Debbie Cook Defense Fund


:hysterical: Nooooooooooooooo! The deluditwins!

Both bombed!


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photo of Flubbert caption~ "I have no second wife." (after he'd bigamously married his third, oopsy Lron ya drunken freak)

photo of Ratbunny caption~ "Hurrrr-derp-derp." (busted for being pissed as a newt)

the simialrities are truly astounding! :p
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Seperated at birth

The photo of Hubbard was from around 5 in the morning, which meant that Hubbard would have been up all night and, in 1968, still performing his nightly ritual of consuming an ample supply of alcohol.

This, from a post by DartSmohen:

"Did you,know that at St Hill Hubbard would drink a bottle of Jameson a night? :eyeroll:

"In the morning, Corrie Ellis, a S. African woman who worked in the kitchens as MSH assistant would take a brown paper bag with the empty bottle in it around to the rubbish tip and smash it. It was a morning ritual about 8:30am.:wink2:"

And from John McMaster, commenting on an encounter with Hubbard at St. Hill, when he urgently needed to relay a message:

"Well, it was about mid day. He was just getting up. He was a night owl. Anyway, I got up there and he was in his bathroom, which was attached to his bedroom. He came out and I was surprised at the color of his body. It was grey. He came out nude.

"And there on the table was one of those enormous bottles of Gin."

So they were both soused at the time of these photos.


Hmmmm, I've been reading and posting comments on his blog since he opened it and never yet seen Mark Rathbun make any such statements. The above is just PR positioning, Sheila.

He's just a field NOTS Auditor & C/S with a blog, a big mouth and strong opinions - and ton of firsthand experience with Darth Midget.

Many of the Indie Scientologists and even non-Indies posting comments happen to agree with much of what he says, so I suppose he could be called an Opinion Leader for some of them, but that's about it.

Thanks, Michael. No, I've never seen him post that sort of thing. But I have seen him post pics - posed pics that HE arranged, btw - pics of him arm and arm all buddy-buddy with someone and a big post on his blog of what good friends they are, what a great time they had. In two cases that I know, the people were not good friends with Marty - you might say they were associates - and resented him presenting them as close friends on his blog.

Some others were specifically recruited to be part of his group, Marty even flew out to find them and see them, and somehow made them feel obligated to him for this, like they owed their loyalty to him.

That's sales, I guess - but it's Scientology sales. Many people don't like being misled into obligations when they look at it later and realise they did not intend to make those obligations in the first place.

I didn't mean you, specifically, Sneaks.

I told you I was trouble

Suspended animation
Excellent post.

As I understand it, you work professionally in the legal arena and are familiar with the protocols and regulatory controls of "legal representation".

I will point out to persons who have not had much experience hiring lawyers that there is customary paperwork which is executed at the very beginning of a lawyer-client relationship being established. An engagement letter/agreement is signed which is a contract with stipulated agreements, performance requirements and fiduciary duties.

One doesn't just hand a lawyer some money and have them work on behalf of a third party.

If Marty is paying attorneys, then HE is the client. The lawyer(s) do not represent Debbie Cook.

I might have missed it, but in everything I read on Marty's blog he has not disclosed this to the parties that he is raising funds from.

Lawyers are, therefore, working for HIS benefit and that is their sole duty. Imagine Marty going to a doctor and paying them to diagnose & prescribe medical treatment for Debbie Cook if she was not a participant?


All of this falls under the category of L. Ron Hubbard's technology of "willingness to invade the space of others" in order to be effective. It is one of the very worst and most obvious traits of a Scientologist--their arrogant certitude that they own you, your life and your assets and the inevitable stream of demands and orders they give you about what you are required to do with same.

Horrible people, these KSW Scientologists. They talk about "granting beingness" and "freedom" but in practice a real scientologist is an obsessive control freak who enforces solutions that don't work and usually make the situation far worse than if they had never appeared to "salvage" you in the first place.

end of rant :hattip:

Hmmmm, whatever I may think of Marty and his band of sycophantic hubbard lovers, I just don't believe that he's the village idiot.


He's had much experience working within (and probably without of) the legal system both in and out of the cult, and there is no way that he would be stupid enough to put himself into a position where he could come a cropper legally at this stage in the game (but I'm quite happy to be proved wrong.)



