anyone disagreed they were removed and replaced with someone who complied.

Throughout this period LRH issued his orders as "advices", rather than "orders", and attempts were made to make him a "consultant". In truth, LRH was fully in command as much as he had been when he was on the ship Apollo. Miscavige was in charge of ASI and he had assumed the title of Chairman of the Board of ASI so he could claim that he was not the Executive Director or an officer of ASI. This was done to give him an "arm's length" protection, just like LRH, to avoid any litigation. But, titles aside, there was never any question in the minds of the Scientology hierarchy who was in charge, Miscavige.

March 1982

Between March and November 1982, LRH, Pat Broeker, David Miscavige, Lyman Spurlock and others illegally transfer over 30 million dollars of Church of Scientology funds to the bank accounts of ASI and LRH in Liechtenstein and Luxembourg. These transfers are based on exaggerated billings by ASI to the Churches of Scientology.

Attorney Sherman Lenske represents ASI, RTC, CST, and LRH in the fraudulent transfer of money, property and assets from various Scientology corporations to LRH personally. Lenske also acted as the probate attorney who prepared wills and trusts on behalf of LRH.

In violation of their charters, the Board of Directors of each Scientology corporation were illegally controlled by LRH, Broeker, David Miscavige and ASI. The goal of this management technique, was to optimize LRH's personal income in violation of prohibition against personal inurement imposed on ins titutions seeking tax exempt status under IRC Section 501(c)(3). This management maze permits money to be shifted among entities to hide their profit-making reality and to avoid taxes and judgements.

These funds were then within the estate of LRH so they came to be in the possession, custody and control of Norman Starkey, executor of LRH's estate. It is alleged these funds were then illegally seized and stolen by David Miscavige in a fraud perpetrated on LRH's heirs.

April 1982

LRH becomes concerned about his own passing away and writes a letter to David Mayo. The truth of this letter was confirmed by two RTC missionaires:

LRH did some reminiscing concerning his long term association with Mayo and Mayo's extensive experience with the tech. LRH said he expected to live for 2 years longer at the most and he wanted Mayo to take over all of his technical hats, including research. LRH gave Mayo responsibility for the tech for the next 20-25 years, at which time LRH would return and reassume his tech hats.

LRH said that Mayo should have a separate corporation to do this work, apart from Scientology management. LRH also wrote to Lyman Spurlock concerning setting up this separate corporation for Mayo and his technical research. LRH was sending almost daily comm to the SNR C/S INT office, praising their work and assigning them new projects to do.
Note: David Miscavige has always maintained a "holier than thou" attitude towards the criminal acts of the Guardian's Office. In his 15 October 1999 affidavit he says this about the GO:
"What the GO did was illegal. No real Scientologist would ever condone or even consider such conduct. When we became aware of the GO's activities we were even more outraged than law enforcement officials and others outside the Church."
The auditing question for a preclear with a "holier than thou" attitude is - Do you have a similar overt of your own? Let's see if David does by reading on.
April 1982

David Miscavige orders payment of $250,000.00 to set up US District Judge Ben Krentzman in a black operation to frame him with drugs and prostitutes. A private investigator, Dick Bast, secured a yacht and attempted to lure the judge on board in order to film him under compromising circumstances. The judge declined the invitation.

At the same time David Miscavige orders thousands of dollars be given to attorney Dan Warren in Daytona, Florida to pay off State Circuit Judge James Durden who was sitting as Justice on a Scientology case.
Note: Well David, it looks like you do have similar overts of your own. And by your own words, that makes you not a real Scientologist.
28 May 1982

Attorney Sherman Lenske incorporates Church of Spiritual Technology (CST) dba (sic) L. Ron Hubbard Library.

The articles of incorporation state:

Specifically its purpose is to espouse, present, propagate, practice, ensure, and maintain the purity and integrity of the religion of Scientology, as the same has been developed and may be further developed by LRH to the end that any person wishing to, and participating in Scientology may derive the greatest possible good of the spiritual awareness of his Beingness, Doingness and Knowingness.

Its purpose is to protect and preserve the religion of Scientology through establishment of religious scholarship funds, museums, librarys and such other institutions which will ensure the benefits of Scientology to future generations. More particularly, the corporation is formed for the accomplishment, without limitation, of the following more specific purposes:

a. To serve as a means of promulgating, preserving and administering thereligious faith of Scientology throughout the world.

The corporation is dedicated to religious purposes and no part of the income or assets shall inure to the benefit of any private party.

The corporation has no members.

If the corporation is dissolved, its assets shall be distributed to one or more nonprofit funds, foundations, trusts or corporations which are organized and operated exclusively for religious purposes and which are entitled to tax exempt status.

The articles can only be changed by a unanimous vote of all Directors.

Lyman Spurlock directed the creation of all the Scientology new corporations in 1981 & 82. He is one of the four co-founders of CST and he is the only Scientologist among them.

CST is unique in that it is the only Scientology corporation known to have "Special Directors". It is a secret who these people are.

The reason why nobody knows who these "Special Directors" are, has to do with California corporate law and IRS codes. In California, only members of a religious corporation can have access to the corporate records that name the special directors, trustees, directors and officers. And the CST was set up specifically to have no members. So it was the founders of CST who made sure that the identities of the people running it would be forever protected.

At the top of the CST corporate structure are the "Special Directors". The command line:

Special Directors - they have the power to elect and remove the Trustees Trustees - they have the power to elect and remove the Board of Directors Board of Directors - they have the power to elect and remove the Officers Officers

A 1992 United States Claims Court case says Sherman Lenske is one of the "Special Directors". His brother Stephen Lenske and law partner Lawrence Heller are also.

The same Court case says that there are 4 co-founders for CST:

Sherman Lenske, Meade Emory, Leon Misterek - all tax attorneys & non-Scientologists Lyman Spurlock - a CPA who is a Sea Org member

Sherman Lenske:

He was instrumental in the corporate restructuring of all of Scientology. He also drafted the new last minute will that LRH allegedly signed the day before his death, giving all of the copyrights to CST. Because of this CST has control over RTC, ASI, CSI and all Scientology entities. (It is said that the last minute will was notarized by David Miscavige and a handwriting expert said LRH's signature is a forgery. We will verify this.)

Meade Emory:

He was Assistant to the Commissioner of the IRS from 1975-1977. This was when Gerald Wolfe was caught stealing IRS documents for the Guardian's Office. As a result, the FBI raided, leading to the overthrow of MSH and dissolution of the Guardian's Office, by David Miscavige. Then, less than a year later, Emory is a co-founder of CST. And, CST ends up in control of everything that MSH and the Guardian's Office previously controlled.
Note: I smell something funny.
Lyman Spurlock:

He is the only co-founder who is a Scientologist. As a co-founder, he apparently appointed himself as one of the Trustees. Then as a Trustee he elected himself as a Director and then as President (corporate officer). Later, in 1996 he also holds the post of Tax Compliance Officer in RTC. (Per the secret agreement that Miscavige made with the IRS in 1993 - this makes him an IRS agent too.)

Leon Misterek:

Little is known about this Seattle attorney. The only comment he would give about being a CST co-founder was that he did it when he was a law partner with Meade Emory.

How CST grabbed the copyrights:

The day before his death, LRH's will is changed, handing over control of his estate to Norman Starkey. Starkey's duties mainly concern transferring about 8,000 copyrighted titles that were left in trust by LRH, to CST.

After Ron's death, Norman Starkey gathers up every LRH copyright in sight for the next 7 years. Then, on 29 November 1993, right after Miscavige made the secret agreement with the IRS, he transfers them to CST.

Through a complex series of assignments and agreements, CST owns all of the copyrights to all works by LRH and all "based on the works of LRH" or "derived from the works of LRH". In addition to owning and licensing all copyrights, it possesses the right to seize all Dianetic and Scientology trademarks and all of Scientology's Advanced Technology.

"CST has the power to dismantle RTC by taking over the religious trademarks and use of the Advanced Technology, thereby gaining direct control over all Scientology Organizations." Church of Spiritual Technology v. United States, 26b CL Ct.713 afff.991 F.2d (sic) (1992).

Thus, CST has ultimate power over the entire domain of all Scientology-related entities, including RTC.

Jesse Prince says that the attorneys, Lenske and Heller, are also key players. If you talk about somebody that is running Scientology besides Miscavige then you look at those attorneys.

Jesse says they have a secret corporation as a backup in case anything happens to CST. So if something happened in the U.S. to CST then the foreign corporation would take over the assets and say they really owned them.

May 1982

LRH executes a new will, a mere few days after the corporate restructuring had taken place. He names Pat Broeker as Executor. (However, in the 1986 last minute will, the day before his death, Norman Starkey is named as Executor).

According to a 29 June 1992 United States Claims Court document (CST vs. United States), as part of LRH's estate planning, LRH made 3 gifts to Scientology. The first two were inter vivos, and a third was testamentary. All three transfers were made, or in the case of the will, designated, in May 1982.

First, LRH gave use of the Advanced Technology and religious marks to RTC. These Scientology religious marks include the terms Dianetics and Scientology and Mr. Hubbard's name, initials and signature. RTC is charged with the duty to oversee lower-ranking churches to ensure they practice Scientology in an orthodox manner. RTC gave CSI a license to use the marks with any Scientology services sold by CSI on condition that CSI recognize RTC as the final word on matters of theological orthodoxy. As required by Mr Hubbard's gifts, RTC delegates rights to use the Advanced Technology and religious marks to qualified churches in the ecclesiastical hierarchy and then supervises their activities to ensure compliance with Scriptural requirements. In exchange for use of the marks, churches that minister the Advanced Technology pay RTC six percent of the contributions they receive.

Although orthodoxy is not clearly defined in the records, the court notes it has at least the result of requiring all churches to buy materials licensed through CSI, the current mother church. All of LRH's works are copyrighted with formal licensing arrangements made between LRH and the distributing churches.

LRH's gift to RTC was conditioned on RTC obtaining exemption under I.R.C. @ 501 (c)(3). Thus far, RTC has been found non-exempt by the Commissioner.

CST was created in 1982 in order to receive the second gift. LRH gave CST two options over the marks and technology which he had given to RTC. The first option is to take control of the trademarks on published LRH works and the insignia of various organizations. The second option is over the Advanced Technology. CST has the option, exercisable at its sole discretion, to take over use and authority of the Advanced Technology from RTC if RTC allows their use in an unorthodox manner.

The third gift was designated in LRH's will of 1982. In it, CST was made the conditional beneficiary of the remainder interest of LRH's personal estate, after certain bequests to family members. The CST bequest included the copyrights to LRH'' Scientology works, and certain limited rights over the marks and technology that he had retained at the time of his gift to RTC. It also included all of LRH's non-Scientology works of fiction which continue to produce royalties.

The publishing rights and copyrights alone carry with them the rights to receive the substantial royalties which flow from sales of Scientology books and tapes to the public. These rights will provide CST with a sizeable annual income, but only if it achieves tax exempt status. These assets have not yet been distributed to CST, and they are accumulation income as part of the residual estate, which is being held by a pour-over trust.

The following copyrighted materials were included in LRH's bequest to CST: a) HCO Policy Letters; b) HCO Bulletins; c) Miscellaneous directives and orders concerning ecclesiastical matters; d) Tapes of lectures on Scientology and the rendering of Scientology services; e) Instructional films on Scientology.

As part of LRH's estate planning, CST was founded in 1982 by Lyman Spurlock, Meade Emory, Leon Misterek and Sherman Lenske.

One of CST's specific duties, unique among Scientology churches, is to create and maintain an archive of scriptures for future generations. The other stated purpose behind CST was to provide LRH, then still living, with a depository for the bulk of his testamentary estate, as explained above. CST's founders wanted to accomplish "the creation of an organization to which Mr. Hubbard would be willing to (and did) bequeath the bulk of his estate, and most importantly his copyrights and patents (which include copyrights to scriptures of the religion and patents on the E-Meter)."

The four Special Directors, with the exception of Spurlock, are non-Scientologists. They must be lawyers to ensure that CST takes no action to jeopardize its tax exempt status. The General Directors and staff of CST must be Sea Org members in good standing. The Trustees are required to have been Scientologists for at least 8 years and must be highly trained in Scientology. They must be actively involved in giving and receiving Scientology services and train for 12 and half hours per week.

Three of the four Trustees worked previously for Church of Scientology of California which was dismantled in 1981. Terri Gamboa is a Trustee of CST. She was at the same time a Director, the President, and a shareholder of Author Services, Inc. Greg Wilhere, a Trustee of CST, was formerly an employee of the Founding Church of Scientology, CSC, and the Church of Scientology Flag Service Organization.

Marion Meisler is a Trustee of CST. She was at the same time an employee of ASI. Lyman Spurlock is President of CST, one of its Directors, and one of its Trustees. He is also a Trustee of RTC. As Trustee, Spurlock has the authority to elect and remove Directors who run RTC. Thus Spurlock has the ability to influence RTC's activities.

Dan Przybylski is Vice President of CST and one of its Directors. He has been an employee of CSC, CSI, and RTC. Leo Johnson is Secretary and Nancy O' Meara is Treasurer of CST.

CST is in the process of archiving Scientology scriptures. It has purchased several large parcels of land. Its administrative offices and main preservation facility is in San Bernardino, California. There is a 6,000 square foot preservation building and another facility will be built to house original Scientology scriptures.

CST has purchased other sites for storage facilities. CST has archive sites in Northern California and New Mexico and has plans to acquire additional sites. Vault construction in New Mexico was begun in 1986 after construction of staff living quarters, access roads and water supply. Underground tunnels are being dug at the New Mexico site. Vault construction at San Bernardino and Northern California is predicted to cost over 5 million.

CST intends to preserve Scientology scriptures in all of the forms in which they currently exist, printed page, taped lecture and films. CST is also involved in developing new E-Meter technology.

The stages of archiving are elaborate. First, CST must obtain the original Scientology work. Originals have been found in the possession of individuals in many different countries. In most cases, the possessors of the documents donated them to CST for preservation. CST also obtains originals from RTC.

There are 42 LRH films and over 6500 original audio tapes to be archived. CSI is to provide a transcript of each tape to CST.

1 June 1982

Heber Jentsch, President of CSI, files restated articles of incorporation for Church of Scientology International.

Its purpose is to act as the mother Church, which is the ultimate ecclesiastical authority of Scientology. It has no members.

If the corporation is dissolved, its assets shall be distributed to one or more nonprofit funds, foundations, trusts or corporations which are organized and operated exclusively for religious purposes and which are entitled to tax exempt status.

June 1982

Pat Broeker and David Miscavige resign their positions in the Sea Org and are now full time non-Sea Org members running RTC and Author Services.

July and August 1982
Broeker and Miscavige engage in a political purge. Virtually every senior church executive, except those that are under their influence, are pulled off post, comm-eved, and for the most part, declared and expelled.

Here is a partial list of these execs:

John Nelson - CO CMO INT
Kerry Gleason - ED INT
Allen Buchanan - Deputy ED INT
Moe Samuels - CO CMO SU
John Axel – SMI
Roger Barnes - ED SMI
Pat Hunter - LRH Comm INT
Bess Sullivan - CO FOLO
Emil Gilbert - CO FOLO Canada
Chris Stevens - CO SU
Peter Warren - Div 6 INT
Jay Horowitz - FEBC Supervisor
Julie Gilespie - SNR C/S INT staff
David Mayo - SNR C/S INT

In addition, the Commanding Officer of every FOLO and every org in the U.S.

Some of them were told they could receive no services for 20 years and they had to get 2,000 people into Scientology before being allowed back.

August 1982

Mayo says he was trying to correct current upper level management, which resulted in hostilities and the covert cutting of his comm line to LRH. He and Julie Mayo were attempting to cause some reforms while they were within the Church. He is one of hundreds of long standing Scientology execs removed in this political purge.

Miscavige assigns Julie Mayo to the RPF. She says that information had been sent to LRH that made him upset with the Mayo's and several others and they were never given an opportunity to correct that information. She spends the next few months running around a tree, 12 hours a day, 7 days a week. There was no time off, even to do her laundry.

September 1982

LRH gave an order to bring the best cramming officer to the secret international management base in Hemet, Ca. He was needed there to do correction on upper level management execs because they had no clue how to manage international Scientology. Jesse Prince was Cramming Officer at Flag and he was selected.

Jesse Prince attends bi-weekly meetings at Author Services Inc. over the next 5 years.

Jesse then learns that David Mayo had fallen from graces because LRH thought he had been bought off by Scientology mission holders and was either a dupe or a plant. Mayo is accused of squirreling the tech.

Early 1980's

Mike Rinder's newborn baby dies and he asks for time off. David Miscavige responded that time off was "bullshit" and Rinder needed to work as his statistics were down.


Vicki Aznaran sees David Miscavige hit another Sea Org member, John Axel, in the mouth. She says he also uses photographs of staff members who have fallen into disregard for targets for pistol shooting.

Jesse Prince sees DM hitting Marty Rathbun in the face and body as hard as he could. He saw Miscavige throw two women into the wall, making them cry. These were Terry Gamboa and Marion Bender. He also saw times of guards holding someone by the arms while Miscavige spit in the persons face and punched them in the body. John Ward was one of these. Miscavige did a lot of spitting in people's face.

September 1982

Stacy Young is assigned to the RPF because she is openly critical of Miscavige's coercive and degrading treatment of staff members. His style of management was screaming profanities and terrorizing the staff. The ASI offices were on the 9th floor, yet people could hear Miscavige screaming down on the street a block away.

One day he gave Stacy an insight into why he acted this way. He said "You think I yell loudly, but you've never heard anyone yell until you've heard LRH. I'll never be able to scream the way he does. But Stacy, that's the only way to get compliance." Stacy realized then that Miscavige was trying to be like LRH in preparation for taking Ron's place when he died.

Anyone who disagreed with Miscavige or challenged his authority in any way was branded a traitor who was out to destroy Scientology. This is why David Mayo was ousted and replaced with Ray Mithoff. Many others were thrown out in 1981 & 1982 and replaced with people who would obey Miscavige orders unquestionably. John Nelson, head of CMO is removed by Miscavige and replaced with Miscavige loyal follower, Marc Yaeger.

Jim Isaacson was in charge of investing Ron's money and he was expected to show a profit every week. Miscavige would scream mercilessly at Jim every day. One day Miscavige found Jim lost a large amount of money by investing incorrectly in the gold market.

Miscavige and Starkey literally dragged Jim into a conference room. For the next 3 hours Miscavige yelled at Jim, demanding who sent him to destroy Scientology. Miscavige then told Stacy to get the information from Jim and to not let him leave until he confessed everything.

When Stacy went in the conference room she found Jim collapsed on the table. His eyes were glazed and he was shaking uncontrollably. She told him to go home and get some sleep. Jim was sent to the RPF a few days later. His wife, Joyce Isaacson, was already in the RPF for refusing to go along with Miscavige's brutal treatment of staff.

The RPF filled up with people who tried to stand up to Miscavige. Any staff who were critical of Miscavige were sent to the RPF. He surrounded himself with people who were willing to do whatever he ordered.

One of Miscavige's tactics to control people on staff was to separate husband and wives. One day Stacy told another staff member that Miscavige was a brutal, tyrannical bully. That night security body routed her to the RPF.

Her stay in the RPF started with a gang bang sec check. Andre Tabayoyon and Rick Aznaran screamed at her and interrogated her for hours at a time.

Miscavige ordered that she do the "running program" as part of her requirements for getting off of the RPF. This was running around a large pole for 12 hours a day. This was to be done until she had a realization of what was wrong with her, whereupon she would stop being critical of Miscavige.

At one point he ordered Stacy to Florida to separate her from her husband. Because of a foot injury, she could not go and so she was kept in Los Angeles, locked on the seventh floor and kept there under guard, so she could not escape and reach her husband.

17 October 1982

By this time, Miscavige had established ASI, RTC, CSI and CST, and obtained control over all Scientology corporate bank accounts.

The second Mission Holders meeting is held in San Francisco, with 400 mission holders attending. Miscavige gathered staff from ASI and they put on SO uniforms and took over control and terrorized the Mission Holder's' Conference.

The other Sea Org members assisting Miscavige: Lyman Spurlock as Corporate Affairs Director, ASI Norman Starkey, Legal Affairs Director ASI Ray Mithoff, Snr C/S Int Marc Yager CO CMO Int Guillaume Lesevre, ED Int Steve Marlow, IG RTC Wendell Reynolds, Finance Dictator Int (Head of International Finance Police.)

David Miscavige informs the mission holders that he and RTC had taken over all Scientology organizations. He says that LRH donated the vast majority of the trademarks to RTC. He tells them that every franchise holder would be required to sign a new agreement with RTC and if they did not do so they would be fined or thrown into jail.

Individuals who objected to the ASI, RTC takeover of the assets were locked into rooms and interrogated on the e-meter and were either forced to sign the new agreements or removed from their positions and deprived of their business, property and possessions.

Several Mission holders were expelled on the spot for being unhappy about what they were hearing. Miscavige orders the mission holders to pay large sums of money for a promo campaign for DMSMH, under threat of being investigated for crimes against Scientology and losing their businesses if they refused. As a result, millions of dollars are paid to CSI and RTC accounts.

Six Hundred people are declared Suppressive and expelled from Scientology at this time. All people who criticized Miscavige or refused to obey his orders were subject to expulsion.

It was a show of brute Sea Org strength and was touted in the Sea Org Expansion News, entitled "The Sea Org Moves In". It was done under the guise of "protecting the tech" and "getting people on source" when it really was nothing more than a consolidation of power. Vaughn heard the brags of Miscavige, Starkey and Spurlock when they returned to ASI, boasting how they terrorized people and how successful their "raid' was.

Note: Coupled with all of this, prices are raised considerably, making services easily affordable to only about 10% of the people with sufficient incomes. The amount of people on courses drops and thereafter, orgs look like morgues compared to the way they were in the 1970s.

Thus, more of the group engram was laid in. The group got serious, not fun.

