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Scientology (Dianetics)

New German Film on Scientology, “The Brainwashers,” now subtitled in English
VIDEO: Inside Scientology "The Bridge"
Scientology SUCKS! In case You're Wondering (from alt.religion.scientology)
VIDEO: Message from Xenu - updated
VIDEO: Scientology, what is it?
VIDEO: The UnFunny Truth About Scientology
Scientology, A Coercive Psychological System
The Cult: A Search For Answers
International Social Control by The Church of Scientology
Intimidation In The Workplace
Cult Accused of Intimidation
Hubbard On Christianity & god
Be Like Tom Cruise .... Join the Scientologists
Coercive Persuasion And Scientology
Coercive Persuasion - A New Coercive Psyco Technology
Spies And All That Stuff
Prisoners of Saint Hill
Prevention Magazine's Investigation
They Say They Stopped Fair Game - Did They?
Inside The Cult (Adelaide, Australia)
The Exit-Counselling of Glen McLelland
How Scientology Handles Illness
Forced Abortions In Scientology
A Statement By Gerald Armstrong
What Scientology Doesn't Want You To Know
Claims That Scientology Can Raise The Dead!
Truth about L Ron Hubbards Academic Status
The Scientology Stare
Scientology & Apatheid in South Africa
CCHR and Narconon
Psychiatry and Scientology
Overview Of Scientology
The Hubbard Is Bare
An Experimental Investigation Of Hubbard's Engram Hypothesis (Dianetics)
Affidavit of Hana Whitfield
Affidavit of Margery Wakefield
Family Discord (Anderson Report)
Dangers of Coercian (Anderson Report)
Healing claims of Scientology (Anderson Report)
Hypnosis Practices of Scientology (Anderson Report)
Association between Dianetics and Scientology (Anderson Report)
Hubbard - The Founder Of Scientology (Anderson Report)
'The Mind Benders' (book) by Cyril Vosper
'The Total Freedom Trap' (book) by Jon Atack