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I personally think Marty is on the level here. He did mention that he is not in contact with Debbie and she may or may not take an offer of financial support. If she doesn't, there is never a shortage of legal defense requirements where CoS is concerned. I don't agree with him most of the time, but I do trust him. The only way this "shudder into silence" bullshit is going to stop is if DM figures out that it no longer works because anons, exes and others are willing to help fight him. As I recall (I could be wrong), neither Greg Housh nor Sparrow offered any accounting at all and no one had a problem with it.

Boy, is my face red! Two of Marty's blog posts later I was wishing I had never written this. Sorry, folks.

Ho Tai

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Mark "Marty" Rathbun says in his latest article he has reason to believe that Debbie Cook is about to come under legal attack from David Miscavige via Kendrick Moxon.

Therefore he has established a legal defense fund for her as he did for Danny Montalvo, for which full accounting will be given, as was done for Danny Montalvo.

Please consider helping with Debbie Cook's defense.

Naturally, there will be heavy OSAbot PR against this, as there was with Danny Montalvo.
I haven't read the whole thread, and someone else has probably made this obvious observation, but doesn't it make sense to wait and see if there is something to legally defend before sending money somewhere to defend it?
I just visited MartyWorld and noticed that featured prominently under his recent fund raising effort statement on behalf of fellow 'Friend of RON' Debbie, Marty has quoted from one of Hubbard's highly confidential covert Intelligence issues:

"As Sweden does, a small group using good intelligence tactics, with good technology, if well organized, can hold back enemies of great size."

The above quote is from Hubbard's 2 December 1969, 'Intelligence Actions, Covert Intelligence Data Collection'. which is also this:

"The objective of the enemy is to discredit... Their first blast was from the San Francisco papers, Sept. 1950, quoting the publisher (of Book One) Ceppos being critical of me (he was a communist) followed by the LA papers, pushed then by Sara Komkovadamanov (alias Northrup) 'divorce' actions, followed by attempted kidnapping of myself. Other details were pushed into it including the murder of four and so on. This was a full complete covert operation. At the back of it was Miles Hollister (psychology student), Sara Komkovadamanov (housekeeper at the place nuclear physicists stayed near Caltech), Gene Benton and his wife - president of the Young Communists League... This was a full war against Dianetics."

And was written on the same day as this confidential LRH briefing:

All of which can be found in this:

I think Marty has crossed the Rubicon into Hubbardville, permanently.

WOW!!! This information deserves a thread all of it's own... EVERYONE PLEASE at least skim through this, to familiarize yourself with the data. Veda, you have more good stuff under your hat!!! Keep sharing it! I want more data on those alleged 3 or 4 "early" murders, from the 50's. This is a good sanity test for any Ex. :thumbsup: Read this document, and see if you don't think that Ron was an evil, lying, manipulating SOB, who was clearly a head all the true history data about his life and actions and compare it to what he is alleging here...and how he is training and influencing his followers. Talk about a REALITY CHECK!!! :yes:

Does Tony O. have this data? Someone who is on his lines, please link him up with it...(why am I talking like a Scientologist??? :duh:)

Back to the thread topic~ Now that I am no longer feverish...(survived the flu and pneumonia :thumbsup:) and am thinking more clearly...this is what I think (sorry it's a long post).

Marty is using the topic of Debbie Cook's email as a "strike a blow against the enemy" moment to do fundraising for a legal defense fund for himself and his "Independent" minions and followers...I'm reading between the lines here...not so much for Debbie directly, but for actions which they (the M and M show) will take in the near future, possibly allegedly in support of Debbie (which I agree she does not welcome).

He seems to be assuming that eventually Debbie and husband and the friends who are loyal to them will end up outside the COS (that much is probably correct) and will join up with the M and M Indy movement. :confused2: I think more likely the Cooks might start their own group or movement or just do their own thing and evolve, as so many others who have left the Cult have done. In any event, it means more people leaving and pulling money and labor support away from Corporate Scientology, and more bad publicity for COS (which is a shared goal we ALL have).

He seems to be implying that just by asking for it, they already have pledges of about $50,000 to help with this "cause".

I don't think, after re-reading it, that he is doing fundraising on behalf of Debbie, directly. I think he is doing it for his own group, utilizing the opening that Debbie's mass email created (to put it in Aikido terms), to further strike a blow by releasing other data, other eye-witness accounts, or whatever, related to COS financial illegalities or abuses. Possibly information regarding the tax-exempt shenanigans, which he was personally in up to his eyeballs, and without his efforts would not have happened. He is absolutely correct in thinking that according to Ron's rules (scripture), he should have attained Kha Khan status for that accomplishment for COS alone...David Miscavige absolutely betrayed him there.

I honestly don't think that either he or Mike R. want to be the "Pope" of Scientology. If so, they would have made a move while they were still in and at INT base, when the time and circumstances were most favorable to a coup d' etat.

Part of Marty's issue is group think, I perceive it's largely what attracted him to Scientology in the first place. (The security of belonging to a group with a lot of structure, concrete hierarchy and rules after being raised with the chaos of having mental illness in your home and trying to handle it by yourself as a child and youth.)

After so many years of living with COS indoctrination, he still is thinking, deciding and acting on behalf of his "group"...who I think in his own mind is a concentric circle centered on 1. everyone on his lines and friendly as or to "Independent Scientologists", 2. all Scientologists everywhere who would be loyal to Ron's teachings, both in and out of the church (not so much the real squirrels, who I perceive he still considers to be enemies of Scientology, but perhaps redeemable ~ "keep the door open a crack"), and then the rest of the people in the world who need to be saved from themselves by applying Scientology correctly.

He is not thinking or acting primarily on his own behalf, (hear me out) except in certain immediate instances (I know many of you disagree, and of course, we all do act usually in our own self-interest, but please hear me out!) If he was someone who was primarily motivated to get ahead at all costs and to promote himself and his own needs above all others (in other words, a sociopath), he would have easily toppled David Miscavige while he was in...he had more dirt on him than probably anyone close to him and it is clear to me that at some point, at least after the musical chairs torture incident with the executives at INT, the majority of executives in the hole and possibly elsewhere were looking to him for leadership on how to correct the situation, as they all thought that Dave had gone crazy...(good call).

That was the time for him to take command ("Power is assumed" is correct) and "save" Ron's Scientology from the SP's, (who were running the show). He didn't do it. That tells me oodles about his personality and motivations. A real natural born leader would have organized the others to physically overwhelm the guards, turn DM over to law enforcement lead the others out of the gates at that point, and then after physically recovering, worked to reorganize everything... He didn't do it...

His answer to this very real crisis in command was to blow...and maybe by doing so saved whatever is left of his own sanity. But my point is he has the personality of a kingmaker, not a would be King, by nature. The new "King" he is making is dead Ron, as his group's forever leader and the savior of mankind. Call him what you will, a hatchet man, middle management, the enforcer, whatever... he was only willing to assume command up to a point. Especially when it counted the most...that tells me a lot about his personality. I think this is the biggest personal button for him (saving, rescuing, helping~ probably a family of origin issue). He didn't want the job of running INT base and RTC and COS (and I don't blame him). He chose to escape, himself, instead of working to free himself and all the others, which would have been quite doable in the moment.

But he later, after much personal recovery time, found a game that he can play and mostly win, one that meets a lot of his inner and outer, more practical needs. It's playing the game of being an independent executive for Ron and his loyal followers outside of Corporate Scientology...who is saving and rescuing "real" Scientology and those who have been "ruined" by DM's squirreled Scientology processes. Helping to "clean them up" with "correct" auditing", and recover them for the movement. :eyeroll: This feeds and fulfills two powerful motivators for him at once: codependency to "save and serve the group", and revenge against David Miscavige done legally under the guise of "getting ethics in" to RTC and Corporate Scientology. Many other former COS members will cheer him on and give him money, time and practical support in pursuing this. We are seeing this happen.