The tone level of the group drops to fear. These fears exist to this day:

Fear of Miscavige, fear of RTC, fear of the RPF, fear of OSA, fear of being denied eligibility to the OT levels, fear to speak out, fear to apply KSW etc.

October 1982

A "Committee of Evidence" is convened on Julie Mayo and 15 other executives. This Comm Ev had apparently already found them guilty of ridiculously outrageous things, before the Committee was ever convened. It was based on a secret investigation by Gelda Mithoff who was also a member of the Comm Ev. The Chairman of the Comm Ev was Ray Mithoff. The secret investigation had resulted in the removal of David and Julie Mayo from SNR C/S INT and they were replaced by Mithoff. Miscavige had ordered the Comm Ev and his wife Shelly was also a member.

One night she and the 15 others were woken at 3AM and sec checked individually by RTC execs Vicky Aznaran, Jesse Prince and Geoff Shervell. In Julie's sec check they said that unless she confessed that she was working for the IRS, FBI or other government agency, she would be sent to jail, be banned from tech lines forever and lose her eternity.

When Julie said she did not work for any government agency they said they would go easier on her if she confessed to supplying Alan Walters with a mailing list. Julie said she did not do that either, so they sent her to go think about it and write her confession.

Julie was not allowed to defend herself at the Comm Ev. She was not allowed to see the investigation reports and was given no opportunity to present her side of the story. The Comm Ev did not have any evidence against her. When she was called before the Committee for the last time, there was a sign in front of Ray Mithoff which said "You could be sent to the pokey for two years."

Julie asked on what grounds she could be sent to the pokey and Ray said for out tech. Julie then CSWed to leave. By this time there were security fences around Gilman Hot Springs and the security office was now full of guns that had not been there before. Julie was kept under constant guard. Her CSW to leave was not answered so she decided to try to escape.

October 1982

Flo Barnett is an old St. Hill class VI auditor. Her daughter, Michelle, is married to David Miscavige. When she got a transcript of the Mission Holders Meeting from the org she was upset by what went on at this meeting. She told her friend, Joyce Stephenson, that the people running RTC are mentally sick or worse still, SP. (Seven months later she tells Joyce that the C of S has been taken over by the enemy and all of the good people have been kicked out. Joyce heard there are more Class XIIs in the field than at orgs.)

November 1982

From then to the present, the Church of Scientology pays millions to lawyers. These attorney fees are used as a money-laundering scheme to pay private investigators for covert black intelligence operations against enemies.

If the target is a Scientologist, one of the things done is to turn the person's preclear folders over to the non-Scientologist PIs. The person's confessional data is pulled for blackmail, extortion or a black PR campaign to assassinate his character and ruin the person's reputation with his friends, relatives and employers with the intention of ruining his life.

Staff members in OSA's intelligence unit would also go through the folders looking for buttons, such as fears, what the person is trying to protect, etc. and these would be used to design black intelligence operations against the person.
Note: This includes black operations on DM's imagined enemies - all of the truly dedicated Scientologists he has had expelled simply because they dared to challenge his psychotic leadership or squirreling. They had no actual crime against Scientology, loved LRH and the tech enough to apply KSW and stand up to him. So, he got rid of them, not because they were any threat to Scientology, but only because he imagined them to be a threat to him.


Con te partirò
Part 4:


From 1983 to 1986, over 30,000 people left Scientology because of Miscavige' s brand of "Scientology". Thousands more have left since then, many of whom are still in good standing but they are just sitting off lines, knowing things are wrong, refusing service until Miscavige is gone and things get back on source.

January 1983

Julie Mayo escapes from Gilman Hot Springs with two security guards chasing her.

February 1983

Mayo's internal efforts to handle the attacks on him all failed and he leaves.


CST's operating funds come exclusively from other Scientology management churches.

Church of Spiritual Technology receives a "one-time start-up grant" of $17,959,745 from Church of Scientology Flag Service Organization. In addition, CST receives unrestricted annual grants hereafter from RTC ranging from $623,000 to $2.8 million.

CST files its initial petition for tax exempt status to the IRS. CSI and RTC also apply at the same time.

March 1983

Jesse Prince is promoted to Deputy Inspector General External RTC. He is number 3 in command, his only seniors being David Miscavige and LRH.

There are two other RTC board members: Vicki Aznaran is Inspector General and President. Warren McShane is a member. David Miscavige, Norman Starkey and Lyman Spurlock are trustees of RTC.

At this meeting he learned that David Miscavige was a managing agent of all of Scientology corporations, including ASI, RTC, CSI, CST and CSC.

Scientology's intelligence network is run by RTC. Jesse Prince was now the head of this.

Prince took direct orders from Miscavige on intelligence actions and legal matters.Thus, he has personal knowledge of the criminal activities being conducted by Miscavige and RTC.

Prince says from time to time, based on orders from Miscavige, he would order others to engage in illegal activities against perceived enemies of Scientology. These activities included, but are not limited to, wire-tapping, planting illegal drugs on enemies to set them up for being arrested, and destruction of documents that contained evidence of illegal activities. They also commonly went through parishioner's preclear files for confessional material that could be used for blackmail or extortion.

After one of the meetings Jesse overheard Miscavige and Rathbun talking about working with a former IRS employee, Meade Emory. They also said they had an agent working for them inside the IRS and they would not say who it was. It was the biggest secret and he never heard them mention it again.

March 1983

Michael Flynn was representing L. Ron Hubbard Junior in a probate action wherein LRH Jr. alleged that Miscavige was holding his father hostage and stealing money from his estate. Miscavige says Flynn was using this as a ploy to get LRH to appear in court so they could serve him in the other lawsuits they had filed against LRH.

Also, Miscavige confided in Jesse Prince (in 1985) that they would not allow LRH to personally appear in the probate case because LRH was mentally incapable. So, the lawyers, Sherman Lenske and Heller, lied to the court and said they did not know where he was.
Note: We think there was another reason. If LRH appeared in person he may have told the court things that indicated he was opposed to what Miscavige and Sherman Lenske were doing with his estate. And that could have ruined their covert plans to seize Scientology by fraudulently grabbing the copyrights with the last minute will that gave Ron's entire estate, including the copyrights, to the Church of Spiritual Technology.
In any case, the court indicated that it would rule favorably for LRH Jr. and declare LRH a "missing person" unless LRH appeared or filed a sworn declaration. Therefore, Miscavige's attorneys filed a sworn declaration, allegedly from LRH, with the court.

The LRH declaration filed with the court said that his assets were under his personal control. Therefore, the probate action was dismissed.

It was around this time that Miscavige bragged to Jesse Prince that he could forge LRH's signature. He demonstrated it for Jesse and showed that he could do it perfectly. He said that Norman Starkey could also forge Ron's signature.

At the same time, Miscavige is also a notary public. So, he could forge LRH' s signature on anything, then sign it off as being the notary who witnessed Ron signing it.

March 1983

DM and attorney Sherman Lenske order a payment of millions of dollars for an intelligence black operation to set up and frame Attorney Michael Flynn of Boston. The money is paid to attorney John Peterson and private investigator Eugene Ingram. The plan was to get Flynn prosecuted for an alleged attempt to forge a two million dollar check of LRH's.

The bank informed the FBI about the forged check and Flynn told the FBI that Miscavige was the most likely person to have done this. So, the FBI investigated David. Ingram has fled the country to avoid prosecution for this and other crimes he committed in carrying out intelligence black operations.

Note: Since then, Ingram has returned and is back in action, carrying out black ops again.

July 1983

David and Julie Mayo are involved in a reform movement which resulted in the forming of the Church of the New Civilization. The Church of the New Civilization started an Advanced Ability Center, wherein they delivered the tech. David Miscavige gets infuriated and orders Mayo's group destroyed by any means possible.

RTC got Bob Mithoff to infiltrate Mayos' group. RTC got Mayo's mailing list and RTC exec Gary Klinger mailed disparaging information to and contacted members of AAC and intimidated and harassed them. Gary Klinger rented the office above AAC and conducting electronic surveillance from there, and reported daily to Miscavige what they overheard.

Black operations against Mayo's group included each time Mayo took a trip abroad, they had him detained by customs on the false data he was smuggling drugs. Mithoff also broke into where the materials were locked up and stole a copy of Mayo's rewritten NOTs materials and it was later used for a lawsuit against him.
Note: Are you beginning to see why we said earlier on this time track that RTC is the "new GO"? It is autonomous and every bit as corrupt as the Guardian's Office was. Actually, RTC is worse than the GO ever was, because the GO never re-wrote LRH's tech, like RTC has. Read on and find out about: THE GOLDEN AGE OF SQUIRRELING
At the bi-weekly ASI meetings David Miscavige would ask Vicki Aznaran and Jesse Prince what they were going to do to put an end to Mayo. A copyright suit was suggested and so Miscavige brought in LRH Personal Secretary Pat Brice to get a briefing on copyright filings. He was disappointed to find that no one was responsible for copyright filings since the Guardian's Office had been re-organized by him.

Jesse Prince is at another ASI meeting. David Miscavige, Lyman Spurlock, Vicki Aznaran, Patricia Brice and Edith Buchele are present. The meeting was about the fact that the copyrights had not been registered and thousands of pages of LRH materials were now public domain. (Note: By law, once in the
public domain, it stays there. You can't get it back.)

David Miscavige orders Pat Brice (LRH personal secretary and ASI employee) to begin the process of mass copyright registration for all LRH materials. Pat says it is too late and Miscavige says to do it anyway.

Then Jesse saw Pat Brice come and say “we can't do this, per the law, we can't even do this. There's a lot of this stuff we cannot do anything with it because it went into the public domain. We have no rights on these things.” DM jumped up and screamed at her. I don't care what you have to do, just do it.

In mid 1983 a massive program to register LRH material began. This is the reason most copyright filings have a date of 1983 forward. They knew it was not copyright-able and DM told her to do it anyway. She then proceded to file 1000s of false copyright applications.

After that Pat Brice left the church.
Note: Here's a tip for you - they tried to get around this by putting LRH HCOBs into tech volumes and then getting a copyright to cover the whole book. But, if you look at the individual HCOBs in the tech volumes, the copyright is missing on each individual one. Know why that is? Because they don't own the copyright on it anymore, it's in the public domain! And it is there to stay, as a judge has already told them in a copyright case you will read about later on this time track.
Jesse says common practice is to take an issue that has fallen into the public domain, change a few lines of it, then get a copyright on their revised edition.

By law the only part that is copyrighted is their change. The part that was in the public domain remains in the public domain and is not copyrighted. And that is the only part we are interested in using anyway. We don't want their re-written parts, they can have them.

Furthermore, by copyright law, they do not own the ideas expressed in the issues. Once published, those are as free as the air and they belong to anybody who wants to use them.

When Dianetics The Modern Science of Mental Health was released, the idea was for people to read the book and co-audit, towards the goal of clearing the planet. Was there any concern about using copyright law to stop them? No. The purpose was to get lots of people co-auditing towards the goal of clearing the planet. Some people audited well and got good results, some didn't. So what? Any auditing is better than no auditing.

Groups formed to teach people to audit better and people who got good results went to improve their auditing skills and people who did not get good results also went to improve their auditing skills. Either way, you got them all coming to you by offering a group they could go to, to learn how to audit better.

One has to wonder - what is their big compulsion to own copyrights on the technology?

It really is not a problem towards the goal of clearing the planet, if that is your goal. So what if anyone could then open up shop and deliver the tech? That is all towards the goal of clearing the planet.

Altering LRH issues was the wrong solution to this. The correct solution was to get more on source thereby earning the reputation of being the place to go for the best results because you are totally 100% standard in applying pure on-source LRH technology.

You can't say they want the copyrights to prevent squirreling. They don't care about that. They alter the tech and squirrel all day long every day.

They have used copyrights to try and close down splinter groups. Splinter groups are not squirrel groups. This shows their true intentions and why they want copyrights.

They want copyrights on the technology so that they have a monopoly, giving people only one place to go. The benefits to them for people having only one place to go are:

a. Money - they can maximize profits. They can charge as much as they want & people have to pay it because they have nowhere else to go.

b. Extortion. They can make people do what they say by threatening to deny them services if they don't comply - because they have nowhere else to go

c. Abuses. They can make people put up with all manner of abuses - because they have nowhere else to go.

d. Control. By having a monopoly on delivering the technology they have control over whether or not the planet gets cleared.

Most important, control over whether anyone makes it to OT.

And the last one, control over whether anyone makes it to OT, is the real reason why all this is happening - to prevent it. Want proof? Look at their statistics on making OTs.

Summer 1983

A new practice called Severe Reality Adjustment (SRA) is flourishing at Gilman Hot Springs. Miscavige embraces and engages in them. The technique consisted of several people ganging up on another person and interrogating and intimidating the person. The person was "shocked" into a different reality. These are also called "gang-bang sec checks." Miscavige did one on Mayo when Mayo had disagreements with management over high prices, SRAs and some other things.


LRH executes an alteration in his will, called a codicil. This includes a clause forbidding any autopsy, viewing or service, stating instead that Ron' s body is to be cremated as soon as possible after his death.
Note: We wonder if LRH executed this instrument or was it done by others without his knowledge?
9 December 1983

Robin Scott walks into the Advanced Org in Denmark, posing as an RTC representative. He asks for and receives a copy of all of the OT levels and walks out with them.

(Later, Bill Franks walks off the Freewinds with the handwritten originals for all of the OT levels above OT 8, making the entire bridge now available in the field.)

Note: In case the significance of this event at first escapes you, it means the orgs and the U.S. intelligence community no longer have a monopoly on the OT levels.


2 January 1984

As Chairman of the Board ASI, Miscavige invested and lost some of LRH's fortune in oil well speculation, without telling Hubbard. The oil company was Highlands, Goodall, & Grear located in Oklahoma. The estimated loss was 50 million. To recover this, Miscavige instituted the sale of "Special Properties". He created and sold "leather-bound special editions" of LRH books, telling purchasers they were an investment.

Jesse Prince was sitting in the office with David Miscavige and Norman Starkey. Both of them had mastered forging LRH's signature. David and Norman said "We'll never get him to sign this.it's like there ain't no way in hell LRH is going to sign this shit. We'll sign it."

And so they did, committing not only forgery, but also fraud on the people who bought the books with "LRH's signature."

It's said that DM used this skill to also create fraudulent transfers, trust and testamentary instruments purportedly executed by LRH, which Miscavige then notarized despite the obvious conflict of interest. Contrary to law, he has never deposited those notary logs with the State of California and has refused to produce them in discovery in litigation.

27 January 1984

Shiona Fox-Ness leaves the Sea Org with personal knowledge of the criminal activities of upper level management. She knows Comm Evs to be a farce, a mere going through the motions executed after someone has already been targeted for demolition and the decision taken to expel them. The findings are often invented, grossly overstated, and serve as a means to blacken the character of the targeted individual. She has also witnessed LRH EDs, bulletins, policies, and telexes that did not originate from, nor were they signed by LRH.

She says much of the data in RJ 38 Today and Tomorrow The Proof, is false.
Note: This tape proves that Miscavige and Broeker were feeding LRH false data.

The tape is trying to "PR" RTC's wonderful products and statistics. The data and statistics are false, here are a few examples:

The tape says there is a war against squirrels and that a preliminary injunction has been won against the California Association of Dianetic Auditors. It says this is the first victory against squirrels based on trademarks. It says the preliminary injunction shut this person down.

The truth is that a preliminary injunction is a court document that is issued simply on request, it is preliminary to any hearing of facts, and that is not a victory at all, but merely a preliminary step to a trial. If the judge heard they were advertising this as a victory he would be most displeased. Also, this person is not a squirrel group, but simply a splinter group. And, they are not shut down, as a matter of fact they are doing better than ever.

The tape says the Perth Australia squirrel group run by Eddie Mace is under attack and has been reduced to next to nothing.

The truth is the group used to be a mission. RTC went into it, ripped it up, was abrasive and rude to the people there and consequently the management of the mission decided to leave the church. Since leaving the church, they moved to larger quarters, they're now delivering the entire bridge and their statistics have increased 8 fold, just since Spring.

The statistics given in the tape are exaggerated or utterly false. Here are some examples:

Per the tape, 53 new missions started in 1983 for a total of 168. According to Scientology Missions International statistic sheets, 26 new missions started in 1983 but there were 27 missions that closed down. The total missions at the beginning of the year was 60, the total at the end of the year was 59, not 168.

The tape says the number of new starts for the year is 417,311. Dividing that into weeks the figure is 8025 per week. The class IV org statistic sheets show 1001 new starts per week. The Scientology Mission International statistic sheets show 400 new starts per week. Therefore the statistic has been inflated by 6600 new starts per week that did not happen and it is a false statistic.

The actual statistics for the entire mission network for the year are way down. Gross income is down by 70%, well done auditing hours are down 70%, student points down 50% and first service starts are down by 80%.

We could go on but the point has been made.

12 March 1984

Lyman Spurlock was given a general power of attorney by LRH, as his personal employee.

Note: Norman Starkey and David Miscavige demonstrated that they can forge LRH's signature. Therefore this power of attorney, wills allegedly signed by LRH, etc. are all suspect.


RTC files a suit against David Mayo and others for use of upper level material obtained from the Denmark AO. RTC v. Scott, et al, in US District Court for the Central District of California.

April 1984

The 1967 IRS decision to remove the C of S of California from the roster of tax exempt organizations for failing to comply with IRS rules and regulations, is upheld by the US Tax Court. The court found substantial evidence of private inurement to LRH and his family, including salaries, management fees, complete support of LRH's family, and royalty payments on LRH's writings. Additionally, the court found "covert indicia of benefit" to LRH including repayment of unspecified debts, and LRH's absolute control over the millions of dollars resting in Operation Transport Corporation, Limited and the United States Churches of Scientology Trust.

Operation Transport Corporation is a non-charitable Panamanian corporation, found by the court to be run by the Flag Banking Organization. OTC was found to be a sham corporation for which FBO created financial records to give the false impression of a legitimate, independent existence. -49-

The court found that the United States Churches of Scientology Trust and the Operation Transport Corporation were run for the private benefit of LRH and his family.

David Miscavige holds a meeting at ASI with Jesse Prince, Vicki Aznaran, Marc Yaeger, and Lyman Spurlock. Miscavige tells them that he has received word of an IRS criminal investigation with the threat of a raid on ASI. One of the main reasons for no tax-exempt status is that LRH was actually the managing agent of Scientology in disregard of the corporate structure.

There was no doubt in the minds of the ASI staff what the IRS would find if they got the ASI documents, as the FBI had done in the 1977 raid. Such documents would show LRH running the Scientology empire via ASI and ASI's bleeding Scientology organizations for millions of dollars, most of it under the guise of "licensing agreements" drawn up by Spurlock, all of the money going into ASI's and then Hubbard's personal accounts. Some monies were converted to precious metals or jewels that were couriered directly to LRH. Some was deposited into overseas banks, usually Luxumborg or Lichtenstein, that had secret accounts in Hubbard's and ASI's names. This allowed LRH to tap into them directly.

Since ASI was incorporated as a for-profit company, ASI staff knew that ordering non-profits to come up with incredible sums sometimes in a matter of hours ( a $25,000.00 licensing fee from just one organization was not unusual) was all in violation of IRS laws and it could put LRH and ASI at risk. So, ASI staff implemented Miscavige's orders to hide the evidence.

There was a concern that the IRS would obtain hundreds of orders from LRH in the form of "advices" to Scientology. Under orders from Miscavige, Rick and Vicki Aznaran and Foster Tompkins destroy evidence of LRH advices that showed that he was still the managing agent of orgs.Norman Starkey ordered Vicki Aznaran to go to a computer facility in Los Angeles and destroy all evidence that showed LRH's involvement and control of Scientology's money. David Miscavige, Norman Starkey and Rick Jackson placed back up copies of the advices and evidence of LRH control of Scientology money in a secret storage facility.

The ASI staff were ordered to go through ASI files and pull all correspondence with LRH that involved his or ASI's connection to the various Churches of Scientology. Since that had been mostly what ASI had been doing for years, it was most of ASI's files. They took up about 20 4-drawer filing cabinets.

These files were then moved to a secret office and kept under 24 hour guard. The ASI staff worked there for a couple of months until the crisis was over.

Miscavige is worried about going to jail so he devises several schemes to flee the country. Guards are also trained to avoid service of process. Miscavige becomes the target of an IRS-CID investigation, alleging that DM participated in a conspiracy to defraud the IRS. This investigation is ended in 1986 when LRH dies.

May 1984

Jesse Prince says the role of attorney Sherman Lenske was to give them advice to ensure LRH's authority and control over Scientology was covered up. But over time, the attorneys would limit LRH's control more and more. The excuse was " we give you any kind of money you want, just shut up and take the money and let us run things." Miscavige just forced Ron out of existence by taking control away a little at a time. And LRH saw it.

Jesse says that he knows a big battle was going on between LRH and Miscavige because LRH thought his hands were totally tied. Ron was going to other people besides David to try to help him continue to have control over the church.

So, LRH had Jesse give David Miscavige a sec check. The following was found:

The line for getting money to LRH was that Pat Broeker would tell David to bring cash in a briefcase. In the sec check Miscavige confessed that when he brought money, he and Pat would meet in Las Vegas and they spent thousands of dollars of LRH's money, on gambling and whores.

Jesse found that Miscavige was in complete disagreement with LRH and with Broeker as to what should happen and when it should happen. And he was sick of giving them money because he said they just wasted money. So, he was considering cutting them off from the money too.

Jesse gave the results to Broeker and he does not think LRH got it because he never got an acknowledgement from Ron. Quite often Ron would give a gift, like a leather jacket, for helping him, or at least, he always said "thank you."

When Jesse gave the sec check to Broeker, Broeker said "Well, I think you did a good job. The old man has a lot on his mind, and we're trying to keep this stuff off of his lines."
Note: Broeker either never gave it to Ron or he altered it, as it also contained Broeker's crimes.
Despite all of this, after last month's threat of an IRS raid, Miscavige has attorneys (Lenske) tell LRH to not run the Church at all. LRH objects.

