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Criminal timeline of Scientology


I'm reposting a post from ARS dated 21st December 1999. You can read the original post here:



I believe I found the actual author of this from here:

Scientology: CRIMINAL TIME TRACK ISSUE III by Mike McClaughry 2000

The following is the third version, greatly expanded, of the original Criminal Time Track I put together for myself and some friends during the summer of 1999. I finished putting together this version, Issue III, in January 2000.

I originally used the pseudonym “Theta” at the request of Greg Barnes until he was ready to “go public” with his defection from Scientology.

I also used the pseudonym “Theta 8-8008” around this same time period.

Bernd Luebeck, Ex-Guardian’s Office Intelligence and then Ron’s Org staff ran the website www.freezone.org. In 1999, just after my time track (Criminal Time Track IssueI) was released privately, Bernd used it on his website as-is. He later expanded on my original time track with items of interest to himself.

Prior to my doing this time track, Bernd, (nor anyone else involved with Scientology onthe internet), had ever thought of the idea to do things this way in relation to Scientology.

Mike McClaughry



An open letter to all Scientologists: Issue III

Greetings and by way of introduction, I am a Class 8, OT 8, who has been in the Church for many decades and I am in good standing with the Church. I am a lover of LRH’s technology and that is my motivation in writing you and in doing what I am now doing.

It came to my attention, sometime in the not too distant past, that the current top management of the Church, particularly David Miscavige, is off source. One of the ways he is off-source is that he has made the same mistake as the old Guardian’s Office staff made, engaging in criminal activities to solve problems.

Furthermore, he and RTC have betrayed Ron’s trust to keep the technology true to source. Along this line he has allowed thousands of alterations to LRH issues in books, HCOBs, and tapes. The attached time track gives some of the details.

I am not alone in this observation, there are hundreds upon hundreds of other Scientologists who also know this to be true and efforts to apply KSW within the Church have not yielded any positive results.

Miscavige, being at the top in command, ousts anyone who tries to correct his squirreling of the technology by internal methods. The Creed of the Church provides an answer - We of the Church believe that all men have inalienable rights to conceive, choose, assist or support their own organizations, churches and governments.

In keeping with that, a new group has been formed, an association of on-source auditors, loyal to LRH and his technology. We reject any and all alterations of LRH’s technology by Miscavige, or anyone else, for that matter. The only technology we agree to practice is that which comes from LRH himself. Since this is unavailable to us at the formal Churches at this time, we are starting our own group to make this a reality.

Our first project is to get KSW point 1 in - having the correct technology. We are currently working at assembling a complete, on-source, LRH library of the entire bridge.

When that is done, we will engage in the paramount - producing theta clears and beyond. You will hear from us again in the near future. In the meantime, you can educate yourself by reading the attached time track.

Farewell for now


The author grants permission to copy and distribute this letter & the criminal time track.


From another related thread:

Well, there's definitely a conflict on the date of the appointment of Bill Franks. For me, the 1981 date sounds closest to the mark, but I can't say for sure. There's probably some simple explanation for the confusion, though.

One of the difficulties with time lines is there's so much secrecy and intrigue involved in Scientology.

Bill Franks was appointed by Hubbard (in 1979 or 1981) as Executive Director, but what exactly did that mean?

Bent Corydon was a friend of Bill Franks. The following is an excerpt from the chapter, 'A Reform Movement is Derailed' in 'Messiah or Madman?':

"When... Mary Sue's defense was seen as futile, and the legal heat was becoming directed increasingly at Hubbard himself, Hubbard ordered a 'palace coup' by his 'kids' (his youthful messengers)...

"David Miscavige 'handled' Mary Sue Hubbard and Bill Franks was assigned to 'handle' the head of the Guardian's Office Jane Kember.

"The entire old G.O. was headed for jail. Hubbard ordered his messengers to set up a 'Watchdog Committee'.

"In early 1981 Hubbard also created a new post of Executive Director International. This was announced to be a resumption of the post 'vacated by L. Ron Hubbard in 1966'. The new appointment to Executive Director was Bill Franks...

"It was presented to Franks that he would be assuming all of Hubbard's administrative functions. However, Bill told me years later, after leaving the Church, that he had since concluded that Hubbard set him up in order to help him rid himself and Jane Kember...

"What was actually happening at the time of the mission holders' meeting was that Bill had been 'put in charge' as an additional facade for Hubbard. Bill was supposed to have 'instinctively' understood that he was merely to be window dressing. Hubbard was still in control while operating through new additional facades, consisting of the mysterious WDC and Franks. These fronts were designed to protect Hubbard from criminal prosecution that had already consumed his previous facade, consisting of his wife and her G.O. clique.

"Hubbard had not counted on Bill Franks and the mission holders' backlash reaction against what he [Bill Franks] considered 'G.O. type abuses'.

"Franks naively believed that Hubbard had genuinely stepped down, leaving him in the top spot. Bill's reform efforts were constantly getting derailed by these 'kids' however (secretly implementing Hubbard's intent), so he feared that they would go on to commit crimes similar to the G.O bunch..."

So the mission holders were rebelling, but had no idea that they were rebelling against Hubbard, but Hubbard knew, and reacted fiercely.
I've read everything he wrote and watched all the videos and my impression is that Nibs told the truth and just about all the truth, including many things that told against his own integrity and were all the more likely to be true. What did he have to lose?

Where he loses me is with the magical manipulations but I have no doubt he experienced what he experienced.

As for drug-running, why is Freewinds spending weeks at a time in Colombia? Just to spread TWTH? Really? Such kind people.

Nibs was raised by a Father who was a practitioner of "magick" from before he was born, who drugged him and hypnotized him and otherwise manipulated him from the time he was a young child...groomed both him and Quentin to be his creations rather than their own individual selves, to take over and run his cult for Ron someday...nothing would surprise me.

If that was all part of your childhood and your "normal" family upbringing, you might have magical manipulations in your reality, too! I get it.

I believe Nibs was telling the complete truth as he knew it to be. I believe him to be "a reliable reporter". :)

This is why: "I've read everything he wrote and watched all the videos and my impression is that Nibs told the truth and just about all the truth, including many things that told against his own integrity and were all the more likely to be true. What did he have to lose?"



Penthouse: "Did he [Hubbard Sr.] encourage you to use drugs?"

Hubbard Jr.: "Well, he used them with me. He was a real night person. We used to sit around at night, sit around his office or home, get loaded up, and talk... He started out by mixing phenobarbital in my bubble gum, when I was ten years old. This was to induce deeper trances in order to practice the black magic..."

From L. Ron Hubbard Sr.'s 1946 'Affirmations':

"Your psychology is good. You worked to darken your own children. This failure with them [Ron Jr., and his younger sister Katherine] was only apparent. The evident lack of effectiveness was 'ordered'. The same psychology works perfectly on everyone else. You use it with great confidence...

"Darkness is a cloak you may don. Your guardian and your own courage protect you utterly in darkness. You control anything you meet in darkness for that is part of your universe...

"Your writing has a deep hypnotic effect on people and they are always pleased with what you write...

"Your psychology is true and wonderful. It hypnotizes people. It predicts their emotions, for you are their ruler."


As a non-sequitur comment, at the beginning of the first 'Philadelphia Doctorate Course' lecture of 1952: "...the prince of darkness. Who do you think I am?" [audience chuckles].

Poor Nibs.

The first "Ron's Org" SP Declare I ever read was the one on L. Ron Hubbard Jr. (Nibs). It was in a notebook owned by the person who is currently the Senior C/S for Ron's Orgs in the USA:

"Sector Ethics Order:

"Ron De Wolfe, alias Nibs Hubbard, alias L. Ron Hubbard Junior

"...He has recently come under direct influence of the infamous suppressive implanter known as Xenu, subject of Ethics Order No. 1 (written in 1967 by Elron Elray)...

"Astar Paramejgian

"Deputy Sector Commander"

The use of "alias" for dramatic effect is another echo of L. Ron Hubbard, whose (perceived) enemies were invariably communists, criminals, or sex perverts; for example, according to the founder of Scientology, his 2nd wife was a Russian spy, sent in to run a Covert Operation on Dianetics:

"Sara Komkovadamanov, alias Northrup..."

Good ol' Captain Bill. And to think his Ron's Orgs flying saucer cult is the number one FZ group. http://galac-patra.narod.ru/index.html Oh well.

As for Ron Jr., or Nibs, other than his comments in 'Penthouse' and a few TV interviews, and his brief association with the book 'Messiah or Madman?', there's not very much. There is a total of five pages of material, from Ron Jr., in the book, 'L. Ron Hubbard, Messiah or Madman?'. And all the material used in 'Madman?' was supported by others' testimony and by court's evidence.

There's a confusion re. the 'Penthouse' article, as stories told to Ron Jr., by his father, were presented as being believed by Ron Jr. Ron Jr. believed some of it, not all of it, and was uncertain about some things. That's one category: Things he was *told* by his father. His father *told* him (he was 17 in 1950) that he was selling secrets to the Russians, just as his father told Scientologists so many things. And, not unlike the ex-Scientologists who are still "sorting it out" and recovering, so did Ron Jr. attempt to do so.

Of course, Ron Jr. had the problem of having been Fair Gamed, by his father and Scientology, for most of his life. The two "buttons" that Scientology Inc. went after were "family, wife, children," and "money, jobs." Scientology Inc. was relentless.

As a result, he signed two retractions: one after the birth of his youngest son in the early 1970s - his son had downs syndrome and Nibs and his wife were faced with additional stresses and expenses - and one after a serious physical illness in the mid 1980s that resulted in his being hospitalized. He had no health insurance.

Ron Jr. was told many things by his father, but he also *witnessed* his father's behavior: his father throwing dinner plates against walls, his father drinking heavily, and his father using drugs; he witnessed his father's fascination with the writings of Aleister Crowley, and with the darkest aspects of the occult, witnessed his father's use of self-hypnosis with the 'Affirmations' - the 'Affirmations' beginning in the late 1930s. He also witnessed his father secretly hoarding cash, then telling creditors he had no money, and he witnessed the contempt with which his father regarded Scientologists, the Scientologists to whom his father had repeatedly lied.

All this, and more, has since been confirmed.

And then there are Ron Jr.'s opinions.

However, Ron Jr. was told so many tall tales by his father, that he spent the rest of his life trying to sort it out, and free himself from his father's manipulations. And he said so.

Over-all, Ron's Jr.'s information - the key points - have been confirmed by other sources. He spoke out before the Internet, when his mention of his father using drugs brought ridicule, and worse.

And he's the only Hubbard son or daughter who has had the courage to speak out publicly.

Terril park


I believe I found the actual author of this from here:

Scientology: CRIMINAL TIME TRACK ISSUE III by Mike McClaughry 2000

The following is the third version, greatly expanded, of the original Criminal Time Track I put together for myself and some friends during the summer of 1999. I finished putting together this version, Issue III, in January 2000.

I originally used the pseudonym “Theta” at the request of Greg Barnes until he was ready to “go public” with his defection from Scientology.

I also used the pseudonym “Theta 8-8008” around this same time period.

Bernd Luebeck, Ex-Guardian’s Office Intelligence and then Ron’s Org staff ran the website www.freezone.org. In 1999, just after my time track (Criminal Time Track IssueI) was released privately, Bernd used it on his website as-is. He later expanded on my original time track with items of interest to himself.

Prior to my doing this time track, Bernd, (nor anyone else involved with Scientology onthe internet), had ever thought of the idea to do things this way in relation to Scientology.

Mike McClaughry



An open letter to all Scientologists: Issue III

Greetings and by way of introduction, I am a Class 8, OT 8, who has been in the Church for many decades and I am in good standing with the Church. I am a lover of LRH’s technology and that is my motivation in writing you and in doing what I am now doing.

It came to my attention, sometime in the not too distant past, that the current top management of the Church, particularly David Miscavige, is off source. One of the ways he is off-source is that he has made the same mistake as the old Guardian’s Office staff made, engaging in criminal activities to solve problems.

Furthermore, he and RTC have betrayed Ron’s trust to keep the technology true to source. Along this line he has allowed thousands of alterations to LRH issues in books, HCOBs, and tapes. The attached time track gives some of the details.

I am not alone in this observation, there are hundreds upon hundreds of other Scientologists who also know this to be true and efforts to apply KSW within the Church have not yielded any positive results.

Miscavige, being at the top in command, ousts anyone who tries to correct his squirreling of the technology by internal methods. The Creed of the Church provides an answer - We of the Church believe that all men have inalienable rights to conceive, choose, assist or support their own organizations, churches and governments.

In keeping with that, a new group has been formed, an association of on-source auditors, loyal to LRH and his technology. We reject any and all alterations of LRH’s technology by Miscavige, or anyone else, for that matter. The only technology we agree to practice is that which comes from LRH himself. Since this is unavailable to us at the formal Churches at this time, we are starting our own group to make this a reality.

Our first project is to get KSW point 1 in - having the correct technology. We are currently working at assembling a complete, on-source, LRH library of the entire bridge.

When that is done, we will engage in the paramount - producing theta clears and beyond. You will hear from us again in the near future. In the meantime, you can educate yourself by reading the attached time track.

Farewell for now


The author grants permission to copy and distribute this letter & the criminal time track.

The original SCN Timetrack was done by ROs. I believe I quoted
a post by " Theta" which seems to be an alias for Mike McClaughrey.

Mike and Virginia took over a forum COSI, COS Invetigations.

It had many important contributors, Alan Walter, Joe Harrington,
his beautifully mannered wife " Bid" Harrington, Scot Meyer whom perhaps had a death attempt. And others.

And me. I contributed something that went there. I was amazed that there was no cross check or verification.

Pooks and Claire were there with whatever guise.

Note that the comments re C/S series 73 first posted by Virginia
commenting many pages were deleted is valid. The only good thing
this witch did.

I have the original and have posted here previously. Possibly the only
copy outside COS.


Gold Meritorious Patron
John Atack also compiled a time track of LRH. I haven't seen it myself though - I just remember reading about it when the whole schism was in full swing.


According to Jesse Prince, from 'The ever changing tech of Scientology':

"...this bulletin was effectively canceled by LRH himself... that's where it all started. All these actions were taken to increase income. It is the same with the six month sec checks...

"But I want to make it clear that the whole idea came from LRH not from Miscavige. Miscavige is continuing to carry out LRH's orders...

"...Miscavige is doing his best to forward Command Intention, which is contained in the huge LRH orders database of the INCOMM computer system of Scientology..."


Both the "Rhythmic [three swings] sweep of the dial at a slow even pace of the needle" [There is an old thread that addresses this], and the authorization of six month sec checks, came from Hubbard.


Re: Criminal timeline of Scientology - some modifications and clarifications

... El Ron's heart attack was in '75...


Updating this, that would have been in the summer of 1975 in Curacao, in the Caribbean.


The date for this was 1975. In my haste, this morning, in writing a response - of sort - to the initial "theta" timeline, I got the date wrong and wrote 1976 when it should have been 1975.

Nonetheless, he does seem to have quickly recovered.

P.S. By quickly recovered, I meant in time to oversee, some months later, the covert invasion of Clearwater a.k.a. Project Normandy, and to give the 'New Vitality' lectures in Daytona Beach in November 1975.
Timeline of policies, guardian orders, etc re:"attacks" On Scientology ~1959-1974


Chronology of (some) Policies, Guardian Orders, etc, relating to the attacks on Scientology


HCO Manual of Justice

Some Quotes:

People attack Scientology; I never forget it, always even the score.
People attack auditors, or staff, or organisations, or me. I never forget until the slate is clear.
... never punish beyond our easy ability to remedy by auditing and restoration.
Judging must be done on the basis of clear-cut evidence and the person to be guilty must be guilty beyond reasonable doubt. Only then, punish.
Remember this: we are a theta line. Leave the entheta to others. Act on entheta but don't add to it.
Shoot the offender for the public good and then patch him up quietly.
Axe him - but rehabilitate him too.
L. Ron Hubbard

1961, 13 April

HCO Information Letter of April 13, 1961


A piercing scream against Dianetics arose before the first book was published in 1950. Press was hot against it before the first foundation was formed.

For seven months before there was personnel or personal troubles publicized, the bulk of articles against Dianetics had already appeared. At one time three national magazines were simultaneously on the stands screaming in lead articles about Dianetics and myself – and this was five months before and "divorce" publicity.

Until May, 1950 I received only favorable publicity – on expeditions or comings or goings. In May 1950 there was a concerted shriek from people who (a) had not read the books and (b) who knew nothing bad about me.

These howls came from both conservative and liberal groups alike – the AMA – The Commies, The Socialists, the Roman Catholics.

Many truly dangerous practices have risen up amongst man such as a new Indian version of whirling dervishism now rampant in England;
Brainwashing was introduced in the past eleven years by the Russians;
A dozen violent and harmful psychiatric treatments have been developed.
And no sustained protest has continued to be made in the press against these.

Looking at all of these things, then it would seem that protests against Dianetics and Scientology do not stem from a knowledge of myself, they do not stem from a knowledge of the substance of the work, they do not stem from conservative or liberal groups, and they are not a protest against philosophy, philosophers, or evil practices, and they are not an effort to protect the public.

If you look this over with cold dispassion, examine it thoroughly from the light of the facts, only one explanation seems to remain.

They are terrified of our postulates!

To any attack by anyone, we can reply, "Why are you terrified of Scientology?"

We inspire terror in some men. "Why are you terrified of Scientology?" is the best answer. It as-ises the condition.

L. Ron Hubbard

1961, 8 May

HCO Information Letter of May 8, 1961


The following cable from a Scientologist now close to the Navy in the United States gives sudden interest to the pamphlet "Why Some Fight Scientology":

LT Hubbard Telex 8876 East Grinstead –
Scientology opponents proved Communist by Bureau of Naval Intelligence
100 USN Personnel per month to take Communications Course Letter follows –

L. Ron Hubbard

1962, 27 October

HCO Information Letter of October 27, 1962


In the U.S., on the heels of my informing the White House we could help them with their fight against Communism, the Food and Drug Administration came into every large U.S. Org in a space of 48 hours (DC, NY and LA) demanding evidence about the E-Meter. Evidently they are trying to confiscate all E-Meters in the U.S. This seems most peculiar that they’d want out of existence a machine that detects Communists while they pretend to be mad about them.

New Zealand has reinforcements en route in David and Merrill Mayo…

Another piece of good news is the Washington Tax Status. The organization is undoubtedly going to get its Federal non-profit status after a seven years fight.

L. Ron Hubbard

1962, 9 November

HCO Information Letter of November 9, AD12

Ron’s Journal No. 2

The other governmental emergency (U.S.) was traced to the irate parents of a student who were hammering at FDA (Food, Drug Admin.) to seize all E-Meters and close down Scientology in the U.S. The matter is being fought but 35 Mark IVs are held up in Customs in the U.S. on FDA orders. The FDA has been trying for years to halt our meters.

