David Miscavige Photoshop Thread


Bitter defrocked apostate
Bump. Also...

David Miscavige


These are all so funny!!! Even more funny if someone could make these all come up on Goggles images when the curious look to see what DM looks like:lol:

A.K. Myers

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I had this wonderful idea for a prank to pull on the cult. If I had the
funds I would have cases of special toilet paper sent to every org.
Trick is that the boxes are plain and the wrappers for the rolls are
plain. Once installed after a couple of sheets of use every roll looks
like this:

New dilemma for the cult. After all it is free toilet paper...


Idle Morgue

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This one was by far the grossest! :puke2:

Look ^^^, his BT's are showing....:puke2:and, he has no bulge...:puke2::puke2:

That little, itsy-bitsy bump that some people may mistake for his "unit" is a "cluster" in hiding :puke2: