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Debbie Cook (still a hypocrite) and Hubbard’s LAME disconnection Policy


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So below we have Debbie Cook the former Captain at Flag asking that she not be disconnected.

Debbie writes in Marty’s blog
“I never spoke to the press and asked that it be kept from them. I also made it clearly known to the Office of Special Affairs that I had no plans for any further action and asking that our family, friends and business associates not be pressured to “disconnect” from us.

In response I received no communication from the Church at all, but rather every one of my Scientology clients was instructed to disconnect from me and my company was tanked. Further, my Scientology friends and family were contacted and ordered to disconnect.”

• This clearly proves that she knows that disconnection is policy.
• This clearly proves that it is LRH policy not Miscavage
• This clearly proves that she personally participated in it in her 17 years of service.

• Secondly if you watch the video of her talking to the Scientology lawyer, she motions that she would have limited contact with Scientologists.

• Why can’t Debbie and Marty and the rest of that crowd see that when they disconnect they too are part of Hubbard’s evil policy.

• She still clearly has the idea that disconnection is OK in many cases.. Just not hers.

• This clearly shows that disconnection is LRH policy not Miscavage.

• I just wonder why someone like Anderson Cooper does not run with this? He was trying to prove disconnection.

The she writes:

I have seen the lame walk. I have seen emotionally broken people renewed. I have seen relationships healed. And I have seen these things over and over and over again. Nothing could ever shake my belief in the value of L Ron Hubbard’s philosophical writings.

So let me get this straight….
If I go into a Scientology organization and I am LAME (can’t walk) and see these claims of the LAME being able to walk…. So after $250,000 worth of auditing and training I am still LAME and I quit. I then publicly tell the world that Scientology did not work for me (did not cure my lameness) I can then be disconnected from my family and friends. So now I am LAME, BROKE and ALONE (just for tying something and telling the honest truth of my results)? Is that LRH policy? I think so.

According to LRH policy Debbie Cook would have disconnected from this person, she would have had everybody else in Scientolgy disconnect, have this person lose his job, or business or clients and felt good about it….She doesn’t like it when it is done to her does she?

Is this what she means by LOVE COMPASSION and KINDNESS of LRH policy?

When she disconnected or had people disconnected---- that was good compassionate LRH policy but when it was done to her that was the evil Miscavage?

She has been in so long she can’t see that hypocrisy, PR spinning and assuming herself right at all times has been woven into the fabric of her personality. She has truly duplicated LRH.

Instead of defending herself she should be making amends to all the lives she wrecked and all the people she had disconnected while she was in the cult by standardly applying Hubbard’s policy.

Hey Debbie...You made your bed now you are finding out that it is not a Tempur Pedic