The whole disgraceful Johannesburg mess was caused by Rock Slammers. They were two in number – Senogles and van Niekerk. But the tide turned with the arrival of Quintin Schnehage as Assoc. Sec. At Johannesburg, backed a week later by Joan Oberholtzer as Technical Director.

With all this I’ve been auditing my head off getting data for Routine 3-21, the Twenty-One steps to O.T., and gave up lecturing this week to get it into HCO Bulletin form. About half of the pcs were running into goal finding and listing trouble which was solveable only by individual handling or several procedures. I’ve gotten this all under one run-down with only one of 21 steps varied for the rougher case, so I feel we’re way ahead on this now.

1963, 8 January

HCO Information Letter of January 8, AD13

Ron’s Journal No. 3

The U.S. Government went more than abnormal insane last week and did the following all of its own little bat:

Organized a smear campaign in the press to cover up
An armed raid on a church and
The seizure of philosophical religious book stocks.
These were Hitler’s exact tactics when he got "agin" something. The smear campaign was in Washington D.C. papers, on the streets four hours before the raid occurred.

The action came soon after I offered Kennedy, a Catholic, help in the space race.

But what is interesting is that no press has mentioned the above (1), (2), (3) facts. Given to the public just as they are, they could ruin the Kennedy regime, if not the U.S. Government over a longer period. They are in the teeth of the Constitution of the United States and abroad would give pause to all this enthusiasm for U.S. domination of world defense. Who wants to be tied up with a country dedicated to religious persecution and Hitler methodology?

So on careful trace I find that over twelve years the U.S. Government, not some special interest, has been sniping at us. Why?

Just tell it to your local paper and your friends, "The U.S. Government has conducted a smear campaign in the press to cover up a raid on a church and the seizure of all stocks of 21 religious and philosophical textbooks; wasn’t that the way Hitler began?"

L. Ron Hubbard

1963, 14 August

HCOPL 14 August AD13

Scientology Five Press Policies

Certain vested interests, mainly the American Medical Association, a private healing monopoly, wish to all possible harm to the Scientology movement over the world in order to protect their huge medical-psychiatric income and desired monopoly which runs into tens of billions annually. In their congresses they complain that we and people like us cost them 1.1 billion dollars a year that they don’t receive. Their sole interest is income. Reference: Minutes of various AMA conferences.

Almost all our bad publicity and attacks is authored by two men, one named Keaton, the AMA press man, and one named Field, their head of "investigation". These men flood bad tales about Scientology into press, magazines, radio, TV. Their sole interest is a medical-psychiatrist monopoly for the AMA.

Their publicity goes overseas. The FDA is used by these people and FDA releases are sent overseas.

Hitler and Stalin held power through medical psychiatry. They associate themselves chiefly with the rich and powerful.

L. Ron Hubbard

1963, 24 November

HCO Information Letter of November 24, 1963

Essential Information Every Scientologist Should Know

LRH has his own personal income. Organizations pay his expenses when traveling and some research expenses.

LRH paid all of the original costs of research out of his own pocket. The royalties of the first book, DMSMH, were all given to the first foundations. LRH owens St Hill as his own home, paying for it with his own monies received from the sales of a Virginia property and a yacht he owned.

LRH in some Orgs has drawn a nominal salary in the past as Coordinator of Research and it has been well-earned but he has drawn no pay for the past several years until lately when 25 (pound) a week was given him for his out of pocket expenses.

The early Dianetic Organizations were formed and controlled by boards of directors and in early 1952 failed. They were not under LRH control and direction their press and public relations were mishandled by these boards. To the late Joe Winter M.D., an original board member, we owe the stress on psychosomatic medicine. " 70% of all ills are psychsomatic, Dianetics can cure them" was Winter’s and these handouts were written by Winter. To the first publisher we owe "any two can do it by one reading of this book."

In 1952 in Arizona, LRH started the first Scientology organizations…. LRH does not own Scientology Organizations. He does however retain ownership of all copyrights and trade marks and registered marks so as to ensure their proper and ethical use.

HASI was incorporated as a Religious Fellowship in 1952, two years before there were any discussions about churches or ministers.

The same type of material as Scientology was attempted about 2500 years ago by one Gautama Siddhartha and became the world’s oldest civilized religion, known as Buddhism. Laws of life, exteriorization and other materials of Buddhism are similar to Scientology.

He (LRH) considers the research part of his task concluded in August of 1963 since all targets ever envisioned were realized as of that date and only codification and recording remained.

Issued by: HCO WW Staff

For L. Ron Hubbard

1965, 7 April

HCO Executive Letter of 7 April 1965

Ron’s Journal No. 11

In Australia the "Enquiry" by Holy Joe Anderson, the famous Catholic bigot, is over and he is to make a report to the State Parliament probably next September.

Evidently both the Victorian Enquiry and the U.S. FDA hearings were inspired by the Catholic Church!


1965, 6 October

HCO Executive Letter of 6 October 1965

The Melbourne Enquiry Into Scientology

In 1942 as the senior US naval officer in Northern Australia by a fluke of fate I helped save them from the Japanese.

L. Ron Hubbard

1965, 3 November

HCO Executive Letter of 3 November 1965

Our U.S. Suits Against Newspapers on FDA Raid Stories Etc.

The suit which may be easiest to bring is against the newspaper publishing the FDA and other libel and slander naming in it also the American Medical Association, the American Psychiatric Association, the Better Business Bureau and the clipping or press bureau that forwarded it and the charge probably best consists of "Libel and slander to forward a Conspiracy to monopolize healing in contravention of the Sherman Anti-Trust Laws" or a similar anti-monopoly act.

However the treatment of the AMA, APA, BBB (and its collusion with the U.S. government on the same subject) of the chiropractors, AMA lobbying against other healing group for pro MD legislation all adds up to conspiracy easily proven.

The BBB issues pamphlets about "Cures" and "Quacks" written by the AMA.

The Australian mess was sparked off by the continual collusion of the AMA, APA, BBB and the U.S. Consul in Melbourne to whom libel was traced some years ago.

The AMA held a huge Congress in Washington D.C., got it addressed by government leaders, and branded anyone else engaged in healing a "Quack" and has since kept this exhibit alive in Washington.

Any libel and slander around myself or Scientology is based on a 15 year endless campaign by this group. The AMA issues "news releases" to magazines and papers villifying us.

A direct tracing of the FDA attack goes back to the AMA Congress in Washington D.C. (Sheraton-Park Hotel 1962?)

As a side comment, before I seemed to threaten the multi-billion dollar healing empire of the AMA and APA, all my personal press was beautiful and good.

L. Ron Hubbard

1966, 11 February

SECED 52 11 February 1966

Committee For Sane Psychiatry

2. We are forming a "Committee for Sane Psychiatry" that will be charged with the responsibility of bringing to the attention of the world the brutal treatment and sex orgies in institutions and drive psychiatry into accepting lawful regulation by Parliament and Congress.

4. Case histories of brutal savage treatment are to be collected and the lurid nature of "treatment" is to be fully documented and exposed by the Committee.

L. Ron Hubbard

1966, 17 February

HCOPL 17 February 1966

Public Investigation Section

The Public Investigation Section is formed in Division 1, Dept 3, as Section 5.

It is composed wholly of professional investigators. The section may never be used on Ethics Section matters but may work with Ethics when an ex-Scientologist is involved.

The statistic of the section is dual consisting of the number of cases successfully investigated on specific projects and the number of derogatory news stories appearing that week related to enemies of Scientology…

It will be seen that the section has all the useful functions of an Intelligence and propaganda agency. The determination of what a project is is simple – what agency or groups is attacking Scientology? The Section investigates the attacking group’s individual members and sees that the results of the investigation get adequate Legal action and publicity.

Standard intelligence procedures are used.

Public solicitation for cases of injury to the rights or liberty concerned with that project can obtain leads. Anyone writing in a complaint is then sent a copy of the form to fill in… The pattern of the form is based on the data needful to get a conviction. The more fruitful of such forms are followed up by individual investigators. These obtain the data necessary for a conviction of the individual complained about who is a member of the attacking group.

No act which will make an investigator liable to criminal prosecution may be ordered.

1966, 18 February

HCOPL of 18 February 1966

Attacks On Scientology

The Third Group of Actions have been positive in stopping attacks:

G.3.1. Investigating noisily the attackers;

G.3.2. Not being guilty of anything;

G.3.6. Refunding money to dissatisfied people;

It is a curious phenomenon that the action of investigation alone is head and shoulders above all other actions.

Thus, they are not hard to defeat providing one (A) looks for their hidden crimes and (B) is irreproachable in his conduct himself.

These people who attack have secrets. And hidden crimes. They are afraid. I can count several heavy attacks which folded up by our noisily beginning an investigation of the attacker.

For years and years I have had this "hat" of attack handling. In January 1963 I took a calculated risk and devoted my time to research. I knew we had better get all our answers and complete our technology. But in doing so I could give only a small amount of time to the US and Australian attacks.

1966, 21 February

HCO Exec Letter of 21 February 1966

The Calculated Risk

The calculated risk taken on 23 January 1963, has paid off.

On that date I saw that when the gun-waving Federal Marshals stormed the Church in Washington, we were in for a series of raids and enturbulent actions by governments.

Therefore, as the officers of the various areas can tell you, I ordered them to fight a delaying action while I completed the research.

The strategy was this – the only thing which would ultimately win for us was total technology. If I interrupted research to swat flies, we might lose. Therefore I handed over most of the defense to others and speeded up research.

By working 18 hours a day on research and the rest on administrative matters, by August of 1965 I had the full answers to total freedom.

Well, the calculated risk paid off. The ultimate "weapon" was attained… The ultimate weapon is total freedom.

L. Ron Hubbard

1966, 22 February

SECED 22 February 1966

Project Psychiatry

Project Psychiatry arises by the psychiatric attack on us in the US, in Australia and now England.

These attacks since 23 Jan 1963 follow my withdrawal from heading up our investigatory actions of attackers.

There is a conspiracy here we has gotten across the path of. Any person in the world can be "pronounced insane", killed or assaulted and made incompetent at the whim of any psychiatrist. Further they pretend they can suspend civil rights!

Hitler invented the pre-frontal lobotomy to make farm zombies. LSD25 as a drug administered to a person makes him temporarily insane. The Russians abandoned all this realizing these "treatments" were Fascist, were begun by the Czar’s secret police and have yet to cure anyone of anything except life.

A psychiatrist today has the power to (1) take a fancy to a woman (2) lead her to take wild treatment as a joke (3) drug or shock her to temporary insanity (4) incarcerate her (5) use her sexually (6) sterilize her to prevent conception (7) kill her by a brain operation to prevent disclosure. And all with no fear of reprisal. Yet it is rape and murder.

They pretend some sort of government position. Lord Balneil’s Mental Health Association has no more official status than the Plumber’s Association!

If these violations of human liberty aren’t checked we will soon see "thought police" and an end of individual rights.

I find the material available in individual psychiatrists enormous. We do not care about their conspiracy to rule the world even if it exists. They are no stronger than their individual practitioners and they are weak.

We want at least one bad mark on every psychiatrist in England, a murder, an assault, or a rape or more than one. This is Project Psychiatry. We will remove them.

L. Ron Hubbard

1966, 25 February

HCOPL of 25 February 1966

Attacks On Scientology

NEVER agree to an investigation of Scientology. ONLY agree to an investigation of the attackers.

This is correct procedure:

Spot who is attacking us.
Start investigating them promptly for FELONIES or worse using our own professionals
Double curve our reply by saying we welcome an investigation of them.
Start feeding lurid, blood, sex, crime actual evidence on the attackers to the press.
Don’t ever tamely submit to an investigation of us. Make it rough, rough on attackers all the way.

Never talk about us – only them. Use their blood, sex, crime to get headlines. There has never been an attacker who was not reeking with crime.

It even would have worked on the U.S. FDA when they first began five years before their raid on D.C.

L. Ron Hubbard

1966, 1 March

HCOPL 1 March 1966


The Guardian is the most senior executive of Scientology just below Executive Director.


Both planetary and organizational intelligence is handled by this activity.

Intelligence is defined as information leading to predictions of occurrences and useful in forecasting events and so assisting planning and in handling matters arising from events.


The First Guardian is Mary Sue Hubbard.

L. Ron Hubbard

1966, 11 March

SECED 11 March 1966

Parliament & Balniel

In 1957 or ’58 Ray Kemp, not then in too good standing with Scientology London, but in no way discouraged by us, taking the book written by two London County Council teachers, (Creative Learning – a teachers book regarding retarded children) was working with UK retarded children groups from a Hampstead Health HQ of his own.

Kemp, for one reason or another, got a black eye from those like Balniel who had a vested interest in retarded children.

Harry Thompson was not a trained Scientologist. He moved into East Grinstead while I was in South Africa and worked with two teachers, Miss Sheila Hoad and Miss Roberts. Someone, probably Jenss, Clerk of the EG Council, dreamed up the "Death Lessons" scandal of 1961 which made international "anti-Scientology" press. The story claimed the children were being taught to imagine themselves dead. We are not sure why this was a crime as any church does it. It is not a Scientology technique routinely.

So the two largest "anti-Scientology" messes in the UK seem to trace back to retarded children. Balniel is mainly interested in this and it was he who put the recent question in Parliament about an Inquiry into Scientology.

The press, uniformly and wholly incorrectly tied it all in to me personally though at the time of the "Death Lesson" scandal I had been out of the UK for months.

L. Ron Hubbard

1966, 6 May

LRH Tape of 6 May 1966

Talk To The Saint Hill Staff & The Staff of WW

From Salisbury, Rhodesia. This is Ron:

The truth of the matter is that after I spent from April 1964 to January of 1966 putting Saint Hill together and putting in through 1965 the Seven-Division system and writing up all of its policy letters and straightening out its lines, I now had to know whether or not it was a workable system. But, with not being there at all and seeing the statistics go up to this degree gave me a great deal of confidence…

Now along with all of that, of course, before I left Las Palmas I had news that John McMaster had flown back from Los Angeles and had been checked out Clear. Now I knew indeed that the technical bridge was in all the way through to Clear.

Ahead of that, largely unexplored and not vital in its technology to the lower echelons, is of course Operating Thetan. This area is relatively unknown and just exactly what the total potentials of an Operating Thetan are have not been explored but I can say this, that everything that I try to say that an Operating Thetan can do as the total limit of his ability and so forth, reads as an invalidation on my e-meter.

Now there is also an economic situation which is very bad. Not only is there what’s left of civilization being shotgunned from the communist areas but also it is being mowed down from the world bank areas. In other words, the trick here is to make a country as insolvent as possible so that it will borrow as much money as possible and therefore that country can be made to pay back such vast interest rates and such huge sums of money through overtaxation of its population that somebody gets rich some place else.

Now this theory of how you depress the providency of a government in order then to tax and more or less own the country as a whole is probably the reason back of the African new black states, the present semi-confusion and dissolution of the government of England which owes the World Bank 900,000,000 (pounds) and it will owe it more and more and more and you’ll notice that whole budget was paying back that World Bank, paying back that World Bank. Well, of course, they’ll never pay back the World Bank and the World Bank will end up owning England.

So you have the super-capitalist shooting at civilization, you have the super-communist shooting at civilization and between the two there is some possibility that you might not make it, you might get disrupted on route.

Now if we can get white population, immigrants and big companies and so on moving into Africa and if we can get with that Scientology well established in Southern Africa, why we can then look forward to a salvage operation base, in case the northern hemisphere’s lights go out. You just go on and take the planet but there is a second avenue and that second avenue is possible through a reformation of Africa and all we have to do is make sure that this civilization of Sourthern Africa is, keeps going and keeps perpetuating itself and so forth and we will still have Scientology in spite of something happening in the Northern Hemisphere.

All right – there a third avenue and that avenue I will be working on in a very few months and that is the O.T. base proper.

1966, 18 July

18 July 1966

Conference with:

The Guardian, LRH Aide, LRH Communicator, Legal WW, Guardian Communicator and the Head of Intelligence Branch 5 office of LRH

This action has to do with the recent adventure and the current suits on the London Daily Mail; has to do with the Newspaper Proprietors Group or whatever you call that activity…

That a criminal act has occurred and that the publications of materials copyrighted and classified materials have been published in this newspaper belonging to this particular group. Now exactly what the crime would be is at least receiving stolen goods. Now I’m perfectly prepared to put in a claim to the police that on my return certain classified papers were missing and pursuant to that that these classified papers … had been filched and that they were accepted and purchased apparently by these proprietors and that they have published them…

So therefore they did undertake to send (Peter)Younghusband to Rhodesia to get me imprisoned or shot and then if that failed, denied re-entry into the United Kingdom and then vilified and discredited so that the testimony would not count in this suit. And that is a criminal offense and Sir William Carr and Cecil King are, at the very least, accessories if not directors of these crimes.

Now that was the first datum I had on this subject in 1954 – I found out in counting noses that the people who had done the most – twenty-one people – who had done the most to damage Dianetics had criminal records and seventeen of them verified; I just got tired at seventeen and said this is too many.

That in view of the fact that they have criminal backgrounds or in view of the fact that investigation will reveal this, our investigation should therefore go forward to the discovery of crime. Then we should act on the crime… and then when it is acted upon – then we sue.

This is about as malicious and vicious perhaps as one could get but then you are suing a discredited source and this would become hallmarked after awhile. They’d say "the Scientologists must have done that because first he was jailed and then he was sued".

And that is the policy. And then where possible – where we have discovered a great deal of entheta coming back at us, then we intend to get this handled by investigating it back to a criminal act by the person. A criminal act is disassociated from the entheta of course but that’s what they are trying to defend or something and we get that and then we put on the pressure to publicly to have that person prosecuted for that particular act and then, when they have been prosecuted – or are being prosecuted – or are just beautifully discredited at that particular moment, then we serve them with a summons. ? law and order, assault and battery or whatever they did is not of interest to us except to discredit them and then we serve them with a suit for libel and slander.

Guardian Comm question – This guy that came from England to Rhodesia that instigated having you taken out. What was his name? Peter Younghusband. London Daily Mail.

1966, 19 July

HCO Executive Letter of 19 July 1966

Public Attacks, Legal Point

For example, a newspaper group bought research notes stolen from my home this spring. These notes look quite bizarre. But they were not for public issue and are not used in practice. The newspaper group now publishes these notes out of context and implies this is the PRACTICE of Scientology.

L. Ron Hubbard

1966, 17 August

LRH Conference With The Investigators 17 August 1966

In 1950, I’ll give you some background history on this, I started a Foundation. I didn’t have control of this Foundation, it was started by a number of business men who were in who believed in human betterment, and they began a Foundation called the Hubbard Research Foundation, Elizabeth, N.J.

