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Well, whatever that video was, the person was rather confused it seems. Kinda 'blowing through' the descriptions... notice now 3rd dyn is "survival"...-eh...WTF?

Really though, just shows to go ya: how words can either rule one's life, or just plain be completely misunderstood-(yet totally 'understood'), or ya just keep going and try your best to sort thru it all.

How fickle such a thing. I guess perhaps though mention of the '2D definition changing? Go figure: they HAVE to change it when they aren't gaining any ground on the concept (i.e. false scientific theory)

Yes, people often say shit that they didn't quite mean to -I often do - but then to post your 'reverence' onto a public forum like you have any idea of what you are talking about?!??

It just seems its that the stupid '15min of celebrity thing' - which we're all after somehow/some way...

But Scn? and it's painfully scattered confusions, seems to have some sort of monopoly (business plan) on it -

It's working to whatever degree

And that is bad, BAD