DM says from then on, LRH went completely out of touch with any Church entities. According to DM, LRH stops all communications with church personnel. He travels around Washington and California in a motorhome, finally settling at a ranch in Creston, California.
Note: At this point, read A STORY in Technical Volume 1, page 285. This is vital reading. If you don't have tech volumes, call a friend who does and have them read it to you.

After this "near call" it was decided to beef up RTC to take some of the functions from ASI, thus reducing the threats. Until then, RTC was junior to ASI only because ASI was where Miscavige was working. Miscavige began spending more time at RTC. RTC could thus be the enforcement section so ASI staff did not have to implement another Mission Holders Conference and put Miscavige in the limelight.

Miscavige orders/allows the re-writing of various LRH issues:

Vaughn Young says he has personal knowledge that material was written and issued under the name L. Ron Hubbard that he did not author. Vaughn personally wrote material under his name for years. This ranged from simple messages to be sent to various organizational staff on events such as Ron's birthday, to composing an entire directive that was issued under Ron's name. In these instances, they were done without Ron's knowledge or consent.

The directive Vaughn wrote concerned the Scientology policy of "disconnection". The order to do this came from David Miscavige. Miscavige said we had to reinstitute the Policy of Disconnection and ordered Vaughn to write it. Vaughn wrote it. It was not sent to LRH for his approval and was issued into the Church of Scientology.

Vaughn also wrote material that went into the body of the 10 part series of "Battlefield Earth." This was done after Ron's death and so did not have Ron 's approval. All of this was put out under Ron's name.

Therefore, the mere presence of LRH's name on written material is no guarantee that he wrote it or even knew about it. Others may have ghosted it without Ron's knowledge or consent. The material may have also been changed considerably by others.

When Jesse Prince was number two in command, right under DM, he was on the Issue Authority (IA) line. A submission for IA looked like this:

There would be multiple policy letters or HCOBs that had somewhat related issues concerning the issue that was being created, and maybe some advice throughout the years. And they would make a compilation issue based on all of these things, and they would put together something that had a specific theme and an idea, but it would come from many different sources. And they would put LRH's name on the compilation issue. This was done when he was still alive. So it would appear to a Scientologist that LRH had written the whole thing. When in fact LRH had only written a few lines of it or nothing at all.

The only way this is disclosed is you will have at the end of the issue the name L Ron Hubbard. Then you'll have someone's initials. Those initials are the initials of the person who compiled it and wrote the issue. And then beside those initials are the initials of the typist.

Jesse never saw anything that had absolutely nothing to do with anything that LRH had ever written, but he has definitely seen things come out that LRH had never seen and never knew existed. These issues were created inside the organization and they put Ron's name on it. And they copyrighted it under his name when he did not in fact create it.

Ray Mithoff ghosted a lot of the technical material.

RTRC is in the office of the SNR C/S INT and this unit is issuing the altered tech materials.

Prince saw them issue a lot of materials wherein they were sent something by LRH that was only two or three sentences long and they would make a 2 or 3 page bulletin out of it. And then they put Ron's name on it and present it as if LRH authored it entirely.

They would also write entire HCOBs, that LRH never authored or saw and put LRH's name on it. Other HCOBs, like HCOB 18 June 1990 C/S Series 124, has LRH's name on it, says it is a compilation, but it is not a compilation, they wrote it.

Jesse says that Ray Mithoff wrote OT 8 from scraps of paper containing little notes, it was a compilation process. And yet the church issued OT 8 as if it was authored by LRH, that this was his work. The initials at the end of the HCOB are LRH/RM and whoever the typist was, just like the NOTS materials.

The church has delivered different versions of OT 8.

Ray Mithoff was the one who wrote the original OT VIII supposedly from LRH notes. Pat Broeker was also involved in writing it. DM said he had to see it because he was Issue Authority.

Then DM told Jesse Prince that what was in there was going to blow people’s minds. It was not a happy thing. He said I don't know what is going to happen when we put this out. He was hesitant. He did not want to do it.

In the first 3 and a half months they delivered the first version of OT VIII. One of the people who did the original OT VIII was a man from Europe. He said fuck scientology and left the church. A lot of people were horribly upset and complained about it.

Jesse had a conversation with DM about it. It was like damn it, we knew it before we released it and now it has happened.

So, DM and Mithoff secretly revised it and removed the part that was upsetting people and the new version came out.

This is what is currently being done within Scientology, where Hubbard material is being altered, to delete and/or hide from public view anything that might prove to be embarrassing. At the same time the originals are kept from public view.

Jesse says they were once worried that a staff member in RTRC was going to go out security and blow this, that and the other. Her name was Holly Finell and her husband was Bill. DM ordered Jesse to bug their home. So, Jesse and Rick Aznaran put a lamp in their room that contained a bug and then listened to their private conversations. They knew it was illegal.

Note: The above is Felony Fraud on the paying Scientology public. Miscavige makes affidavits and public statements that all tech is made available in a pure, unadulterated form. He knows it is not. The paying public believes they are purchasing pure on-source LRH technology, when the truth is they are being defrauded. Miscavige has put the church at risk because a multi-billion dollar class action lawsuit could be brought on behalf of the paying public, to return all of their donations they made over the past 20 years.

June 1984

A meeting is held at ASI. David Miscavige, Lyman Spurlock, Vicki Aznaran, Norman Starkey, Marty Rathbun, attorney Earl Cooley and Jesse Prince are present. Miscavige says Scientology has been court ordered to produce the pc file of Larry Wollersheim. His 6 foot high stack of pc folders was culled down to about 50 pages by Vicki Aznaran. Cooley then told the court that was the entire file. There was a second order to produce the entire file, so Miscavige ordered the file destroyed.

August 1984

Stacy Young is transferred to the PR division of OSA. She has personal knowledge that the practices formally called "Fair Game" continue to be employed, although the term is no longer used. These tactics are laid out in many of the key policies studied and applied by OSA staff. OSA has the old GO bureaus of Intelligence, PR, and Legal.

September 1984

Flo Barnett had already attained the stated EP of SOLO NOTs in 1972. However, she had lost the OT state and therefore tried to rehabilitate it by auditing Solo NOTs. She decided to stop auditing Solo NOTs because it was not rehabilitating the state. She was unhappy with Flag because they refused her request to rehab her former OT state and insisted she continue on Solo NOTs.

Therefore, she had Julie Mayo audit her for a few sessions. Whereupon, she was gotten back onto AOLA lines for repair auditing, which went well at first but then sour. After that, no one pursued her to fix her up. In late 1984 she was hit by a searing blinding pain in her head which is later diagnosed as an aneurysm in the left side of her head.


Con te partirò
Part 5:


Jesse Prince hires attorney Earle Cooley to handle RTC's suit against David Mayo's group, Advance Ability Center. When Mayo left Scientology he took nothing with him, so when he started his group, he had to re-write the NOTS materials from his memory. This was easy for him to do since he was the one who had written all of the NOTS materials when he was in the church.

RTC infiltrated Mayo's group and committed the crime of breaking and entering to obtain a copy of Mayo's rewritten NOTS materials. These materials were then evidence in the copyright lawsuit that RTC brought against Mayo.

Attorney Cooley knew that RTC obtained Mayo's rewritten NOTS materials illegally. In preparing Jesse Prince to take the stand in this case, Cooley advised Jesse to lie about how RTC got Mayo's materials. Cooley told Jesse to testify under oath that someone had dropped the materials off on the front steps.


Julie Christofferson is awarded 39 million in damages in her lawsuit against the Church. The court found the Church guilty of practicing "Fair Game" against her and awarded her damages. Miscavige was personally managing the case. David orders all Scientologists to Portland for the Portland Crusade. Several months later a judge ruled it a mistrial.


Miscavige and Jesse Prince are pals at this time and DM confides to Jesse that they did not want LRH appearing in court. DM tells Jesse there's some things about LRH you just don't know and you have got to grow up and know something, that LRH is mentally unstable.

Also, Rick Aznaran was up at Creston once and he told Jesse that he could hear Ron screaming at thetans late at night when he was there. The servants were also aware of this.

Ron was heavily medicated with drugs from Dr. Denk, like valium and tranquilizers. Rick opened the medicine drawer and was surprised to find every kind of drug imaginable.

Jesse says that LRH was having Denk assist him with research. Denk provided any drug LRH wanted and LRH was being the guinea pig. Dennis Erlich claims to have met a guy who was also bringing cocaine, marijuana and LSD to LRH in Creston.
Note: If he's mentally unstable and drugged up, how could he legally sign a last minute will? Research, huh? Or being held against his will and made to look crazy with drugs? A STORY on page 285 in Technical Volume 1 comes to mind.

A black operation is begun to physically attack witnesses for government litigation against the Church, and other "enemies." The operatives have the code name "The Minutemen." Miscavige and Rathbun would say to Eugene Ingram, wouldn't it be nice if so and so got beat up. Ingram would assign one or two of his operatives to do it.

One such vigilante was sent to attack expelled Scientologist, Bent Corydon. A Mexican Scientologist was severely beaten up. There are many others, some of whom appear on this time track.

May/June 1985

Flo Barnett receives several auditing sessions from Julie Mayo and calls her friend Joyce Stephenson. Joyce says she was doing well and almost sounded like her old self again.

Sometime in 1985, Michelle Miscavige visits Flo and unleashed a tirade against her such as "You are never going to get better until you get back into the Church", etc.

Jesse Prince says that DM was personally running the intelligence operatives who were doing black operations on Flo. Just before her death in September, Flo had an argument with DM and threatened to go public with information she had about his black operations against her and to sue Scientology.
Note: Therefore, DM had a motive to kill her.
8 September 1985

David Miscavige's mother-in-law, Flo Barnett, dies of 2 shots in the chest with a rifle and then one to the head. Although there were no powder burns or marks on her body, this event is called a "suicide". Vicki Aznaran says DM's comment upon her death was "the bitch got what she deserved".
Note: Could this have been the work of "The Minutemen" David? Just wondering.
23 October 1985

Library of Congress records show that:

CSI copyrights their squirrel version of Dianetics The Modern Science of Mental Health.

31 December 1985

DM says an ASI staff member held a power of attorney from LRH and they conducted almost all of his business affairs without need of his direction or personal approval.

According to DM, this is the only communication received from LRH since 1984. It was a 5 minute tape wherein he gave his New Year's greetings and announced a breakthrough in his researches.
Note: Ron's voice is shaky in this tape - something is wrong.

Early 1986

The 1978 case of Founding Church of Scientology v FBI director Webster is dismissed.

The Church took the position that LRH was no longer a managing agent. However, the FBI produced evidence that LRH was still a managing agent. The court found that despite LRH's formal resignation from all management positions in Scientology, in fact he maintained control of Scientology's finances and policies through his position in the Sea Org and other covert means. "Ultimate control, we have no doubt, he possessed until his death."

The court dismissed the case after the Church had defied a court order to produce LRH for deposition.

Vicki Aznaran was aware that certain IRS indictments were about to be handed down against LRH. David Miscavige was under an IRS-CID investigation himself for conspiracy to commit tax fraud. Miscavige said, "the only way to stop it now is if the old man dies."

Early 1986

David Miscavige likely knew where LRH was living because the sister of his wife was working directly with LRH as his personal maid at Creston.

Vicki Aznaran got word from Annie Broeker that LRH was sick and not doing well. Vicki Aznaran says that Ron summoned Ray Mithoff and Pat and Annie Broeker just prior to his death and only them.

Jesse Prince says that just before Ron died, that it was known he was dying. Certain people disappeared for 3 or 4 days prior to Ron's death. David Miscavige disappeared. Ray Mithoff was woken up in the middle of the night, given a Ford Bronco and told to go there. When Ray got back he said he was auditing LRH.

23 January 1986

The day before Ron died, LRH allegedly signs a new last-minute will. The new last-minute will was drafted by attorney Sherman Lenske. The new will replaces Pat Broeker as Executor and assigns Norman Starkey as Trustee and Executor of LRH's estate. All of Ron's intellectual property is given to a trust called Author's Family Trust-B. Starkey's duties mainly concern transferring the vast number of copyrights from Author's Family Trust-B, to the Church of Spiritual Technology.

24 January 1986

Vicki Aznaran was aware that certain IRS indictments were about to be handed down against LRH. David Miscavige was under an IRS-CID investigation himself for conspiracy to commit tax fraud. Miscavige said, "the only way to stop it now is if the old man dies."

Hubbard was found dead at 8:00 PM, Vaughn Young was told at 10:00 PM. Vaughn went to the death site that night along with David Miscavige and some attorneys. They left LA at 1:00 AM and arrived at 4:00 AM. Vaughn says, since none of them had been there, including Miscavige, Pat Broeker met them at a restaurant and escorted them to the ranch.

Vicki Aznaran also went to the Creston Ranch. When she arrived Miscavige said that Ron is dead and he did not want to see "any grief bullshit about it."

The coroner's report says Ron died of a stroke. He had Vistaril (a psych drug) in his blood. He had needle puncture wounds in his left buttock, under a band aid. The coroner was suspicious of Ron's new-last-minute-will because it had been signed by Ron just prior to his death (with drugs in his body also.)

Ron's physician, Gene Denk, was gambling in Nevada when Ron had his stroke. Gamboa, Miscavige and wife and the Aznarans had taken Denk on this gambling trip a couple of weeks before the death and were there with Denk. By the time Denk returned, there was nothing he could do.

The impression the coroner got was that Denk was at Ron's side when he had his stroke and died. Denk signs the death certificate as the physician attending to Hubbard and then disappears for a year.
Note: Denk is gagged from talking about the year he spent with LRH prior to his death. Why is that Miscavige? What does Denk know that you are hiding from the rest of us Scientologists by gagging Denk?
Earl Cooley had a document, signed by Hubbard, forbidding an autopsy on religious grounds. Miscavige and Earle Cooley give this to the coroner, so no autopsy is done and Ron's body was cremated 24 hours after his death.

The Coroner's report states that the Coroner terminated his investigation when DM and Dr. Denk arrived and showed him the 1982 and 1986 wills then convinced the Coroner there was no material difference between the two wills.

What Miscavige and Dr. Denk concealed from the Coroner was the following:

1. There was no disclosure of the change of executor less than one day before death.

2. There was no disclosure of the change in provisions regarding MSH and the last minute abrogation of her community property interests in the 26.5 million dollar estate.

3. There was no disclosure of the last minute change in the 1986 will regarding the copyrights, which comprised 95% of the estate.

4. There was no disclosure that two weeks before the death, LRH's constant medical attention had been withdrawn when DM and others took Dr. Denk on a gambling trip to Reno, Nevada.

5. There was no disclosure of the last minute will's inclusion of a new provision anointing David Miscavige, (the architect of the will and circumstances surrounding the death), as a trusted servant and friend.

Creston was where the story was put together that LRH had moved on to the next level of research. (In other words, for PR purposes, they concocted a lie.)

The execs applied the PR policy of "an acceptable truth" to LRH's death. They wanted to protect the idea that Hubbard was cause over life and death. They had to protect the myth at all costs, so they fed the myth by saying he was doing research.

February 1986

Hubbard's Death Announcement Event at the Flag Land Base Presided over by David Miscavige, Pat and Annie Broeker and Attorney Earl Cooley

Their invented public relations story:

Pat and Annie Broeker say they were with LRH several days before his death and LRH said that he had to continue his research into the upper OT levels without his body. Pat says he was assisting LRH with his research into the upper levels and was privy to them. Pat Broeker says LRH left completed OT levels up to OT XV. Pat says he was personally in charge of them and was now a loyal officer under LRH's absent auspice. And that he and RTC were to decide when to release them.

Cooley says he saw LRH's body at Creston Ranch and found nothing wrong with it. (The Coroner's report proves that is a lie.)

February 1986

The Estate of L. Ron Hubbard is subject to the control of the Trustee, Norman Starkey. He is a junior of DM. DM and Starkey make an 800-page inventory list of all of LRH's copyrighted works, close to 20,000 individual works.

DM says the probate of LRH's estate was important to him. Fulfilling Hubbard 's final wishes meant seeing that Scientology Scripture passed to the Church of Spiritual Technology.

Miscavige had Mary Sue Hubbard under "house arrest" in Hollywood Hills in LA. She had two Sea Org members living with her and they went with her everywhere and reported daily to Miscavige what she did every day.

Under duress, MSH made an agreement to waive her rights to her community share of the Estate of LRH. This is how Miscavige swindled Hubbard's heirs out of an inheritance worth 400 million. Soon after LRH's death, Miscavige takes Jesse Prince and over a dozen other Sea Org execs and invaded the house of Mary Sue Hubbard. She was recovering from lung cancer surgery and was in a wheelchair. Some of the other Sea Org members were Lyman Spurlock, Norman Starkey, Vicki Aznaran, Marc Yaeger, Ray Mithoff and Marty Rathbun.

Larry Heller was one of the attorneys there representing Miscavige. MSH was unrepresented. Note: (He is one of the secret "Special Directors" of Church of Spiritual Technology.)

Mary Sue was made to sign an agreement wherein she was paid $100,000 to relinquish any kind of claim on the copyrights, trademarks, and bank accounts. Ron's children were given $50,000 each. She did not want to sign and Miscavige started screaming at her "You are going to sign it!"

Miscavige threatened to sec check Mary Sue and she said "No, I'm going to sec check you to find out what the hell you are trying to do to me."

Miscavige said they were running the church, its got nothing to do with her and she was lucky to get what she's getting. Miscavige said "Everything LRH did, he did for the church. We are the church, not you. Therefore, everything is staying right here with us."

The moment when she relinquished and signed the document, was when Mithoff made her feel that LRH did not care about her. She was sad that Ron died, because they had been separated and had not talked for a long time. She asked Mithoff, with tears in her eyes, if Ron had said anything, or asked about her before he passed. Mithoff said, "No, he didn't mention your name." At that, she bowed her head and they stuck the papers underneath her hand and she started signing. Mithoff bragged with great glee afterwards about how he got to her by telling her that.

Ron's children had already been similarly handled prior to meeting with Mary Sue, and they had already signed, getting $50,000 each.

18 February 1986

LRH's last will and testament is admitted to the probate court, Superior Court of the County of San Luis Obispo probate case # 20885. The will appointed Norman Starkey as executor of the estate and also named Norman Starkey as Trustee of Author's Family Trust-B, An Inter-Vivos Trust Established January 23, 1986.
Note: There were 14 separate legal challenges to LRH's estate:
California Superior Court, County of San Luis Obispo, Case No. 20885, Ex Parte Petition For Stay of Proceedings in Estate of L. Ron Hubbard. This is fraudulent and criminal transfer of LRH's copyrights, trademarks, and other property through Norman Starkey to RTC and CST. 1986 & 1987

In the months after Ron's death, Vaughn Young spent a lot of time with Pat Broeker and they became friends. Vaughn learned a lot about LRH's life while he was in hiding the last few years.

A power struggle erupted over the next 18 months over who would take control of Scientology. A key element in the struggle was LRH's last message to the rank and file. It was a message from Ron issued as a Sea Org Directive. It said good bye, wished them well and establishing a new rank/position called Loyal Officer. Pat was LO 1 and his wife Annie was LO 2 and it basically turned the management of the Sea Org over to them. And since the Sea Org ran Scientology that meant they were at the top of the heap. David Miscavige was not mentioned in the Directive.

So, Pat slowly started to take control. There was a power struggle and DM won and quickly purged the Sea Org of Broeker supporters as he consolidated his power. Vaughn was sent to RPF for 16 months & had 3 escape attempts. While in the RPF a directive came out from Miscavige saying that the final message from LRH was a forgery by Broeker and was cancelled. That same day Annie appeared in the RPF, a completely broken person. She was kept under guard, just to be sure.

With the cancellation of the message from Ron there was now two things missing: a goodbye message and a hat turn over. So if the Directive was a forgery, where was the real goodbye message and hat turn over? Where were Ron's wishes, in writing?

David Miscavige never provided anything and everyone was afraid to ask for fear of being sent to the RPF. Pat Broeker disappeared.

April 1986

RTC won its injunction against AAC and Mayo is shut down. His group of people went to another group and continued on.

June 1986

Jesse Prince was in the room when Miscavige, Rathbun and Gene Ingram were planning a black intelligence operation to physically beat up Charles O' Reilly. He was also in the room a few days later when they were celebrating having pulled it off.(The Minutemen ride again.)

July 1986

A Los Angeles jury awards Larry Wollersheim $30 million in damages. The court found the Church guilty of practicing "Fair Game" against him (they destroyed his business) and awarded damages. One of the intelligence black operations run on him by Miscavige, Rathburn and Ingram, was a fake bomb placed on the doorsteps of his parents. Another was approaching his sister in a supermarket and telling her that Larry will not live to collect any money. Another was physically beating up his attorney, Charles O'Reilly.

The Church appealed the decision.

Just prior to this court decision, Stacy Young is working in the FREEDOM Magazine department of the PR division of OSA US. She is told it looks like Wollersheim was going to win his suit against CSC. Therefore, CSC had to be gutted of all of its assets before the decision was handed down.

All that would be left of CSC would be a corporate shell consisting of a treasury office and the FREEDOM office. So, the FREEDOM office and the Treasury Office of OSA US were moved across the street. Treasury Secretary, Rhea Smith, tells Stacy that all assets of CSC had been taken out of CSC accounts. (Wollersheim later says they transferred 500 million out of CSC reserves.)

28 September 1986

Library of Congress records show that:

CSI copyrights their squirrel version of the LRH book Problems of Work.

24 October 1986

Library of Congress records show that:

CSI copyrights their squirrel version of the LRH book The Fundamentals of Thought.