Marty seems to have some untreated codependency: "hero", rescuer or savior issues. He got into Scientology originally, not for his own good, put to try and save his brother from mental illness. I think he worked his way up in management all those years by using this strong motivation, greatest good for the group, good for the movement, saving mankind, etc. I think he is still playing this game, largely, by hooking up with other outcasts from COS and creating a "new" movement, which he is allowing others to frame (so far effectively) as the protestant reform movement of Scientology...:duh:

But I think his real motivation now, even stronger than helping and "saving" his group, which is a more surface motivation, and so socially acceptable, is a deep seated hatred of David Miscavige, who abandoned and betrayed him, and also anger at all of those COS Executives who remain "loyal" to DM, including his former wife. Marty frames his anger at DM for betraying Ron, and positions himself and his group as being the real ones who are loyal to Ron and Ron's teachings, but I think his anger and HURT is really much more personal (and understandably so). David Miscavige is, by his own actions, a paranoid sociopath. One whom Marty was loyal to, befriended and served for many years...and was betrayed by.

I think this is Marty's real motivation now, revenge...couched in doing something good, saving and redeeming Scientology, the supposed boon of mankind.

I personally think that both he and Mike are not nearly so indoctrinated as they seem to be, regarding Ron's superiority or the infallibility of his work. I think they are playing a game, one in which they have been taught and practiced over many years of experience to be "pan-determined", in other words, to be able to hold any viewpoint (even one they disagree with internally) that will create the circumstances of winning their game...(what Scientology is, in a nutshell). Right now, the button they are pushing is Ron as lovable Big Daddy, genius and savior, whose work (and thus all mankind) is in terrible peril because of David Miscavige who is an evil abusive usurper, out for his own gain, who ought to be squashed and imprisoned. (What he did to both of them.)

I think that both of them know much more about Ron's true history and nature (character problems) than they let on openly to others, that he was just a man, with lots of flaws and failings and his own problems, that everything he did was essentially to create help with handling his own problems and create a "good" life for himself, (and doing so makes him a BIG BEING by their rules) who nonetheless created a clever and to them, glorious game which in part they really enjoyed playing, and were very successful at for a time of their lives, and are still playing in a sense... but now more on their own terms and under their own rules.

They want to believe...but I do not think that they are true believes. They can expertly ACT as true believers, however, when this serves their purposes, as it is doing now, as a means to an end. I do think they are honest in wanting to stop the abuses, and in some way which won't cost them too dearly (like years in prison) to amend for having "helped to build the beast", by working to dismantle it. In this, and not too much else, I do support their efforts.

It makes sense to me. It's creating an acceptable truth to say, now is the time to start collecting a legal defense fund, not really clarifying for whom or what actions, or the details of how it will be managed, disbursed, refunded etc.. It's purposefully obscure and implied purpose is to save Scientology and stop the abuse, and to "help". This is a button that works for many.

I don't think M and M and Debbie and husband are collaborating, I think each faction is playing their own game. M and M's game is "bring DM down", see him exposed, humiliated, and imprisoned (as he did to them and so many other "loyal" Scientologist's), and they are using the cause (and possibly tell themselves that this is their real motivation) of "rescuing" Ron and "saving Scientology", his true, unaltered works and his real loyal followers and the true believers in a real codependent fashion. It is a powerful motivation, one that meets many of their needs. And in doing so, they get to be framed (perceived) as whistle-blowers, reformers, the good guys out to save (rescue) their group and "help" people, while they reap their revenge on DM. Many people who have been hurt, harmed or ripped off by Corporate Scientology will join up with their "movement" and support them in many ways, even financially. It's win-win for them.

Many of you have wondered why they haven't "spilled the beans" or "told all they know" (especially Marty) to law enforcement, etc...what are they waiting for? Why draw it out? Seems clear to me that by drawing out suspense it not only gets people talking about them, and tuning in to their show and gathers support, but it is also a very fine way to torture DM, who seems to be at total effect of his anxiety over who will defect next and what other COS secrets will be revealed to the world...(why else start the day at INT Base with reports of who has blown, have daily musters and head counts like at a prison farm, and create elaborate and expensive "blow drills" to "recover" escaped Sea Org executives?)

I think what Marty is really saying to his group is get ready to strike another blow, including having a big defense fund. Not elaborating the who what and why thereof.

It's clearly a game he thinks he can win.

(I really wish that I would stop talking like a Scientologist...) :duh:
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Re: Let them all reap what they have sown

I have no sympathy for Debbie, Marty, Mike or any of these other idiots.

Every single one of these assholes was complicit in child abuse at he least.

Let them reap what they have sown.