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David Miscavige – Beatings and Justice – a Request and a Thought


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First, a little background:

As many people who may read this know, David Miscavige runs and controls organized scientology.

Also, as many people know, there have been questionnaires and other investigations into crimes committed within organized scientology, IMHO especially by David Miscavige himself.

For anyone interested, here are two links to postings regarding a questionnaire put out by Factnet into these areas:



I very much support this action and encourage anyone with information requested in the questionnaire to supply same if they feel comfortable in doing so.

Obviously I cannot go into details but I can assure you that there are people working on this, including people working on specific areas such as organized scientology’s tax exempt status with the IRS. This includes exploring false information given to the IRS as part of the exemption application and other related matters.

With the above little “orientation” in mind, I wanted to focus on one other specific part of the above which are the physical beatings and other abuses of others by David Miscavige himself.

In the last few months there have been public statements on radio and in writing from witnesses and/or victims of physical attacks on others by David Miscavige. This includes Bruce Hines (victim), Jeff Hawkins (victim and witness) as well as myself, Larry Brennan (witness).

What I am requesting now is for anyone else who is also a witness and/or victim of his abuses who is comfortable with doing so to also now go on the record with regard the abuses.

It is my belief that with just a couple more people on the record about this that we might be able to get concerned governmental bodies actually active in looking into this and, I believe, bringing charges against David Miscavige himself.

While I cannot go into details and I must stress again that much of this is just my opinion I can say that there are people actively looking into this, this includes attorneys and some governmental contacts that have been made about this in the USA and abroad.

I believe that the evidence of David Miscavige’s physical abuse and control of all the main organizations of organized scientology will to a large degree be proven to exist through these testimonials of beatings and control.

To whatever degree there will be success with such things as potential RICO prosecutions, with the revocation of an ill-gotten tax exempt status, with governmental actions to stop some of the most abusive aspects of organized scientology and/or with civil actions to penalize them for such abuses, it can only help if we have more of this information about physical beatings by David Miscavige.

For one thing it pins legal responsibility where it belongs at the very top of the organization and helps ensure that any corrective or punitive actions taken by governments and/or courts will get to the root cause of the problem and not just the underlings taking orders from above.

There is another possibility here, possibly small, but nevertheless a possibility. If criminal charges are actually brought against David Miscavige personally with respect to his beatings and physical abuses of others there will be intense legal pressure brought to bear on the very top and most insidious part of organized scientology. There will be major press all over the place on this matter and IMHO this will prompt other governments and/or governmental departments to also take action on other areas such as child abuse, tax status, perjuries, medical and/or psychological practice without a license, etc.

With the legal and public pressure brought to bear there is a possibility that other elements within organized scientology, along with their attorneys, may just realize that Miscavige is bringing their church down with him. This could cause them to take a stand to oust him from power. I truly believe some can be gotten to understand that their “church” must not be run again by an indicted felon. I do not believe that Miscavige will ever have the backing that Hubbard got from top management when the heat gets truly intense. (Especially given the fact that Miscavige has beaten and/or physically abused many of the top people within organized scientology, some of whom could be part of taking this action).

And, most importantly, this can help create an atmosphere for “new managers” to take action to abolish some of the most abusive aspects of organized scientology before they are forced to do same from the outside.

It’s going to happen sooner or later. I just think that actions to point out and stop the horrid physical abuses by Miscavige to control and run organized scientology can very well be a big part to jump starting this for the well being of all.

This is entirely doable from within legally but IMHO would take enormous pressure as above to really prompt anyone inside to take such action or to get their attorneys to recommend and/or support such action.

Thus, I would like to stress one more time that anyone with first hand information of David Miscavige’s personal physical abuse of others speak out publicly now and post the information.

We can then coordinate getting this information reviewed by competent counsel with a view towards at least filing it with relevant governmental departments with requests for actions to be taken.

It’s just a chance but I truly believe this is a real opportunity to make a huge change in organized scientology in the direction of stopping abuses.

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