Late 1986

Michael Flynn is representing dozens of clients in a suit against Scientology. He settles the suit but cannot obtain agreement for one of his clients to be silent, Scott Mayer, who was Hubbard's Fleet Captain. The reason is that Mayer is working for the IRS as a paralegal and the IRS still has pending litigation with C of S. When Scientology located Mayer living in Laguna, Ca., his car mysteriously exploded in a fire ball. ("The Minutemen" ride again?)


Con te partirò
Part 6:


Jesse Prince says Miscavige has a lifestyle that far exceeds his $40,000 annual salary. One day DM showed Jesse his safe with stacked up gold and silver brick bars, rare coins and jewelry. He owns 4 new cars, and he and his wife have lavish wardrobes, such as DM having closets full of tailor made suits valued at $2,000 each. They have a $20,000 stereo system and all handmade furniture valued around $40,000. They take 4 expensive vacations per year, each one taking between 2 and 3 weeks. They have 15 to 20 servants. Jesse estimates DM's lifestyle is costing about $750,000 a year. Meantime, Sea Org members are being paid $30.00 a week.

Jesse says that DM has access and control over all Scientology reserves and he could blow and take it all with him.

March 1987

Pat Broeker sends a mission to remove David Miscavige from post. Missionaires are Vicki Aznaran, Jesse Prince and Spike Bush. They go to Gilman Hot Springs to remove DM from post and take over command of Scientology. The mission failed and that results in LRH's closest aide, Pat Broeker, being removed. The power was taken over by Miscavige who purged the Sea Org of anyone friendly to Broeker.

Jesse Prince is removed from RTC and put under armed guard at Happy Valley, a few miles West of Gold. After a few months he was put to work at Gold under watch, until he escapes in 1992.

Miscavige removes Vicki Aznaran from the post of Commanding Officer of RTC. He appoints himself Chairman of the Board of RTC. Thus, he moves the seat of power from ASI to RTC because it was more defensible to run Scientology from a non-profit corporation.

Vicki is ordered to the RPF "Running Program" at Gilman Hot Springs. This involved running around an orange telephone pole from 7:00 AM to 9:30PM with 1/2 hour breaks for lunch and dinner. She was kept there by armed guard, but finally escaped down a riverbed.

Vaughn Young did not know that Pat was planning to oust Miscavige. But, Miscavige thinks that Vaughn was one of Pat's infiltrators in ASI. They went after Vaughn for weeks and broke him. Then they did it several more times over the next year and a half.
Note: Jesse Prince says during the time that he was in RTC, from 1982 to 1987, that the Sherman Lenske law firm was paid 7 to 8 million and the Heller firm 4 to 5 million. All they were doing was giving advice to Miscavige. Later in time Jesse was asked about the theory that the attorneys control Miscavige and Miscavige controls Scientology. Jesse was asked if he saw anything that the real control exists with the attorneys and that they have enough on Miscavige to take Miscavige out.
Jesse said yes, but he thinks that their hands are so dirty and that blood drips from all of their hands that they protect each other. They all go down together and so they all survive together. He says he thinks the attorneys were being paid, not for their work, but because they have a piece of the pie.
March 1987

Richard and Vicki Aznaran leave the SO and return to their home in Dallas, Texas. DM says this is when he became COB RTC. He leaves the post of ASI and takes over RTC.

17 September 1987

Norman Starkey, as Trustee of Author's Family Trust-B, enters into a License Agreement with RTC, wherein LRH's estate allows RTC use of the Advanced Technology.


The Life Improvement Courses are released by CSI, making the bottom of the Bridge a minefield of squirrel alterations of LRH tech, all "Based On TheWorks of LRH."
Note: Declared squirrel groups such as Erhard Seminar Training and Dianology were also -"based on the works of" LRH. That's what made them squirrel groups. So why isn't CSI a declared squirrel group for issuing tech that is - "based on the works of" LRH?
18 February 1988

Library of Congress records show that:

CSI copyrights their squirrel version of LRH's study tapes.

March 1988

The IRS sends agents to CST's headquarters to conduct an on-site review of CST's financial activities and operations. CST had agreed to allow the investigation. On June 24, 1988, CST sent a letter to the IRS complaining that an IRS agent interviewed Vicki Aznaran, formerly the Inspector General of RTC, without first informing anyone at CST. The process came to an end in June 1988 when CST refused to cooperate with the agent's requests for records.

18 April 1988

Flag Order 3879 The Sea Org & The Future is cancelled by DM. He says it is a fabrication of Pat Broeker. He says that LRH's estate planning took into account the future of Scientology and this is being implemented. He says that LRH made plans for the eternal existence of Scientology technology in RJ 34 The Future of Scientology. Also in RJ 38 Today And Tomorrow: the Proof, LRH describes the current set up of international management.

April 1988

Richard and Vicki Aznaran file a lawsuit against Scientology.

8 July 1988

The Commissioner of the IRS renders a decision denying tax exempt status to the Church of Spiritual Technology. The IRS found that CST was operated for the benefit of the private interests of LRH, up until his death, and afterwards for the substantial non exempt purpose of aiding other Scientology organizations in their marketing of Scientology services and publications. CST appeals the decision in United States Claims Court.

13 July 1988

Vicky Aznaran hired attorney Joseph Yanny, in 1984, to represent RTC in copyright litigation. While representing RTC, he witnesses a lot of RTC's criminal activities. Therefore he stopped representing them in November 1987 and he and his associates were then subjected to intelligence black operations and physical assaults by "The Minutemen".

He makes an affidavit on this date about his knowledge of RTC's criminal acts:

His associate, Karen McRae, was severely beaten by two assailants in Dallas, Texas.

Rick Aznaran, while under surveillance by Church intelligence agents, was the object of a hit and run accident in the State of Texas.
Note: This is a common black operation by "The Minutemen"- a hit and run auto accident
His fiancee, Ms. Wilske, was the object of a hit and run auto accident involving the collision of the front and rear of her vehicle, destroying the car and injuring her.

While under surveillance by Church intelligence agents, he was stopped by 4 police cars and the officers got out and called him by name. They had information that he was in possession of firearms and cocaine. Yanny allowed them to search his car and nothing was found by the police. The police then interrogated the two intelligence agents and found them to be hired by a law firm that represents the church, Williams & Connolly.

Since he stopped representing the church, his offices had been broken into 3 times, once with a crow bar, and numerous documents related to the Church were taken.
Note: Remember on the time track that Clearwater Mayor Gabe Cazares was in litigation with the church, and Vallier (an attorney who is also a Scientologist) infiltrated and represented Cazares with the intent of sabotaging his case.
Yanny says in his affidavit that when he represented the church that Mr.Vallier was his employee and law associate. He says that Vallier was a well known seller of large quantities of cocaine. Vallier had first been busted for peddling cocaine at age 17 but the record was sealed. However, church intelligence found out about the bust and Vallier told Yanny that in 1986 the church was using the information to blackmail Vallier.

Yanny has personally seen Vallier in possession of large quantities of cocaine for resale.

While working for Yanny, Vallier confided that he supplied cocaine to enemies of the church when he was in law school.

Warren McShane once told Yanny that he was a high ranking operative for the G.O. back in the days when the G.O. was caught stealing IRS and Justice Dept. documents. McShane also told Yanny that he was running spies who had infiltrated David Mayo's group and that they were going through the preclear folders of members of Mayo's group for blackmail material.

While representing the church he was aware of numerous "cullings" of parishioner's preclear folders to get data in preparation for depositions of former members. When Yanny objected to this practice, Warren McShane told him it was standard practice. Yanny often complained to Vicki Aznaran about McShane doing this and McShane's tendency towards other criminal activities and his general disregard for the law.

Yanny witnessed Church attorney Earl Cooley ordering Warren McShane and Marty Rathburn to destroy evidence related to church litigation. There was also wholesale destruction of evidence, theft of documents from private persons and attempts to infiltrate the Court chambers of Judges Lilly and Swearinger.

Yanny also knows of a plot to perpetuate a fraud to the Courts in the form of settlement agreements of numerous pieces of church litigation, which required lawyers to never take litigation against the church in the future, and that no one, either lawyers or parties, testify against the church again. The agreements also required that all evidence and files be turned over to the church for destruction. Additionally, witnesses such as Bill Franks, were gagged, to prevent them from telling others what they knew.
Note: Larry Wollersheim is in litigation with the church and Charles O'Reilly is his attorney. O'Reilly had won a 30 million dollar judgement against Scientology in this case.
Vallier also confided to Yanny that Vallier had been an operative for the church in obtaining inside information from the offices of Charles O' Reilly, by establishing a relationship with O'Reilly's secretary. He also supplied the secretary with cocaine. During this operation, his handler was Warren McShane, President of RTC.

In May 1987, Yanny attended a meeting with high ranking church officials, including Linda Hamel, Director of Covert Operations. The subject of the meeting was "The Catholic Conspiracy and Charles O'Reilly." It was explained that the Catholics were enemies of Scientology and that O'Reilly was their best hit man.

Marty Rathburn said that Miscavige had ordered them to steal O'Reilly's medical records from the Betty Ford Center and another location in Santa Barbara to show that he was using cocaine, discredit him, and possibly blackmail him into easing off on his 30 million dollar verdict now on appeal.

Yanny objected to this as illegal and an alternative plan was arrived at to settle Yanny's nerves. Within days, Yanny told the church's chief lawyer, John Peterson, that he wanted out. Soon thereafter Peterson died and Yanny stopped representing the church.

Yanny was also informed of a group of vigilantes known as "The Minutemen" who were to go beat up dissidents and had in fact done so.

4 August 1988

Library of Congress records show that:

CSI copyrights their squirrel version of the Hubbard Dianetics Auditor Course.


Tech degrade - LRH books that are no longer being sold:

- Notes On The Lectures
- The Phoenix Lectures
- Dianetics Today

Introduction To Scientology Ethics edition is squirrel:

Omitted from the squirrel version: Code of a Scientologist, Code of Honor, Church Creed, Keeping Scientology Working, and 198 definitions of words in the glossary such as ethics, SP, PTS. Plus, the definitions of some of the words in the glossary are squirrel.

Dianetics The Modern Science of Mental Health has also been re-written by CSI, along with 913 other titles listed in the Library of Congress records. CST is the owner of the copyrights for all these re-writes.

8 October 1988

To illustrate the squirreling being done we will use CSI's re-written version of the 1965 LRH book SCIENTOLOGY: A NEW SLANT ON LIFE, published on this date. This is a "based on the works of LRH" publication, written by CSI. LRH is not the author.

In order to make it appear to the public that LRH is the author, LRH's name is made part of the copyrighted title, to deceive the public into thinking LRH wrote it:


The CSI book alters things said by LRH in his book and deletes 9 of his chapters and adds 12 new ones that were not in the original book.

The CSI version deletes the following Chapters from LRH's original book:

The Reason Why, The Conditions of Existence, Myths of the Mind, The Man Who Succeeds, On Death of the Consciousness, Accent on Ability, Freedom vs Entrapment, The Human Mind, Communication

In the CSI squirrel version, there are 87 times where they alter-is LRH's words from the original book written by LRH. Below are a few examples shown in bold print:

LRH's 1965 Version

Actually a little child derives all of his "how" of life from the grace he puts upon life.

CSI's 1988 & 1997 Squirrel Version

Actually a little child derives all of his pleasure in life from the grace he puts upon life.

LRH Version

They're looking for something, but the odd part of it is, the only time they ever find something is when they put it there first. Now, this doesn't sound very plausible, but it's quite true.

CSI Squirrel Version

They're looking for something, but the odd part of it is, the only time they ever find something is when they put it there first. Now, this doesn't sound very creditable, but it's quite true.

LRH Version

And here you have somebody who is happy, who is cheerful, who is strong, who finds that most things are pleasurable; and what do we discover in this person? We find out that he is making life, and here is actually a single difference: are you making life or is life making you?

CSI Squirrel Version

And here you have somebody who is happy, who is cheerful, who is strong, who finds that there is something worth doing in life, and what do we discover in this person? We find out that he is making life, and there is actually the single difference: Are you making life or is life making you?

LRH Version

The politician, the reporter, the psychiatrist with his electric shock machine, the drug manufacturer, ..

CSI Squirrel Version

The politician, the reporter, the medico, the drug manufacturer, ..

LRH Version

You try to give him his freedom. He's so suspicious of you he will have a terrible time trying to adjust. The transition period will be difficult. But, at the end of it, you'll have a well ordered, sociable child, thoughtful of you and, very important to you, a child who loves you.

CSI Squirrel Version

You try to give him his freedom. He's so suspicious of you he will have a terrible time trying to adjust. The transition period will be terrible. But at the end of it, you'll have a well-ordered, well trained, social child, thoughtful of you and, very important to you, a child who loves you.

More examples of The Golden Age of Squirreling:

Over 400 words have been deleted from the LRH tape "Studying, Introduction".

Over 600 words have been deleted from the LRH tape "Establishment Officer Tape # 1, ESTO's Instant Hat".

HCOPL 10 September 1982: This is called rip off. It is the exchange condition of robbers, tax men, governments and other criminal elements.

Dynamics of Money course book, page 45: This is called rip off. It is the exchange condition of robbers, most tax men, many governments and criminal elements. (Also notice that the word "other" was deleted.)

There are several "secularized" versions of LRH tape lectures where, for instance, the word preclear has been changed to the word person. (This shows they can edit tapes and put in words LRH never actually said in his tapes.)

LRH dedicated Science of Survival to Diana Hubbard, this has been deleted.

In HCOPL 18 December 1961 "Standing Orders, HCO" LRH says "By my own creed, a being is only as valuable as he can serve others." This PL has been deleted from the OEC volumes.

Why go on? They have altered thousands of LRH HCOBs, books and tapes. We are not including here some of the extremely treasonous alterations of HCOBs we have discovered and other HCOBs where LRH never wrote it at all, but they put his name on it as if he did.

Each one of these changes is a tech degrade, a High Crime, and a Suppressive Act.

It is also Felony Fraud - because the public thinks it is paying for pure LRH tech and Miscavige falsely represents to the public they are getting "pure, unadulterated LRH tech".

The truth is:

Miscavige has turned all Scientology organizations into being an off-source squirrel group. Miscavige is the most destructive squirrel in the history of the religion. David Miscavige, Religious Technology Center, and Church of Spiritual Technology are all in a condition of TREASON to LRH and all Scientologists. -71-

Although altering source material is a High Crime in Scientology, legally they can write works that are "based on the works of LRH." However, they cannot change what LRH wrote and leave his name on it, as if he wrote it, as they have done on some HCOBs. Also, they cannot write something that LRH never wrote and put LRH's name on it, as they have also done with some HCOBs. Those two things not only violate copyright law, but they are Felony Fraud on the Scientology paying public, who thinks they are paying for and getting pure LRH, which they are not.

November 1988

Bill Franks, former ED Int, and other execs have started a new group called the Reform Movement in Europe. They have all of the OT levels, because of Scott getting the lower OT levels from the AO and Franks walking out with the upper OT levels from the Freewinds, as stated earlier on the time track. Miscavige gives Heber Jentzch orders to carry out covert operations against them in Spain. These operations included orders for investigations by private detectives to obtain information by any means to incarcerate the leaders of the Reform Movement. These covert operations resulted in Heber being arrested in Spain.

30 November 1988

Norman Starkey, Executor of Hubbard's estate, signs a covenant with RTC, wherein the estate grants RTC the right to use the Advanced Technology. It lists the Advanced Technology as being: Grades V, VA, VI, Clear, OT I, OT II, OT III, new OT IV, new OT V, new OT VI, new OT VII, new OT VIII, new OT IX, new OT X, new OT XI, L-10, L-11, L-12 and OT Review Auditing.


Stacy Young is taken to Gilman Hot Springs. She was "on the decks" for 3 months after she and Vaughn tried to escape and were caught in Hemet.


3 January 1989

The probate court ordered distribution of the estate of LRH, including ownership of various interests in the Advanced Technology.

A Decree of Distribution is issued by the probate court, the remaining assets of LRH's estate, including all of the copyrights to LRH's works have been transferred to Norman Starkey, Trustee of Authors Family Trust-B.

28 January 1989

Norman Starkey files an Affidavit of Executor, stating that the estate of LRH has been fully administered. Pursuant to the Decree of Distribution issued by the probate court, the remaining assets of the estate, including all of the copyrights to LRH's works have been transferred to Norman Starkey Trustee of Authors Family Trust-B. (A list of Ron's works is attached.)

30 January 1989

Attorney Sherman Lenske files a Fictitious Business Name Statement for "Norman Starkey as Trustee of Author's Family Trust-B". The Fictitious Business Name being filed is "L. Ron Hubbard Library" located at 6515 Sunset Blvd, Suite 202, Los Angeles, Ca 90028.

14 February 1989

Recorded in the Assignments and Documentation Division of the US Copyright Office: transfer of ownership of LRH copyrighted works from the estate to the Trustee Norman Starkey.

July 1989

Vaughn and Stacy Young leave the S.O.


The IRS won against Scientology in Hernandez v Commissioner, 490 U.S. 680 (1989). The IRS denial of tax exemption is upheld by the court.

July 1989

The California Court of Appeal upheld the ruling in the Larry Wollersheim case, repeating the earlier court's statement that he had been subjected to the Church's Fair Game policy. However, the award was adjusted to 2.5 million.

16 December 1989

The precise target of the FBI raid in 1977 was the Snow White program in the Intelligence Bureau of the G.O. It is CSI's contention that it has disassociated itself from the criminals in the G.O. This is untrue. Grace Marie Haddy worked for USGO Intelligence Bureau. A non-existence formula on this date from Grace Marie Haddy, as Snow White Programs Chief OSA US, shows that she is still on staff and also that Snow White is still being done.

Also, a Scientologist lawyer, Kendrick Moxon, was an unindicted co-conspirator in the FBI raid and he is still on staff and working for Miscavige. Two more former GO intelligence personnel are Gary Klinger and Jeff Schreiber, and they continue doing intelligence work for RTC. Two of the people who went to jail, Henning Heldt and Jane Kember, are back working undercover for OSA.

You have now seen enough criminal black intelligence operations by RTC on this time track to know that these criminal activities did not stop.
Note: This is very important. Miscavige says his reason for dismantling the GO was that the GO had crimes. Yet, the criminal activity did not stop. DM continued it and he and RTC and OSA are every bit as criminal as the GO ever was. That proves it was not the real reason for disbanding the G.O. Disbanding the Guardian's Office because of their crimes is Miscavige's cover story. It is not the real reason. The real reason was that he and others conspired to seize all of Scientology. And the Guardian's Office was what stood in his way. That was his real motivation in disbanding it.
Why did Miscavige want to seize Scientology?

He is not a humanitarian interested in Clearing the planet. His excessively high prices bar the majority of people from services. Also proving it is lawsuits brought on splinter groups that were not squirreling the tech.

He does not care about the tech. His squirreling proves that.

Being suppressive, he is not there to make OTs:

In 19 years since the release of OT 7, not one valid completion yet. Look at the overt products of OT 7 & 8. Many OT 7 & 8 deaths and psychotic breaks. The squirreling of OT 7 & 8 into unworkability- we cannot give the confidential details here. The honest staff on the Freewinds knows that no one made the grade on OT 8. Added time - "Before releasing OT 9 all orgs have to be St Hill size first." Added time - "Before releasing OT 9 we have to handle the suppression on the planet first." Above all, look at his statistics on making theta clears. Zero. Not one.

He wanted to seize it so he could get rich by helping SPs prevent anyone becoming OT.

The aims of Scientology: A world without insanity, criminality and war.,

Miscavige and his co-conspirators are criminals. Criminals are not going to make a world without criminals.

If the church is going to do that, then it better start by ridding itself of Miscavige & friends.


Con te partirò
Part 7:


In the 1990s, Major Ed Dames offers a course in remote viewing to the public for $4,500.00 a person. He is the CIA Officer who was involved in the CIA Remote Viewing Program at SRI in the 1970's.

This course utilizes Scientology technology and he charges money for it. He has sold this to an estimated 10,000 people and also offers videotapes for $299.00. The Church of Spiritual Technology has brought copyright suits against others for this but oddly, they have done nothing about Major Dames doing it.

(Probably more of Miscavige's friends - you know - IRS, Interpol, CIA, etc.)

February 1990

Michael Pattinson completes OT VIII. His homosexuality appeared resolved until 2 months later when the urge returned. He had spent $500,000.00 and was broke, therefore he could not buy more auditing to handle the problem. At this point, priest-penitent privileged information was taken from his confessional folders and made public. The MAA on the Freewinds sent the confessional data to Celebrity Center in Paris. Olivia Pilo also called his business associates to see if they had any "dirt" on him that could be used against him.

The information was used to show his friends and business associates so they would disconnect from him, thus destroying his business. On two occasions, staff members and his friends were told to write KRs on him and given the data to put in the reports. The reports were secret and false and robotically said what they were told to say in them, omitting any reference in the reports that they had been provided with the false data. Over the next several years he spends $120,000.00 just in the effort to clear his name of the false accusations made against him.

24 May 1990

The Manual of Justice is a public domain document, copyrights ended in the 1980s. See New Era Publications v Carol Publishing Group & Atack, NY, 1990, US District Court Southern District of New York, 89 Civ. 3845, and the same case at the US Court of Appeals, Second Circuit, no. 1204-1376, decided 24 May 1990.

14 November 1990

Library of Congress records show that:

CSI copyrights their squirrel version of Hubbard False Purpose Rundown Course.


28 February 1991

Library of Congress records show that:

CSI copyrights their squirrel version of the Hubbard Life Orientation Course.

6 May 1991

An article appears in Time Magazine "Scientology:The Cult of Greed". Steven Fishman is quoted in the article. Former RTC exec, Vicki Aznaran, also says in the article "This is a criminal organization day in and day out."

The church sues Fishman for defamation in the US District Court for the Central District of California. In the course of that trial, Fishman submitted 69 pages of OT materials to the court in his defense. Thus, as a matter of public record, copies of the OT materials got out, until August 1995 when the church got the files sealed.