At that time I wasn’t ever owning up to having done the research. I had written a book and it had become a bestseller, and they had taken over and the Foundation to continue the researches. I was actually at that time backing out of the whole thing… It was riding the top of the Best Seller list throughout the summer of 1950, it was a sellout all over the place and so I said all right I’d give them a hand until July, and then I would have to go on and do something that was more in my line of country, you see.

By July I found out that people were doing things with this technology which had been released which were not necessarily harmful just terribly off beat, messed up, and I saw that it was all about to go down the river, and the Board at that time begged me to stress the fact that I had done the research, and the work was basically mine, and that I should take some Administrative control for this. Well, so I took some Administrative control.

Well, if you ever saw a shambles it had begun right at that moment, not because I was in Administrative control but just shambles. It was so bad there were about 4 people killed out in California, there was an effort to kidnap me, which only my somewhat hard won knowledge of Judo and so forth got me out of – I put two blokes in the hospital – very very adventurous. A woman sued me for divorce to whom I was not married; she was the mistress of a scientist, an atomic scientist, and he had been my friend, and he had died. Well anyway, to make a long story short, she haunted me – and it was just too thick – offices were being robbed and Oh my goodness.

By this time there were 5 of these branch offices to the Foundation – I still had no Administrative control over this and the Boards would pass all sorts of resolutions and spend money in all different directions – I had no control over this, but I did have control over the fact that we were being knocked around badly, so I went down and saw a friend of mine who was an assistant of Hoover’s, J. Edgar Hoover, and he said "Well, Ron, I can’t do anything for you by telling you anything about your staff, but if you give me a list of all of your staff members of all of these Foundations, I will give you back a list which will startle you, and tell you which ones of them are not members of the Communist Party. I’ll give you back that list". That was news to me, what was this? So I gave him that list that included a 1000 staff members in these 5 organizations, and he gave me back a list and it had 257 names missing off it.

Well, he wised me up just to this point, "Communists", he said, "are under orders to infiltrate all sorts of organizations, and you are just getting more than your share of popularity and if they can bend this activity over to their own uses they would be very excited about it and so forth".

Well, I slogged through the remainder of 1951 and eventually…I had no control of these organizations at all and they, through mismanagement and so forth by their existing Boards, they folded up and I went off down to Phoenix, Arizona, and I started a Scientology organization.

The name of the earlier subject was Dianetics, and you will find that is still in useful practice, but it was basically a healing subject. We got in bad with the healing professions because the publisher and a medical doctor, not me, said that any two people could use it and get well instantly, and it was Walter Winchell no less who said it was a greater development than the wheel and arch. That wasn't me. Now these people staring attributing these statements to me.

Well, I parted company with this field because I did not want to be mixed up with a healing activity because this was a philosophic line of research and I ran into Scientology and the basic subject from which Dianetics was derived, and I went on with this development down in Phoenix, Arizona, and I got the earliest Scientology Organization put together and I had control of that and it ran pretty well, and it has been prospering ever since.

I cam over here to England – there were several groups over here in England that were at swords with each other – and they requested me to come over and make peace amongst them – so I made a branch of the American Office in London and let these groups contribute their activity to it and its gone on from 1952 in England.

Now at the time, had it not been for responsibility to other people and so forth, I would actually very happily have pulled foot from all the administrative actions and so forth in regard to this because it is a tumultuous field to end all tumultuous fields. You see me right now gazing longingly and casting sheep’s eyes at a yacht I am getting surveyed…

and you see me going out to Rhodesia…and if it weren’t for my responsibility to other people in this matter, I myself would not have very much to do with it. That is the truth of the matter.

But now that I have taken responsibility along this line, I am very dedicated to certain propositions, and that is, first and foremost, the ethical application of the technology, it must be done right. It must be used properly. It mustn’t be used to hurt or harm people, and so on. Hence you see our Ethics activity.

Now in 1954, I got my first clue, and this is where you start coming in, I got my first clue as to the actual type of personality that gave us a slugging around. Earlier in doing research on the mind, and so on, I had become a special officer of the Los Angeles force for awhile… My beat was South Main and Alvarado and that is the toughest district there is down there, and I got a little insight into the criminal intelligence and then I began to find out that I didn’t run across Communists who didn’t have a slightly or largely tainted criminal background. This was big discovery to me… and as time has gone on I have gotten a deeper and deeper insight into the type of personality which raises the devil with this type of work, and it isn’t 90% of the human race, it is a figure as small as 20%. Of that 20%, only 2 ½ % of the 100, the other being 17 ½ %, the 2 ½% are really institutional cases. They are utterly mad.

Now when I found out that they are in the minority I began to investigate whenever we started to take a shellacing, whener we started to be beaten around I would get a private investigator in the area and have a look around and see who was at this and that activity, is (it) the suits, no, but that activity of investigation is the only thing which has tamed down attacks on Scientology. Not even a punitive action after the investigation was concluded but just the fact of investigation.

Now you take the Australian Enquiry which is giving us trouble right now. That Enquiry proceeded under executives who since have really been shot from guns by us, who would take no order of any kind…

Now this Australian Enquiry forbade – its got so many legal points – that it forbade me to appear. It said it couldn’t guarantee my personal safety if I appeared and testified there.

We get all sorts of weird things happening like this fellow Filson, he grabbed some papers which are not public issue papers but which are research materials. He sells them to a newspaper.

Now you are running down somebody who apparently is one of this original type personality I was talking about. They are terrified and they push it forward. You are not doing anything which is criminal, don’t you see, there is no such action involved but the fact that you are bettering him terrifies such people. They only approve of activities which kill men.

We had an enthusiasm on the part of the Daily Mail form trying to kick things around.

Their man, by the way, Peter Younghusband, that they used to pull off this coup in Rhodesia, I now find out from Tony Hitchman, the Radio Rhodesian television, that isn’t his name. His name is something like Von der Staden or something, and he is a South African, and he operates under an assumed name and he is still kicking around Rhodesia.

Yesterday we saw a Scientologist Pat Webster at London HASI whose brother Tony Webster has been causing some trouble… He said that he has seen Kenneth Robinson, the Minister of Health, he has been trying to do things against Scientology for ages and he will not stop...

Here’s something astonishing with regard to men with money, I finally got a rundown on no less a person than Harry Oppenheimer. I was looking for who was kicking over the traces down in South Africa … Now I wondered if there wasn’t a contact between King and Oppenheimer because King is also on the Board of Directors of the Bank of England…

But he (King) is a director with Carr of the NPA which has banned our advertisement…

It could tie in. When I did an extrapolation of this if it were a conspiracy it led to somebody who had an interest in Mental Healing, the Press and High Finance, because they were able uniformly to influence income tax and treasury departments, and influenced the Ministry of Health and influenced the policy papers and it was so uniform and the pattern was so uniform – the attack is a pattern, same pattern every time – that I wondered who this bloke, or blokes, or group could possibly be.

1966, 26 September

Executive Directive 26 September 1966

Current Attack

We have military and defense value, you know, can raise I.Q. in Scientists, shorten reaction time in pilots, improve judgement in troups and undo brainwashing. This makes us a special target and has for years for the country’s enemies.

Have you ever seen the "Brainwashing Manual"? It was published in the US Congressional Record and explains why we are occasionally targeted…

L. Ron Hubbard

1966, 28 November

HCOPL of 28 November 1966

Intelligence Section

The Intelligence Section has been formed and placed in Division 7, Dept 21, Office of the Guardian. It is under the direction of the Guardian WW.

L. Ron Hubbard

1968, 25 April

HCOPL 25 April 1968

Intelligence Actions

The standard actions of Intelligence are:

Predict the trouble before it occurs by filing, cross-indexing, investigation of areas, statistics and other means.
Investigate for crimes, the individuals who are creating trouble.
This is standard, 1 2 3 action and should not be deviated from. The maxim is…when under attack…attack". The point is….even if you don’t have enough data to win the case…still attack…LOUDLY. Reason is, it is only those people that have crimes that will attack us, and they will soon back off for fear of being found out when attacked back.

L. Ron Hubbard

1968, 26 May

Despatch from The Guardian WW, Mary Sue Hubbard, dated May 26, 1968:

We did this with the people who were giving us trouble – we found The National Mental Health Association and a lead line off into banking and into the airforce – we haven’t looked at who in banking or at who in the airforce – we may find further cross-connections and come up with ONE PERSON.

1968, 16 October

HCO Information Letter of 16 October 1968

E-Meters Replace Guns

Terrorists and subversives are far more afraid of E-Meters than guns. An E-Meter is a small, inexpensive box of electronics that ably distinguishes the subversive or the criminal from honest men.

Socialism and Communism, growing ever stronger in the Northern Hemisphere, are a raid on the production of labor by the privileged few. Socialism and Communism seek to have a people’s labor for no return.

To turn this tide, use E-Meters, not guns.

The E-Meter is violently hated by the subversive who already knows of it and will try to tear the sky off to prevent its use.

L. Ron Hubbard

1968, 3 November

Despatch of Nov. 3, 1968

Dear Jane,

Place an appropriate condition on New York Intelligence –

I have no source of info, being stuck here aboard a ship in the MED….

We have had no copies from them of the incorporation papers of the National Mental Health Assoc. in New York when the corporation must be registered to do business.

Jane, baby, we’re losing because we are fighting in the bush league and not getting to the main central headquarters of the group directing the bush fighters.

Intelligence is not concentrated on what they should be – the WFMH, the NAMH – these are the groups I want destroyed.

I’m not interested in the local psychiatrist around the corner – this data is for PRO who can use how he screws his patient and then shocks them so much electricity they can’t sue him for rape. PRO digs this data up.. it is around by the library full.

And get Intelligence on to digging up the data we need to sue the WFMH, to obtain evidence of conspiracy and attack upon us.

Let’s go – the Charles Berners of the world are nothing compared to what we have our hands on. …let Intelligence get the data and info we need to blast this WFMH and its associate groups around the world to smotherings.


Peter Hollond

1968, 4 November

Executive Directive from L. Ron Hubbard 4 November 1968

Press Stories

As a tip off, we have not only located the enemy exactly but find him guilty of so many crimes that the end for this opposition is in plain view.

I have just had this cheering news that we now are closing in on the basic of aberration on the 4th Dynamic on this planet.

1968, 24 November

Executive Directive From L. Ron Hubbard 24 November 1968


We have located and are directly attacking the only enemy we had on this planet, the World Federation of Mental Health and its "National" chapters. The "National" chapters of it are not part of national governments although they want people to think so – the crocks. Red as paint and phony as any confidence game, this was the group who were attacking us for 18 years.

He, the enemy, had control of mental healing on the planet – and killed and raped and had a ball. We’re going to take over the mental hospitals and the political guidance and the whole field of mental healing.

So let’s get set for the long pull, shall we. It is our planet after all.

1968, 29 November

Executive Directive from L. Ron Hubbard 29 November 1968

The War

You may not realize it staff member but there is only one small group that has hammered Dianetics and Scientology for 18 years. The press attacks, the public upsets you receive and all those you have received for all your time in Scientology were generated by this one group. For eighteen years it has poured lies and slander into the press and government agencies.

Last year we isolated a dozen men at the top. This year we found the organization these used and all its connections over the world. They are as red as paint. Their former President was a card carrying Communist and they have four on their Board of Directors, yet they reach into International Finance, Health Ministries, Schools, the Press. They even control immigration in many lands.

Psychiatry and "Mental Health" was chosen as a vehicle to undermine and destroy the West! And we stood in their way.

Hey have infiltrated boards of education, the armed services, even the churches. They hold the wives or daughters of a great many politicians and keep them "under treatment".

Their "technology" is the same as that used by Intelligence Services. Electric shocks.

Brain operations. These were used in Lubenka Prison in Russia but are not allowed on Russians!

Anyway, this was the live wire we got across by being able to undo their effect on the West.

We are using only legal means over the world. We don’t stoop to murder and rough house.

Our error was in failing to take over total control of all mental healing in the West. Well, we’ll do that too.

1968, 6 December

Despatch from Peter Hollon to Mo Budlong, 6 December 1968

Re: Intelligence

The following are possibilities for collecting data.

Buying information.
The last two are, of course illegal.

1968, 12 December

Executive Directive From L. Ron Hubbard 12 December 1968

Re Life Article And Letter

It is interesting that "Life" Magazine in the US has been a violent foe of Dianetics and Scn for 18 years.

In England the heads of the largest newspaper chain are also members of the UK World Federation of Mental Health confederate board of directors.

This is an old intelligence trick – to own or control a press chain in an enemy country.

It was done by German agents, for instance, to keep Spain out of the war.

Earlier the "Saturday Evening Post" published an article full of quotes never made. It has gone downhill as a magazine over the years. WFMH connected publishers often do.

So some of the US magazine and newspaper chains are controlled by the WFMH.

The Intelligence, espionage pattern is very plain here. In the "Life" article a psychotic is pushed into the org to get no case gain, his identity secret, to get discreditable data and he then writes an article. But he is already a mental patient.

Local Agents WFMH has confederates in every country and many states with sub-chapters in most US cities. They are always named "National" and have "Mental Health" in their name at nation or state level.

There is a National Institute of Mental Health in Washington DC that is US Government. The only one in the world really connected to a government. It does WFMH printing for it at US expense!

All the rest of the "National" groups are phonies. They are only private groups. Following orders from overseas.

These groups secretly shoot down chiropractors, churches, any Western culture or advance or healing action. Their standard propaganda line is:

everyone is insane.
psychiatrists should be next to every world leader treating them weekly.
anyone should be subject to seizure as insane without process as law
Siberian bill they seek to get passed and once almost did pass through Congress).
Scientology breaks up families.
Scientology prevents people from coming to their psychiatrist to seek real help.
There are not enough psychiatrists or "facilities".
All boundaries should be destroyed.
All constitutions should be destroyed.
Any current campaign they may have to get something destroyed for a big Western take over.
A conspiracy formed at the WFMH Congress in London in August 1968 resulted in simultaneous identical political channel attacks on Scn in several countries. The "Life" article was crudely timed to be part of this.

And every branch of every rightest group would be delighted to know these US "mental health" groups are controlled by a foreign group which has Communists on its board of directors.

The American Medical Association and the American Psychiatric Association and such are members of the main world group and are just pawns.

They are called "Mental Healing" but their literature talks only about world domination and seldom about any cases.

They were founded by a psychotic named Clifford Beers and carry on the tradition.

It is interesting that WFMH says publicly there is "no difference between right and wrong" and "psychiatrists are the only enlightened people who know this". By traditional law, sanity is defined as the "ability to tell right from wrong."

1968, 13 December

Executive Directive From L. Ron Hubbard 13 December 1968

The Great "Charity" Swindle

One of the reasons Scientology is fought so hard and with such heavy finance and ferocity is that if it succeeded, it would then end one of the greatest "Charity" swindles of all time.

The group who fights Scientology in the press and parliaments is fighting madly to retain control of (amongst other things less savory) a billion pound "research" racket.

A group named so as to make people think it is part of governments over the world, has fund collection chapters and agents. These see all the rich people they can and the governments and explain that the lot of the "poor insane" (about whom they don’t give a damn as evidenced by their killing them) is so horrible that millions are needed urgently.

The rich people and the deluded governments then lay out fantastic sums of money, millions upon millions each year. The groups representatives then take this money and whack it up amongst their pals. As simply to split it up would be caught by the tax people, the group invents a "reason why". It appoints insanity projects for research like, "The Depressive Project". The members write up something like "Depressives are often noticed to be depressed" and that’s it for the year.

Dr Wilhem Reich, not one of their boys, was imprisoned and killed for making a breakthrough in the 50’s. It could have ended the golden avalanche.

Then, good Lord, there was Dianetics and Scientology all of a sudden, in one piece and actually working! It threatened this yearly harvest.

This isn’t the only motive this international group has. It is their finance motive. But in itself it would be enough.

1968, 20 December

Executive Directive From L. Ron Hubbard 20 December 1968

Western Countries

Western governments and peoples are under ceaseless and unrelenting attack from the Communist forces in the "cold war". The enemy has for a long time been inside, getting laws passed, degrading the society, seizing persons in the name of psychiatry, pushing up taxes, inflating money…..

The orders the governments followed in attacking us were originated by REDS, by the usually foreign psychiatrist, operating as per Communist instructions to destroy all Churches and Scientology in particular.

1969, 16 February

HCOPL 16 February 1969

Targets, Defense

In 19 years of continual attacks it is obvious that Dianetics then Scientology must have lain across some concerted plan by another older group to do something else. To analyze what the others intended, it is only necessary to review what Dianetics and Scientology intended to do and assume the reverse.

The vital targets on which we must invest most of our time are:

T1. Depopularizing the enemy to a point of total obliteration.

T2. Taking over the control or allegiance of the heads or proprietors of all news media.

T3. Taking over the control or allegiance of key political figures.

T4. Taking over the control or allegiance of those who monitor international finance and shifting them to a less precarious finance standard.

T5. Generally revitalizing the societies in which we are operating.

T6. Winning overwhelming public support.

T7. Use all other similar groups as allies.

These, of course, are very long range targets. But it is what must be done to continue the longevity of our organizations.

1969, 17 February

HCO Information Letter of 17 February 1969 Ron’s Journal 1968

Australian-Anzo Supplement

The enemy, the International psychiatric front organizations and its "National" Mental Health chapters over the world, has the stated ambition of dispensing with all boundaries. It is so odd to find them talking not of cases but always of political aims that one begins to believe they have other things in view.

Top Communist Brock Chisholm was once their International president. "Doctor" Stoller of Victoria was also a past president. "Doctor" Dax the Victorian inquiry has his books published by this foreign group. We are gradually turning up more and more red cards connected to this Melbourne mess.

Remember that I know Anzo. I once had a big share in saving its bacon from Japan. Note please that a small Jap force could have taken the lot and didn’t. A handful of us, months before the coming of US troops, worked like mad to balk the Japs and change their minds.


1969, 16 March

HCO Information Letter 16 March 1969 Ron’s Journal 1969 No. 2

The Opposition

The continual cold war needling of Russia has pressured certain elements in Western Governments into TURNING FASCIST.

A Fascist has certain personality traits. He burns books. He seeks "legal" means to seize any person who disagrees and hold or murder him.

The Fascist has the delusion that ideas can be crushed by force.

Such small elements in Western governments have turned to psychiatrists as a method of seizing, torturing and killing people. The odd picture that greets us when we suspect our enemies, of a fascist inner-government clique with Communists mixed up in it. The Fascists, lied to and needled by Communist elements then act like mad dogs against the wrong targets in the society…

Communists are not attacking us. They are stirring Fascist elements up so they will attack us.

Thus, when we investigate these actions we find fascists running death camps and commies stirring it up.

1969, 4 April

HCO Information Letter of 4 April 1969 Ron’s Journal No. 3

Political Treatment

I’ve been studying the stats of psychiatry and there can now be no doubt whatever that their "treatment" is political treatment and should be called such.

