David Holt passed away

If you knew David Holt - he has passed away - see below. He was on New York Org staff, LA Org staff, and had a maintenance company here in LA. He was a sweet person - good people as we used to say. Good by David - I'll miss you. Mimsey

Hi Folks,

If you knew David Holt, this is going to come as

a completely unexpected surprise, but he left his

body yesterday in the most peaceful, A to B manner

I have ever seen or heard of.

He had been having mysterious back and rib pains

for months, which were in no way responding to chiro-

practic and other usual handlings. On Oct. 8, he was

diagnosed with the final stage of multiple myeloma, a

form of cancer of the bone marrow. The first step was

to relieve his pain, which was done under the auspices

of a Palliative Care Team from Kaiser Hospital, of which

we are members. They are a fabulous group, similar to

a hospice team, but meant for people who are still under-

going treatment for the cancer. However, this disease

was just galloping along, and he never actually started

“treatment”, except for the pain. He got all the facts,

took a look at how the body was doing, and decided to

move on to where he could return to being productive.

He waited till both our sons could get here, and had a

final meeting with the new owners of his business, asked

for help removing the oxygen tube, and then he was gone.

It was most amazing to behold, let me tell you.

Throughout all this, he had the most amazing help from

a SLEW of people – everything from assists to putting

mail in mailboxes, driving me to do grocery shopping,

picking up people at the airport, handling estimates for

the business jobs – SO many little, needed things. And

his sister, who is a hospice nurse herself, was an absolute

godsend to us both. People all over the world have had

David in their thoughts and prayers – a Christian congre-

gation in upstate New York, another in Leon and Managua

Nicaragua, friends of our sons in Spain – it’s been mind-


Please tell anyone you know, who knew David, about the

service this coming Sunday, Nov. 3, at 11 am in the LA Org


Donations to the Valley Org Building Fund or to


the Heifer International Foundation, would be cool.


Carolyn Holt


Angelic Poster

I'm sorry for the loss of your friend.

I'm very glad that he had palliative care at the end. I'm also sorry he didn't learn he had cancer until it was last-stage.


Lulu Belle

God. David Holt. I haven't heard his name in years.

Kind of tall and thin with heavy rimmed glasses? I can picture him.

RIP, David.