David Miscavage has facebook page


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Is it THE David Miscavige? Where does he live? What's his relationship status? Cause if it's that "widower" in Hemet, CA that's and he's "in a relationship with Thomas Mapother" it's definitely gonna be THE David Miscavige.


It says on the Facebook page:

"Miscavige's mandate is to protect the works of L. Ron Hubbard from distortion or misuse".

And he does that WONDERFULLY!!!!!!!

That is exactly why the Church of Scientology sucks so badly. :yes:

Miscavige gets Hubbard's "tech" applied - standardly and consistently.

Miscavige IS the "why" for the Church of Scientology's abuses, but THAT is ONLY because he gets Hubbard's data applied so perfectly.

Miscavige isn't "messing up Hubbard's tech" as Marty would have some believe. Quite the contrary, Miscavige is doing a bang up job ensuring that Hubbard is duplicated, understood and applied. And, THAT is the sole reason why the Church of Scientology continues to behave like such imbeciles.

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To: All Sea Orgre members, Staph and pub-lick:

From: slappy McSavage

RE: Facebook / Squirrels and Psychs

The Squirrels are howling because we are about to unleash our souper powah and make the clearing of bank accounts a reality very very soon. I know I promised this to you decades ago but we need more $$$. We have to protect the fact that there is no bridge, nothing spiritual about us, no help ...it is all a pack of lies in order for me to get you to work for free and drain those db's of their bank accounts. I am straight up and vertical but we must persist.

In order to clear the planet of everyone's bank account and make this planetary clearing possible, I am issueing an executive order effective immediately.

You MUST "friend" me on Facebook. I ain't got no friends and no one likes me. :bigcry:

Now DO IT or ELSE I send you to HOLE! El Commordore, Slappy McSavage


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Yeah, it's definitely a troll - and a pretty good one at that!!

Not a troll just a typical "public person" page that FB allows for public figures - pretty much having a wikipedia entry can get you a FB public figure page. Citing the wiki it is the SOP for info on the page. Whoever, created it and it could have even been automated from FB, it was nice they included the paragraph about the abuses and other stuff. However, that's also pretty standard if a public figure is mostly famous due to controversy they always are sure to include mentions of it within the page so it will get more hits/ reads.