Brain operations result in total loss of body coordination…

The only precedent for such "operations" is Hitler’s action in doing it much more lightly to 800,000 persons to make them "farm slavery" or zombies.

Psychiatric treatment is actually psychiatric political treatment, nothing more, to rid the world of anyone who might disagree. Insanity is now defined as anyone who disagrees with the social autonomy.

Death camps like the one just found in Cardiff are situated strategically over the West. Hitler at least wasn’t pretending to help anyone. He just wanted them dead.

This was the deadly secret we in Scientology might have found out and which made them terrified of us, ridicule us, fight us and spend over 2 million dollars to try unsuccessfully to get rid of us.

Over the world they were running death camps.

Remember that Pavlov 1870 and Wundt 1879 invented these technologies and every nation that used their work – Russia, Austria, Germany, Poland, has ceased to exist…

L. Ron Hubbard

1969, 2 November

LRH Aides Conference 2 November 1969

Covert Operations

… a short briefing with regard to our general situation, and it has to do with covert operations. And I was rather astonished to read in the book "The Spy And His Masters" a short course in the secret war…Now this book is exactly that – a short course in the secret war.

I have about 4 very valuable books along this line. Two of them describe the end of the war from a worm’s eye view in both Germany and Russia in World War I, and the fact that they exist throws into question many of the statements which were subsequently made how they didn’t know that the Germans financed the Communist takeover in Russia and it was only discovered during the war. This was written by the Colonel who was in charge of counter-espionage in Russia at the time they did it and it was published before the war.

Another book is a book by Colonel Nikotine, NIK Nikotine. And another book is Total Espionage by Kurt Reis, which was published in 1941 but written in 1940 which covers the entire German Intelligence Network and its total operation just before World War I, and this is important because the Russian organization is a duplicate of it, and the German organization was built on 17 years of study by Rudolph Hess in Japan and so it’s a study of the Japanese operation. The German organization was built on the Japanese operation and the Russian was a copy of the German organization.

All of which is very fascinating because it gives you the extent, the fantastic extent of the largest intelligence organization on the planet at one time, and it’s the only one on the planet which has continuous operation from the beginning of World War I until this very instant. It never closed down. It never ceased to operate. It says in this book they destroyed the files but in Kurt Reis’s book they didn’t. They were – went on, they got their officers together, they kept the files up, mostly as a labor of love for years and years and years between World War I and World War II.

When Hitler cam to power he came to power because of the files of the original German espionage group. Furthermore, the German, the German Intelligence Organization at the end of World War II was run by a General Gehlen, and General Gehlen when he saw they were losing simply buried all his papers, files and everything saying he only had them on Russia of course, because he was on the Eastern Front mostly, and he buried them all, told all of his agents to disperse and hide, that is, his officers, didn’t disturb his agency networks in any way whatsoever wherever they were, waited until the American troops showed up, made a deal with them, was taken over lock stock and barrel by CIA and was the beginning of the CIA. The Gehlen organization has operated without any halt whatsoever from the World War II right forward to present time.

Furthermore Colonel Fefle was the operations officer until 1961 of the Gehlen organization who was a counter spy and who had been there all the time for the Russians and passed everything that the CIA was doing lock stock and barrel over to the Russians – the Russians have known everything that was going on in the CIA since the day of its formation.

…these are the four books I have – and this is the fourth one. This book in its chapter "Political Operations" describes exactly what has been happening to Scientology…

What we are being subjected to is what is called a "Covert Operation".

We are if you’ll notice the campaign that is extended over 19 years – has simply been attack on any increase of power by the – of Scientology by discrediting – and these discrediting things you will find the whole common denominator – evrything that they were doing was discredit, discredit, discredit. They actually did know other actions of magnitudinous sort – they simply discredited.

That doesn’t say that at any time they couldn’t – and earlier they did. My children have been kidnapped once- a girl was kidnapped – people were murdered in 1950 and they started it up hot – thought they’d won and then had to resume it and they resumed it on a more formal ground in pattern. It included influencing internal revenue services against us which is normally followed by the Health Services, which is followed by Parliamentary stir up and possible action and it is done through false reports in the Press.

Now these fellows go one, two, three - they follow through.

Now we had to find out who was doing this, and we know who is doing this, it’s the World Federation of Mental Health, Mary Sue has just had this datum for some time and hadn’t integrated it and we just discovered it.

Guess what: the British and American Intelligence Services have serving on their panels, M.I.6 and CIA, and all of the Health Ministries have serving on their panels, members of the World Federation of Mental Health who are carried on the roster. All this is very fascinating, because it means that the World Federation of Mental Health are privy to all intelligence plans, intentions, and activities of CIA, M.I.6, just to name two. Alright, there’s how they get their data and there’s the people they use.

Of course if a guy is in this line of country… he can parasite an operation on to his existing confidence, don’t you see, so he can get CIA to carry one out – he can also feed all kinds of false information into the intelligence lines and in addition to that the God Damn stupid governments pay for his meeting with the Russian agents every year in the United States or England, once in Vienna. These bastards who are in charge of security in these Western countries ought to simply be electric shocked to death – I’m not kidding. Because these are the same guys who are part of these panels in the intelligence organizations of the West have meetings with Russians every year.

Now for a condition like that to obtain, your high up must be God Damned rotten. J. Edgar Hoover would have to be engrossed 100 per cent in merely keeping his position. Your security forces of course, are knocked into a cocked hat because they won’t do anything. They can’t do anything, do you see? The West is gone, boy. You mean they let a whole agency network right in amongst their midst, huh? So these guys could be variously from CIA, do you understand, or M.I.6, or some other intelligence organization. Do you follow?

Now, our policy is this. We haven’t done a thing that is either reprehensible or criminal in nineteen years, so why are we dodging? We’ve done nothing in 19 years. So our policy is: that we have nothing to hide of any kind whatsoever. We have to keep and maintain a high security.

We aren’t maintaining as high a security now as we did, but this means that there are links between a fellow named Thompson in Canada, the big newspaper proprietor who owns all the newspapers. He’s trying to heat up the campaign on England. He owns English Press, English newspapers left and right, he owns the Sunday Times – Alexander Mitchell with his black magic story in the Sunday Times on October third, you get it?

This same Alexander Mitchell was the guy who was spreading the black magic tales down in Corfu when we were there. It’s known that most external British newspaper reporters are M.I.6 agents. That’s who they are – they are not newspaper reporters.

Now what they are trying to do is with false reports – by the way, every, every testifying person who has testified to Congressional or Parliamentary Committees or something like that to get us in trouble through the Commonwealth, had been members of the World Federation of Mental Health.

The South Australians, for instance, at their Select Committee which has stamped on through, a man named Salter who is a member of the Heirarchy, the big boys, Daz, the guy in Melbourne, big boy, Rees, their former President, comes from Melbourne, he is the pusher there, you see. This Salter, before the Select Committee in South Australia, said that we hypnotise and we brainwash.

We never have hypnotised anybody, we are dead against it right down the line, and yet he testifies this to the Select Committee and he says we brainwash people and of course these local yokels with barnyard dung on their boots as they sit around don’t know it takes seventy days of supreme physical distress to brainwash anyone. It’s a Pavlovian operation which you torture and deprive somebody of something or other for a long, long period of time. Could only be done in an institution. But then this guy is a member of the World Federation of Mental Health in tight – do you follow?

Now here is an old book on Intelligence…called The Art of War and one part of it is about Intelligence -–names five kinds of agents, and one of these kinds of agents he calls the Dead Agent. That gives us our clue and that gives us our defense. He calls them the Dead Agent because he feeds false reports to the enemy, and then the enemy when, they find it out, kill him. This actually, Dead Agent, is what describes each one of these birds who comes down the line and that we hear of, who writes stories in Scientology – about – Scientology – in the press. Every one of those guys is a Dead Agent. Why? Because he’s – nothing but falsity.

He is trying to build up a library so he can then come around with newspaper clippings so he can show that yesterday’s lies proves today’s lies. Furthermore they forward all kinds of weird things to other intelligence organizations which are false reports.

All you’ve got to do is demonstrate the falsity of such reports and the enemy won’t believe them anymore. Somehow or another we’ve got to work and get out of existence all of these intelligence false reports that have been leveled against us. This gives us an opening, and we should simply work to have declared as false all of these reports.

The Cabinet Minister who came forward, Kenneth Robinson, and gives a big false report saying there’s evidence on us but never can produce it… not only is removed from that post but now he’s been removed from the Cabinet. He gave false reports so the Labour Party shot him.

But, make no mistake, this is a covert political operation and the motive is power.

Now it’s the hallmark of a professional action that it is continuous. This has been going on without much change in pattern for nineteen years…

Now that is the background music of this except for one thing. The CIA defines Communism as a political party which uses Soviet Russia as a front group.

Lenin’s definition of power and force and his attitude and that is this: potential power, or power, or a strong entity of any kind whatsoever whether individual, organizational or national, if it became an enemy – this is Lenin – if it became an enemy, why it would be very dangerous to Communism, so therefore the only safe way to handle any powerful entity is to treat it as a potential enemy. This is the woof and warp of Communism see – to treat it as a potential enemy. The United States at the end of World War II was more powerful than Russia so therefore had to be treated as a potential enemy….

Alright, now look at that as a basic think of Lenin; look at this as a basic think of the World Federation of Mental Health.

What’s happening in the United States and England is cultural destruction. A very heavy study on the part of the Russians have resulted in a campaign against the culture of England and the United States which began in the field of education a half a century ago till today the kid in school is told that the constitution isn’t anything that’s followed anymore and Russia, Communism is okay except they don’t practice it right in Russia.

The public school which was the background of the English empire, the British empire and so on, was being, carefully being destroyed for a very long time. The Russian hits – and the Soviet and the Communist hits at education, so education is his prime target. So he’s busy destroying Western culture.

And the way he is destroying Western culture is to have the experts on the mind pretend to be experts on culture and he’s accumulated to himself the anthropologist, the psychologist, the social scientist they call them, and these birds and so on are in their defining what culture is left right and center and of course the more they define it the more riot and civil commotion they have. These guys are nothing more than agent provocateur.

Now an agent provocateur if he has his orders and is sent in to a country, he never has to report. If he actually is getting that country’s government to support him he doesn’t even have to pick up money.

When you start looking this over as an intelligence pattern it fits in no other category. So the guy sails in and he tells a bunch of people around one way or the other that we’re bad hats and that we do this and we do that and then he proves it – and this is important to you – he proves it conclusively by showing that he has an intelligence report or a news clipping. He himself put the intelligence report in to that intelligence agency, this news guy, his people put the intelligence report through.

So you get a God damn fool like Captain Lemon of the Office of Naval Intelligence, who is of course, all Naval Attaches are Intelligence Officers, ah, in Greece, in Athens, he puts all this cock-eyed information – its been turned in to him you see – so he puts it on the information to his fleet, and his fleet comes up and operates in this peculiar fashion with regard to us.

Now they come around into a port and what they’ve done to us now time and time again is they come in to a port and they spread a bunch of rumors, these are totally unfounded, they even bring out a bunch of false clippings and that sort of thing, do you see, and then they can have fed an intelligence report in from some other area and then they can show people, you see, how bad we are.

What I’m trying to tell you is that the enemy works from the World Federation of Mental Health on the advisory panels of Intelligence Agencies and thus they can be parasite to any Intelligence Agency and they can push their little favors and reports down the line, do you see, because they’ve got pals. Furthermore there is some connection between Intelligence and the newspapers that are being brought up left and right in England and therefore if they’re connected with the World Federation of Mental Health, Thompson is connected with the Russians. Also "Truth" – the guy who owns all the "Truth" newspapers that were fighting us so hard down in Australia and so forth, he must have some connection. We are now tracing these connections.

But its very interesting that this is a technical thing… these guys have been playing it too long and too often; CIA and M.I.6 and the rest of these guys have been playing the same game too long – now they call it a covert operation, and that is its technical term, and its total target is to reduce the power of a competitor or enemy and increase their own.

So, our policy is simply expose their false reports, that’s all.

Now, some other factor entered the situation when we started functioning around in the Mediterranean area, or in Europe. Apparently they became somewhat panic stricken at the tremendous amount of money and know-how that was flooding into England because we were there. Alright, they took action to make sure that didn’t happen.

Okay. We were helping out Spain and all of a sudden – not we, the old company, it was the H.E.C. And the H.E.C. at that time was doing surveys of business potential and bases for schools and activities. They prevented about two million quid a year from going into Spain. But we were okay tell we did that. We were yaked at a little bit but nothing really happened….and all of a sudden a lot of money was liable to come into Spain or it was beginning to come into Spain and instantly our throats were cut and then the second we pulled that out why we were ok again. But a pressure was kept up so we wouldn’t do further business in Spain.

We went to Greece, the ship went to Greece, and they started to put in a mission which was going to bring in a lot of money and a lot of tourists and a lot of travel tours and so forth, all kinds of things would have happened and we were doing a business survey at that time in Greece and the people in that area were beginning to take hope… When we got that going this covert operation stopped up, bang, cut our throats.

Now all of a sudden we are starting to operate in Morocco and what do we find? One of these guys shows up.

Bang, this becomes very fascinating because a lot of administrative know-how is needed by Africa, we’re actually organizing donation contributions, an American foundation and its going to work in conjunction with Morocco. We’re going to show them real down to earth administration, form a pattern of it, fix it up so more money comes in and wham, one of these guys shows up.

So what has happened here, there is a common denominator to what is going on that hasn’t too much to do with us; where we go it’s a proven fact money follows – its not small money, its big money. Four times now these birds have acted. So what is this? Look, nothing happens to us after we desist.

So I believe there are three or four sides to this coin. I believe it has to do with cultural degradation of the country. I don’t believe they intend these countries to have their balance of payments come out right.

Now its of peculiar interest to an Arab country that there is a company and a certain set of bankers who also finance the World Federation of Mental Health. And we’re running these leads down now, but one of them is Loeb Kuhn, the big Jewish investment firm. What the hell is this all about?

You’re here in this covert operation, we all of a sudden look up and we see that although the KGB and so forth seems to be associated with the World Federation of Mental Health, their other organization in action seems to go back to Jewish bankers. We make no sense out of this but it’s just as far as we have gone, do you follow?

…so we’re the subject of a covert operation which has gone on and on and on and on…

And then the government acting on false reports so that after there is a considerable investment which we would be out of pocket don’t you see, we all of a sudden are told no we can’t do business with you anymore. We’ve just heard that you are actually wanted in Syria for white slave activities, ah running Caucasians for call-girl service to the White House you know.

So we don’t maintain this as Marxist. There is another group on the planet who have a lot of false power. Who they work for well we’re not interested.

Can some dumb nut calling himself Jack Lundin – that’s terribly interesting because he’s a famous writer and of course that’s a pseudonym – This guy comes in, he all of a sudden got a hold of a Consul and he can do this, do that, yip,yip, go around and say these people are wanted and then, then, having fed some police agency some report and then gotten it pulled back on to the line or actually forged it to begin with, or filed it some place with Interpol or Spanish Intelligence or something like that, then he can say well all you have to do is ask Spanish Intelligence or Interpol, don’t you see. Oh yes, there is a report. Sure they have a report – he filed it.

So we have the problem of going ahead in a war which is evidently being waged to keep Africa being bled in some fashion or another of its natural resources without actually helping her out at all. There’s some political motive that’s going on here. We don’t care anything about that if the security forces won’t suddenly turn on us.

Now counter-intelligence is the operation by which an enemy or a rival intelligence service is infiltrated. That isn’t technically speaking against espionage – that isn’t what it means – it means the infiltration of an enemy service. And we don’t know if it’s M.I.6 or an agent of M.I.6 who has turned, meaning doubled. Now counter intelligence is such an art that there isn’t an intelligence service in the world that isn’t totally infiltrated, so any intelligence service in the world is liable to turn in any kind of a report you ever heard of.

So the question is, the question is simply this, we have absolutely nothing to hide, our policy is that we do what we do, the only thing that we're really concerned about is a covert operation which is run against us rather consistently whenever we try to bring money or something like that into a new country. We all of a sudden are liable to find ourselves with a covert operation, newspaper reporters.

Now I’ll give you a typical, a typical action here. Jack Lundin after leaving here spent the night at the British Consulate in Casa. He is known to Commisar of Police as NOT a journalist. He said to the American Consul that the crew is a trick but he didn’t know what kind of trick; we take drugs and export them from Morocco to France and South America. Covert operator, see, 100 per cent, here he is.

So all of this has to do, you have to keep in view and keep in mind just this one point; we don’t have a damn thing to hide, we know our business, we are subjected to covert operations. The covert operations very often come along the lines of other intelligence services, all of which is very fascinating, such as this guy Lundin immediately goes to the British Consulate. So he’s probably got them kidding that he’s M.I.6, while he’s really CIA, but maybe KGB. Do you see?

Now this is not our primary interest. …all we’re going to do is blow up all these false reports. Well, what reports have you had? ‘Course they never tell you what reports they’ve had, you couldn’t get what reports were had so sometimes it’s difficult to find out what the report is so you can blow it up. For instance who the hell would think that anybody was accusing you of exporting or trafficking drugs from Morocco to France and South America?

My own attitude toward the Arab and the Arab states and so on is actually intensely friendly. The four great powers are hitting the Arab states – each one of them with their covert operations and that sort of thing. Bum show, bum show. …Islam has just now united and they united under King Hussan, and it – they’re the first time that Islamic action has been concerted since I don’t know how long… This country, this country is actually assuming a leadership role, and I would say a covert operation of some kind or another would be hit at preventing Morocco from achieving a leadership role.

So that capital and other things coming into Morocco at this time, somebody else thinking ahead, are liable to be hitting Morocco fairly heavily. I myself have no unconfidence. I wouldn’t generate the idea that we’re not confident of them. We’re just showing them, look, see… "And do you know that a member of that crew actually stole a Maribout’s shoes one time in Semalia". And then to us and our principals: "Well Hussan isn’t going to last very long you know and he’s going to be, and there’s actually a group ready to pull the rug out from underneath him at any minute and it’s not a secure area to invest any money".

We don’t believe anything bad about Morocco and they don’t believe anything bad about us. We’ll go ahead perfectly open and above board … we’ll make hay, we’ll bring money in here, we’ll help ‘em out left right and center then let ‘em get ahead of the thing. See, that’s – that’s what we’re trying to achieve.

All we’re trying to do is – we’ll believe you, you believe us, you can investigate us at any time, everything we’re doing is totally above board, we won’t believe anything bad about you, we’ll prevent our principals and so forth from believing anything bad about Morocco and so on.

That’s the target we are trying to achieve, is simply we could go on and assist Morocco, bring in money, make investment and that sort of thing, run schools, help them with administration and so on.