Hemet California is a small town of about 1000 people. It is where "the Base" is, in other words, International management. One day they received orders to go vote for a certain candidate for Mayor. So, 500 Sea Org members were bused to town to vote and this person was then elected to office.

Note: It is illegal for a religion in the U.S. to involve itself in political lobbying. It cannot endorse candidates, etc. To do so will cost it it's tax exempt status.

4 June 1991

Memorandum Opinion And Order in RTC v Robin Scott:

This motion revives the issue of authorship of certain Scientology scriptures called NOTs. RTC argues that the "work made for hire" doctrine, as codified by the Copyright Act of 1976, necessarily imputes authorship of NOTs to Hubbard whether he or David Mayo actually created the materials.

The thrust of the defendants opposition is that Mayo was not an employee of Hubbard when Mayo developed the NOTs materials.

The court finds that it is an established fact that Mayo substantially participated in the drafting of NOTs. Ordinarily the creator of a written work is the author. However, the Copyright Act of 1976 treats "works made for hire" differently. If the written work is a work made for hire, "the employer or other person for whom the work was prepared is considered the author." 17 U.S.C. section 201(a).

RTC submitted documents to the court showing that Mayo was hired by CSC to perform work under the supervision of Hubbard. The court rejects that Hubbard was Mayo's employer but finds that CSC was his employer. It was established by the court that:

NOTs is based on Mayo's auditing of LRH. The Church literally follows everything Hubbard said, therefore, Hubbard's suggestions and criticism regarding the earlier drafts of NOTs would be adopted verbatim by CSC. Moreover, as reflected in the excerpted transcripts of the tapes, Hubbard actually exercised his right to control by making suggestions and criticisms.

The court determined that Mayo was an employee of CSC acting within the scope of his employment when he drafted NOTs, thus his substantial contribution to NOTs constitutes work made for hire under the Copyright Act.

14 June 1991

Library of Congress records show that:

CSI copyrights their squirrel version of Technical Volume IX.


Miscavige pays an unannounced visit to IRS Commissioner Fred T. Goldberg Jr. Goldberg then created a "special committee" to negotiate a settlement with Scientology outside normal agency procedures! The secret "negotiations committee" was chaired by Howard M. Schoenfeld. As a result of these negotiations:

The Exempt Organizations Technical Division was instructed not to review the exemption applications filed by the Church of Scientology and its affiliates for compliance with IRC 501(c)(3).

According to the New York Times, tax analysts Donna Moore and Terrell M. Berkovsky wrote memoranda specifying that they had been instructed by Shoenfeld not to address issues like whether the church was engaged in too much commercial activity or whether its activities provided undue benefit to its leaders.

13 May 1991

Norman Starkey, Trustee of Author's Family Trust-B, makes an additional agreement with RTC regarding use of the Advanced Technology. It is called; Addendum to Advanced Technology Covenant.

Late 1991

Jesse Prince and wife were ordered to have an abortion in the S.O. It is a traumatic experience for each of them. Any Sea Org members getting pregnant are put in lower conditions and sent to welfare to have a free abortion.
Note: Another indication of Miscavige bringing the tone level of the organization to 1.1 - no children allowed in the Sea Org and ordering abortions.


27 January 1992

Another former RTC member writes an affidavit that says Miscavige conceives, plans and orders the actions of the church against those whom he considers to be against his personal control over Scientology. He has such church members expelled by false denunciations and then uses GO tactics, such as "Fair Game" against them. This included the formation of vigilante groups to physically attack these people.

29 June 1992

The United States Claims Court upholds the decision of the IRS Commissioner to deny tax exempt status to the Church of Spiritual Technology. The court finds that CST was founded for the primary purpose of gaining tax exempt status to serve the financial goals of other, non-exempt entities, and that CST's archiving activities are secondary to its obtaining a tax exemption and would not of themselves qualify CST as a tax exempt organization under I.R.C. @ 501 (c)(3).

The court notes that CST, CSI and RTC all applied for tax exemption at the same time. The IRS requested information about the circumstances surrounding the founding of these three organizations. The IRS specifically asked CST who initiated and oversaw the reorganization of the Scientology hierarchy. The IRS also enumerated the connections it saw among the three applicants and the existing Scientology hierarchy and asked for comment. Specifically, the IRS asked for an explanation of the option agreements CST held under LRH 's gift. CST refused to answer these questions, saying the agreements speak for themselves.

CST represented to the IRS Commissioner in 1985 that it understood its rights to include the following: "In the event it is determined that Religious Technology Center is not exempt, this corporation will exercise its options and acquire the marks and materials." In its 1987 Supplemental Submission, CST attempted to back away from this interpretation but still conceded if the IRS recognizes CST's exemption, CST would have the power to acquire RTC's rights in the marks and Advanced Technology if RTC's exemption were denied. When its exemption is recognized, CST will receive Mr. Hubbard' s estate and become owner of the limited powers of appointment over the marks and the Advanced Technology that Mr. Hubbard retained. As owner of these interests, CST will have the legal right to designate the section 501(c)(3) transferee of RTC's rights in the marks and the Advanced Technology in the event RTC cannot obtain exemption. As a section 501 (c)(3) organization, CST itself would qualify to receive these rights.

The religious trademarks and rights to the Advanced Technology constitute most of the income-producing property owned by any of the Scientology organizations. The remainder of LRH's income-producing property is already designated for CST. Upon its qualification for tax exempt status, CST could, therefore, obtain, by operation of LRH's will, all of the rights LRH reserved when he made his gift to RTC, as well as the copyrights to Scientology Scriptures, which presumably constitute the very heart of Scientology.

The copyrights to LRH's science fiction works will also devolve to CST under the will. This intellectual property alone was valued at $25,000,000 by the Trustee appointed by the court to administer LRH's estate.

In these circumstances it is at best disingenuous for CST to maintain that it is "independent" of Scientology's ecclesiastical hierarchy. LRH certainly succeeded in creating an entity that is not nominally subject to the ecclesiastical control of other Scientology organizations. Rather, the potential control runs in the opposite direction. CST stands poised to assume a position at the apex of a pyramid of both ecclesiastical authority and financial control over Scientology.

Finally, the converse of CST's control in the area of orthodoxy is that until it obtains tax-exempt status, CST will be as it has been, entirely dependent on payments from other Scientology organizations. Indeed, CST's Articles of Incorporation specifically state that it does not solicit any funds itself, nor does it have any plans to do so. CST states that it alone controls its financial matters. Possibly this is true with respect to how money is spent once held by CST. It is not true, however, with respect to obtaining the money that it spends. All of this has come from other Scientology organizations. The fact that CST does not raise its own funds is itself unusual for a would-be IRC 501(c)(3) organization, and limits its ability to be independent.

In sum, there is a strong link, in fact an identity of purpose, between CST and other Scientology organizations. CST was created to serve LRH as a personal estate-planning device and to support the work of Scientology.

CST has assiduously developed a record which demonstrates that most, if not all, of its prior activities are directed at preserving Scripture. CST confuses activity with purpose. The law does not. As the Tax Court has held, "the operational test focuses on the purpose and not on the nature of the activity." The Commissioner and the court, are permitted to consider not just an organizations activities, but also to inquire into its purposes. The fact that an organization's activities have religious overtones and do not produce profits is no assurance those activities will be tax exempt.

The assets of the pour-over trust devolve on CST - namely the right to the books, tapes, films and E-meters, along with the accumulated income therefrom. These are licensed to for-profit entities for distribution, such as BPI. This arrangement simply does not resonate with the image of a tax exempt organization.

The court was asked to find that holding the options and receiving LRH's estate are merely incidental to its primary archiving purpose. Instead, the court finds that the impetus behind CST was not archiving, charity, or even religious education, but rather was tax planning. Nothing about CST is consistent with its adopted posture as a simple document repository.

First, there is plain linkage between CST and the dissolution of CSC, as well as the difficulties Scientology as a whole was having in 1982 with the IRS. Before the creation of CST, CSC served Scientology as a tax exempt entity. When it became apparent that CSC was likely to lose this status, LRH and the Scientology management restructured both the financial and the ecclesiastical organization of Scientology. CST was created in 1982, during the CSC litigation. It was founded by four non-Scientologist lawyers and Lyman Spurlock, President of CST and former personal employee of LRH, in the wake of CSC's dissolution.

The court is struck by the centripetal force that will be generated should CST obtain tax exempt status, and should it choose to exercise its option to take over assets from RTC. Armed with the trademarks and publishing rights, and with tax exempt status, CST will be poised in the center of all of Scientology's financial resources, in position to exert a strong gravitational force on Scientology's income-producing assets.

CST states that it would never seek to control these assets, or use them in any way inconsistent with the stated religious purposes of Scientology. CST has provided only conclusory statements of its own officers as evidence of CST's intentions. Moreover, CST has stated on at least one occasion that "it will exercise its options and acquire the marks and materials."

If CST succeeds in its quest for tax exempt status, it will control the trademark and publishing rights to all of LRH's works. Those rights constitute most of Scientology's income-producing property. The trademarks and publishing rights are the source of the Advanced Technology from which all income production ultimately flows. Books and tapes must be orthodox. Provision of auditing services is impossible without authorized books, tapes and E-Meters. These materials produce money in sufficient quantities to allow CSI to hold millions of surplus dollars in its central reserve account. The potential for abuse of the options and copyrights therefore is considerable. CST would not be obligated to donate the money to other non-profit groups, or even to contribute it to Scientology's own central reserves. In fact, once CST has built its archiving facilities, its expenses should decline dramatically, but it will still control millions of dollars’ worth of income-producing assets.

There is a dissonance between the stated, limited purposes of CST on the one hand, with the far reaching implications of the potential financial control over Scientology built into LRH's tax planning. If the true motivation behind CST were to build an archive, it would have been a simple matter to incorporate an organization and arrange for financing through the central reserves or some other straightforward financing scheme. What other possible purpose could there have been for funneling LRH's estate to an organization with such a nominally limited and innocuous function unless it was the hope that Scientology had achieved the holy grail - an organization with unassailable tax-exempt credentials, yet in control of the income from the myriad sources within Scientology?

This concern is exacerbated by the fact that CST will receive nothing from LRH's estate if it is not deemed tax exempt. Thus, it appears that despite the stated importance of its archives to the Scientology religion, they were apparently not worth supporting unless they generated a tax exemption. Protecting the use of Scientology trademarks and copyrights is also apparently not worth doing if it will not be done by a tax-exempt organization.

The court came to the conclusion that archiving is not CST's "exclusive" or even chief purpose. The court finds that CST is merely the latest incarnation of the on-going effort of Scientology as a whole to shelter income from taxation.

The court finds the IRS Commissioner's decision to deny CST tax exempt status was not erroneous and dismisses CST's complaint.

Note: During the IRS investigation it inquired about Sherman Lenske, Stephen Lenske and Lawrence Keller and their role as CST's "Special Directors."
July 1992

Jesse Prince and wife escape from Gilman Hot Springs. Under duress, they are brought back until October of this year.

13 July 1992

Library of Congress records show that:

CSI copyrights their squirrel version of LRH State of Man Congress lectures.


C of S is convicted of criminal conduct in Canada. Stealing documents from government files.

Summer 1992

Jesse Prince is being held at the Int base known as the Old Gilman House. It is used as an isolation house for physically ill SO members. He wants to leave staff.

31 October 1992

Jesse Prince and wife are allowed to leave the Sea Org after being coerced to sign a release containing untrue statements protecting Scientology from legal liability. The way they forced them to sign was her dad and sister were in Scientology and they were told that they would never see them again unless they signed. Jesse did not even read the papers. He just signed them so they could leave and his wife could still be in communication with her relatives.


Tax fraud is committed in connection with obtaining tax exempt status. Andre Tabayoyan removes 12 ocean-going sea containers of commingled RTC, CSI and other documents from Gilman Hot Springs, prior to the IRS inspection. He buries them.

1 October 1993

The Department of Justice tells the IRS to issue a tax exemption. The Community Relations Service of the Department of Justice negotiated a secret Civil settlement with both the Church of Scientology and the Church Universal & Triumphant of Montana. Dow Jones and a Montana newspaper have sued the Dept of Justice to try and find out what is going on. The Dept of Justice has acted illegally - they must reveal Civil settlements to the public.

For the Dept of Justice to tell the IRS what to do, they must do it at the Cabinet level with the President sitting, listening and agreeing to the breach of law.

The IRS made a deal with Scientology. They gave them tax exemption without telling why, although they had won against Scientology in Hernandez v Commissioner, 490 U.S. 680 (1989) and in Church of Spiritual Technology v U.S., US Claims Court No. 581-88T, 6/29/92 (1992)

Note: What is this about the Justice Department ordering the IRS to give Scientology tax exemption, based on a secret settlement agreement? That's odd. What was the agreement? That Miscavige will squirrel the OT levels and not make any OTs in exchange for tax exemption? We will be doing further investigation into this.

David Miscavige meets with the IRS Commissioner. After 40 years of fighting, the IRS gives Scientology tax exemption. The terms of the agreement are kept secret and not disclosed to other church members. It is a 61 page document.

The Church pays the IRS 12.5 million and agrees to drop thousands of suits against the IRS. It also agrees to stop assisting others in lawsuits against the IRS.

The secret settlement agreement permits Miscavige and certain other Scientologists to monitor, supervise, and compel their own "compliance", and that of all Scientologists, with the tax laws of the US thereby constituting them "state actors" and agents of the IRS.

A copy of the 61 page secret agreement was obtained and it states:

The parties have entered into this agreement in order to put the past controversy behind them, to extinguish all potential claims and liabilities arising as a result of action or inaction prior to the date of this Agreement and to structure their relationship into the future.

First, under section II of the Agreement the Church will make a single payment that is intended to extinguish any potential tax liability that may be due and unpaid by any Scientology-related entity for all tax years up to and including the tax year ending in 1992.

Second, under section II of the Agreement, the Church and the Service will withdraw from virtually all existing controversy, including on-going examinations of Church entities, ongoing litigation by the Service to enforce summonses for Church records, and all litigation by the Church against the Service and its current or former personnel. Similarly, no Scientology-related entity may initiate or support any legal action against the Service or any Service employee for any claim arising prior to the date of the Agreement.

Notwithstanding the above, in light of, inter alia, the size and complexity of the Church and the Service, certain concerns of the Service and the Church remain. Thus, under section IV, a Church Tax Compliance Committee (CTCC) has been created to undertake certain obligations during the seven-year transition period. The CTCC is to be comprised of the largest United States Church entities, as well as those individuals who are the highest ecclesiastical or corporate authorities within the Church. The Service, through the Assistant Commissioner, has agreed to meet with the CTCC upon their request during the transition period to address any questions arising from the ongoing performance of the parties' obligations under this Agreement.

In light of the CTCC and its relationship to the whole of Scientology, the CTCC has agreed under section IV to guarantee the collection of taxes (including interest and penalties) from any Scientology-related entity for tax liability arising during the first three years of the seven year transition period. The parties have agreed under section V to keep confidential both this Agreement and all underlying information that is not part of the public record..

At the same time this Agreement is executed, Church of Scientology International is paying by banker's draft the sum of $12,500,000.00, receipt of which the Service hereby acknowledges, as consideration for the settlement of outstanding issues with the Service as set forth in this Agreement.

The corporate CTCC members are Religious Technology Center (RTC), Church of Spiritual Technology (CST), Church of Scientology Flag Service Organization (CSFSO), Church of Scientology Western United States (CSWUS), Building Management Services (BMS), and Church of Scientology Religious Trust (CSRT).

The individual members of the CTCC are David Miscavige, Norman Starkey, Mark Rathburn and Heber Jentzsch. No individual member of the CTCC shall be permitted to withdraw from service on the CTCC, except by reason of death, being adjudicated an incompetent, or by mutual agreement of the parties of this Agreement.

Specific responsibilities and duties of the CTCC shall include the following:

a. Annual Report.

c. The CTCC and the Assistant Commissioner shall meet no less than once each year.

i. The corporate CTCC members absolutely and unconditionally, jointly and severally, guarantee to the Service the full and prompt payment of all U.S. tax liabilities under the Code (including but not limited to income tax), together with all interest and penalties, accruing or arising during the first three years of the transition period with respect to all Scientology-related entities.

4. David Miscavige will act as the initial Chairman of the CTCC. He may be removed from this office and replaced by another individual CTCC member by majority vote of the CTCC members.

d. Certifications.

1. In general, by executing this agreement, the Church signatories in their trust or corporate capacities, and their subscribing officers or trustees individually, certify under penalty of perjury the following to the best of their knowledge, information and belief:

a. that all Scientology-related entities are in compliance with the Code, Treasury regulations and other Service pronouncements of general guidance and applicability;

c. that no Scientology-related entity or Scientology-related individual (in his or her capacity as such) has, after 1986, knowingly committed any act of fraud or criminal conduct that might constitute a violation of public policy endangering the tax-exempt status of any Scientology-related entity.

6. Norman F. Starkey, as Trustee of Author's Family Trust B, shall, no later than December 31, 1993, effectuate the transfer of substantially all of the corpus and income in Author's Family Trust B, including all the shares of Author Services, Inc. (ASI) as permitted under the will of L.Ron Hubbard to the Church of Spiritual Technology (CST) without consideration.

H. Finality. This agreement is final and conclusive except:

1. The matter it relates to may be reopened in the event of fraud, malfeasance, or misrepresentation of material fact;

Note: So, by this secret agreement, David Miscavige and some other top execs have now become IRS agents. Working to enforce the payment of taxes.

November 1993

IAS Event: At a public event, Miscavige announces the war is over.

The following are some Miscavige quotes at the event:

" As you no doubt realize, the IRS is basic on the chain of attacks on Scientology."

LRH says:

Our enemies on this planet are less than 12 men. They are, oddly enough, directors in all of the mental health groups in the world .and they control, of course, income tax. (RJ 67)

Miscavige says at the event:

"Over the years the IRS finally assembled a team of some very decent individuals to resolve these matters with us."

LRH says:

There are no good government or SP group agents. (HCOPL 26 December 1966)

Miscavige says at the event:

"The Internal Revenue Service.once our enemy, now see us as friends. And for my part, the feeling is mutual."

LRH says:

" the United States government and the efforts of that government since 1955, stepped up since 1963, TO SEIZE SCIENTOLOGY RATHER THAN FORBID OR STOP IT." (HCOPL 14 June 1965)

Miscavige says at the event:

"All of LRH's tech has been made available in a pure, unadulterated form."

The GOLDEN AGE OF SQUIRRELING proves that is a lie.

"The war is over!" That's right - but not because we won it - because Scientology lost.

27 October 1993

Library of Congress records show that:

CSI copyrights their squirrel version of LRH Clearing Congress lectures.

29 November 1993

Norman Starkey, Trustee of Author's Family Trust-B, transfers ownership of all LRH copyrighted works to CST. This includes the agreements with RTC, allowing RTC use of the Advanced Technology.

29 November 1993

The Library of Congress records show that on this date:

Norman Starkey, trustee for Author's Family Trust -B, transfers copyrights for:

"Model of OT ship organization and operation based on 7 division system & 7,730 other titles." Full document range: (In V2927 P238-724)

LRH's Professional Scientologist Newsletter Vol 1 no. 4. B287706 (In V2927 P636 thru 646) to the Church of Spiritual Technology.

Note: This was mandated by the secret agreement that Miscavige made with the IRS.

Late 1993

Marty Rathbun blew his post. He was brought back and held captive at the Freewinds. Later he is Inspector General of RTC.
Note: That's funny. Right after the big "IRS win"? What does Marty know about "the win" that we don't?


Con te partirò
Part 8:


2 May 1994

In keeping with their new jobs as IRS agents, top execs issue a Scientology Policy Directive on this date, entitled - "Personal Income Taxes", which says in part:

"Until the tax system is changed, a Scientologist who refuses to file a tax return, to pay required income taxes, or to comply with other tax laws, is in violation of the Scientology ethics codes and by his or her unethical conduct is placing himself and the group at risk. Such a person will be ineligible for Church services until the matter is rectified. Anyone promoting to other Scientologists not to pay taxes or file returns or promoting any of the various tax protest schemes, will be subject to discipline under the Scientology justice codes."

19 May 1994

Vicki Aznaran settles her suit against Scientology for $25,000.00. She signs a gag order as part of the settlement.

4 August 1994

OSA has David Mayo arrested at his home in the Dominican Republic on false charges of drug smuggling. Interpol had called the head of the Dominican Republic drug department to get Mayo arrested. (In case you didn't know, like the IRS, DM is also friends with Interpol.)

14 September 1994

Randy McDonald becomes aware that upper level management is writing their own policy, called Scientology Policy Directives (SPD).

He writes a High Crime Report on Tax Compliance Officer OSA Int. and AVC Int. for enforcing Scientology Policy Directive 2 May 1994 Personal Income Taxes, on him.

McDonald's knowledge report notes that what the SPD says violates various HCOPLs and the very existence of SPD's also violates HCOPLs.

Per HCOPL 9 August 1972 Seniority Of Orders:

"Any practice by which junior issues, such as directives, abolish networks or make off-policy changes can only result in the destruction of networks, orgs and tech.

This is therefore a High Crime policy letter and it is an offense both to follow or obey or issue any verbal or written order or directive which is contrary to or changes or abolishes anything set up in HCO Policy Letters or HCOBs.." -89-

November 18, 1994

The Library of Congress records show that on this date:

Mary Sue Hubbard, widow, Diana Meredith Dewolf Hubbard Ryan, Mary Suzette Rochelle Hubbard, Arthur Ronald Conway Hubbard, Lafayette Ronald Conway Hubbard Jr., aka L. Ron Hubbard Jr. aka Nibs Hubbard aka Ronald Dewolf & Katherine May Hubbard Gillespie, children of deceased author L.Ron Hubbard, copyright assignment:

Ceremonies of the Founding Church of Scientology & 1,364 other titles by L. Ron Hubbard. Full document range: (In V3058 P 155-208) to the Church of Spiritual Technology.

