David Miscavige Gay?

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Things are perking up here and there.




Patron with Honors
Yummmmmmm David Miscavige reads everthing that is posted about him. Hes the greatest lover of boys and men with boy like bodies. Ummmmm Yummmm David Miscavige likes to have his bum rubbed by those who adore his tiny boy like body. U,,,, mmmmm YYYYummmyyyy he is the best Tom said, and boy oh boy oh boy do I love to hear DAvid Miscavige say how much he loves young men. take that you prick bastard. Hope your missed W/H's are doing you in. :whistling: :whistling: :whistling:


A Girl Has No Name
I have recovered technology that has previously been lost to all mankind. I nearly lost my life writing it. It is a matter of medical record that I broke a few ribs, got a black eye, and woke up with a pounding headache after conducting my research. The box of wine and pinks and greys I was popping may be partly to blame. Anywho, see below:

For those of you whose Scientologist toes I may have stepped on, let me take the opportunity to disabuse you of some lovely myths. For instance, the historic David Miscavige was not nearly the sainted figure (he) has been made out to be. In addition to being a lover of young boys and men, he was given to uncontrollable bursts of temper and hatred.... You have only to look at the history his teachings inspired to see where it all inevitably leads. It is historic fact and yet man still clings to the ideal after having spent half a million dollars to go up the Bridge. So deep and insidious is the cult indoctrination.



My Own Boss
But just look at them as visual art. Both of them are like perfect for their positions, in life in front of the camera: confident showmen perfect in their art.

But it goes off the rails on one point "how they handle themselves as human beings".

They 'fake everything'!

In the early days they are their best. 2000 event, Nightline interview. Tom's early movies..




Advice to Tom: Go back to when things were last doing well,
get Pat back to run your career.

When your honest you do great..

Do you want a long carrier or end up being associated to a
World Wide Flap.

Just get your PR Div back in.. Check your stats..

Look I'm so into this I am going to make a chain of blogs on how :lol: this is

'the modern Scientology story: SO 2010 RIP, looking back track!'.

Cor, TC was really tasty when he was young. :wink:

Clarence Rockaway

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In the matter of DM being on the short side. NEWS FLASH-Clearwater Florida- CNN...Scientology CEO David Miscavige is suing the city of Clearwater. He claims the city built the sidewalks too close to his ass!

As for TC and DM in bed together...a big problem. When they're:grouch: toe to toe, DM's nose is in it. When they're nose to nose, his toes are in it. And TC isn't that tall either, image their difficulties if he were six foot or more.

Auditor's Toad

Clear as Mud
If DM is not gay then that little bitch sure missed the calling of his life.

The way TC ( butch ) and DM ( fluff ) look into one anothers eyes just says it all.

A gay alcoholic staff beating "leader"... what will their next leader be? ROFL !