In Spain I don’t think they’re honest any more. I think the political operating conditions in Spain are fantastically bad. She hasn’t joined NATO, which she shock down the Americans for a fantastic payment to keep the American bases there. Soon as she got that she instantly made a deal with the Russians so the Russians could use her ports. The second she made the deal with the Russians, the Russians, in the United Nations obviously, got the sanction against Britian for Gibralter. This gives Gibralter to the Russians, the use of Gibralter to the Russians – that closes the Mediterranean at both ends. They can’t affect this without treason in the Spanish government. Morocco’s affected by this. Morocco ought to kick these God damn Spaniards out of Couta and Mollilo just like that.

Mary Sue has got the name, rank and serial numbers of the guys who serve on the councils and committees and advisory councils of the intelligence services from the World Federation of Mental Health. If Western Intelligence is that bad we had better make a very firm, a very firm economic base in Africa, because those countries are not long for this world. The main trouble in Africa is if they have too much of a dependence… so Africa gets bled of all of its raw materials, is saddled with heavy loans, and gets nothing in return – and we don’t agree with that. My point is that it’s a damn dirty trick, and I don’t know whether the Moroccans know it or not, or whether Africa knows it or not, but I think it’s a dirty trick. U.S. loans and so forth – that money never comes into the country – it’s paid directly over to the Ford Motor Company for a few tractors and so forth.

What they need is people here who build tractors, see, they don’t need somebody who imports tractors or exports tractors to them. They’ve got a limited space of time in which to build up a civilization and that is to say, an industrial civilization, and an industrial complex is sorely lacking and Western policy is not going to give them one, it’s going to give them an agricultural natural resources complex. And one fine day when the Western governments go boom where does that leave Morocco? It leaves her bled of her raw materials -–her phosphate and other things – and a big debt. I don’t agree with it, not for one, not for one minute.

That’s everything I’ve got to say as far as, as far as, I have nothing but the greatest respect for this particular government. The Panamanian Consul told us they’re a bunch of swindlers and all that sort of thing and so forth. I don’t buy him, not even vaguely, don’t you see. This guy’s the coming guy of Africa that’s for sure.

1969, 6 November

LRH Aides Conference 6 November 1969

Covert Operations

There are two matters here of interest and the first of those is the local campaign. I want to call to your attention, having heard the article, you told me it was the same as Lisbon – it isn’t the same as Lisbon – it’s a brand new pitch, utterly and brand new, whereby we’re an espionage vessel of some kind or another and we rush money to the bank with motor cycle escorts and it’s, just kooky, and it is so easily knocked out, there are so many false reports in it.

Well anyway, that datum is for the birds and then that we were denied Greece – is denied by our Greek letter – and you can just mop up the earth with these guys – you see and it’s the voice of M.I.6 in Morocco.

As you see, it is actually – amounts to a military objective of denying us terrain – do you see that?

Now even though Western Intelligence Services are absolutely rotten at the top – they must be – otherwise their security would not be as bad as it is. To have psychiatrists sit on the advisory panels of the CIA and M.I6 who meet yearly in a conference with Russians and knowing as any intelligence – competent intelligence officer should know – the Russians never let anybody out of the country unless he’s KGB or a GRU.

Alright – if the enemy can invade an intelligence service to that degree that is not uncovered – then it takes us to uncover that – then there’s some other fact emerges – that right up at the top, along about the level of the Under Secretary of Justice or something like this, you have a redhot – do you see?

A Western intelligence service and so forth isn’t solid Russian. It’s only a minority Russian otherwise they’d have the whole country. Now we at the same time this is going along have got to make friends with the Soviets – not to forward any of their purposes or anything of that sort – but we already have an "in" – we are already in the process of making friends with them because our books are being displayed in their book fairs – and I can assure now that being Communist connected is praiseworthy rather than otherwise throughout the West – only Communists have a say in the Press.

I also call to your attention this business of power – all they’re trying to do is reduce our power. They must figure that we are potentially terribly powerful. 1958 they decided that we were a threat to psychiatry. So psychiatry’s operation at the present moment is reducing our power.

There’ve been four consecutive countries where this covert operation has sought to deny income and technology to the country involved – by false reports.

The Select Committee Report of the guy name Salter is a marvelous thing in – because he said that we did what psychiatry does and that we provedly do not do. You’ve got to get proof that we didn’t do it… Brainwashing is an action where a man is beaten and starved for seventy days – like they do institutions. It’s a technical action – so he’s found out in the field of technology – and then right along with that is your absolute proof – your documentary action – the World Federation of Mental Health, this guy is a member of it – you take the chapter and verse that shows that he is and then that it is in continuous communication with Soviet Russia. In other words, you hang him as a red agent …

1969, 12 November

PRO Area Control (author believed to be LRH)

My congratulations on your splendid NAMH "election" caper. It was brilliantly conceived and executed.

They show signs of having other masters but these can be identified. I see an unknown now from our viewpoint:

I finally solved how the head shrinkers are able to use intelligence tactics and people and lines. MSH found they (members of WFMH) serve on Advisory Boards to CIA, M.I.6 etc. This gives them an inside action.

Also this means

And that the US and British govts in supporting these congresses pay for meetings between CIA – MI6 Advisors and KGB-GRU agents every year!

Then evidence emerges that Russia no longer lets anyone out of Russia who isn’t KGB-GRU as per the Penkowsky Papers. All trade delegates, scientists etc. who are let out, are KGB and GRU.

So no wonder CIA and MI6 lose the war and that explains why we get in Greece US intelligence giving false reports on us to the Greek govt, also Spain and lately here.

Lundin was obviously MI6, the Greek and possibly Australian showed CIA. So that’s how its done evidently. Agents of CIA, MI6, etc, get phoney data shoved in by psychiatrists acting as advisors inside Western Intelligence who belong to the WFMH founded by reds whose Congresses are attended by the KGB!

So somewhere, Thompson and the Australian bloke tie in with the WFMH and that ties in with possibly the World or some Bank that ties in with Communism.

So as I see it we are in the weird position of being the only free agents and we are inheriting, in simple self defense, the whole mess that Western security should have cleaned up ages ago when the cold war started (1948).

1969, 2 December

To: The Guardian WW 2 December 1969

Intelligence Actions Covert Intelligence

As in the case of the Swiss Account numbers the paper "exposed" they blew the cover of an agent. As it was you knew there was an agent near Treasury at SH.

The enemy objective is to discredit, in our case, and then build on this a denial of rights under law. Their first bad articles were in the New York Times Sunday magazine section in mid 1950. Their first blast was the San Francisco papers, Sept 1950, quoting the publisher Ceppos being critical of me (he was a Communist, publisher of Book One) followed by the LA papers, pushed then by the Sara Kamkesadamanov (alias Northrup) "divorce" actions, followed by attempted kidnapping of myself. Other details were pushed into it including murder of four and so on. This was a full complete covert operation. At the back of it was Miles Hollister (psychology student) Sara Kamkesadamanov (housekeeper at the place nuclear physicists stayed near Caltech) Gene Benton and his wife – secretary of the Young Communists League.

That was a full war against Dianetics. It revived in 1951 and 1952 using the late Don Purcell, a millionaire oil man in Kansas who received $500,000 into his bank account the day after he threw the Wichita Foundations into bankruptcy.

Only minor skirmishes were fought until 1958 and since then the war has hotted up. Only when we began to view this as a covert operation did we begin to take any tricks in the game. This whole thing is the pattern of a covert operation conducted by skilled intelligence officers.

Purcell managed to seize the whole Dianetics empire and run it for awhile. So there’s nothing strange about Cecil King being a director of the Bank of England and the Nats.

The Pubs Org crash, the fabulous list (Dunhill) price, etc., last year I have always suspected as a direct attack coordinated with the Immigration ban on our finances. But this showed (1968) an internal-external coordination of attack.

The actions to forestall infiltration, covert operations and enemy covert data collection are all actually known as security. As mentioned above, ours is poor. 252 out of a 1000! In 1950, the Verwood letter disappearance. Financial planning to crash us. Enemy data possession. Harmful internal acts. 65% of WW income from Franchise, 35% from orgs. All this adds up to infiltration at higher levels in our orgs.

Our war has been forced to become "To take over absolutely the field of mental healing on this planet in all forms". That was not the original purpose.

Four countries were totally run by enemy agents in 1939, agents of Adolf Hitler. When he struck, creating an atmosphere of confusion, these high "in place" agents took over. Austria, Czechoslovakia, Poland and France had Nazi agents at the top. Russia’s intelligence is patterned on the German service. A similar situation must exist today in the West or the Security forces would be active instead of hiring as advisors and for their personnel placement psychologists and psychiatrists who meet annually with Russian delegates and belong to KGB connected professional institutions.

1969, 10 December

Despatch from Mary Sue to GWW, dated 10 December 1969

Re: The Jack Lundin Affair

Since nearly two months, Apollo is in the harbor of Casablanca, she has long been in drydock. She is now on the repair dock.

On October 29, 1969 a man who called himself "Jack Lundin" approached the Panamanian Consul in Casablanca, Mr Romulo Zappi Pere, in reference to the TSMY Apollo, a vessel under Panamanian Registry and owned by the Panamanian Company, Operation and Transport Corporation Ltd., a duly incorporated and registered company of Panama.

This Jack Lundin represented himself to the Panamanian Consul, Mr Zappi, as a reporter from the Manchester Guardian, a British newspaper…

Mr. Zappi answered the queries of this Jack Lundin, but became alarmed when Jack Lundin stated to him that the TSMY Apollo was suspected of smuggling hash-hish from Morocco to France and South America, that the TSMY Apollo was under investigation by Interpol for drug smuggling…

Mr. Warren was also informed by Mr. Ayhatt that Jack Lundin was not really a true reporter, that he had no visible means of support, that he was from Tangiers and that he had stayed at the British Consulate while in Casablanca.

1969, December 15



We now know that the main line of attack on Scientology has been undertaken by the people or groups directly associated with WFMH. We do not know if there is any person or group behind the WFMH which directs them in their actions or in their policies toward us.


To keep ourselves fully informed with regard to the WFMH, persons connected to it and the groups and persons connected to these groups, to the end result that their actions against us can be exposed fully.


This action is to be done by the Asst. Guardian or D/A/Guardian for Intelligence, if held separately from the Asst. Guardian.
To establish, add to and keep up-to-date files containing all information gathered.

To keep the Asst. Guardian and the Guardian WW advised as to the results of such information and to present it in evaluated, digested form.
To provide other Guardian Office personnel with data they can use in their actions.

To locate and investigate any member or group of the WFMH in your area.
To collect all data with regard to all such members or groups in your area.
To infiltrate any such groups in your area.
To do everything to obtain documentary evidence of their attacks upon us.
To obtain advance information with regard to any actions or intentions directed against us.
To keep all information and data collected in files, carefully cross filed.
To do everything possible in the collection of such data.
To do everything possible to inhibit or stop any actions directed against us.
To discover any third-party or dead-agent-type activities which they may be conducting against us so that it can be corrected and handled at once.
To immediately investigate any attack against us in your area to find if any person or persons so attacking are connected in any way to persons or groups connected to the WFMH and to obtain evidence and documents to reveal such connections.
To make and send reports on same to the D/Guardians for Intelligence.

This is a continuing programme. A lot of work has been done thus far; however, some areas have done little or nothing [missing words] should immediately do so.

Mary Sue Hubbard

1970, ca.

Extracts from an LRH Communication (circa 1970)

I have a new system worked out to knock them out no matter what they do.

We started telling them to investigate newspaper reporters who wrote against us – a lot of them bribed, freelancers bought, a lot of officials on this line. Had to figure out how to hurt these guys and still stay legal. They have a vulnerability already worked – several guys have lost their jobs over this. How could they be hurt – all you have to do is spot it, figure out how to cost them their jobs and make them lose it.

We have some trouble getting the real background dope on these guys but they do pick up what the guy is doing in present time. So we change the procedure to spot it and cost them their jobs every time.

1970, 9 March

Despatch from D/G Int WW to Guardian WW dated 9 March 1970

Re: Successful and Unsuccessful Actions


Invent letterhead of some organization that is curious, i.e. have it printed up and use it to make queries. If you have a letterhead nobody seems to bother checking it. If you have a letterhead of any sort you will get answers to your questions 95% of the time. Of these using a phony News Agency is the most successful.
Using 2D on someone high in the government to seduce them over to our side.
Infiltrating an enemy group with the end to getting documents.
Covert third partying with forged or phony signatures.
Anonymous third partying. Particularly the Internal Revenue Service appears to follow up every tip off they get.
Direct theft of documents.
Impersonating a reporter over the phone to get information.
Unsuccessful Actions

Bugging and the use of any electronic devices have on the whole produced nothing.
Depending on big money alone to get in and out of places.
Impersonating a government Intelligence Officer.
1970, 10 March

Despatch to the GWW 10 March 1970

Concerning Intelligence (author likely is LRH)

I think there is every possibility that I have located the central agency which is inspiring the international attacks on Scientology. As you know we have not been able to locate the, what I have called Tenyaka Memorial, the overall plan in the files of various organizations or offices. We have not spotted the school where these people are trained and we have not spotted the actual direct live correspondence which must exist somewhere in the world.

In about 1964 I did a schema or schematic which would indicate it had to be an international agency and had certain other characteristics and I did the exact type of attack pattern which repeats itself in every country and it led me to a conclusion that it was directed from some place high up and that it had a central operational headquarters.

In review it followed the lines of first there was an income tax assault, then followed up by some health agency. This is followed by some press stunt or campaign and then there’s a parliamentary contact and connection and an outcry demanding an enquiry and then certain false allegations are made which are never disclosed and the campaign falls into full swing in order to batter us down, exhaust our funds and to get a ban of some sort on us.

Looking over these various channels I came to the conclusion in about 1955 that it would have to be some kind of intelligence organization – but I didn’t take it too seriously and in 1964 I came definitely to that conclusion….

…the reason the enemy makes any progress at all is his central headquarters and the actual correspondence, the actual directions, the actual plans, orders and issues of the attack have not been detected. When we got as far as the World Federation of Mental Health and the National Associations of Mental Health we were on a very good track – but all of a sudden the trail went blank. Although evidence was very fruitful that they were the instigators of this attack, their headquarters where they trained people, where the central plans were kept and so on could not be located.

On a completely different channel I have just had to review the subject of public relations… The textbook is Effective Public Relations written by Scott Cutlip and Alan Center. I will give you a resume of the textbook basic outline, but it is enough here to state that amazingly all of the characteristics which comprise the attack which we experienced are thought to be by the experts in this field, public relations. The campaign, the conduct of the press, the getting rid of adversaries is even mentioned in the text and lobbying –

An intelligence group would have long since pressed home the attack on other grounds… but a PR company would not think in these terms – they just go on perpetually because they are collecting money for doing what they are doing.

Now, on studying this thing further, I find amazingly enough, that there are definite connections with regard to the National Association of Mental Health and the World Federation of Mental Health in that they do employ a PR activity. Everything the enemy is doing would be embraced in what is modernly considered to be a public relations company or activity.

Therefore for this and other reasons I’m convinced that our Tenyaka Memorial … that plan of campaign against Scientology, all files, all correspondence, all training and everything else is resident in a PR firm which has International connections. Whatever agency they use must have International connections and must be engaged in lobbying.

1970, 16 July

HCOB 16 July 1970

The Psychiatrist At Work

The psychiatrist has masters. His principle organization, World Federation of Mental Health, and its members, the National Associations of Mental Health, the "American" Psychiatric Association and the "American" Psychological Association are directly connected to Russia.

Even the British Broadcasting Company has stated that psychiatry and the KGB (Russian Secret Police) operate in direct collusion.

A member of the WFMH sits on every major "Advisory Council" of the UK government, to name but one government. Ministers of Health or Health Authorities are members of the National Association or the WFMH.

The psychiatrist has masters.

L. Ron Hubbard

1971, 6 May

GO 060571 LRH – Secret – Working Theory

So far we have been using an Intelligence Hypothesis I developed in 1965. Taking all channels of attack on us country by country, I found the cycle of attacking sources was (a) Income tax (b) Health Dept or Agency (c) Immigration and (d) a type of press.

Moving this up to an International level, and trying to find out who could have that much influence the Intelligence Hypothesis I formed was that it would have to be a member of the World Bank with psychiatric connections or who planned usages of psychiatry as part of world control.

We used this to narrow and target our searches. It led us to WFMH and the NAMH. And it served us well. But it did not lead all the way until this year.

We found the central handler (one who orders operatives and operations) and proved it by numerous correspondences we were given. The person is "Mary Appleby" Secretary of the National Association of Mental Health of England. It is she who writes and phones her contacts to start attacks on Scientology.

Her uncle (just now deceased) was Otto Niemeyer of the World Bank.

So that finally ends off the 1965 Intelligence Hypothesis as totally correct.

It has gotten us this far. But in getting there, new data has shown up.

Brilliant work in tracing the origins of the WFMH disclosed it and the NAMH to have NAZI origins. Goerings, Cousin, Villinger, others, others, others were at the root of Naziism in Germany and brought Hitler to power! They started the death camps and they not Hitler ordered the extermination of Jews.

Racial purity, genes, Man is an animal, etc were originated (and still held to) by this psychiatric group.

In 1936 they dominated the Beers organization (NAMH).

In 1946, fleeing before war criminal hunts, these people formed the WFMH in London.

We were fooled into thinking it was Communistic because they also penetrated Russia. Pavlov was one of them! (Trained at the University of Leipzig.)

We thought it went Russia to West. Actually that is because it went Nazi to Russia and Nazi to West. Both Russia and the West are internally dominated in the field of psychiatry by the original Nazis. So it could look as though it were coming in from Russia.

The third party between East and West could be the Neo Nazi!

So we need a new working theory to extend what we now know.

The Nazi had three principle channels into the world.

1. Intelligence.

Nazi Intelligence was the largest and most effective intelligence organization the world ever knew. After WW I they hid their files, brought them up to date about 1928 and brought Hitler to power. They had agents by the thousands in every nation – they set up Austria, Czechoslovakia, Poland and France to fall by penetration at the top. Hitler won those countries after they had been won by Intelligence. His force of arms was a disruption to Intelligence take overs (geo-politics).

2. Drugs.

The Germans had total domination of the world’s drug industry. Their chemists and firms covered the globe. They even sought political extension by bargaining new drug cures.

3. Psychiatry and Psychology.

Leipzig is the source of the animal and reflex theories now believed and taught all over the world. Nazi racial purity, gene theories etc are taken from German psychiatry and psychology. German psychiatrists gas chambered 300,000 insane before Hitler, originated the orders about Jews, etc. Hitler only okayed them. This kill-think is now in use in every country – gene theory = must sterilize and kill. Psychiatric atrocities now disclosed in England and elsewhere are Nazi practices. The death camp techniques used to exterminate masses were psychiatric.


Apparently there exists somewhere a Nazi Memorial or plan to conquer the world.

By intelligence infiltration of governments, drug addiction and dependency and using psychiatry to eliminate political undesireables and minorities, a group is bent on world political conquest.

When Nazi Germany was militarily defeated, the intelligence operatives and files were left "in place" in other countries, the Nazi chemists were left in the seized drug firms abroad, the psychiatric "empire" still existed overseas.

At the defeat of Germany these three networks were not wiped out abroad but left there in place. Many military officers in allied services were financially well connected – related to bankers or were bankers. These intelligence, drug personnel and psychiatric network files passed into financial hands.



We see that no one arrests psychiatry for murder, mayhem, fraudulent money collection. This could only be done by intelligence type control of government figures. Key positions are found to be occupied in England by ex-intelligence men who worked in the German sector (as did Appleby and almost every other political person who attacked us in England). It follows this should be true in the US, Anzo, Spain, South Africa, etc – that our opponents have intelligence background either of their own country or Germany. And as this is turning out to be a Fascist network, they have discoverable Fascist connections.

Psychiatric opponents are all part of the Nazi connected WFMH or NAMH. Their technology and what they urge is pure Fascism straight out of Nazi death camps.

Drug firms are ex-German or German connected. They finance or support the Nazi networks. They also are turning the West to drug addiction.

Finance networks exist to crush other currencies and elevate the German currency and look to the other three networks to politically pave the way.

Now this is theory. There is much data to support it. We can document the earlier working theory. Appleby is a Nazi pure and simple. So is the WFMH and the NAMH and all they advocate is Nazi.

There is negative proof of political control by intelligence. Governments seem powerless to arrest or clean up mayhem, murder, theft etc conducted by psychiatry.

German psychology is taught in every university.

We are attacked because if we proved psychiatry false by introducing a true mental science we would destroy their political terror weapon.

There are then four networks in all, as we must include International Banking. The four must be run from somewhere, possibly privately not governmentally from West Germany.

If this theory is true then every attacker has one or more of four connections. Intelligence, psychiatric, drug and banking.

1971, 7 May

GO 070571 LRH – Secret –

Notes On Smersh

The case of Wilhelm Reich is a very interesting case. His "orgone therapy theory" was under attack. He was jailed illegally for "contempt of court" by the FDA in the 50s and died mysteriously shortly after in prison.

Reich fled Hitler in 1933. He was an expert in small energies and a qualified MD. The Nazis vowed to get even. They did. In the early 1950s via the FDA nearly seven years after the collapse of Hitler.

Charlie Chaplin, the comedian, made the movie "The Great Dictator". Nazi agents swore to get even. Ugly things happened to the producer and others. In the 1950s Immigration agents still had Chaplian falsely listed as a Communist and were still hitting at him.

Here are two cases which suggest that the Nazi spy rings stayed in place after WW II.

The Gehlen Organization of West Germany was a military intelligence group independently formed by General Gehlen during the last days of WW II.

Gehlen hid out; watched for US troops in the mountains. The CIA took over Gehlen and his in place Russian network and continued to operate it in Russia. This shows a Nazi spy network still in place and operating after WW II.

Leon G. Turrou was the FBI agent who broke up a pre-WW II spy ring in the US. The spies Rumrich, Mies Hofmann, Voss and Glaser were found guilty of monstrous espionage crimes in a Federal court in the US and sentenced to years in prison. But as recounted in his book, Nazi Spies In America (Random House 1939), so violent were the attacks made on Turrou and so great (one must infer) the influence of other Nazis in the government that Turrou was forced to resign from the FBI after conducting one of its most brilliant cases.

The inertia of the FBI in arresting psychiatrists or Nazis guilty of mayhem and murder during recent years has struck us as odd. Th is case tends to indicate that Nazi influence in the US was very great and very political.

In 1941 the US Congress was of a mind Hitler was someone you could business with. Only the Pearl Harbor affair got the US government into the war.

The NAMH in LA collects "charity funds" it never turns over to charity. The Dept of Justice of California has the evidence. It does not act. These funds go into the millions. They are used to lobby for more funds from Congress that also vanish. An intelligence group needs funds and it needs funds one cannot account for.

The NAMH was formed by Beers under pressure from the psychiatrist Adolph Myers in 1931. This organization over the world pushes Nazi doctrine. Its funds vanish! It is politically connected in every government. It is oddly immune.

"National" is a Nazi use-word. Fascism is always "National" according to Oswald Mosely the British Fascist in his recent book.

A few hours after writing the intelligence hypothesis, word came that West Germany had attacked and devalued the US dollar.

Big drug firms, possible ex Nazis still in place, make more than their quota of hard drugs, export them and smuggle them back into the US. They are peculiarly immune from attack. A Congressional hearing found this. Narcotics authorities have done nothing. Psychiatrists shovel out drugs, LSD etc. Nothing happens to them. It takes political control of an intelligence nature – blackmail etc to work so smoothly.

The Mafia is Italian. It is in the drug business. The Mafia was available for cooperation before and after WW II. They operate strangely immune. There may be no connection whatever with Nazi intelligence. Yet they fulfill a Fascist program of bringing a country to its knees by widespread drug use.

Rudolf Hess studied Japanese intelligence for 17 years and then applied its methods to German intelligence. The Japanese infiltrate social groups and get them fighting each other and the government. In this resulting turmoil they take over.

The US is suffering from:

Economic decay. This is an intelligence target. The West Germans just gave it a heavy push.
Drug abuses. This is an intelligence-medical target to destroy the culture and future leaders.
Anti-war riots. This is an intelligence target – the destruction of the will to fight.
Psychiatric death camps and psychiatric abuses. The organizations advocating this are directly connected to Nazi movements.
The Nazi networks could be active in these lines. Evidence is now piling up that they are.

The fantastic overuse of the title doctor is peculiar to Nazis. Their strongest espionage networks pre-WW II were run by doctors.

The University of Leipzig is the birthplace of Nazi doctrine. Man is an animal. Prof Wundt first advanced this theory. Practically every man of note in the field of the mind came from Leipzig University. Pavlov, Dewey, and a host of others all came from or went through this university.

Nuremberg trials records are explicit. They definitely prove psychiatry made Hitler and the death camps. The WFMH and the NAMH are proven to be of Nazi origin. Their literature continues to push racial purity, mayhem and murder.

The Nazi personal target was the snob. Von Ribbontrop and the Cliveden set of England is an example. This characteristic still exists in the WFMH and NAMH.

The Nazis invented social groups as intelligence circles. These Nazi founded groups are still in place in England! The Eugenics Society, the Euthanasia Society were Nazi founded and are still operating. They advocate Nazi measures.

They connect back to the WFMH. So, now, does the American Medical Association, the American Psychological Association, and the American Psychiatric Association. These tie in with the drug netwrok and are largely supported by it.

The Nazi brought personal character destruction up to a fine art in its propaganda activities.

The late unlamented London Daily Mail was the subject of a secret order in Churchill’s time. In some way it was pro-Nazi. This was the paper that kept the attacks on Scientology rolling in the UK.

Penetration is always a win. We are getting even further penetration now into who is keeping this planet upset.

1971, 7 October

Guardian Order 165 of 7 October 1971

Re: Books & Entheta Written About Scientology by SPs

The button used in effecting settlement is purely financial. In other words, it is more costly to continue the legal action than to settle in some fashion.

Therefore, it is imperative that Legal US Dev-T his opponents and their lawyers with correspondence (a lawyer’s letter costs approx $50), phone calls (time costs), interrogatories, depositions and whatever else legal can mock up.

Jane Kember – Guardian WW

1972, 20 February

HCOPL 20 February 1972


Any instance in which "Intelligence" must be referred to broadly or on a remimeo or all staff issue, as in org board posting or staff lists, the word ‘Information’ is to be substituted. Hence, D/G for Intelligence and Port Intelligence Officer become D/G for Information and Port Information Officer respectively.
Mo Budlong
D/G for Information WW

Jane Kember
The Guardian WW

Approved by
Mary Sue Hubbard
The Controller

L. Ron Hubbard

1973, 10 February

Guardian Order 637 of 10 February 1973

Observations On The Great Health Monopoly

The Great Health Monopoly is linked by the AMA requirements that psychiatrists be MDs, that the psychologists and now even chiropractors all share the mantle. By directorates and other ways drug firms are also linked. This monopoly IS a monopoly, no matter what reasons of "public necessity" it may have.

As this Monopoly is also International (as the part played by the WFMH and NAMH show) is also witnessed by the control exerted by it over Health Ministers.

L. Ron Hubbard

1973, 20 April

GO 732 WW
Apr. 20, 73..


Attack is neccessary to an effective defence.
Countries are being denied to OTC, the "Apollo" and LRH
A gradual reduction of available countries accurring since 1967. Trend Danger.
General operating record since 1967, studied with many uncovered incidents without foundation in fact. Each of these has had in common false reports.
Recent exposure of official records have brought about the possession of data showing that England and the US have in the past spread false reports in several other countries which have caused trouble.

By spreading false reports a cumulative file can be built in their own and other countries which then tend to act on the file without the presence of the real ... data which is factually good but which is then ignored.
Secondary Why:
The tendency or habit of police and immigration agencies to act secretly on record data without further advice, thus making a hidden third party situation.
Ideal Scene:
All false and secret files of the nations of operating areas brought to view and legally exp(loited?) and OTC, "Apollo" and LRH free to frequent all western ports and nations without threat and all required ports open and free.

To engage in various litigation in all countries affected aso as to expose to view all such derogatory and false reports, to engage in further litigation in the countries originating such reports, to exhaust resources in those countries and then finally to take the nation to the United Nations (think now being possible for an individual and a group) and to the European Commission on Human Rights, meanwhile uprooting and cancelling all such files and reports wherever found.
The UN and the European Commission throw out the vast majority of petition as inadministrable on... (incomplete)...
1973, 8 June

Guardian Order 784 WW 8 June 1973

Intelligence Its Role (LRH is likely the author)

The roles of Intelligence are Prediction and Support.

The normal process of Intelligence is to procure by numerous and varied and always changing means or to use accumulated stores of data on a given subject … and furnish a prediction which tells whether or not there is a situation… This is called an Estimate of the Situation.

When a situation arrives unheralded by Intelligence into the hands of command, Intelligence has miserably failed. Any situation which comes as a surprise to the establishment or any part of it is an intelligence failure.

What could be called Support Intelligence (or attack or offensive Intelligence) is the other side of the coin and also forms a vital part of Intelligence activities.

All defensive and support Intelligence is done in a way that brings no liability to the organization. When Intelligence is clumsy and short cuts its actions by illegal means or violence in any service, it can have a Watergate. There is no need for this sort of thing actually. A "suitable guise" on the other hand is not illegal.

1973, 20 June

Guardian Order 802 of 20 June 1973

Your Weekly Reports

The purpose of the Weekly Reports that you are required to write is as follows:

To keep CS-G and the Founder well informed of all Guardian Office activities throughout the world so that they may better plan and co-ordinate future activities of the Guardian Office network to obtain our valuable final product: Acceptances of Scientology

Nikki Freedman - CS-G Communicator

1973, 10 September

Guardian Order 924 of 10 September 1973

Guardian Office Alert

Please will all G.O. terminals be alert to obtaining all information the police and officials have on us. If any G.O. terminal is called in to see the police, or if we have cases involving the police, such as draft cases in Germany and others, we want all the information contained in police and other authorities files.

Where there is a Freedom of Information Act, such as in Sweden, efforts must be made to obtain all the data that all officials and police have on Scientology, and Scientologists.

This alert applies to every country in the world where there is a Guardian Office. The data is badly needed and wanted at this time.

Jane Kember Guardian WW

1973, 1 November

Hermann Brendel 1 November 1973

Evaluation on covers which were blown

POLICY: GO 784, Book "The Spy and His Masters"

1974, 6 March

GO 1087 LRH 6 March 1974

Strategic Info

The following quote from "The Shadow War, Resistance in Europe, 1939-45" is of value in handling the existing scene. Psychiatrists urged these measures on Hitler and carried them out.

David Rockefeller is priding himself on having reduced US population to a decline and arrested the human population explosive by sterilization, abortion and other measures.

The Rockefellers financed the German beginnings of psychiatry.

Special attention is drawn to the last sentence in the quote as it confirms current strategic planning.

"In two speeches early in 1942 Hitler announced that the Jews would be annihilated. The method adopted was to construct gas chambers camouflaged as shower baths in certain camps in Poland – the main one was at Birkenau; to these were attached giant crematoria in which the bodies were burnt. The number of Jews rounded up all over Europe and carted to the ‘death camps’ is estimated at six million.

The death of the Jews was in no way necessary to ensure the victory of Nazi Germany; this hideous crime was entirely gratuitous. Its gigantic proportions were only realized after the war, though Polish Resistance had managed to contact certain deportees and pass information to its government in London. The warnings and threats issuing from the BBC made no difference to the murderer’s determination. With hindsight, however, it is clear that in the eyes of European Resistance this massacre more than anything else legitimized, indeed sanctified, their action".

1974, 1 May

Write-up of 1 May 1974

One trick used by professionals is, after the casing has been completed and the plan decided on, a series of cover stories are mocked up to cover each stage of the operation in the event that the operation is blown at any point. On occasion cover stories are mocked up to cover being caught in the act. It is sometimes to the advantage of the agent and the organization, if the police believe that the agent was actually breaking in for money or goods, rather than documents or files..

Tools and equipment have always been a problem to agents in any operation because the standard lock picking devices; crowbars; sledgehammers and hacksaws and standard items used for breaking into a place are easily recognized by the police. Therefore an agent will usually try instead to obtain a key to the place he wants to enter beforehand or find a method of entry that does not require the use of instruments and tools. As this is not always possible an agent will attempt to avoid detection by carrying his tools for as short a time as possible… or disguise the tools in some way …

Best way of preventing being caught at a later date is of course to ensure that no one finds out that anything ever happened in the first place. In other words copy the files and return them. Obviously gloves would also be used when the documents are copied and in the subsequent operation to return the documents.

Note from Mike McClaughry:

The above write up is instructions to Intelligence operatives on how to do Breaking & Entering, written under the guise of being information on how to defend the church from it. The author was Mo Budlong, DGI WW.

1974, 22 June

Guardian Order 1206 of 22 June 1974

The Snow White Programme

For the past year there has been a massive programme in operation in the Guardian Office and on Flag. This programme was written by the Commodore who called it "Snow White".

The purpose of the programme is to trace back the attacks of the past 24 years to find and handle their SOURCE. Doing this will actually mean the running out of the 4th Dynamic engram spoken of by the Commodore in his 1967 Journal and in his "Welcome to the Sea Org" tapes.

In actual fact the Snow White Programme has the HIGHEST PRIORITY OF ALL GO ACTIVITY. The reason for this is as follows:

In its day to day activities the Guardian Office handles hundreds of situations that might impede the forward progress of Scientology. It is a kind of outpoint/correct type of activity. However, the Snow White Programme is going right to the source of most of the problems the GO is handling…

Let’s all get together on Snow White and push it through hard, hard, hard! It will open the doors wide for the full CLEARING OF THE PLANET.

Fred Hare
CS-G Asst
For Mary Sue Hubbard
The Controller

1974, 2 December

Writeup 2 December 1974

Obtaining property in a deceitful way is fraud. So using a cover and a false name to obtain property is fraud. Information is, however, not considered property. To stay inside the law, a professional will ask for a loan of files or documents, photostat, xerox or photograph these and return the original. In this case, the property -paper- has not been stolen or obtained by fraud even if the data has. The same holds true if a professional enters a building without permission and removes files or documents.

A professional avoids breaking and entering (B&E) as much as possible and uses this only as a last resort. When (and if) a professional does resort to B&E, he will use due thought and consideration. This whole subject is covered in detail in the writeup of 1 May 1974 Re: Security and Theft of Materials. This writeup covers how the real professional handles being caught in the act of stealing and how to handle the police.

When a professional is being questioned, he will remember carefully all those mannerisms on the part of the interrogators which are hostile to his person. If the professional has reason to believe that there is a danger to his person, this is an assault.

Under such circumstances, anything said can be later explained away as being said under duress and threat.

Depending on the circumstances a professional will attempt to get the person who’s questioning him to threaten him or even (very seldom) to strike him. A bruise which is visible will convince anyone that he, the professional, was under duress.

Note from Mike McClaughry:

The above write up is instructions to Intelligence operatives on how to do Breaking & Entering, written under the guise of being information on how to defend the church from it. The author was Mo Budlong, DGI WW.


Here's another one from here:

Timeline of Scientology versus the IRS​


Dec 1953

Church of Scientology, Church of American Science and Church of Spiritual Engineering incorporated in Elizabeth, New Jersey by L. Ron Hubbard. Co-signatories were Mary Sue Hubbard, L. Ron Hubbard Jr. and Henrietta Hubbard.

2 Jan 1957

The Internal Revenue Service grants a tax exemption to the Church of Scientology of California (CSC).


18 July 1967

The Internal Revenue Service revokes CSC's tax-exempt status, citing three reasons:

Scientology practitioners are profiting from the "non-profit" Church;
The Church's activities are commercial;
The Church is serving the private interests of L. Ron Hubbard (a practice known as inurement).

Scientology denounces the revocation, declares its intention to ignore the decision and withholds payment of taxes for the next 26 years.

Ref: Church of Scientology of California vs IRS, 24 Sept 1984 judgement


20 April 1973

L. Ron Hubbard devises the Snow White Program for Scientology's intelligence agency, the Guardian's Office (GO), in an effort to root out and remove "false files" about the Church and Hubbard held by governments around the world. This becomes a sophisticated worldwide espionage operation targetting 17 governments and three international organisations.

Ref: Guardian Order 732, 20 April 1973

Early 1974?

Kenneth Urquhart, "LRH Communicator", overhears L. Ron and Mary Sue Hubbard discussing infiltrating the IRS in Washington, DC.

Ref: "A Piece of Blue Sky", Jon Atack (1992), p. 227

Summer 1974

Cindy Raymond (Collections Officer in the US Information Bureau of the GO) in Los Angeles, California, sends a directive to Michael Meisner (Assistant Guardian for Information, Washington, DC) ordering him to recruit a loyal Scientologist to be placed as a covert agent at Internal Revenue Service in Washington, D.C. The agent is to obtain employment with the Internal Revenue Service for the purpose of taking from that agency all documents which dealt with Scientology, including those concerning pending litigation initiated by Scientology against the United States Government. A number of Scientologists are interviewed as prospective agents. However, none are found to be suitable.

Ref: Stipulation of Evidence, United States of America vs Mary Sue Hubbard et al, Oct 1979, p. 18

Sept 1974

Gerald Bennett Wolfe is selected by Raymond to infiltrate the IRS on behalf of the Church of Scientology.