24 December 1994

Using an anonymous remailer in the Netherlands, someone posted several OT documents on the internet news group called alt.religion.scientology. The postings caught the attention of Dennis Erlich, OT 7, who commented on the postings and pronounced them genuine.


January 1995

RTC files a suit on Dennis Erlich and his internet service provider for violating its copyrights on the internet.

13 February 1995

Accompanied by police officers with a writ of seizure, RTC reps enter the home of Dennis Erlich in Glendale, California. The RTC reps are Warren McShane, Thomas Small and Paul Wilmhurst. They seize all material he has on the subject of Scientology.

The raid on Erlich's home and the suit galvanized many internet users against the Church of Scientology. New web pages were created posting affidavits from other Scientology cases. As one commentator pointed out The church made enemies of a host of people who had previously not even registered its existence."

May 1995

Julie Mayo is held at customs and interrogated for 5 hours based on a false report (from OSA operatives) that she was drug smuggling.

14 May 1995

Randy McDonald writes a High Crime Report on David Miscavige, Chairman of the Board of RTC and Jim Morrow, Tax Compliance Officer of OSA Int.

Randy's report says that Jim Morrow attempted to justify the existence of Scientology Policy Directive 2 May 1994 Personal Income Taxes by saying that it was based on the secret IRS agreement.

Randy's report also says that Miscavige is guilty of withholding vital information for keeping the details of the IRS agreement a secret from other Scientologists.

15 May 1995

Randy McDonald writes a High Crime Report on Jim Morrow and Ray Mithoff, Senior C/S Int.

In his report he quotes HCOPL 5 March 1965 Policy Source Of:

"If it is not in an HCO Policy Letter, it is not policy."

Randy's report says that since there is no HCOPL that establishes anything called Scientology Policy Directives, that all SPDs are an unauthorized type of issue.
Note: There are actually hundreds of these SPDs. Not only are they not authorized by LRH, but a study of them shows they are either:

Redundant (because it was already covered in HCOPLs) Conflicting with HCOPLs.

The following High Crime is being committed by those who write and follow SPDs:

"Running any organization on squirrel "policy" or third dynamic administrative or management procedures that are contrary to approved policy."
Hereafter, Randy McDonald would not shut up about top management being off source. He is not alone. There have been hundreds of Scientologists who have noticed that top management is off-source and is guilty of squirreling both policy and tech.

Top management's solution to Randy McDonald noticing they were off source, was the same solution they have used on hundreds of other Scientologists who have noticed they are off source. Their solution is - discredit the person reporting on them.

The following pattern has emerged:

1. A Scientologist notices upper level management is off source and squirreling policy/tech.

2. The Scientologist applies KSW and writes reports.

3. Nothing is corrected. Instead, the Scientologist gets beat up in ethics until he shuts up.

4. If the Scientologist won't back down and continues to apply KSW, they start a black PR campaign against him, to discredit him in the eyes of other Scientologists. It should be understood that the Black PR campaign consists of one or more lies they invented about the person. They falsely accuse him of doing things that he never did.

The purpose of this Black PR campaign is to get other Scientologists to think he is a bad hat. This results in cutting the person's comm lines so that he cannot alert other Scientologists to the squirreling being done by upper level management.

It also ensures that no one will defend him when they attack him with a comm ev.

5. Covert Knowledge Reports (KRs) are written on the person, containing false data, and the person is not given a copy of them so he can correct them and defend himself.

6. Black Dianetics and/or reverse processing is often done on the person in an effort to cave him in or make him crazy.

7. A Committee of Evidence is called on the person, based on the false reports. The comm ev is also squirrel in that they have their orders to find the person guilty. In other words, it is not a fact-finding body as intended in policy. They have already made up their minds and are just going through the necessary motions.

8. Quite often the person is refused a copy of the Bill of Particulars. This violates policy. This also violates any concept of justice because the person does not know what he is charged with and therefore cannot prepare a defense.

9. The Comm Ev is held for a few days without the person's knowledge. Then, the person is given short notice to appear before the Comm Ev, even though they are thousands of miles away, have to quickly arrange for time off work, etc. This gives them no time to prepare a defense.

10. The person's requests for copies of the KRs against him, are refused. The Comm Ev takes no interest in the fact that there are false reports in the KRs being used to Comm Ev the person.

11. The Comm Ev is sent to International Justice Chief and gets stale dated for months.

12. The person is either expelled or his comm ev just remains stale dated forever, with no findings and recommendations being released.

13. The Comm Ev charges are then used as further black PR against the person. Ethics tells other Scientologists about the charges, to further cut his comm line with other Scientologists. Confessional data out of the person's pc folder is also presented to other Scientologists to further black PR the person.

The end result of the above "ethics" and "justice" actions is a perversion of Scientology ethics. The purpose of ethics is to get tech in. Not to protect squirrels. But, since the squirrels in this situation are senior to org ethics officers, org ethics officers have been powerless to do anything about the squirrels.

Thus, top management has also squirreled Scientology ethics. They use it to attack Scientologists who are reporting on their squirreling, instead of its true purpose given by LRH in policy, to get tech in.

In the area of tech, they have re-written over a thousand of LRH's technical issues, in addition to that they have massively altered LRH taped lectures. The number of alterations is so massive that we cannot include them all in this time track. We are only including a few of the alterations on this time track, to serve as an example of their squirreling. It should be understood that the amount of squirreling is not limited to our examples on this time track.

Thus, top management has turned all of Scientology into a squirrel group, in all 3 areas. Squirrels are at the top of the command lines and this has resulted in all orgs being run on squirrel admin, squirrel tech, and squirrel ethics.

Any Scientologist who tries to report on the squirreling and attempts to apply KSW, is done away with in the manner stated above, because the squirrels are at the top and in command.

The above sounds pretty fantastic, doesn't it? But, you don't have to believe us. You can personally find out if it is true. Pick up any one of a thousand pieces of tech they have altered. Write a High Crime report on Miscavige and insist the tech be put back the way LRH wrote it. Hold your ground. Now start telling other Scientologists about the out tech. And you too can watch all of the above happen to you.

As stated earlier, there are hundreds of Scientologists who have noticed that Miscavige and his top aides are squirrels and they have been handled by "ethics" as above. Each of their individual stories would take a time track all by themselves, so there is no effort here to include all of the details on this time track. If you want to know their individual stories about how they were treated when they applied KSW, ask them. It's an eye-opener.

23 June 1995

Judge Whyte in RTC v Netcom rules that HCO Manual of Justice was not entitled to copyright protection. The 1959 copyright notice had gone beyond the original 28 year term and expired in 1987 and no renewal was timely obtained.

Summer 1995

Scamizdat, an electronic magazine with anonymous editors, and other internet providers, posted OT documents to sites throughout the internet. The Fishman affidavit appeared on servers throughout the world.

7 July 1995

In order to draw attention off of their High Crimes of writing and enforcing Scientology Policy Directives, OSA attacks Randy McDonald and 6 other Scientologists, falsely accusing them of being tax protestors.

July 31, 1995

The Fishman affidavit, containing OT materials, reappears on alt.religion.scientology.

August 1995

F.A.C.T.Net is a nonprofit archive with an electronic bulletin board service on the internet.

Arnaldo Lerma is a board member. Lerma posted the Fishman affidavit on the internet.

11 August 1995

RTC files suit for copyright infringement against Lerma and his internet provider. An Arlington, Virginia court ordered the seizure of Lerma's personal computer, floppy disks, and any copies of Scientology's copyrighted works found in his home. The judge in the case was not aware that Lerma's postings were based on a publicly available document. RTC execs, accompanied by federal marshals, searched and confiscated these materials from Lerma's home.

15 September 1995

Judge Kane denies RTC their injunction against FACTnet. Judge Kane said: The alleged copying by the defendants was not of a commercial nature. Rather, it was made for non-profit purposes to advance understanding of issues concerning the church, which are the subject of on-going controversy. The postings may well be considered as having been made for the purposes of criticism, comment, or research falling within the fair use doctrine, under section 107 of the Copyright Act.

He also rules that the OT materials do not qualify as trade secrets because evidence indicates they are in the public domain. Judge Kane concluded that the Fishman materials posted by Lerma were not trade secrets because they were widely known outside of the church through multiple sources.

The same day, Judge Brinkema in Virginia ruled the same as Judge Kane in Colorado and vacated the writ of seizure she had given to RTC to seize all of Lerma's Scientology materials. The judge ordered RTC to return all of the seized materials to Lerma. Judge Brinkema also concluded that the Fishman materials were not trade secrets.

22 September 1995

In US District Court in San Jose, California, Judge Ronald Whyte denies RTC an injunction against Dennis Erlich and Netcom for misappropriation of trade secrets, concluding that they were already "generally available to the public." He also vacated his writ of seizure and ordered RTC to return all of Erlich's possessions to him. The judge did grant the church a preliminary injunction against Erlich, because he thought it was likely to prevail in its suit against him for copyright infringement.

November 1995

Lisa McPherson is a Scientologist in Clearwater, Florida. She tells her parents that she is leaving Scientology and will be home for Christmas.

She has a car accident in Clearwater and runs down the street naked. She is hospitalized.

18 November 1995

Scientology staff members take her from the hospital and keep her at the Fort Harrison. Seventeen days later she dies. The coroner found her covered with cockroach bites and that she had been deprived of water for the last 5 to 10 days and had died of a blood clot brought about by severe dehydration.


2 January 1966

The Library of Congress records show that on this date:

CSI transfers copyrights to CST for Standard PTS tech drills, PTS tech part 1 & 28 other titles authored by CSI.

January 1996

Judge Brinkema grants RTC's motion for summary judgement against Lerma for copyright infringement. Lerma was fined $2,500.

27 February 1996

The Library of Congress records show that on this date:

CSI transfers copyrights to CST for Scientology drug rundown auditor course & 1,030 other titles & religious works. Author or co-author is CSI, derived from or based upon the literary works of LRH.
Note: This is an important entry because it shows how much re-writing of LRH issues has been done by CSI.
29 February 1996

The Library of Congress records show that on this date:

Bridge Publications Inc transfers copyrights to CST for the Academy Lectures, level O & 154 other titles, religious and fiction works. Author or co-author is BPI derived from or based upon the works of LRH.

Note: This is an important entry because it shows how much re-writing of LRH issues has been done by BPI.

7 March 1996

Randy McDonald writes a High Crime Report on David Miscavige:

David Miscavige is charged with Felony Fraud and the suppression of Scientology and Scientologists.

Miscavige has been engaged in a covert but methodical campaign to alter, alloy, negate, and even eradicate parts of LRH's technology, then sell the alter-ised versions to staff and public while he uses his position over Scientology and Scientologists to assert the "purity" of the tech. It is Felony Corporate and Trademark Fraud involving millions of dollars; it crosses State lines and utilizes U.S. mails which makes it a Federal offense.

As the head of RTC, Miscavige has defrauded the public and staffs out of millions of dollars by approving and overseeing the promotion and sales of works, carrying the trademarks of LRH and Scientology, that are proclaimed by him as being "100% pure, unadulterated" LRH tech, knowing that the works have been cut, rewritten, edited, and altered. Miscavige's own writings stand as testament to his knowledge of the condition of published materials:

"RTC ..passes any LRH issue, pack or book before issuance so as to ensure it is authentic and that the writings are one hundred percent Source. In the case of published or translated LRH works, RTC checks every word to verify they are completely faithful to the original LRH manuscripts." David Miscavige - Chairman of the Board, Religious Technology Center

But here are a few examples of the truth:

A. Entire paragraphs have been carefully and seamlessly edited out of the current edition of LRH's Study Tapes in such a way that the listener has no knowledge that they are gone unless he does a side-by-side comparison to an unedited set of tapes.

B. HCOPL 13 March 1969 Addition To HCO Pol Ltr of 23 June 1967 'Policies On Physical Healing, Insanity And Potential Trouble Sources' ----Potential Trouble Source (b) is missing.

C. The "Life Improvement" courses, plus the "Scientology Handbook" contain altered and edited LRH tech mixed in with material written by unknown others. Advertised as "based on the works of L. Ron Hubbard," these are an undifferentiated mish-mash of LRH's writings and the writings of others. Below is but one example:


"First consider a group which takes in money but does not deliver anything in exchange. This is called rip-off. It is the "exchange' condition of robbers, tax men, governments and other criminal elements." HCOPL 10 September 1982 Finance Series 36


"First consider the group which takes in money but does not deliver anything in exchange. This is called rip-off. It is the 'exchange' condition of robbers, most tax men, many governments and criminal elements." (From The Dynamics of Money course workbook)

These edits, deletions, eradications, and adulterations of LRH's tech are, every one, High Crimes and Suppressive Acts. All of this tampering is a flagrant violation of Keeping Scientology Working, and is expressly forbidden in many of LRH's HCOPLs - which constitute a promise to people who purchase Scientology materials and services that what they are getting is straight LRH:

"All materials released, used or sold must be straight Scientology as given in the writings or lectures of LRH. Books may not be advertised for sale or the advertisement paid for from HCO Book fund except LRH books." HCOPL 4 March 1965 Technical and Policy Distribution

"The public wants Scientology Ron's brand and they don't buy other brands." HCOPL 27 December 1963 The Magic of Good Management

"The field or public must not be led to believe that I have written or issued things I have not." HCOPL 21 June 1959 Signatures On Bulletins, Policies and Sec Eds

These assurances, an integral and vital part of Scientology, are held sacred and inviolable by Scientologists. Selling anything else to the buying public using LRH's name and his trademarks is Felony Fraud.

But this is not the only avenue for fraud used by Miscavige. Scientology Policy Directives (SPDs) now number over 200. None were authored by LRH and no such issue is mentioned by him in any HCOPL. Under Miscavige's supervision, though, SPD's are approved for issue by RTC's AVC division.

With Miscavige's approval, SPDs have been issued and enforced under the fraudulent claim that they are policy for Churches. This claim can be found in the back of the current edition of OEC Volume O:

"Scientology Policy Directives - its purpose is to provide an issue type for policy for the Church of Scientology, and to distinguish from policy issued by LRH which is issued in HCO PL form. Senior to all administrative issues except HCOPLs and any other issues or advices by LRH. Its distribution is all staff unless otherwise designated. Black ink on blue paper."

This seeks to negate all of the following LRH references:

"If it is not in an HCO Policy Letter, it is not policy." HCOPL 5 March 1965 Policy, Source Of

"If it isn't in an HCOB or an HCO Pol Ltr or recorded on tape in my voice, it isn't tech or policy." HCOPL 16 April AD 15 The Hidden Data Line

"A policy letter is not Scientology org policy unless written or authorized by L. Ron Hubbard and passed as a resolution or covered by blanket resolution of the International Board and issued or published by an HCO. It is not policy if any of these steps are missing." HCOPL 5 March 1965 Policy Source Of

"STANDARD ADMIN means the usual 'on-policy' procedure applied. The source of STANDARD ADMIN is an HCO Policy Letter." HCOPL 4 June 1971 Standard Admin

The above references unequivocally, unquestionably, incontestably SLAM THE DOOR on any possibility of SPDs being policy, as is claimed. Yet, Miscavige and AVC and others have been made aware, in several reports, of this glaring violation of LRH's policy, and no action has been taken to correct it. On the contrary, OSA staff (a non-Source entity established by SPDs) have been sent to investigate the report writers.

".If correctly reported outnesses that threaten the org are NOT corrected then one assumes that suppression exists... It occasionally happens that it is someone high up in the org. It sometimes happens his (Ethics Officer's) seniors or the Executive Council scold him for daring to report on things or to them. Then he knows the suppression is high up. HCOPL 7 December 1969 Ethics, The Design Of

And so none of this gets corrected. And so this Felony Fraud is perpetrated on the public:

What the public believes (and pays to support with donations) to be standard, on-policy, on-source organizations, each of them carrying the trademarks of LRH, are actually being run off of squirrel Scientology Policy Directives (written by anonymous others), many of which directly contradict LRH policy.

Here are just a few examples of SPDs that attempt to negate LRH's tech:

1. WHAT THE SPD SAYS: "There is no practice of disconnection allowed in the Church of Scientology." Watchdog Committee SPD # 28 Suppressive Act

WHAT LRH SAYS: "The bare fact is that disconnection is a vital tool in handling PTSness and can be very effective when used correctly. The technology of disconnection is essential in the handling of potential trouble sources. It can and has saved lives and untold trouble and upset. It must be preserved and used correctly." HCOPL 10 September 1982 Disconnection

2. WHAT THE SPD SAYS: "Course completion. 2000 points" SPD # 6, 6 August 1990 The Standard Student Points System

WHAT LRH SAYS: "Course completion.200 points." HCOPL 18 April 1981 The Standard Student Points System

Miscavige is guilty of the following High Crimes:

"Intentional and unauthorized alteration of LRH technology, policy, issues or checksheets."

"Issuing alter-ised Scientology technical data or information or instructional or admin procedures, calling it Scientology or calling it something else to confuse or deceive people as to the true source, beliefs and practices of Scientology."

"Falsely attributing or falsely representing oneself or others as source of Scientology or Dianetics technology; or using any position gained with staff and/or public to falsely attribute non-source material to source or to falsely represent non-source material as authorized Scientology or Dianetics technology."

"Using Scientology (or perverted and alter-ised tech and calling it Scientology) harmfully so as to bring about disrepute to an org, group, or Scientology itself." -100-

March 1996

RTC files a copyright suit against Grady Ward for posting OT materials on the internet. His trial is set for Jan 18, 1998.


DM has a meeting with the OT VIIIs. He tells them that the OT 7 course did not work, was not working, and had to be re-engineered. They would all have to do OT 7 again. In addition, the 1200 people would have to pay the increased price.

What he doesn't tell them is that his squirreling of OT 7 and OT 8 is resulting in people on OT 7 & OT 8 dying, having psychotic breaks, and leaving the church.

Due to the confidential nature of OT 7 & 8, we cannot elaborate here on just exactly how they have squirreled these two levels. But, you can know that they did squirrel it by the fact of people on those levels dying, having psychotic breaks, and leaving the church. You don't think that standard tech causes that do you? That tells you tech is out.

The other thing that tells you tech is out is the fact that it has been 19 years since the release of OT 7 and there has not been one actual completion, yet.

The GOLDEN AGE OF SQUIRRELING is killing your fellow Scientologists. Isn't it about time that you took responsibility for doing something about Miscavige before his squirreling kills anyone else? If nothing else, you can pass this time track around so everyone knows.

We are not "Davidologists". We are Scientologists. Let's get this 1.1 criminal suppressive squirrel out of our Church and get back to being on source.

Some so-called Scientologists, afraid and lacking confront, offer up justifiers for all this.

We have heard all the justifiers. They are suppressive. Here's why:

HCOPL 7 December 1969 The Ethics Officer, His Character

Reasonableness is suppressive since it lets oppression continue without action being taken.

Suppressive reasonableness is a common trait. It comes from THE INABILITY TO CONFRONT EVIL.

11 April 1996

Julie and David Mayo receive a favorable decision from the 9th Circuit Court of Appeal. Their 2.9 million dollar sanction was affirmed by the court.

7 August 1996

The Library of Congress records show that on this date:

CSI transfers copyrights to CST for the first postulate, PTS 1-3 & 68 other titles by CSI.

CSI transfers copyrights to CST for Expansion of Havingness & 76 other titles by CSI.

Note: More squirrel issues authored by CSI, being given to CST for engraving onto titanium. This ensures the squirrel tech will be preserved for future generations too.


In the Netherlands, Scientology lost their suit against Karin Spaink. She published OT 3 on the internet. The judge ruled it did not violate copyright laws because it was "fair use" of materials. (For those of you that don't know copyright law - the judge ruled correctly.)
Note: We recently read some promo sent out by the Church wherein RTC falsely reported they had won all of their internet suits for copyright infringement. The above and other entries on this time track shows that is a lie. But, don't be surprised - that's what a 1.1 does frequently.


Con te partirò
Part 9:


3 February 1997

In U.S. District Court, Northern District of California, Grady Ward files a counterclaim in RTC v. Grady Ward. Evidence is presented that he and his family have been subjected to harassment. Some of it is that David Miscavige threatened his children by e-mail and Eugene Ingram telling his employer that he had been fired from his previous job, which was false. RTC attorney Helena Kobrin attempted to excuse Ingram's actions by saying that Ingram made a "sincere error".

30 December 1997

The secret agreement between IRS and C of S is no longer secret. The non profit group called Tax Analysts sued on the Freedom of Information Act, and the litigation record revealed the existence of that secret "negotiations committee", chaired by Howard Schoenfeld. -102-


March 1998

Chris Cloutier leaves staff. He was applying KSW on the re-writing of LRH tech and policy. He says he read a directive that grants Ron's Technical Research and Compilations (RTRC) permission to revise and distribute further technical information as needed. This directive states they have LRH's permission to do this. The directive is dated after Ron's death.

He says OT TRO has been changed. That BTB's cancelled by LRH have been reactivated and have his name as if he wrote them. The EP of the study drill of confronting a paper has been deleted.

He was declared suppressive by IJC and expelled.
Note: Another travesty of justice. As usual, Ethics expels people who are on-source and apply KSW and protects the suppressive squirrels who are altering the tech.
April 1998

In the RTC vs FACTNet case, the church says FACTNet violated 1900 of their copyrights.

All 1900 issues in the FACTNet case were copyrighted between 83 and 87 and they were not copyrighted earlier. In some instances they do have earlier registrations but the majority of them do not. You can't find anything from the 50's, 60's and 70's that says this stuff was ever copyrighted or even a notice of registration. Every part of it is in the public domain.

So DM knew he was committing fraud when he got court orders to raid Erlich because they really did not own the copyrights.

Scientology offers FACTNet $12 million to settle the case. They are worried that FACTNet will prove they fraudulently obtained the copyrights from Hubbard's estate. They so want to get out of it that they move to dismiss THEIR OWN trade secret claims in the FACTNet case. They want to ensure no one can prove they don't own these copyrights and trademarks, and don't have legal standing to bring the cases.

