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David Miscavige: agent saboteur?

La La Lou Lou

My personal take is that Davey, Mike and Marty are all singing from the same hymn sheet. Davey to oversee the ending of the official church, at which point he'll disappear with suitcases full of paper money, and the other chaps to see an untouchable independent scn which can not be sued or otherwise wiped out as it won't be an entity.

Public now have a choice of official or indi scn, just like cash or check, it's no choice. That would be standard tech.

If there is a place for conspiracies it's with the cult, always suspect duplicity in the workings of scn.


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Here is something that has crossed my mind more than once or twice. I'm not in for conspiracy theories as most people understand them these days, as my world view is not that simplistic. However, with the unimaginably stupid maneuvers and "Whys" that Dwarf Midget has foisted off on Scilons for years, using threat and force to push these "Whys" forward despite every single written reference from Hubbard saying to do exactly the opposite, one has to wonder if this guy is not a plant. He fits every definition and description of how a plant would act, even according to Hubbard's own policies.

I don't really think Dwarf Midget is a plant. I think he's just a stupid, power-motivated, self-absorbed dictator who enjoys ridiculing and beating people for his pleasure, and somehow he hid his evil nature long enough to get into a position of power. There are numerous examples of this in history, so Dwarf Midget would be far from the first and won't be the last to make this kind of play. But it's still fun to kind of wonder if someone didn't send this guy in there or offer him some kind of power/money deal to have his way with Cof$ and turn it into the international joke it has now become.


I think he 'is' a plant. And with good reason.