Ref: Stipulation of Evidence, United States of America vs Mary Sue Hubbard et al, Oct 1979, p. 18

21 Oct 1974

Jane Kember, the Guardian World Wide (based in East Grinstead in England) issues Guardian Order 1361. Its "operating targets" include the following:

10. Immediately get an agent into DC IRS to obtain files on LRH, Scientology, etc. in the Chief Council's [sic] office, the Special Services staff, the intelligence division, Audit Division, and any other areas.

16. Collect data on the Justice Dept. Tax Division for the org board, the current terminals, and the people handling Scientology.

17. When the correct areas are isolated, infiltrate and get the files.

It also calls for the planting of "an agent, trustworthy and well grooved in, to infiltrate the IRS LA office" (target 2). That agent is "to obtain any files on LRH, Scientology", etc. from both the Intelligence Division (target 3) and the Audit Division (target 4) of the Los Angeles IRS Office. It also calls for the location (target 20) and infiltration (target 22) of the IRS office at the US Embassy in London, England in order to "obtain all documents" (target 22).

Ref: Stipulation of Evidence, United States of America vs Mary Sue Hubbard et al, Oct 1979, pp. 19-21

1 Nov 1974

Michell Hermann, the GO's Information Branch I Director, plants an radio transmitting bug in the conference room of the IRS' Chief Counsel, where a confidential meeting is to be held concerning Scientology. The meeting is to discuss pending legal actions involving the various churches of Scientology and to establish general guidelines for determination of what constituted a "religious institution" entitled to exemption from taxation under the Internal Revenue Code. The entire meeting is recorded and transcribed by GO agents in a car outside the building.

Ref: Stipulation of Evidence, United States of America vs Mary Sue Hubbard et al, Oct 1979, pp. 23-24

18 Nov 1974

Scientology agent Gerald Wolfe obtains employment at the IRS as a clerk typist.

Ref: Stipulation of Evidence, United States of America vs Mary Sue Hubbard et al, Oct 1979, p. 18

4 Dec 1974

Using fake passes, Hermann and Meisner illegally enter the Exempt Organization Division of the IRS and steal a file on Scientology, which they describe in a telex as "two shipments from DC . . . about ten inches" thick.

Ref: Stipulation of Evidence, United States of America vs Mary Sue Hubbard et al, Oct 1979, p. 38

around 30 Dec 1974

Hermann orders Wolfe to obtain all documents related to Scientology from the IRS office of Barbara Bird, an attorney in Refund Litigation Service.

Ref: Stipulation of Evidence, United States of America vs Mary Sue Hubbard et al, Oct 1979, p. 41

Jan - July 1975

Wolfe steals thousands of documents, totalling some 10 feet in height, freom the offices of Barbara Bird and Lewis Hubbard of the Chief Counsel's Office and from the Chief Counsel's file room, as well as from other offices within the suite of offices comprising the Office of the Chief Counsel.

Ref: Stipulation of Evidence, United States of America vs Mary Sue Hubbard et al, Oct 1979, p. 53

May 1975

"Project Horn" is devised by Greg Willardson (Deputy Deputy Guardian for Information) and the order to implement it given to Meisner. Its aim is to "provide a cover for PR [Public Relations] and legal for the way they obtained IRS docs." This project further implements Guardian Order 1361, Target 6, which already provides for the creation or a "suitable cover" to disguise the true manner in which stolen documents have been obtained from the IRS so that the Public Relations Bureau can use them without fear of being connected to the thefts.

Meisner is ordered to steal documents concerning organizations other than Scientology. Thus, whenever any stolen IRS documents are later released, those other organizations will also be perceived as having received them and their publication will not point to the Church of Scientology alone. Additionally, the project orders the theft of IRS stationery so it might be used by the GO to draft false letters from a fictitious IRS employee disgruntled with the organization. Wolfe is tasked with the actual thefts and accomplishes them successfully.

Ref: Stipulation of Evidence, United States of America vs Mary Sue Hubbard et al, Oct 1979, pp. 48-49

7 May 1975

Willardson requests the Guardian's Office World-Wide to approve an additional expenditure of funds for the excerption, xeroxing and cross-filing of 15,000 documents stolen from the IRS. This is so that Mary Sue Hubbard and other senior GO personnel can be advised "as fast as possible as to the IRS's intentions in regards to the Church during the ongoing IRS tax exemption negotiations." The letter adds that "[t]his was a valuable action in that it resulted in a more real estimate as to the IRS scene than was visable [sic] from the Legal viewpoint."

Ref: Stipulation of Evidence, United States of America vs Mary Sue Hubbard et al, Oct 1979, pp. 55-56

27 May 1975

Mary Sue Hubbard writes a letter to her deputy, Jane Kember, on Scientology's "IRS Strategy". It states:

Our overall strategy with the IRS shall be as follows:

1. To use any method at our disposal to win the battle and gain our non-profit status.

2. To buy all the time we can in terms of years ... So we work to win, but also to delay as time works on our side, not theirs ...

Ref: Stipulation of Evidence, United States of America vs Mary Sue Hubbard et al, Oct 1979, pp. 65-66

11 June 1975

The GO gets wind of a major financial audit to be made by the IRS of the Church of Scientology of California. Accordingly, the GO decides to obtain as much inside information as possible on the IRS' "line of attack". Meisner devises "Project Beetle Cleanup" for obtaining "all DC IRS files on LRH, Scientology, etc., in the Intelligence section, OIO [Office or International Operations], and SSS [Special Services Staff]".

The project proposes the placement of "FSMs" (Field Staff members, or agents) in the "required areas or good access developed", and further that "Pitts" (the code name for Nancy Douglass - a GO agent who had infiltrated the Drug Enforcement Agency) and "Silver" (Wolfe) attempt to obtain employment at the Internal Revenue Service Intelligence Division and Office of International Operations respectively.

Ref: Stipulation of Evidence, United States of America vs Mary Sue Hubbard et al, Oct 1979, pp.70-71

July 1975

The Church of Scientology brings a Freedom of Information Act suit against the IRS. Raymond orders Meisner to obtain information from the office of Charles Zuravin, the IRS attorney who would be defending the FOI case. This establishes a pattern: Scientology systematically sues the IRS and other Federal agencies, then penetrates the agencies' attornies' offices to steal the papers which Scientology was trying to access through FOI in the first place.

Ref: "A Piece of Blue Sky", Jon Atack (1992), p. 233

5 Dec 1975

L. Ron Hubbard orders the Guardian's Office to establish an "Early Warning System" to alert him of any moves by US Federal and State authorities against Hubbard personally. This is to be achieved through the planting of agents in dozens of different official bodies. The Assistant Guardian for Information (i.e. intelligence) in Washington, DC is ordered to "Place a separate agent into the IRS Office of International Organizations (OIO) (as this office has a case preparation or investigative action going on LRH personally for income tax evasion or something similar)."

Ref: Guardian Order 158, 5 Dec 1975

3 March 1976

U.S. Directorate Secretary World-Wide Michael Taylor informs Greg Willardson, that the IRS London targets have been "handled."

Ref: Stipulation of Evidence, United States of America vs Mary Sue Hubbard et al, Oct 1979, p. 21

11 June 1976

Meisner and Wolfe are caught by the FBI after a security guard at the US Courthouse becomes suspicious of their (forged) IRS credentials. Meisner escapes and is hidden from the FBI by the GO, but eventually turns himself in.

Ref: "A Piece of Blue Sky", Jon Atack (1992), p. 237

June 1977

Wolfe is convicted of the forgery of credentials and is sentenced to probation and community service.

Ref: "A Piece of Blue Sky", Jon Atack (1992), p. 240

7 July 1977

The FBI raids Scientology's headquarters in Washington, DC and Los Angeles. The GO is taken by surprise and tens of thousands of incriminating documents are seized, including complete records of the infiltration and burglary of the IRS and other government departments.

Ref: Various, including Los Angeles Times and other newspaper reports

October 1979

Eleven Scientologists, including Mary Sue Hubbard, are convicted of conspiracy and imprisoned for between two and six years. L. Ron Hubbard goes into hiding in California and does not reappear again until his death in January 1986.

Ref: Various, including Los Angeles Times and other newspaper reports


1 Nov 1980

The IRS places a lien on the Scientology's Los Angeles headquarters, the Cedars of Lebanon complex.

Ref: "A Piece of Blue Sky", Jon Atack (1992), p. 262

Mid-Nov 1980

Scientology appeals against the IRS tax assessment for the years 1970-72.

Ref: "A Piece of Blue Sky", Jon Atack (1992), p. 262

October 1982

The corporate structure of the Church of Scientology and associated entities undergoes radical restructuring. At a Mission Holders' Conference held in San Francisco, Warrant Officer Lyman Spurlock is introduced as the "Corporate Affairs Director of the Church". Spurlock starts his speech by saying "Prior to the end of 1981, a few of us from the CMO got together and took a look at the corporate structure of the Church with the view in mind of making it more defensible and more regular and particularly not understandable by the traditional enemies of the Church such as the IRS, and to make an overall improvement" [my underlining]. The phrases in italics are omitted in the transcript, but exist in the tape of the Conference.

Ref: Tape recording of the Mission Holders' Conference, San Francisco, 1982

24 Sept 1984

Scientology loses its appeal over the IRS tax assessment for the years 1970-72. The Tax Court judge documents in detail how huge sums were moved out of Scientology accounts into those of L. Ron Hubbard during the period in question. The judgement also describes the obstructionist tactics used by Scientology to thwart the IRS - for instance, deliberately jumbling two million pages of tax-related material, so that IRS officials would have to sort it out at the cost of a great deal of time and US tax-payers' money.

Ref: "A Piece of Blue Sky", Jon Atack (1992), p. 345

Late 1984

The Church's new intelligence agency, the Office of Special Affairs (which superceded the discredited Guardian's Office), strikes back at the IRS with the creation of a front group - "The National Coalition of I.R.S. Whistle-blowers". According to ex-OSA member Stacy Young, Scientology's aim was to undermine the agency's credibility. The group's president, Paul J. DesFosses, says Scientology provided substantial financing, but denies that the church ran the group, which helped fuel Congressional hearings in 1989 into accusations of corruption at the I.R.S. Kendrick L. Moxon, a longtime church lawyer, acknowledges that the coalition was founded by Freedom Magazine. He says its work was well known and part of a campaign by Scientology and others to "reform" the IRS.

Ref: New York Times, 9 March 1997

Summer 1989

Scientology hires private investigators to investigate the personal lives (and, as L. Ron Hubbard's theories on "suppressives" would have it, the "crimes") of senior IRS officials involved in the ongoing Scientology litigation.

According to Octavio Pena, a private investigator in Fort Lee, N.J., a Scientologist identifying himself as Ben Shaw visits him in the summer of 1989 to explain that the church was concerned about IRS corruption and would pay $1 million for Pena to investigate IRS officials. Pena refuses.

Two more PIs, Michael L. Shomers and Thomas J. Krywucki work for Scientology for at least 18 months in 1990 and 1991. Working from his Maryland office, Shomers sets up a phony operation, the Washington News Bureau, to pose as a reporter and gather information about church critics. He infiltrates IRS conferences to gather information about officials who might be skipping meetings, drinking too much or having affairs. Scientology lawyer Kendrick Moxon - one of those cited in the Snow White scandal in 1979 - admits the use of private investigators but claims that they are needed to counter lies spread by "rogue government agents".

Ref: New York Times, 9 March 1997


October 1991

Scientology leader David Miscavige and Marty Rathbun, another senior Scientology official, claim to have held an unscheduled meeting with IRS Commissioner, Fred T. Goldberg Jr. Miscavige offers to drop all the suits against the IRS if Scientology is given tax exemption. Goldberg agrees and creates a special five-member working group under Howard M. Schoenfeld to resolve the dispute, bypassing the agency's exempt organizations division, which normally handles those matters - an exceptionally unusual arrangement.

Ref: New York Times, 9 March 1997

19 Jan 1992

John E. Burke, the assistant commissioner for exempt organizations, agrees to Scientology's demand that its the bulk of its financial details should be kept secret.

Ref: New York Times, 9 March 1997

29 June 1992

The US Claims Court upholds the IRS' longstanding denial of a tax exemption for Scientology's Church of Spiritual Technology. The ruling strongly supports the agency's concerns over the commercial nature of Scientology and other matters. It states that the corporate structure of Scientology was "something of a deceptus visus. Real control is exercised less formally, but more tangibly, through an unincorporated association, the Sea Organization..."

Scientology claims that the ruling has ignored the facts and is filled with "gratuitous comments".

Ref: New York Times, 9 March 1997

13 Aug 1993

The IRS agrees to grant tax exemptions to every Scientology entity in the United States, plus foreign entities based in the UK and Cyprus. The Church files new applications for exemptions as part of the agreement.

10-14 Sept 1993

Two IRS tax analysts write internal memoranda saying that they have been instructed to ignore substantive issues in reviewing the new Scientology applications.

Ref: New York Times, 9 March 1997

1 October 1993

The agreement comes into force. Scientology pays the IRS $12.5m in back taxes and drops all the lawsuits brought by Church entities and individual Scientologists against the IRS.

Ref: Closing agreement on final determination covering specific matters, 1 Oct 1993

8 October 1993

David Miscavige holds a "victory rally" attended by 10,000 cheering Scientologists in the Los Angeles Sports Arena. He declares that "the war is over" and explains that he has defeated the secret "master plan" of the psychiatrists - or rather, the "pea-brained psych-indoctrinated mental midgets" - namely, to use the IRS to destroy Scientology.

Ref: Speech of David Miscavige to the International Association of Scientologists, 8 Oct 1993

15 October 1993

In Washington DC, the IRS formally announces exemptions for about 150 Scientology entities. Remarkably, this includes at least one body which is an explicitly for-profit commercial organisation: the IRS accepts that the publication of Hubbard books by Bridge Publications is a charitable activity. The IRS declares the agreement secret, despite its legal obligation under Internal Revenue Code section 6104 to disclose information submitted to the IRS by tax-exempt organizations.

Ref: Closing agreement on final determination covering specific matters, 1 Oct 1993

10 Nov 1993

The consumer affairs group Tax Analysts submits a Freedom of Information request to obtain the exemption agreement.

Ref: Tax Analysts press release, 26 June 1995

7 Feb 1994

The IRS refuses the FOI request, and Tax Analysts files suit.

Ref: Tax Analysts press release, 26 June 1995

15 March 1996

The U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia orders the IRS to release to Tax Analysts field service advice memorandums (FSAs) prepared by the IRS Office of Chief Counsel.

Ref: Tax Analysts press release, 21 Mar 1996

30 Dec 1997

The secret agreement is leaked to the Wall Street Journal, which promptly puts it on its Web site and leads with a front-page story. Newspapers across the United States report the story.

Ref: Wall Street Journal, 30 Dec 1997

31 Dec 1997

The IRS announces that it is to hold an internal inquiry into how the agreement was leaked. The Church of Scientology denounces the leak. Scientologists accuse unnamed participants in the Internet newsgroup alt.religion.scientology of being involved.

Ref: New York Times, 1 Jan 1998, alt.religion.scientology


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by Chris Owen ([email protected])
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OK, here's another timeline documenting the lurid Co$ activities in Clearwater, FL.

A Brief History of Scientology in Clearwater

Compiled from records of the Clearwater Courthouse, files seized from Scientology by the FBI, and archives of the St. Petersburg Times, the Tampa Tribune and the now-defunct Clearwater Sun.

As far back as 1959, church founder L. Ron Hubbard warned that illness and even death can befall those seeking to impede Scientology.

-- Joel Sappell and Robert Welkes, LA Times
June 29, 1990​


* Scientology buys the historic Fort Harrison Hotel in downtown Clearwater under an assumed name.


* Before the press can reveal the purchaser's true identity, Scientology announces its presence in Clearwater.

* Scientologists release a "fact sheet" on Mayor Cazares and his wife, accusing them of all manner of business and personal crimes; try to discredit him with rumours pertaining to his sex life, and attempt to frame him in a hit-and-run accident.


* The FBI raids church offices and seizes thousands of documents. Eleven high-ranking church officials -- including L. Ron Hubbard's wife, Mary Sue -- are subsequently convicted of felonies and sent to prison.

The raids uncovered, among other things:

  • Scientology's Operation Snow White, an elaborate plan to infiltrate various government and business offices and destroy negative or incriminating files pertaining to Scientology and/or its founder;
  • Operation PC Freakout, a project to present the author of a book critical of Scientology as insane and discredit her through various overt and covert illegal activities;
  • Operation China Shop, a project to gain control of the Clearwater Sun);
  • Project Vatican Passport, which was a series of actions designed to establish legitimacy for the United Churches of Florida, one of the assumed names used by Scientology when they first arrived in Clearwater; and
  • Operation Tricycle, or Hubbard's Guardian Office Program Order 261175, which instructs Scientologists to work to "take control of key points of Clearwater," including the Sun and Channel 13 TV.


* Eleven high-ranking church officials are convicted and imprisoned as a result of the 1977 FBI raids on church offices, exposing the church's intelligence and espionage arm's illegal covert operations and other crimes.

It was claimed that the eleven were acting independently, and Scientology claimed that they would be forever barred from serving as Scientology staff. However, in 1995, one of the eleven, Richard Weigand was listed in internal Scientology publications as currently heading up a project in Colombia, and was active on TNX-L, a private Scientology Internet mailing list, as recently as April of 1995.


* Tanja C. Burden of Las Vegas says that L. Ron Hubbard, his wife Mary Sue, and the Clearwater church enslaved her for more than four years. The case eventually settles in 1986, at which point Scientology attorneys have the files sealed. The papers in this court case are among the sealed cases the Times tries to have opened in 1988.


* The City Commission of Clearwater holds hearings about Scientology, concerned about complaints that the church was a cult. Over 500 people signed petitions in support of the hearings. The Scientologists sue to block the hearings and lose. Scientology lawyer Paul B. Johnson walks out of these meetings without presenting his church's side.


* Police raid more Scientology offices, this time in Canada, and discover about 2 million stolen government documents. Scientology lawyers say they will donate money to charity if the charges are dismissed; Ontario Attorney General Ian Scott declines their offer.


* Clearwater passes an ordinance that officials said was designed to reduce fraud by any group claiming to be charitable. It meets strong resistance from Scientology; after an eleven-year legal battle, the church finally gets the ordinance repealed in late 1995.


* Scientology lawyer Paul B. Johnson is brought to trial in Oralndo for allegedly bribing Hillsborough County commissioners to favor his client, Hubbard Construction Company. Johnson is later defended by F. Lee Bailey.


* Summer -- Scientology purchases an apartment complex to house staff members, serving the existing tenants notice to leave when their leases expire.