Therefore they offer FACTNet 12 million to settle but FACTNet refused their offer.
Note: FACTNet did settle later because they lacked the capital to pursue the case to the end.
May 1998

US District Court in San Jose, California assessed $75,000 damages against Keith Henson for copyright infringement for posting a Scientology document on the internet.

July 1998

Jesse Prince, former RTC exec, decides to end his silence about what he knows because he saw others being courageous enough to speak out about their experiences. Therefore he starts letting the public know what he knows about the criminal activities of top level management.

4 November 1998

The significance of the failure of LRH to place notice of copyright on documents he published before 1978 cannot be understated.

In the FACTnet case Judge Kane writes a Memorandum Opinion and Order. Once a work enters the public domain, it remains there irrevocably. The 1909 Copyright Act required, inter alia, that the copyright owner of a published document affix proper notice to each publicly distributed copy of the work. Non compliance with the notice requirement could inject the work into the public domain.

Indeed the Copyright Act of 1909 contained a very strict notice requirement. A work published without a valid copyright notice was automatically injected into the public domain. 17 U.S.C. SS10, 19 et. Seq. (1909 Act) ; New Era Publications International, APS v. Carol Pub. Group, 904 F.2d 152, 161 (2d Cir.), cert. Denied, 111 S. Ct. 297 (1990).

Here there is now evidence that documents purportedly having copyright notice affixed upon first publication, did not. Further, there is evidence that a number of people knew this, knew the significance of it, and nevertheless set about to hoodwink the Copyright Office and the rest of the world.


Heber, President of CSI, is arrested in France on criminal charges of infiltrating government agencies and stealing documents and tax fraud.

December 1998

Bob Minton is a critic of Scientology's current criminal top management. Therefore he is subjected to attacks from them. Bob has a friend named Jeff Schmidt who is also subjected to attacks as a way to get at Minton. While Jeff is away on a trip, someone broke into his office and copied every file he had there. This is another piece of evidence that shows that the old Guardian's Office actions of doing B & Es (breaking and entering - an illegal method of gathering information), is still in use today. -104-


8 June 1999

The Church of Scientology settles the Bonnie Woods libel suit against them. They paid her.

July 1999

Larry Wollersheim breaks off settlement negotiations with Scientology. He now has a collection case in LA County Superior Court for 6.8 million.


Scientology lost an appeal in Canada's biggest libel judgement -1.6 million because Scientology tried to discredit Casey Hill, the prosecutor who handled the criminal case against the Church.
Note: Another case of your donations going to pay for RTC's black intelligence operations, gone wrong. No wonder it costs so much for services. RTC keeps paying out multi-millions in suits against them for running illegal black intelligence operations on people.

Note: Miscavige's and RTC's crimes are being exposed on the internet. So, they need a solution.
A project to flood the Internet with thousands of websites is engaged upon. Scientologists are told to open a "I am a Scientologist" website. Unbeknownst to the Scientolgists who installed this program onto their computer, RTC covertly installed a "Net Nanny" that censors over 1000 websites, e-mail addresses and names of critics. RTC is afraid that Scientologists will find out about their criminal activities on the internet. If you installed this on your computer and want it off, go to http://www.xenu.net/archive/events/censorship/ for directions on how to remove it.

13 September 1999

Jesse Prince files an affidavit in the Lisa McPherson case in Clearwater. He is a class IX auditor and C/S.

He says he has personally witnessed executive decisions directed to church members telling them to "end cycle", meaning telling them to die. He has personally read written instructions from Senior C/S International, Ray Mithoff, concerning the following individuals:

Diane Morrison had cancer. Radiation treatment is forbidden by Scientology. Ray Mithoff instructed her to end cycle and her husband was ordered to take her home so she did not die on any Church property.
Ted Cormier had Parkinson's disease. He was ordered to Flag for NOTS 34 auditing to cure his cancer. This did not cure it so Mithoff sent him orders in his preclear file to end cycle. He died.

Jesse viewed a videotape of a television interview of Roxanne Friend. She had cancer that could have been successfully treated by medical means. She was kidnapped in California and driven across country in a motorhome to Clearwater where she was held against her will. This prevented her from getting treatment. After she escaped she gave the television interview. She disclosed she was beyond treatment because of the delay and subsequently died.

Jesse says he witnessed and participated in 4 isolation watches on people having a psychotic break. All psychotic breaks had 3 things in common, the person was denied sleep for days, the person was given a wrong indication of their work performance being inadequate, the person was then subjected to further wrong indications in ethics.

The person is locked in a room with two guards at the door. The guards are not allowed to talk to the person in the psychotic break, they are only allowed to physically restrain the person. They are trained to force the person to consume food and water.

The reason for the guards is that the person wants to leave and makes many attempts to leave. But the guards prevent them from leaving until the C/S says ok. This is a direct quote from the technical material of the Introspection Rundown:

"Dear Joe. What can you guarantee me if you are let out of isolation? If the person's reply shows continued irresponsibility toward other dynamics or fixation on one dynamic to the exclusion of others damaged, the C/S must inform the person of his continued isolation and why. Example: Dear Joe. I'm sorry but no go on coming out of isolation yet."

In 1987 Jesse was assigned to an isolation watch on another Sea Org member in a psychotic break. She fought to escape and had numerous injuries from beating on walls and the door, trying to get away.

Her mother was desperately trying to find her so during a calm moment Jesse monitored a call to her mother after telling her what to say. She lied to her mother and said she was ok and when the telephone call started to get "weird" Jesse ended it. This was a public relations nightmare for Scientology and this was why Jesse had the girl lie to her family about what was really going on with her.

This went on for 2 months. After the girl was stable for a week, she was made to sign a release form that said Scientology was not responsible for what happened to her and she was then allowed to go home. Jesse said if he had not forced the girl to drink water, she would have died. -106-

Jesse then reviewed Lisa McPherson's auditing files and the isolation watch "caretaker logs" and her ethics file. The last 3 days of the caretaker logs were missing, which is not an accident.

All psychotic breaks cases have their auditing folders sent to the Tech Unit of RTC for review. It is then returned via the Senior C/S International to ensure compliance to their orders. Status reports would go to Ray Mithoff, Snr C/S Int and he would take them to RTC. Then, David Miscavige, Ray Mithoff and Marty Rathbun discuss the various options available to Scientolo gy on how to deal with the public relations flap. These 3 people would have met and discussed what to do because Lisa was not improving in isolation and she was a public relations flap since she had removed her clothes and run down the street naked.

From his study of the available records, Jesse concludes that Miscavige, Mithoff, and Rathbun had no option but to let her die in isolation. They could not take her to the hospital for emergency medical treatment and risk embarrassing questions from the attending physicians, press, and authorities with likely claims of imprisonment and abuse being made by Lisa upon her recovery. Thus they chose the "end of cycle" option, which is permitting and ordering the person to die.

In Jesse's opinion, Lisa was held against her will in isolation. She was not improving and her morbid condition was described in the caretaker logs. Rather than face the public relations flap, Miscavige, Mithoff and Rathbun ordered her death, it was no accident.
Note: Lisa McPherson died a slow death. The Corner found her death was due to dehydration.
24 September 1999

David Miscavige files an affidavit in the Wollersheim case in California:

"RTC is exclusively concerned with the orthodoxy of the Scientology religion so that it forever remains faithful to the teachings of L. Ron Hubbard, the Founder of the religion and the one source of its Scriptures."

"As Chairman of the Board, the most senior position in RTC, I am uniquely interested in the standard application of the Scripture of Scientology as detailed in Hubbard Communication Office Policy Letters and Hubbard Communication Office Bulletins and the spoken words of Mr. Hubbard on the subjects of Dianetics; and Scientology as recorded on audio tape, video, film and in written transcriptions of these materials. I inspect and correct departures from the standard application of the Scripture of the religion. I also ensure that any attempted perversion of the technology of Dianetics and Scientology is rapidly dealt with, to keep the religion pure so that all people may benefit from the application of Mr. Hubbard's breakthroughs in the fields of the mind, the spirit and life."

"My role is described above. Mr. Hubbard was the Founder of the religion and the sole Source of its Scripture. A primary and fundamental doctrine of our faith is that the teachings be kept pure and that the only source of those teachings is Mr. Hubbard. Indeed, my role encompasses the responsibility of seeing the religion does not lose its original teachings and that no one ever assumes Mr. Hubbard's role as the source of its religious teachings."

Note: You see, he does know what his hat is. And, his and RTC's betrayal of LRH's trust to do the above, puts them in a condition of Treason. But let's go on and see what else David says.

"The GO operated in complete secrecy and conducted its affairs independently of other church personnel."
Note: So does Religious Technology Center and Church of Spiritual Technology.
"There were also examples in which GO staff had used unscrupulous means to deal with people perceived as enemies of the religion - means that were completely against Scientology tenets and policy, not to mention the law."
Note: There are plenty of entries on this time track that shows Miscavige and RTC doing the same thing. In fact, there are many cases on this time track where they have had to pay out millions of dollars in parishioners donation's because they were found guilty in courts of doing just exactly that. And that, ladies and gentlemen, is what your fees buy.
"Such treatment was also the GO's response to church staff members who inquired into their activities or were perceived by the GO to be interfering with GO affairs."
Note: Once again, Miscavige has done this too. Take his expelling of about 600 people at the mission holders conference as an example. Take the hundreds of people he has expelled since then simply because they challenged his squirreling of tech or policy.
Also, he has used intelligence black operations on some of these people after expelling them. Again resulting in wasting millions of dollars of parishioner's donations to defend lawsuits and pay for settlements and awards against Scientology. To make it worse, none of it should have happened in the first place - because they were right! You are squirreling the tech!

A question for the parishioner's - how do you like paying these excessively high prices for services in order to finance Miscavige's and RTC's criminal activities?

"The GO had grossly mismanaged the legal affairs with which it had been entrusted and displayed a disdain for the basic policies of Mr. Hubbard by which a Scientology organization is supposed to be guided. Whatever else the GO was, it was not Scientology, and it was not adhering to Scientology policy."
Note: Boy you said a mouthful that time, David. You have actually done worse than the GO because the GO never re-wrote LRH's tech. And your massive alterations of LRH books, HCOBs and tapes is definitely not Scientology. Under your off-source command, you have turned all of Scientology into the biggest squirrel group ever.
"Moreover, the GO had withheld from the rest of the church the darkest of its secrets - the criminal acts committed by GO staff against the US Government and others."
Note: Here's another LRH technical datum - "The overt doth speak loudly in accusation."
Does this apply here? Why, yes it does!

Miscavige and RTC are guilty of withholding their criminal acts from the rest of the church!

Well, let's go on and see what else David has to say about the criminal GO staff..

".it was clear to us that we had no choice but to dismantle the GO and persuade everyone who had violated religious policy or the law to resign. To reform the GO, we relied on our mutual beliefs and dedication to the Scientology religion and its moral and ethical codes to try to persuade the GO members that the policies of the religion did not condone their conduct and, that for the sake of the religion, they must resign."

"As is true when any Scientologist has committed gross violations of the religion's policy, the internal, ecclesiastical justice system of Scientology is employed. That was precisely what occurred with respect to GO staff whom the investigation revealed to have breached policy. Following adjudication in that system, they were removed from their staff positions. Those who committed crimes were prosecuted and convicted in the criminal courts."
Note: Ok David. Let's apply all of that to you and RTC now. We want you to resign and go to jail.
You and RTC and CST are actually worse than the GO ever dreamed of being. Not only are you guilty of the same criminal activities as the GO was, but you are the biggest squirrel in the history of the religion. Worse yet, CST engraves squirrel tech onto titanium.

Miscavige and his top aides are assigned Treason. RTC and CST are assigned Treason.



Con te partirò
Phew! So it only ended up being 9 parts.

Just to be clear - none of the notes or comments are mine. They are in the original post. I have edited out some of the comments that were not relevant to the timeline. I kept some comments that I'd rather have edited out because they were relevant to the timeline.

I've attached the word doc if anyone wants to download it and read it offline.


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Terril park



The IRS removes the C of S of California from the roster of tax exempt organizations. The IRS says it is a for-profit business that enriches church officials.
Note: How do they know that? Obviously someone on the inside gave them financial data. Who was their plant/informant? The point is - this shows they infiltrated the church.
LRH obtains the yacht Apollo and starts the Sea Org. He manages Scientology from there.

This is probably extracted from the longer timetrack produced by Ron's Orgs.


On the point highlighted, Phil Spickler off his own bat approached the IRS commissioner to try and regain tax excempt status. He was successfull, a special envoy visited him and showed him how to regain this status. It was basically have money paid into a church account and not an LRH account. However on sending it uplines he got declared for his troubles.

Presumably the IRS had COS accounts and saw the obvious reason
why tax excemption was against their rules. They had no problem with a tax excempt status that followed the rules.

Petey C

Silver Meritorious Patron
Thank you Emma, marathon effort. I read most of it but will read the rest offline. There are some errors in the 1981-2 part of the time track at Int which I know about as I was intimately involved in some of them. But for the most part, it certainly is consistent with my experience.



Con te partirò
Thank you Emma, marathon effort. I read most of it but will read the rest offline. There are some errors in the 1981-2 part of the time track at Int which I know about as I was intimately involved in some of them. But for the most part, it certainly is consistent with my experience.


Any errors you pick up please let me know and I'll amend the document. I'd like to get this as accurate as possible.


There is a Russell Miller/'Barefaced Messiah' timeline, and also a Jon Atack "time track" which was photocopied and in a binder pre-publication of 'Piece of Blue Sky'. Offhand, since I'm not checking right now, I don't know if this "time track" made it into 'Blue Sky'.

There are also Jon Zegel's three tapes - which have been transcribed - and also his fourth tape, also at least partly transcribed. In the fourth tape, Zegel, supposedly being blackmailed by Scientology (according to Alan Walter), recants and even says "I am a Suppressive Person."

Still, without reviewing them again - having not done so in years - Jon Zegel's first three tapes are, IMO, reliable (perhaps slightly naive) info.

I haven't examined the Ingo Swann related info in this timeline, and don't know if it makes the assumption (which may not be stated) that Swann was an enemy agent infiltrating Scientology in advance of the FBI raid of July 1977, and subsequent complete taking over of the "Church" of Scientology.

There's also the assertion that, in December 1972, Hubbard was abducted by government agents, and the belief that Hubbard was then replaced by a look-a-like. From what I can see (maybe I'm overlooking it?) this has not made it into the edited version.

As background, it should be kept in mind that Free Zoners believe that Hubbard was working against impossible odds - a galactic conspiracy to stop him and Scientology - and, thus, was justified in virtually anything he did, and also believe that this galactic conspiracy infiltrated Scientology, accounting for most of the problems and justifying Hubbard's sometimes drastic (but justified) responses.

Of course, with Miscavige in control, the Markabians have taken over the "Church" of Scientology. (No joke.)

So, it's an interesting timeline, but suggest consulting alternate time lines and comparing, for those so inclined.


OK, a little later, at second glance, I see that the original link/timeline is by someone called "Theta," and is not the Ron's Org Freezone timeline http://www.freezone.de/english/timetrack/tt-index.htm, but appears to borrow from that timeline and other time lines, and also deletes some things from that timeline.
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OK, Emma, now you've opened a can of worms...

This reminds me of this Remote Viewing Timeline. I'll pop it here for posterity's sake.

Remote Viewing Timeline

This timeline details United States government development of parapsychology for military intelligence purposes, leading to a secret CIA-initiated program that became commonly known as "remote viewing." The timeline reaches to the beginnings of Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) mind research and experimentation in the late 1940s, and includes parallel information on similar research being carried out simultaneously in the Soviet Union during the Cold War.

Because of a secret contract between the CIA and highly trained Scientologists at the inception of the CIA-initiated remote viewing program, events related to Scientology and L. Ron Hubbard that led up to the unlikely marriage of CIA and Scientology are included.

Also included are key events involving CIA and other U.S. intelligence agencies that are parallel to the evolution of remote viewing, and that are linked to its development in ways that are as inexplicable as they are inextricable. As a result, the remote viewing timeline necessarily is a partial timeline of events and people related to the Pentagon Papers and Watergate.

1980s to Present


October 1943
E. Howard Hunt is confirmed for service in Office of Strategic Services

CIA's E Howard Hunt
(OSS), forerunner to CIA. Hunt goes to Catalina Island for training. Among the people Hunt trains with is Lucien Conein.[1]

Psychiatrist Lewis J. Fielding joins the Veteran's Administration (VA) in Los Angeles as staff psychiatrist and instructor in clinical psychiatry. When Fielding joins the VA, and intermittantly over the next several years, Dianetics and Scientology founder L. Ron Hubbard is living in and around L.A., doing Dianetic research. He has opened an office in Hollywood, California, and is delivering Dianetic processing to people. When there, he is associated with the Los Angeles Veteran's Administration. [NOTE: Fielding later will be integral to incidents involving CIA's E. Howard Hunt, Daniel Ellsberg, Lucien Conein, the Pentagon Papers, and the Watergate scandal—at the very time that CIA is secretly setting up its remote viewing program using highly trained Scientologists. See timeline years 1971 and 1972.][2][3][4]

Thursday, 18 September 1947
The National Security Act of 1947 establishes the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA). Robert Komer is in the CIA at its inception. [NOTE: Komer will become a close associate of Daniel Ellsberg at Rand and will be with Ellsberg in Vietnam.][5][6]

Wednesday, 15 October 1947
A letter purportedly from L. Ron Hubbard, dated 15 October 1947, ends up in his Veteran's Administration files in Los Angeles, where Lewis J. Fielding is staff psychiatrist. The subject of the letter is Hubbard pleading with the VA for psychiatric help. [NOTE: The letter never surfaces until decades later, and then only as a copy several generations removed, making its authenticity impossible to prove or disprove.][7]

June 1948
With CIA liaison for administration and supply, a separate clandestine organization called Office of Policy Coordination (OPC) is created. On CIA orders, E. Howard Hunt reports to Washington, D.C. to begin service in OPC.[1]

July 1949
CIA's head of Scientific Intelligence goes to Western Europe to learn Soviet techniques in mind control and interrogation, including use of LSD.[8]
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Thursday, 20 April 1950

CIA's mind control program Project BLUEBIRD is authorized. CIA-contracted psychiatrists begin secret experiments with ice-pick lobotomies, electroshock, hypnosis, pain, and drugs, including cocaine, heroin, and LSD. In coordination with the Veteran's Administration, U.S. military veterans are used as unwitting subjects for many of the experiments.[9][8]

Tuesday, 9 May 1950

The book Dianetics, the Modern Science of Mental Health by L. Ron Hubbard is released. It decries hypnosis, and describes techniques for safely accessing in the mind the contents of incidents involving unconsciousness, hypnosis, drugs, and pain. It becomes a bestseller.[10][11]

Saturday, 27 May 1950

With Dianetics a bestseller, L. Ron Hubbard (right) is lecturing around the country when U.S. Naval Intelligence attempts to force him into service for the U.S. government. He refuses.

