Current and Recent Lawsuits with the CoS/Scientologists


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Current lawsuits against Scientology and Scientologists. (I'm retarded and I was getting a bit lost trying to remember everything, so here ya go)
Let me know what I've missed and updates!

1. Claire Headley v Church of Scientology International

Claire Headley 2nd Amended COMPLAINT - Fullscreen

Summary: A suit from an ex Scientologist alleging among other charges, abuse, human trafficking, forced abortions, and fraud while in the Sea Organization.

Status: In Federal Court

2. Mark Headley v Church of Scientology International

Marc Amended Complaint - Fullscreen

Summary: A suit from an ex Scientologist alleging among other charges, inhumane working conditions, labor violations, and an illegally refusing to pay workers minimum wage as required by law.

Status: In Federal Court

3. Laura DeCrescenzo v Church of Scientology International

1st Amended COMPLAINT - Laura A

Summary: A suit from an ex Scientologist alleging among other charges abuse, first amendment violations, and child labor violations.

Status: In Federal Court

4. France v The Church of Scientology

Summary: Regarded in France as a cult, Scientology will be tried the first time from Monday in Paris until June 17 for "fraud in an organized gang." Seven officials, including its french leader Alain Rosenberg, 60yo, and its two main branches in France, will face three plaintiffs: two ex-followers and the Order of Pharmacists. Individuals, also prosecuted for "illegal practice of pharmacy", face up to ten years in prison and a million euros fine. Legal persons may be fined five times and the prohibition of activity. Which would lead to the dissolution of the group in France

Status: Currently hearing testimony

5. Belgium v Church of Scientology

Summary: Belgium is moving forward with charges of organized crime, extortion, fraud, and the illegal practice of medicine against 12 Scientologists and 2 Scientology organizations.

Status: The proceeding scheduled for May 12 have been postponed indefinitely, according to a statement by Xavier Magnée, one of the lawyers for the twelve indicted individuals. Nine motions requiring additional investigation were filed by several of the defendants. The Council Chamber must decide whether action is necessary for each motion. If any of the motions are rejected, the defense has the right to appeal.

6. The Sklars appeal

Summary: The Jewish family, the Sklars, are suing for the right to have the same tax exemption status for religious education as enjoyed only by Scientologists in the United States. They are alleging a breach of the Establishment Clause.

Status: The case is currently being appealed and considered by the Supreme Court of the USA.

7. Wrongful Death suit for Kyle Brennan

Lawyer again takes on Church of Scientology - St. Petersburg Times

Summary: Kyle Brennan, a young man of 20 with depression was visiting his Scientologist father in Florida. His father withheld Kyle's medication on orders from Church superiors and left a hand gun in the open. Kyle killed himself. Instead of calling an ambulance, his father called another Scientologist first and waited almost an hour before dialing 911.

Status: Unknown

8. Ben Kasle child rape case

Summary: Scientologist Ben Kasle was arrested in Cinci for allegedly raping a 13 year old girl inside the church of Scientology.

Status: One charge was dropped, Kasle pled guilty to the second charge. Awaiting sentencing.

9. The Chicago office of the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission v James L. Orrington

Chicago dentist to settle forced Scientology, harassment case - Chicago Tribune

Summary: A Chicago dentist has agreed to pay $462,500 to settle federal allegations that he violated U.S. discrimination laws by sexually harassing workers and by forcing employees who wanted to keep their jobs to submit to indoctrination in the tenets of Scientology.

Status: Closed as of January 13th, 2009. James L. Orrington was forced to pay damages.

10. Peter Letterese v The Church of Scientology and Tom Cruise *NEED UPDATE*

Letterese et al v. Church of Scientology International, Inc. et al Document 1 - :: Justia Docs

Summary: Ex Scientologist Letterese is alleging the Church of Scientology is a criminal organization.

Status: Unknown, case was weak

11. Godelman and Le Shay v Diskeeper (Church of Scientology IT company)

Summary: Two employes of the IT company Diskeeper were fired after being refusing to participate in Scientology training for their jobs.

Status: Currently in trial. As of 5/21/2009, Diskeeper loses Summary Judgment motion

12. US vs Dmitry Guzner

Summary: New Jersey man accused of ddos attacks against church of scientology websites

Status: Guzner pled guilty, sentencing to come in a few months

13. Alabama Woman sues over forced Scientology training at work

YouTube - Clerk Fired for Refusing to Study Scientology
Woman says she was fired for publicly objecting to on-the-job Scientology teachings -

Summary: A woman working in a WISE operated dentist office in Alabama was forced to study LRH materials and Scientology while at work, which had nothing to do with her job. She was terminated for voicing her disagreement at being forced to study religious texts for her job.

Status: Federal charges filed 2009

14. Pablo Mendoza v Narconon Newport Beach$29K_Narconon_Refund.htm

Summary: Pablo Mendoza alledged sexual harassment and sexual abuse as part of Narconon's "treatment" for drug rehabilitation.

Status: Settled out of court with Narconon paying Mendoza in May 2009.

15. Jesse Remmers and Peter (Guiseppe) la Serpe hitman case in the Netherlands

Summary: A hitman and accomplace who killed six people before his arrest in the Netherlands. Also allegedly the executive president of the Criminon Foundation Netherlands from December 2004 to October 2005.

Status: Awaiting trial/pending

16. Sean Carasov v Scientology

Charges Dropped Against Anonymous Member Sean Carasov - LAist: Los Angeles News, Food, Arts & Events

Summary: LA Anon Sean Carasov arrested and charged with allegedly making violent threats towards Scientologists.

Status: The entire encounter was filmed and as he did not make threats, the charges were dropped in April 2008, opening up the opportunity for a false police report charge against the Scientologist.

17. Gregg v Scientology

Anonymous CRUSHES Scientology! Victory for Gregg Housh! - YouTube - Truveo Video Search

Summary: Boston Anon "gregg" spent 7 months battling Scientology lawyers on charges of tresspass and criminal harassment for allegedly entering their org.

Status: charges were dropped.

18. Angry Gay Pope Pansy Smasher v Scientology

Summary: was cited for violating committing PC 594(A)(2)(A) of the penal code... vandalism less than $400.00. Case No. SWM084862. After Catherine Fraser submitted "evidence" that the vandalism of the flowers cost the cult in excess of $1,000, the District Attorney upped the charges to a Class B misdemeanor.. PC M594(B)(1) - Vandalism Greater $400.00.

Status: AGP is to be formally arraigned at the Murrieta courthouse in Riverside County on Monday, July 6, 2009 at 7:30 AM. AGP has admitted guilt in the vandalism to the officers that cited him, and said as much in videos, as a protest against Scientology's homophobia. He plans to plead "Not Guilty" in the matter

19. AO v Scientology

Summary: has been charged with PC 602 -Trespassing on real property w/out consent and PC M242 Battery on a Peace Officer. Both are misdemeanors. Case No. SW D08300041. He has plead not guilty to the charges.

Status: His trial was scheduled to start June 15, but a judge accepted a motion filed by AO's attorney to reschedule the trial to start on Tuesday, August 11, 2009 at 8:30 AM at the Murrieta Courthouse.

20. Nashville Assault Case

Summary: During the opening of Nashville's ideal celeb center, an Anonymous protester was attacked and arrested for alleged aggravated tresspassing. Video evidence shows the protester being attacked from behind after compling with orders to leave the area.

Status: All charges were dropped. The investigation found the off duty police officers acted inappropriately, that the areas cordoned off by the Church of Scientology were permitted for the previous day and had expired by the time the "tresspassing" allegations were made, and there were enough bologna sandwiches for all of us.

21. Potential Suit of the City of Alberquerqe v Second Chance *NEED UPDATES*

SND Records: Second Chance Owes $672K: City, State, IRS Among Unpaid

Summary: Scientology front Second Chance was shut down for illegally housing violent criminals and smuggling people who weren't supposed to be there off the property. Second Chance owes more than $600,000 in back taxes, rent, and utilities.

Status: The City of Alberquerqe is considering a lawsuit to force payment. No word yet on the status.
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19: AO

19. AO v Scientology
Can anyone summarize/ling me to the current status of this case

AO is in court on the 16th, last I heard...


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Scientology took 'Today Tonight' (Australian current affairs program) to court recently to get an injunction against them airing an interview with an ex-Scientologist. Scientology lost and was ordered to pay TT's court costs.


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Awesome thread DC! Thanks for posting..I was actually trying to mentally figure this same thing out when along you came with it all laid out. You amaze me!



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19. AO v Scientology
Can anyone summarize/ling me to the current status of this case

AO is in court on the 16th, last I heard...

We asked for a delay till Aug. 11 and it was approved by the Judge. Stuff to do, etc.

I promise fireworks.

Don't forget that Oliver Shaper is in court (Tustin Family Court 6/26/09) for his divorce (not related to Scientology), but still very important to attend.
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Thanks DCA - nice job. :thumbsup:

Gonna be interesting to see how the cult goes with these and the undoubtedly numerous ones to follow :D


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Scientology took 'Today Tonight' (Australian current affairs program) to court recently to get an injunction against them airing an interview with an ex-Scientologist. Scientology lost and was ordered to pay TT's court costs.

:O Cool beans! Do you have links to media talking about it? I can't seem to get anything current. Thanks!


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Update 6/24/2009

Ben Kasle child rape trial - convicted on June 4th 2009 on Count A ( a tier I sex offense reguiring sex registry in OH) after pleading nolo contendre ( neither admission or denial) to raping a child of 13-14 inside the Cincinnati Church of Scientology. [*]