* August -- Scientology settles four lawsuits out of court:

  • Gabe and Maggie Cazares sue the Church of Scientology for invasion of privacy and malicious prosecution (a slander lawsuit which was thrown out of court as frivolous).
  • Tanja Burden sues for "fraud, breach of contract and intentional infliction of emotional distress."
  • The McLeans sue, alleging invasion of privacy and malicious prosecution (as in the Cazares case, a slander suit filed by the church was dismissed as frivolous).
  • Margery Wakefield sues, claiming the church "fraudulently promised to cure her mental illness and instead mentally abused her."

The files were sealed over the plaintiffs' objections.

* September -- Scientology purchases the Boheme cruise ship and sails it away, leaving St. Petersburg's small port facility tenantless.

* December -- More than 400 current and former Scientologists file a $1-billion class-action suit against the church alleging that the church tried to compromise or pay off two Florida judges and divert $100-million to foreign bank accounts.

The suit contends that church officials or their representatives committed fraud and breached fiducary duties. It alleges further that information obtained from members during "auditing" (confessional-like, purportedly private church 'service' sessions costing thousands of dollars) is used for "purposes of blackmail and extortion."

The suit also alleges that in April of 1982, David Miscavige (Chairman of the church's Religious Technology Center) ordered the payment of $250,000 to "set up" and frame US District Judge Ben Krentzman (of Clearwater) in a scheme to compromise his integrity with drugs and prostitutes. It similarly contends that thousands of dollars were ordered spent to "pay off" Florida Circuit Judge James Durden, who was presiding over a Scientology-related case.

* The church reached out-of-court settlements for undisclosed amounts with at least fourteen former members, and settled a suit brought by Gabe and Maggie Cazares.


* A project is launched to discredit California lawyer Charles O'Reilly, who represented Lawrence Wollersheim in his winning case against the church; according to former Church lawyer Joseph Yanny, plans were made to steal O'Reilly's confidential files from the Betty Ford Center and other substance-abuse treatement centers. Yanny said the Scientologists figured that such records could be used to blackmail O'Reilly.

* In an article in the business section of the St. Petersburg Times on 1 July 1987, a Largo shredder dealer talks about his business.

"I've sold the Church of Scientology several shredders," said Becklund. "They shred everything. As a matter of fact, when the city of Clearwater was investigating them they bought shredders from us. They'd bring in 15, 20 4-drawer legal files and they'd shred them. Oh, yeah. Lots of maintenance."

* The Times reports that every year since 1982, Scientology has sought a tax exemption and Pinellas County property appraiser Ron Schultz has denied it. "The Church of Scientology ... was the first instance in my office where I found an institution calling itself a church that the courts agreed was not a not-for-profit institution," Schultz said.

* A representative of CoS hand-delivers a letter to the St. Pete Times that threatens to sue the newspaper if it writes a story about the book L. Ron Hubbard: Messiah or Madman? by Bent Corydon. The letter accuses the paper of intending to "attack and denigrate the Church through any vehicle you find available." The letter, signed by Scientology lawyer Timothy Bowles, threatens action against the Times for libel, slander, conspiracy and violation of civil rights if it should "forward one of [Corydon's] lies." The letter concluded with "we know a lot more about your institution and motives than you think."


* St. Pete Times seeks to unseal files in four lawsuits against Scientology that settled in 1986. Although court files are normally open, the judge granted the church's request to seal these cases over the objections of opposing lawyers. The Church wanted to keep them closed.

Times lawyers argued in a motion in October that closing the files violated the First Amendment, interfering with the newspaper's right to gather and publish news. The suits alleged that Scientologists invaded the plaintiff's privacy and abused the courts by filing malicious injunctions.

Earle C. Cooley, national counsel for the Church of Scientology said, in reference to Scientologists opposing the Times' motion to unseal the files, "I don't know where the press gets the idea that it has a right to intervene in an agreement entered into by both parties and approved by the court."

"Mr. Cooley's memory is failing him," responded plaintiff's attorney Walter D. Logan. "We never agreed to seal the court files."

Patricia Fields Anderson, an attorney for the Times, said case law requries that court records be open, "and the burden of proof is on them to show why these cases should be closed."


* U.S. Magistrate Paul Game unseals the 1986 files, sayingthat they were sealed without following federal rules for closure that allow ten days for response.

* Tax case is filed in US District court in Tampa (IRS v.Church of Scientology Flag Service Org, Inc.), seeking financial records to determine if they've been involved in commercial operations which should be taxed. The inquiry concerns 1985, 1986, and 1987.

* June -- Pinellas County tells the church that if it does not pay its tax bill for 1986, five of its twelve properties in downtown Clearwater will be auctioned to the highest bidders.

* July -- Scientology asks a federal judge to jail, fine and make Margery Wakefield repay $240,000 from an out-of-court settlement for talking to reporters and talk-show hosts. The settlement was supposed to lay to rest her charges against Scientology of fraud, breach of contract, false imprisonment, and practicing medicine without a license. Within the settlement, Wakefield was to receive $200,000, but was gagged from even talking about the amount of the settlement.

In interviews aired on WUSF-FM Tampa and WMNF-FM Tampa (both are public radio stations), the $200,000 amount was disclosed. Wakefield did not know why Scientology was asking for another $40,000.

She also discussed the secret Operational Thetan upper training levels of Scientology, which are not discussed in any of Scientology's introductory "public" material.

* August -- More City Commission hearings on Scientology. Again, the church attempts to shut them down, but fails.

* October -- Secrecy order lifted in Scientology tax case.

* The Supreme Court refuses to revive a copyright lawsuit over an unauthorized biography of L. Ron Hubbard by Jon Atack; the justices let stand a decision throwing out allegations of copyright infringement against the publisher.


* Scientologists sue Gabe Cazares for tossing them out of a Democratic Party meeting.

* Scientology is in court with the county over $4.5-million in unpaid back taxes, which Scientology refuses to pay. Clearwater's 1990 budget is $113.5-million, $17.1-million of which is raised through property taxes.

* January -- Cazares calls for a grand jury investigation of Scientology from the State's Attorney's office.

* February -- The IRS brings its long court battle with the Church of Scientology to federal court in Tampa. The IRS contends that the Clearwater organization may be involved in commerical activities that should be taxed.

* May -- The Clearwater Sun, one of the targets in Scientology's initial attack on the city, folds.

* July -- Clearwater Chamber of Commerce president David Stone reacts to the church's announcement that they plan to build a $1-million Scientology museum downtown: "I certainly don't view it as any kind of an asset to the community."

City Commissioner L. Regulski says, "I think it's a far-out situation for a so-called religious organization to use to promote its product." He said the museum would put "an emphasis on something that the downtown doesn't need emphasis on."

* August -- "Affinity Publications" beings to publish a weekly Scientology-oriented community newspaper to "fill the void" left by the departure of the Clearwater Sun.

* December -- Five local companies sue the CoS for more than $127,000, claiming that the organization has failed to pay its bills for work and construction equipment. Besides these lawsuits, the Scientologists have settled five others in the previous two years from companies that claimed they were owed more than $39,000 for items ranging from travel services to construction materials.

Companies involved in suit:

  • APG Electric, Inc. (claims it is owed $35,391 plus interest for electrical work at the Sandcastle and Coachman buildings)
  • J.R. Industrial contractors (construction bills)
  • Twincraft, Inc. (specialized toiletry items)
  • Sun Services of America (laundry equipment)
  • Bill Byington and Associates (remodeling work in Coachman building)
In one of the above court cases, records showed a 1987 credit statement for the organization that listed "Estimated annual sales" of more than $90-million. This was apparently the first time such information was made public, according to the Times. The 1987 statement also listed estimated annual purchases of $13-million.

The Scientologists had previously said in court filings that their annual operating expenses were about $26-million.

Each of these figures apply only to the main Clearwater-based Scientology group, called the Church of Scientology Flag Service Organization, not to the others based in California and abroad.


* February -- A Federal judge upholds the City of Clearwater's ordinance requiring nonprofit organizations to report fundraising activity within city limits. Scientology appeals.

* A bomb threat evacuates several hundred people from Ft. Harrison Hotel; police report that the threat was phoned in to the Church of Scientology switchboard. After 40 minutes of police and Scn staff searching the building, the occupants return without incident.

* May -- TIME magazine prints the issue in which Scientology makes the cover: "The Thriving cult of Greed and Power," and Time-Warner is immediately sued. (In 1995, 90% of Scientology's case is thrown out of court)

* June -- Church of Scientology International President Heber Jentzsch, when asked about some of his organization's unpaid bills in the Clearwater area: "Thanks for bringing this to our attention."

* During the past year, the Times reports, Scientology settled or obtained voluntary dismissals of at least 10 lawsuits from plaintiffs that sued for more than $300,000. Most of the creditors suing said Scientology simply left them with unpaid bills for construction work, equipment, furniture, and more than $125,000 worth of food supplies. Other suits include those of Michigan resident Mark Lewandowski and Maria Echavarria of California, who both sued the church to get their money back: Mark for $13,300 and Maria for $28,000.

* October -- Deputy Sheriffs notice deplorable conditions while performing an anti-drug presentation for children at the Scientology Cadet Org school. An HRS investigation ensues, and Scientology successfully has the results legally sealed.


* January - City officials begin inspecting Hacienda Gardens (a Clearwater apartment complex the church purchased to serve as staff berthing) after receiving reports that too many people are living there. Inpsectors find 34 of around 200 apartments to be overcrowded.

* 13 members of Church of Scientology in France are charged with fraud and practicing medicine illegally in Paris. (In 1990, the Lyons branch of the CoS was similarly charged and their bank accounts frozen).

* Howard Mintz sues the church in Clearwater for failing to refund $68,764.

* April -- Scientology is again cited for overcrowding at Hacienda Gardens.


* The head of security at the Clearwater church, Bill Johnson, allegedly chases a former member through the streets, screaming death threats. He stops only when she ducks into a martial arts academy and he is barred from following. Scientology Attorney Paul B. Johnson explains that the threats were only a figure of speech.


* March -- Internet critics from all over the United States come to Clearwater to protest the church's policies of harassment. Other pickets occur in other cities in the United States, England and Australia. Although the church attempts to dismiss the picketers in Clearwater as insignificant, top officials in the church fly in from Los Angeles and Washington to handle damage control with the press.


One final conspiracy piece from here. However excitable and, ultimately, a red herring it is...it is interesting to have regarding timelines:

FOUNDER #2: MEADE EMORY Meade Emory is a co-founder of CST, and perhaps few less-likely candidates for that position could be found anywhere on the face of the earth. Like Lenske, Emory is not a Scientologist. But Meade Emory served as Legislation Counsel for the Joint Committee on Taxation of the U.S. Congress from 1970 to 1972, and is a former Assistant to the Commissioner of IRS. That connection alone will instantly raise the eyebrows of most long-time Scientologists.

.....But they are often truly stunned when they find out the years during which Emory was Assistant to the Commissioner of IRS: 1975-1977. Why are those years significant? Because those are the very years during which IRS documents were being stolen by an IRS employee named Gerald Wolfe, and being passed secretly to Scientology's Guardian's Office. As a result, the FBI raided Scientology headquarters in 1977, leading finally to the dissolution of the Guardian's Office, and to the overthrow of Mary Sue Hubbard.


Then, less than a year after Mary Sue Hubbard was overthrown, Meade Emory had co-founded CST. And CST ended up in control of everthing that Mary Sue Hubbard and the Guardian's Office had previously controlled. Coincidence?
.....When contacted regarding the current leadership of CST, Emory declined to comment.

Like I've stated before, this was as significant to me as Hubbard dying with Vistaril in his veins for the sheer fact of all those bulletins and PLs on the criminal tax man, the Xenu fake tax audit, out-exchange and gov't SPs like DOJ, CIA, FBI, NSA, IRS, Interpol, PTS/SP, yadda, yadda.

Tuesday, 17 January 1978

Founder of Celebrity Centre Yvonne (Gillham) Jentzsch dies under mysterious circumstances with similarities to medical findings in Quentin Hubbard's untimely death (Portrait by William Shirley)

Yvonne (Gillham) Jentzsch, who founded Celebrity Centre and has been closely connected to Hal Puthoff and Ingo Swann, dies at the Scientology Flag Land Base in Florida. There is a good deal of mystery surrounding her death. She had gone to Flag to be handled for a staph infection that had started in a leg, but then her death is reported as having been from a brain tumor.

The above is complete horseshit.

Yvonne died of cancer. There was nothing suspicious about that.She was getting "auditing" at Flag (The Fort Harrison). By the pool, Alan Walter would audit out the auditing she got.

Phil Spickler had a much closer connection to Hal, SRI, and "the Company" -- nothing happened to him.

Whoever wrote this crap left out Uri Geller and Ed Mitchell being there too. (There = Menlo Park, CA SRI)


Re: Criminal timeline of Scientology re remote viewing and ot8

i just read some of this, and saw about hal puthoff, it is incorrect, i talked to hal in 86 in palo alto at an event sarge gerbode put on, he said an average person on the st. could do the same as ingo swann, i also spent 2 weeks at the monroe institute with skip atwater and joe mc moneagle who were the min guys working for the cia, joe said 98 percent were kooks, i liked the monroe training i did, i am also ot8 , my favoire in scientology were L11 and L12, there were personel wins on beingness, but not ot in the since hubb spoke about on pdc course, any day we good take 100 ot8s put in a room and put up a screen and but objects behind, by guessing maybe 5 percent would sort of work , then put a tooth pick on a table and have the 100 ot8s try to move it, it wouldnt happen, i got in in 67 , only 19 in a year or so i was ot7, very disappointed on the ot stuff, i liked power, helped me make money, then i did nots , liked it ,but no abilitys gained from it.this subject is key to why people take all this abuse, thinking total freedom, cause over life, knowing you will return as an ot, it is all bull shit, i can honestly say from my own experience and all the people i spoke to, i also spent time in india with different gutrus, same deal, they are more in there heart, but no ots. sai baba, mahareshi, swami satyvananda, mukdananda, trumpa ,thich na han, osho,ram dass, hari dass baba,all nice people but not ot the way we think it is, ram das said once to me forget meditation play golf.


i left out i spent an afternoon at virginia downebourghs house talking to ingo swann and virgina, i rented a room from her in mid 70s, virginia was taking care of ron when he did ot 3 on his little boat, i wasnt impressed with ingo , and he seemed so gay and
self important


The above is complete horseshit.

Yvonne died of cancer. There was nothing suspicious about that.She was getting "auditing" at Flag (The Fort Harrison). By the pool, Alan Walter would audit out the auditing she got.

Phil Spickler had a much closer connection to Hal, SRI, and "the Company" -- nothing happened to him.

Whoever wrote this crap left out Uri Geller and Ed Mitchell being there too. (There = Menlo Park, CA SRI)

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Anyway, this apparently was a collaboration from here: http://sc-i-r-s-ology.com/rvtimeline/index.html

Originally, I ran across this material from this: http://sc-i-r-s-ology.com/veritas/index.htm

There is this written about the remote viewing timeline:

Thanks to everyone who has written in with additional information for the timeline. The response has been overwhelming (with creaking bandwidth, too). Although we can't respond to individual email, it's all being read, and all verifiable relevant entries are being added as fast as possible. Some have been very revealing. All are greatly appreciated. Click here to send additions.

The page below was sent to us and it began to answer many of the previously unanswered questions that had been raised by the information on this site. We're presenting it the way we received it. We've now deleted the red box on censorship that came with it. Based on the response, the censorship by Wikipedia and Ed Dames are meaningless. We are proud to have the opportunity to present this extraordinary document:

It appears to me to have been written in a pro-Scientology/pro-Hubbard light so I would expect the traditional PR slant, 1/2 truths and all-out lies mixed with facts.
i left out i spent an afternoon at virginia downebourghs house talking to ingo swann and virgina, i rented a room from her in mid 70s, virginia was taking care of ron when he did ot 3 on his little boat, i wasnt impressed with ingo , and he seemed so gay and
self important

Louise Kelly told me a couple of years ago that she had an affair with Ingo.

This would be back around the 1970s. She was a Class 8 and commodore's staff, also Ken Ogger, "The Pilot"'s mother.


I found another timeline from here:

Timeline of L Ron Hubbard with Aleister Crowley
From "Jack Parsons and the Fall of Babylon" by Paul Rydeen​

Oct 12, 1875 - Aleister Crowley Born in England

c1890s - Wilfred T Smith born

Oct 2, 1914 - Jack Parsons born

1915 - Crowley comes to America

1915 - Crowley comes to America

1919 - Crowley leaves America

1924 - Sara "Betty" Northrup born

1929 - Crowley publishes "Moonchild"

1930 - Smith moves Agape lodge to LA

1939 - Parsons meets Smith

1941 - Malina, Parsons, Forman move to Arroyo Seco, Parsons officially joins the OTO and the A .'. A .'.

1942 - Lodge moves to Parsons house. Police investigate Parsons for the first time Parsons assumes role of acting head of Lodge. Parsons takes Betty Northrup as his new mistress added note: (Betty refers to Sara Betty Northrup, she was 17 at the time)

May 1945 - L Ron Hubbard moves in with Jack Parsons

December, 1945 - Hubbard returns to Pasadena after stint in Navy Hospital

January 4, 1946 - Parsons opens Temple with Hubbard present

Jan 18, 1946 - Hubbard and Parsons go to Mojave Desert, meet "Venusian"

Feb 27 or 18, 1946 - L Ron Hubbard leaves on personal business

March 2, 1946 - L Ron Hubbard returns, tells of "Empress." Three day working with Cameron and Hubbard begins, "Book of Babylon" produced as result.

April, 1946 - L Ron Hubbard and Betty Northrup leave for Florida

April 19, 1946 - Crowley derides Parsons working, in letter

July 5, 1945 - Parsons invokes "Bartzabel" in Miami, storm catches Hubbard and Betty and forces them back to shore

August 10, 1946 - Hubbard commits bigamy with an unsuspecting Betty Northrup.

1948 - Parsons takes his "Oath of the anti-Christ." Hubbard visits first wife and children for last time. First article on Dianetics appears


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Accoriding to this thread ...scientology does work. Any ojective proof?

I did not read every post in this thread so maybe you answered this all ready....

According tho the post the poster thinks that Scientology actually works. I was well past OT5 and I can't do any sort of remote viewing. If I could I would still be in.

Do think it works? the quote is below....

"The scientific method used to document exteriorization was this:

Ingo Swann and Pat Price would have their bodies physically located at SRI in Palo Alto. A team of scientists would leave Palo Alto and go to some other physical location in the world. Swann and Price would exteriorize and go to the site of the remote scientists and take a look. Swann and Price would then return to their bodies in Palo Alto and accurately describe the location of the remote scientists in some other part of the world.

In addition to the exteriorization experiments, they conducted experiments that scientifically proved that an OT could influence a magnetic field with his thought.

Records of all of these experiments were kept and Puthoff then wrote a book about the experiments, entitled "Remote Viewing."