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David Mayo's Contribution to SOLO NOT'S is ?


This thread is about David Mayo's contribution to NOT's. David Mayo ran a thriving independent movement unrivalled in the history of the movement, probably only gotten close to by the RO. David Mayo was a man which many people here, whatever their Scientology persuasion trust deeply. In fact, he is a man that many here on this very board have stated, helped get them out of Scientology or they know factually that others left because of his declare. This was because he was a good man. Auditor's Toad states himself, that Mayo's declare helped him/her leave. The fact that AAC were set up all over the world, is an indicator of how popular he was. He lost half of his teeth for Scientology and fought them for years at a time when there was no anons, no internet and before the Church were savaged by Time Magazine. That many thousands left and many set up centre's across the globe is testament to the fact that Mayo and many others who were kicked out were well liked. I do not see the same happening for Rathbun and Rinder.

Marty may have a loyal following of Miscavige Era-Scientologists, and it seems Terril, yourself, but not those who remember with great joy the AAC that David Mayo was part of and sense of community and friendship that they were able to build after all the declares.

And now he comes here, unable to defend himself against Rinder's attacks because of a gagging order. Just think of the situation Mayo must have been under to take a gagging order.

If it wasn't for Mayo, Marty and co. wouldn't be able to speak so freely now.

Here is a video tour of Mayo's AAC and a video of his talk on NOTS.