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Larry Brennan posted this on WWP:

In early November 1981 I sat in a room with David Miscavige presenting to him the planning for a major corporate reorganization of organized scientology. As part of that, I was explaining to him the difference between corporate authority and ecclesiastical authority.

He never, ever got it and to this day does not get it.

After spending millions of dollars on the new corporate planning for organized scientology, it only took Miscavige the first full year of its implementation (1982) to make the corporate integrity of organized scientology (as bad as it was before) even worse than before as he assumed complete dictatorial control of people and the main assets of organized scientology.

They have no idea what they are talking about as they try to position Miscavige in their own confused minds as someone not being legally responsible for the abuses he sees carried out throughout organized scientology simply because they call him an "ecclesiastical authority".

FWIW, here is a part of a posting I just recently made on the private XSO site to fellow Ex Sea Org members in responding to someone who was afraid they might doctor corporate minutes:

/start of quote/

"The problem with "doctoring documents" in organized scientology is that most of the documents are already "doctored". Basically all that is corporate organized scientology is a massive set of "doctored documents" to cover up the fact that it is in effect one huge body run and controlled by David Miscavige, sometimes through other parts of the Sea Org.

All the corporate minutes, articles, by-laws, contracts, trust documents, etc., etc. exist to create a phony paper trail to try to make it appear that the above is not true and to spread the assets out so that most are beyond the reach of any "enemies" who might sue or take other legal action.

Example, look at hundreds of legal documents re the separation of CST, RTC, CSI, Author Services, the pubs orgs, etc. Look at all the "top echelons" just within CSI like WDC, CMO Int, the ED Int's office, etc. Now, anyone want to guess who controls them all with an iron fist despite all the corporate and other paper trails?

David Miscavige is too out of control, too immature, too psycho and even too stupid to understand that every beating he has done, every person he took off post and every thing he then ran was another piece of evidence proving he controls it all despite the paper trails that imply otherwise.

Now anyone want to guess how they lie about it all (such as the affidavits of the SP Hall inmates to the SP Times about how wonderful DM is and how he does not run everything)?

Do you know that Miscavige has forced such false affidavits from some of them years before to help protect himself from legal liability for his own actions and to throw them in front of the bus to save himself? Yep, such things as ED Int from the 90s saying how he really controlled everything in CSI fully and David Miscavige had no say, etc. That affidavit even used the "sad victim card" they like to play like how hurt ED Int was that anyone could imply he was not fully in control or slur the name of David Miscavige who was a great, religious and peaceful man. Gawd that sickens me but they do it constantly to cover up their many lies.

I feel sorry for many of those held at Int who are lying now to protect the coward Miscavige. But in my opinion they are meeting karma now for doing so and it will get worse for them until they get themselves out of there and find it within themselves to deal with this.

For Miscavige however, I suspect that Karma is coming in a big way and he hasn't seen anything yet compared to what is ahead that will be exposing his lies and abuses.

Better run little coward for IMHO a reckoning approaches and justice will not be kind to you. Expect it".

/end of quote

Just know that all they are trying to do is position Miscavige as not being legally responsible for the abusive mess that is the organized scientology he created and runs.

I have a prediction. uh oh lol

Look for Miscavige to be brought into some of the ongoing legal actions as a defendant. This IMHO will be soon enough and the shit storm is going to increase 100 fold. It is righteous that this be done.

Just a little prediction.


I don't get excited about much these days, but DM in court, for real, well I could easily push myself up to enthusiasm for THAT one!:thumbsup:


It *IS* righteous that this be done.

Scientology has no *corporate* integrity.

And it is debatable if they have *ANY* integrity at all.

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Lines At The Trial

You better get your tickets now as the demand for a seat at DM's trial will be
huge, like in lines around the block !:happydance:

I still think he will be protected by the Insiders and will probably be given the
exile he doesn't deserve.

Too bad.