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Very interesting about Jerry McDonald. Appalling!

At that time it was not entirely unusual to see the dark underbelly of CoS up close. I was a HelluvaHighSchool student when I first got dazzled with Clear & OT....and was recruited to go in the S.O. for full time training/auditing up to Class VIII, OT 7 and to work with Ron. It didn't quite work as promised, but I did immediately get shipped off to the ship (not Flag) where Jerry McDonald, Fred Payer and others gave me an instant and entirely different impression of Scientology than I had from reading the books and doing HAS. It was a nightmarish environment and I often thought it would be a good idea to try to escape by diving overboard and trying to swim to safety (true).

My first assignment after some admin training got me shipped to a major org where I was posted. What I most remember is "Captain" Fred Payer storming around the org in his deadly-serious way, fully uniformed, with a gun. The level of intimidation and threat was dense.

I left very shortly after that. (but was recruited into S.O. again later which is another freaky story with Captain Bill and another cosmic cartoon cast)

It is remarkable to consider the type of personality that Ron & CoS found most suitable for the highest ranking positions. Brutality was always a key factor (unless they were a money source). The lineage of Hubbard's hand-picked commanders & deputies is a veritable who's who of criminals and sociopaths leading directly to David Miscavige. The genetic line has not been even slightly altered or mutated. The breed is pure.


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Well LRH's orders were to destroy his enemies "utterly", so it is not surprising such characters were in and around scientology.He did after all order the shooting of 13 scientologists by the SO in the March 6th 1968 ethics order I referenced. I've noticed the link I gave isn't currently working so here's another link to it: Any Sea Org member contacting any of them is to use Auditing Process R2-45.

I wonder what these modern day camera pointing servants of DM would make of the deadly (literally) orders of LRH to point guns at his "enemies"?

OSA CAMERA COMMANDO #1: "DM's orders are to videotape these protester SPs and afterwards to terminate those terminals with extreme unreasonableness."

OSA CAMERA COMMANDO #2: "You don't mean......?"

OSA CAMERA COMMANDO #1: "Yes. Help them to remove all their counter-intention to exteriorizing. One Shot Clear. "

OSA CAMERA COMMANDO #2: "Geez! I am not going to murder someone just because you tell me to! I'd have to see something in writing first."

OSA CAMERA COMMANDO #1: "Don't be such a theetie weetie! What happened to the Jews who didn't fight back against Hitler?"

OSA CAMERA COMMANDO #2: "Okayyyyy...I'll do it but only if I know Ron says its Greatest Good."

OSA CAMERA COMMANDO #1: "Sure, it's all here in this policy, "MEIN KSW".
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