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Dear Marty, A Valentine from LRH

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I am aware that some of you have seen this series, and my apologies if you are already familiar with it. I wasn't until yesterday. These lectures from Hamburg are truly amazing with Bruce Hines, Jesse Prince and Hana Whitfield testifying to their experiences in the Sea Org and on the RPF.

I won't post anymore sections here and will allow others to discover it for themselves, but I felt this one from Hana Whitfield, who I absolutely unequivocally believe, needed to be singled out.

In some circles, there continues to be much controversy over whether or not David Miscavige has "ruined" the original gift of Scientology. People in the independent movement, under the "leadership" of Marty Rathbun, continue to acknowledge that while LRH's had his "flaws", the core of his creation, Scientology, has great value to humanity. As someone who is a critic of the "church", I've often wondered what the big differences are/were between LRH and DM. I've come to accept after seeing this testimony that in the ways that truly matter, in their treatment and regard for other human beings, there simply aren't any. DM picked up with LRH left off. There are not two Scientologies, as Marty would like people to believe; a before LRH, and after LRH. It's all one in its destructiveness, brutality, inhumanity, evil. It must be stopped.

I wanted to post this excerpt from Hana Whitfield's testimony for Marty and for any of the doubters, lurkers, or naive people, as I have been, about what Hubbard was really like. Hana tells a story of a 4-year old boy punished onboard the Apollo when she was Master-at-Arms. It's heartbreaking.

Marty, I think it is time to end the mythologizing about "the good ol' days" with Hubbard before Miscavige took over. It's time to face the truth about Hubbard's true legacy and who he was. To LRH!

The video speaks for itself.