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Dandar vs $cn Again...Feb 21


Patron Meritorious
Lawyer again takes on Church of Scientology - St. Petersburg Times

This time around, Dandar doesn't have a wealthy anti-Scientology backer like Robert Minton, who spent $2-million to fund the McPherson lawsuit.

Instead, he's taking the Brennan case on a contingency basis. He says other lawyers are raising their eyebrows at him.

"The Church of Scientology is a tenacious foe," said Clearwater lawyer Denis de Vlaming, who has represented church critics.

"I think Ken knows what he's in for — a smack-down, drag-out, winner-take-all cage match. For him to say he'll do that again after what he went through, it's probably like going through childbirth again immediately after leaving the delivery room."

The 7 year Lisa case would have been at least 2 + years shorter if Bob Minton, "the millionaire" and Stacy Brooks had not lied for the CO$. Mr... Dandar also had quintuple bypass surgery yet he persevered through all the trials and tribulations. We all owe him our thanks and all the support we can give him.