Cult indoctrinated Taryn Rinder Teutsch to attack Mike Rinder full time


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Truthful Message disseminated by real people to real people ..not clickfarm bots..

Oh Hai over #justice4mom is a sham


Keep shelling out the Cash OSA...
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Because the click-farm bots don't do english

Hindi translation : "what a day! Women's power!"


there was a glitch in facebook and all Taryns posts were in Hindi...which means that they are also posting in Hindi I suspect
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What amazes me is that Mike was stalked, harassed and assaulted (yes there is such a thing as verbal assault on the books) by Catherine and posy and as he tries to escape that situation one of the stalkers/harassers/assaulters is injured. Catherine needs to return to the beginning of the incident and her and Taryn need to come clean by telling the whole story and how it came about that Catherine got injured while attacking Mike. The aggressor claims being a victim of her own uncivil behaviour. So scientology-like. Abuses galore but claiming they are protected by one portion of the 1st Amendment against the exposure while shouting falsely "fire" in a crowded theatre.

What is even further despicable is that OSA and its manipulated 'useful' idiot' individuals and front groups to misrepresent scientology's agregious behaviour of in this case, stalking, harassment and other "Fair Game" regarding their abuses, as protecting human rights.

Scientology organizations are harming society in this and other ways while claiming to be benevolent.

Truly diabolical.
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Sea Org wages.. and a Palm Springs Doctor...

showed up in 2011... again the MD is repeating her physically attacked claim..Catherine's Shore Story

MRI shows bursitis and tendonitis..which is typical for a woman her age..

significant hook on acromion

that's the rotor cuff... which can also be due to age...or an old injury

Arthroscopic Decompression and distal claviculectomy are relatively non-invasive procedures

"to whom it may concern"... notice It's not Cathrine this letter is addressing...
Just because someone is entitled to refer to himself as "Doctor" doesn't mean he conducts himself with any ethics at all. Here's such a Doctor as he stands accused of all manner of fraud that just came up in the news.
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there's Is a lot of fraud and abuse in the Medical profession.

they go thru a sanction process with Doctors..
if they are found guilty,they withdraw their right to practice in the State...

then they slither across state lines and open up Shop...and do it again..

When this campaign of Taryn's ..runs out of gas..(like Marty's) and it will..

Catherine' will be bounced from the Sea Org..without a safety net..(if she hasn't been already)

and Taryn will be on DM's shit list for an eternity.

this is desperation time,. down 135 points with a minute to play and no time outs..
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Check the spelling as I think the name should be spelled Tearin Rinder, a new one!
Sadly, I was raised in a household with a step dad and can appreciate what a good family dynamic ought to be simply by contrasting with what a horrible one usually is, even without the prodding from a psychotic organization stirring all manner of psychosis between family members as is obviously the case herein when one is bent upon Tearin her father a new one..


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production for Aftermath season 3 is rolling along into high gear..

Taryn's campaign..... Is a footbullet...

here's to a 4th Season of Aftermath...

Taryn and her mother will end up as a Liability... and tossed back into the Sea Org..scrap heap


half of these retweets are new accounts...
and the retweets STAND Gang are paying for don't get any views from real people... pissing in the wind..


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Once again, we see just how Scientology competes in the “marketplace of ideas”
Very dishonestly, and very deceptively.


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By this time, the doctor and her staff had heard the ruckus outside and she came to the door and told me I could come in and nobody else was welcome. Cathy and Taryn barged their way into the doctor’s office saying “he’s my husband” and “he’s my father”. She told them she didn’t care who they were, it was her office and they weren’t welcome (the rest of the gang were blabbering incoherently at the door). During the scuffles, Cathy had somehow sustained a cut on her arm that was bleeding. The doctor tried to 8C her out of her reception area and Cathy started yelling at the doctor “He’s my husband, and you have my blood on your hands”. Pretty bizarre. That was after she had shouted at Christie in front of the Doctor in her reception area “You, you’re a fucking little bitch.”


As for my brother and daughter (who I did manage to speak to alone for a few minutes), I told them they both looked good and I was very happy to see that. I also told them they don’t know what is going on and challenged Taryn about the Ideal Orgs and how off policy it is and whether she thinks Miscavige beating people is acceptable. And with my brother, I asked him if he knew what inurnment is because Miscavige is engaged in it and he is going to destroy the Church through his out ethics. Of course, under the circumstances they aren’t going to agree with me. But maybe they will think about it. My brother asked me for my phone number so he could call me to have dinner, just him and me “if he can get permission.” I gladly gave it to him and told him any time. But if he is going to ask permission, it’s never going to happen. One day I hope he will decide to do it on his own.

[email protected]
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Well Jeffrey Augustine countered the froth and fluff of the cult's enabler Kirstie Alley

CLICK Here ~~

Excerpt from today's Kirstie tweet in above essay ~~
Excerpt from above essay : This is even shocking for Kirstie.

Click to magnify. Wanting to slug people in the vagina or nuts ?
True Ambassador for El Chapo Miscavige ! Read the above essay !



Lisbeth Salander
. . .
I wrote this a while back . . . about three years ago, right after she
attested OT7 and was behaving. Seems like she's slipping a bit.

"I've noticed since Kirstie has completed OT7, she now has the willpower to control her more
vile thoughts about others. She can now just let them bounce around inside her head without
obsessively having to publish everything she thinks of on Twitter."