The Office of Naval Intelligence in Washington, D.C. sends an officer to put L. Ron Hubbard into civilian service in the government to continue his researches on the mind. Hubbard says no. The officer says that if he refuses, Hubbard will be ordered back to active duty, since his Naval commission has not been terminated. Hubbard quickly takes advantage of a letter of permission he has from the Secretary of the Navy to resign his commission, thereby putting Dianetics and Scientology out of the reach and control of the U.S. government.[12][13]

September 1950

As CIA's Project BLUEBIRD expands, the CIA-contracted psychiatrists' experimental purposes and activities include inducing amnesia, inserting hypnotic access codes in subjects' minds, controlling behavior from remote transmitters with brain electrodes, administering LSD to children, and using electroshock to erase memories.[9]


Office of Policy Coordination (OPC), where E. Howard Hunt is working, is merged with CIA. Over the coming years, during his CIA career, Hunt has other occassions to work with Lucien Conein, who is on contract to CIA.[1]

January 1951

L. Ron Hubbard introduces the "Theta-MEST Theory" stating that thought (Theta) is separate from the physical universe (Matter, Energy, Space and Time—MEST): that Theta can operate in and with MEST, that Theta can consider itself integrated with MEST, and that Theta can consider itself to be MEST, but that creative thought and perception reside in Theta, not MEST.[14]

Monday, 25 June 1951

L. Ron Hubbard exposes "a carefully guarded secret of certain military and intelligence organizations."

CIA's Sidney Gottlieb
In a new book, Science of Survival, Hubbard says: "It required Dianetic processing to uncover pain-drug-hypnosis. Otherwise, pain-drug-hypnosis was out of sight, unsuspected, and unknown." Hubbard denounces its use as a "vicious war weapon" that may be "of considerably more use in conquering a society than the atom bomb." [NOTE: It's not until decades later that CIA's pain-drug-hypnosis experimentation during this period begins to be investigated and reported by Congress. By that time, CIA's Richard Helms, Sidney Gottlieb, and others will have destroyed many of CIA's records of such activities. See January 1973.] [15]

Monday, 20 August 1951

CIA's Project BLUEBIRD evolves into Project ARTICHOKE, with goals such as "get control of an individual to the point where he will do our bidding against his will and even against fundamental laws of nature."[16]

Monday, 7 January 1952

A secret internal CIA document discusses a multi-level prorgram to research and develop the use of extrasensory perception for "practical problems of intelligence."[17]

July 1952

L. Ron Hubbard releases a book, History of Man (published also as What to Audit), that describes some of the native capabilities of thought (Theta) in the individual as including communication by telepathy and the moving of material objects by "throwing an energy flow at them." Hubbard describes Scientology processes to rehabilitate these potentials.[18]

Wednesday, 6 August 1952

Alexander Puharich delivers a lecture called "On the Possible Usefulness of Extrasensory Perception in Psychological Warfare" to a Pentagon conference.[19]

"On the Possible Usefulness
of Extrasensory Perception in Psychological Warfare"
becomes a decades-long intelligence agenda
for the Cold War.​

December 1952

George Hunter White, on loan to CIA from the Federal Narcotics Bureau, begins administering LSD to unwitting U.S. citizens at a CIA "safehouse" in Greenwich Village.[20]
L. Ron Hubbard delivers a series of over 50 lectures in Philadelphia on processes for attaining a state he calls "Operating Thetan" (OT), described as a being stably exterior from the body and able to perceive, communicate, and operate in the physical universe without reliance on the sense channels or mechanics of a body.[21]


James McCord, later to be involved in the Watergate break-in, joins CIA.[22]

Friday, 10 April 1953

CIA director Allen Dulles gives a speech before the National Alumni Conference at Princeton University, lecturing on "how sinister the battle for men's minds" has become in Soviet hands.[23]

Monday, 13 April 1953

CIA's Richard Helms

CIA Director Allen Dulles authorizes a new expanded mind-control program, MK-ULTRA, brainchild of Richard Helms, a high-ranking member of CIA's Clandestine Services. E. Howard Hunt is working at CIA headquarters at the time as a "chief of covert operations" under Clandestine Services. [23][24][1]

Thursday, 19 November 1953

On a 3-day holiday for CIA officials at Deer Creek Lodge in the mountains of Maryland, Sidney Gottlieb—head of CIA's MK-ULTRA—secretly slips LSD into the after-dinner drinks. An Army scientist and germ warfare specialist named Frank Olson, who is working on an MK-ULTRA project, experiences a "bad trip," becoming very disoriented. [NOTE: Olson soon commits suicide.][20]

Circa July 1955

George Hunter White moves his CIA "safe house" operation, equipped with one-way mirrors and surveillance gadgets, to San Francisco, under the aegis of MK-ULTRA and Sidney Gottlieb. The code name is Operation Midnight Climax. He hires prostitute addicts who lure men from bars to the safe houses after their drinks have been spiked with LSD. White films the events. The purpose of these "national security brothels" is to enable CIA to experiment with the act of lovemaking for extracting information from men.[25]
Factions of the U.S. government are making efforts to "seize Scientology in the United States."[26]

Monday, 15 August 1955

Staff of CIA Director Allen Dulles complete "A Report on Communist Brainwashing."[27]

Wednesday, 2 January 1957

The Church of Scientology of California, the senior church, is granted tax exemption.[28]

July 1957

The CIA has file No. 156409 on L. Ron Hubbard and his organizations.[29]

January 1958

L. Ron Hubbard introduces the "American Blue E-meter," a transistorized improvement over earlier prototypes, to be used as an aid for Scientology practitioners. Newer Scientology technology begin to require the use of the meter as a guide to the use of processes toward the attainment of Operating Thetan (OT).[11]

June 1958

Daniel Ellsberg arrives at Rand to spend the summer as a consultant.[30]

Circa July 1958

U.S. corporations, including Westinghouse, General Electric, and Bell Telephone have begun telepathy research.[17]

Saturday, 8 November 1958

The Herald Tribune in New York reports that Westinghouse Electric Corporation has begun to study ESP using specially designed apparatus.[17]

L. Ron Hubbard discovers measurable sentience in plants, first using an E-meter with geraniums in his greenhouse at St. Hill, England, later with tomatoes

Saturday, 25 July 1959

Westinghouse Corporation's Friendship Laboratory undertakes an experiment in ESP with the U.S.S. Nautilus, linking one person on land (the sender) with another person in the submarine (the receiver),while the vessel is submerged. Representatives of the U.S. Navy and Air Force are present during the experiments, which run for sixteen days under Air Force Colonel William H. Bowers. The experiments result in a 70% success rate.[17]

Friday, 18 December 1959

Garden News publishes a story, "Plants Do Worry and Feel Pain," describing experiments done by L. Ron Hubbard where he has connected plants to a Scientology E-meter and measured their reaction to threat and damage.[31]
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Monday, 17 April 1961

Martin Ebon, administrative assistant of the Parapsychology Association in New York and on staff with the U.S. Information Agency, is in Washington, D.C. giving a briefing on telepathy to "a top intelligence agency." He is a specialist in tracking and examining the nature and direction of Russian and Soviet security services.[17]

Tuesday, 25 July 1961

L. Ron Hubbard goes from St. Hill in England to Cape Finisterre, Spain for about 10 days and purchases a ship that is 106 feet long with an 18 foot beam and sleeps about 22 people. He says that purchase of the ship is "part of an operation" he is conducting from St. Hill. [NOTE: This event is the earliest indication of Hubbard's creation, in Spain, of the confidential "Sea Project," later to be called the "Sea Org," which he establishes to protect and deliver the confidential upper levels of Scientology. This is the first ship purchased. The Sea Project will not be made known publically for several years. Later, Hubbard writes that the "oldest yacht in the Sea Org" is the "Enchanter."][32][33]

Tuesday, 1 August 1961

The Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) is created in the Department of Defense (DOD) by DOD Directive 5105.21, August 1, 1961. [NOTE: After the 1971-1972 creation of the CIA-initiated remote viewing program, its administration later gets transferred, at least in part, to DIA as one action of the remote viewing shell-game of secrecy that goes on for decades.]

The Soviet Union claims to have
confirmed "communication between two people
separated by long distances...without conventional
communication facilities."​

July 1962

A book published in the Soviet Union, "Biological Radio Communication," claims "experimental confirmation of the fact that communication between two people separated by long distances can be carried out through water, over air and across metal barrier by means of cerebral radiation in the course of thinking, and without conventional communication facilities."[17]


CIA organizes the Robert R. Mullen public relations firm as a CIA front company for use "mainly in providing CIA cover overseas." Mullen has several overseas branches for its ciafront operations and an office in Washington, D.C.. One of its branches in Europe is staffed, run, and paid for by CIA. [NOTE: E. Howard Hunt will "retire" from CIA and go to work for Mullen on 1 May 1970 (see). At the time of his purported retirement, Hunt will be CIA's "Chief EUR/CA"][34]

Feds seize Scientology
CIA's Richard Helms attempts to defend CIA drug operations like Midnight Climax by telling CIA Inspector General John Earman that such testing has been necessary "to keep up with the Soviets."[25]

Friday, 4 January 1963

Deputy Marshals and Food and Drug Administration Agents raid the Scientology headquarters in Washington, D.C. and seize 100 E-meters along with Scientology publications on the grounds that the E-meters are "misbranded."[35]


Daniel Ellsberg is granted a unique security clearance giving him "unprecedented accesss to data and studies in all agencies," as well as several "special clearances" including "very high-level access to all our secrets in the State and Defense Departments and the CIA."[2]

Circa November 1964


CIA Director Helms testifies. He later will be convicted of perjury for lying to Congress.

Richard Helms, Dirctor of CIA and father of MK-ULTRA, contradicts himself on the need "to keep up with the Soviets," telling the Warren Commission that "Soviet research has consistently lagged five years behind Western research."[25]

Early January 1965

L. Ron Hubbard and Mary Sue Hubbard leave St. Hill in England and travel to Spain, going first at the Canary Islands—a province of Spain—off the coast of Morocco. His research into upper levels of Scientology is now confidential, and while in Spain and the Canary Islands, he lays the groundwork for establishing confidential bases in Spain to deliver the upper levels. They return to St. Hill mid-February 1965.[3][36]

Monday, 17 May 1965

Psychiatrist Jose Delgado gives a mind control demonstration in Spain with a bull: he presses a button on a radio transmitter and the bull brakes to a halt. He presses another button and the bull turns to the right and trots away, obeying commands being delivered through radio signals to brain regions in which fine wires had been planted the day before.[25]

Monday, 14 June 1965

L. Ron Hubbard issues "Politics, Freedom From" in Executive Directive form, declaring Scientology to be "nonpolitical and nonideological," and declaring it "free of any political connection or allegiance of any kind whatever." He says the reason for the declaration is the continuing efforts of the U.S. government "to seize Scientology in the United States." In closing he says: "Scientologists may be members of any political group on this planet without restraint only so long as these individuals or that group do not attempt to seize Scientology for their own warlike ends and so make it unworkable or distasteful by invidious connection."[26]

Tuesday, 29 June 1965

L. Ron Hubbard tells a group of Scientology students in a lecture at St. Hill in England that he has recently returned from Washington D.C. where IRS and factions of the U.S. government have been "trying to seize Scientology in the United States," and that he has told them an emphatic "no."[37]

July 1965

Hunt and Hubbard in Spain

E. Howard Hunt converts from "CIA employee" to "CIA contract status" and is sent by Richard Helms on a secret mission to Madrid, Spain. The Canary Islands, where L. Ron Hubbard has recently begun to establish a base for upper level Scientology research, is a province of Spain at the time.[38][1]
In a meeting with CIA's William Colby it is arranged that Daniel Ellsberg will be traveling to Vietnam with E. Howard Hunt's long-time associate, CIA's Lucien Conein, on a team headed up by 20-year CIA veteran Edward Lansdale [often misspelled as Edward Landsdale].[30]

Friday, 3 September 1965

L. Ron Hubbard inaugurates the confidential Clearing Course, available only at St. Hill in East Grinstead, Sussex, England.[3]

Monday, 11 October 1965

Moscow's A.S. Popov Scientific-Technical Society for Radio Engineering, Electronics and Communication establishes a Laboratory for Bio-Information to conduct laboratory-controlled telepathic experiments. [NOTE: Also referred to as Soviet Laboratory for Bio-Electronics and the Laboratory for Bio-Communications.][17]

Sunday, 17 October 1965

Daniel Ellsberg has arrived in Vietnam with CIA's Edward Lansdale [often misspelled as Edward Landsdale] and Lucien Conein, and is put in touch with John Paul Vann. Through Vann, Ellsberg meets reporter Neil Sheehan. For about six weeks Vann drives Ellsberg around to every province capital in "III Corps"—the eleven provinces that include Saigon. [NOTE: Neil Sheehan will later publish secret documents given to him by Ellsberg: the "Pentagon Papers.][30]

Tuesday, 14 December 1965

Stephen I. Abrams, Director of the Parapsychological Laboratory, Oxford University in England, working under the auspices of CIA's MK-ULTRA, prepares a review article entitled "Extrasensory Perception." It says ESP has been demonstrated, but is not understood or controllable.[19]

L. Ron Hubbard forbids access to
confidential Scientology upper levels for anyone connected
to "police spy organizations and government spy
organizations" including CIA, IRS, FBI, and NSA.​

Tuesday, 28 December 1965

L. Ron Hubbard issues a Scientology policy letter that forbids anyone connected to a "Suppressive Group" from being allowed onto the confidential Scientology upper levels unless and until the group is permanently disbanded. "Suppressive Groups" are defined as those that "seek to destroy Scientology" or specialize in "injuring or killing people or damaging their cases," or that "advocate the supppression of Mankind." They include "police spy organizations and government spy organizations" such as the CIA, IRS, FBI, National Security Agency (NSA), Department of Justice (DOJ), "or any other federal agency in any country."[39][40]

Wednesday, 2 February 1966

CIA's Cleve Backster plagiarizes plant response testing, giving CIA their own data set for experiments done years earlier by Hubbard that he would never share with an intelligence agency

CIA contractor Cleve Backster connects plants to polygraphs and gets reactions on the machines when the plants are threatened or harmed. [NOTE: These are almost identical to plant experiments done by L. Ron Hubbard over six years earlier using the Scientology E-meter. See 18 December 1959.][41]

March 1966

Daniel Ellsberg is working in Vietnam in conjunction with CIA's Intelligence Coordination and Exploitation (ICEX) operations—forerunner of the Phoenix Project—on "hamlet pacification," a euphemism for, among other things, kidnapping, brutal interrogations, and assassinations.[2][30]

Thursday, 7 April 1966

Daniel Ellsberg is in a meeting in Vietnam with his "old friend from Rand," CIA veteran and National Security Council (NSC) member Robert Komer. At the time, Ellsberg is involved with Lucien Conein and John Paul Vann. One of the Green Berets in the various CIA "pacification programs" is Paul Preston. [NOTE: Preston later will enroll in Scientology, and will be described by some sources as having become the "bodyguard" of L. Ron Hubbard when Hubbard disappears. See 28 May 1972.][2][30]

Circa July 1966

"Special Department No. 8" is established at the Institute of Automation and Electrometry in Academgorodok, ("Science City"), near Novosibirsk, Siberia. The building that houses the department can only be entered if one knows the code, changed each week, that opens the main door's lock. The "No. 8" operation is devoted to experiments in information transmission by "bioenergetic" means. About 60 researchers have been brought to the facility from other parts of the USSR.[17]

Saturday, 9 July 1966

The Moscow daily Komsomolskaya Pravda reports on long-distance telepathy experiments conducted by the Moscow Laboratory of Bio-Information, using Yuri Kamensky and Karl Nikolayev. The experiments are reported to have "demonstrated the reality of the phenomenon and produced valuable data, both positive and negative, which pointed up the need for continued research."[17]

The Soviet Union reports more
successful telepathy experiments, escalating the Cold War
race for supremacy in psychological warfare.​

Friday, 29 July 1966

IRS sends a letter to the senior Scientology organization, Church of Scientology of California, recommending revocation of tax exemption.[28]

Sunday, 14 August 1966

The confidential materials for the first Operating Thetan level, OT I, are released by L. Ron Hubbard to qualified Scientologists on 14 August 1966. The level is called OT I.[11]

Tuesday, 16 August 1966

L. Ron Hubbard issues a Scientology policy letter called "Clearing Course Security" with instructions on how to handle reports of anyone being a "potential security risk" with confidential upper level materials.[42]

Thursday, 1 September 1966

L. Ron Hubbard resigns from all directorships and running of Scientology organizations. At about the same time he releases to qualified Scientologists the confidential materials of "Operating Thetan Level II" (OT II).[11]

Wednesday, 21 September 1966

CIA's E. Howard Hunt returns to the Washington, D.C. area from a highly secret assignment he has been on in Spain for a little over a year. Hunt supposedly has been on a "contract" basis with CIA rather than an employee of CIA since leaving for Spain, but a CIA document of 21 September, sent to CIA's Central Cover Staff through the Office of Security refers to Hunt as "this employee." [NOTE: Also see 1970, where Hunt purportedly "retires" from CIA as an employee.][1][38]

Wednesday, 5 October 1966

Just after E. Howard Hunt arrives in D.C., Daniel Ellsberg leaves Vietnam and flies to Washington, D.C., then turns around almost immediately and makes a one week trip back to Vietnam, flying non-stop on the plane of Secretary of Defense Robert McNamara. Ellsberg is in contact again with CIA's Robert Komer.[30]

Wednesday, 12 October 1966

Daniel Ellsberg flies back from Vietnam to Washington, D.C. non-stop on McNamara's plane. With them is CIA's Robert Komer.[30]

Thursday, 10 November 1966

L. Ron Hubbard has created the "Sea Project" and confidential programs for Scientology Clears and OTs to carry out.[43]

Tuesday, 29 November 1966


Harold "Hal" Puthoff from NSA and Ingo Swann from the UN enroll in Scientology, supposedly unknown to each other. Within five years they will be at the highest levels of Scientology and under secret contract with CIA to develop remote viewing for military intelligence.

L. Ron Hubbard gives a lecture to the Saint Hill Special Briefing Course: "OT and Clear defined," date code 6611C29, lecture code SHspec-82.


Ingo Swann begins to take Scientology services. At about the same time, Swann tenders his two-year notice for resignation from his permanent contract with the United Nations Secretariat in New York.[44]
NSA's Hal Puthoff enrolls in Scientology services. [NOTE: Puthoff will somehow get past or around the Hubbard injunction against members of a "Suppressive Group" being allowed access to the upper levels of Scientology, and by 1971 Puthoff will have attained the highest level, OT VII. See January 1971.]

July 1967

IRS revokes the tax exemption of the senior Scientology organization, Church of Scientology of California (CSC), which it has had since 2 January 1957 (see).[28]

Wednesday, 10 January 1968

L. Ron Hubbard reissues "Politics, Freedom From" [see 14 June 1965], this time as a broad public issue Hubbard Communication Office Policy Letter, declaring Scientology to be "nonpolitical and nonideological," and declaring it "free of any political connection or allegiance of any kind whatever."

L. Ron Hubbard issues "Politics, Freedom From" as policy
He says the reason for the declaration is the continuing efforts of the U.S. government "to seize Scientology in the United States."[26]

February 1968

"American intelligence analysts" begin "noticing a Soviet secret police (KGB) trend...indicating serious interest in what is called 'parapsychology' in the West."[17]
The first Scientology "Advanced Org" is started on the Scientology Flagship (then called the Royal Scotman, later the Apollo) for the delivery of the confidential upper levels. The location is highly confidential.[45]

March 1968

Daniel Ellsberg is working at Rand Corporation in Santa Monica, California. He begins having regular meetings with Beverly Hills psychiatrist Lewis J. Fielding—former staff psychiatrist of the Veteran's Administration when L. Ron Hubbard was connected with the VA there. Ellsberg purportedly is a Fielding patient.[2]

Tuesday, 4 March 1969

On a trip to the Rand office in D.C. Daniel Ellsberg is given a copy of the top-secret study that will become known as "the Pentagon Papers" for him to carry with him to the Rand office in Santa Monica, California where he works.[30]

April 1969

Ingo Swann employment on a "permanent contract" with the United Nations Secretariat in New York comes to an end.[44]

Tuesday, 30 September 1969

G. Gordon Liddy gets "special clearances" from CIA

Daniel Ellsberg "decides to release the Pentagon Papers," purportedly because he reads in the newspaper that all charges have been dropped against several Green Berets who had been charged with a murder in Vietnam. [NOTE: The kind of ops the Green Berets had been charged with were what Ellsberg himself had been immersed in while in Vietnam, including time spent with his "good friend" Robert Komer—who headed CIA's Phoenix Project of kidnappings and assassinations.][30]

Tuesday, 16 December 1969

A Scientology Guardian Order says that double agents are being infiltrated into Scientology staffs and urges the use of any means to detect such infiltration.[46]

December 1969

G. Gordon Liddy is granted "special clearances" by CIA.[34]
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IRS's Meade Emory
January 1970

Meade Emory is Legislation Attorney for the Joint Committee on Taxation of the U.S. Congress. [NOTE: Emory has ties to the law firm Gall, Lane, Powell and Kilcullen in D.C. Emory will later be Assistant to Commissioner of IRS, then secretly will be the architect of several wills attributed to L. Ron Hubbard, and of the restructuring of all Scientology corporations, turning control of all Scientology materials over to non-Scientology tax attorneys appointed for life. See Meade Emory, Founder.][47]

Sunday, 22 February 1970

Yvonne Gillham, one of the earliest Sea Org members, has been Commmanding Officer of the Scientology Advanced Organization in Los Angeles (AOLA). L. Ron Hubbard gives her a mission to set up a Scientology organization called Celebrity Centre in Los Angeles, with the purpose of "revitalization of the arts." She rents an old redwood and brick warehouse near downtown Los Angeles and begins delivering basic Scientology services to people in the arts, sports, entertainment, and government. She knows Ingo Swann, and he is instrumental in helping her get Celebrity Centre started.

Yvonne Gillham (later Jentzsch) opens Celebrity Centre in Los Angeles
The center also has an art gallery, a performance theatre, and classes in everything from ballet to fencing to fine arts and crafts like pottery and leatherwork.

Friday, 10 April 1970

Richard Helms has rubber-stamped E. Howard Hunt's "early retirement" and has written a letter to Robert R. Mullen on behalf of Hunt, urging Mullen to hire him. Mullen is head of a CIA-created public relations firm in D.C. and has "cooperated" with CIA in the past." One of the Mullen offices, in Stockholm, Sweden, is "staffed, run, and paid for by CIA." Also at the Mullen firm is Douglas Caddy.[1][38]

Monday, 13 April 1970

Daniel Ellsberg quits Rand in California, flies to Boston and signs a contract at MIT. He remains, though, a "consultant" for Rand.[30]

Friday, 1 May 1970

E. Howard Hunt ostensibly "retires" from CIA. He goes to work for Mullen in D.C. [NOTE: By this time, up to eight people at the Mullen company have been "cleared and made witting of Agency ties, mainly in providing CIA cover overseas." Some time shortly after arriving, Hunt is told by Robert Mullen that Mullen is planning to retire before long, and that Douglas Caddy has been selected to run the CIA front company along with Hunt and an unnamed other person after Mullen's retirement.][1][48]

Four weeks after Hunt's purported retirement
from CIA and employment at Mullen, a CIA Covert Security
Approval is requested for Hunt under
Project QK/ENCHANT.​

Tuesday, 5 May 1970

Daniel Ellsberg flies to Washington, D.C. and is there for three days, flies to St. Louis for a day, then flies back to D.C.[30]

Wednesday, 13 May 1970

Daniel Ellsberg testifies before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee hearings, Senator Fulbright chairing.[30]

Thursday, 28 May 1970

A CIA Covert Security Approval is requested under Project QK/ENCHANT for E. Howard Hunt.[49]

August 1970


CIA's James McCord

Just four months after E. Howard Hunt, James McCord "retires" from CIA.[50]

September 1970

Daniel Ellsberg stops seeing Beverly Hills psychiatrist Lewis Fielding. [NOTE: Ellsberg had moved to Cambridge, Massachusetts months before. See 13 April 1970.][2]

Sunday, 20 September 1970

L. Ron Hubbard releases OT VII, the highest level in Scientology, to Advanced Organizations around the world.[3]

November 1970

Douglas Caddy leaves the Mullen firm to work for Gall, Lane, Powell and Kilcullen, where tax and probate attorney Meade Emory is connected.
E. Howard Hunt becomes a "client" of Caddy and of Gall, Lane, Powell and Kilcullen. Caddy consults with Hunt regarding probate and other matters.
G. Gordon Liddy is approached by Robert Mardian, asking Liddy to take a position that Mardian describes as "super-confidential."[51]
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