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Interesting, been wondering what the Slaughter's were up to. I live in the boonies now, on the very rare occasion I drive by the mission it looks to be closed. I know their hours as posted on the web are very very few.

Kathy (ImOut)

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Benneta is moving back to TX! :omg: Dang it, now the state will be polluted with her entheata. I can't stand the woman. I had a few interactions with her when I lived near Flag (and my 2nd husband worked for her). She's a bitch, a know-it-all and suffers from a extreme/severe case of self-importance.


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This thread went way out there! I looked up Debbie on Facebook, and posted it when I found her. Now, it's uncovered an OSA op on her ! Read and learn, Debbie, it will come at you from a "friend". Benetta gets around, doesn't she?


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I should send her a message too,if it's her real FB page.
Have not seen her sinse I left..I wonder,what she does for a living..

Ho Tai

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When this thread first started the other day I checked Debbie out on facebook and could see who her friends were. I just checked again today and could only see our mutual friends. She changed her settings for some reason in the last few days. Either she does read here or someone tipped her off that her facebook account was being talked about, so she made her settings more private.

Another possibility - the NY Times ran a piece a few days ago advising people how to set their privacy settings after Facebook changed the defaults recently. I checked mine and some did indeed need changing. Maybe she saw the same article.


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Briefly, Bennetta is a female mini-DM who was very intimately involved in contributing to the psychotic break that led to the death of Lisa. (I would be happy to supply details, if anyone is interested).




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Part IV - 45 days in the hole

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The level of sadism DM had sunk to since my departure after four days into the Hole in Feb 2004 are enough to boggle any civilized mind. Not only did all of International Management (CMO INT and Exec Strata), and then CO FSO, but also the by-then holed CO FCB (Kirsti Wilhere), and President CSI (Heber Jenzscth – yes, the 75 year old plus several decade face of Scientology) were subjected to these inhumanities.

In the middle of summer 2007, when local temperature regularly rises well above 110 degrees, DM ordered the electricity in the Hole to be cut off for many days at a time. DM also ordered that the penniless Hole prisoners pay for their own food. What they paid for was, as one survivor described it, ”slop” or like “gruel” Oliver Twist style. For breakfast it was only oatmeal, and all other meals were slop. Everybody had to wait in line and pay before eating. There were more than one hundred people there.

The same Korean brainwashing technique of physically forcing Holers to give confessions to the group were still going on daily; a practice DM instituted in 1998, and intensified in late 2003. Remember again, this is mid 2007.

In order to add insult to injury, DM had U Haul trucks pull up outside, and U Haul boxes brought in to let all participants know he was serious with his threats, “I’m going offload all of you.” I am sure most would gladly have been offloaded, but after several years of mind torture they no doubt understood there was no way out.

On many occasions the Holee’s were ordered to run a few hundred yards to the Cine Conference room where DM held court during event preparations. He would interrupt whatever he was doing to go out to the front lawn where the Holees had to stand for high volume toastings and severe degradation adjustments. They had to stand at attention for receipt of long, profanity laced dress downs of some or all of them depending on his mood.

One day DM announced to the assembled in the Hole that Marc Yager (one time CO CMO INT/WDC Chairman) and Guillaume Lesevre (one time ED INT) were homosexual and were engaged in a gay relationship. To those who have read my full blog and you’d know that by that time, DM had been alleging this to the entire crew for ten years. But, for Debbie, Kristie (exCO FCB) and Heber, it was news.

Debbie was there when DM announced that Tom Cruise would come the next day to “punch you guys out” if the one hundred Holee’s failed to get a confession out of Guillaume and Marc.

When DM left Jenny Linsen Devocht, Angie Blankenship, and Lisa Schroer (who were DM’s pets at the time, sort of in charge of the Hole while being Holed themselves) decided that the Holees collectively will “give some people some black eyes before Tom has to.” Russ Bellin (once CO CST) lead the charge of the bigger and stronger men in the hole who began the beat downs of Yager, Guillaume and Ray Mithoff (once Snr CS INT). The crew battered Marc, Guillaume and Ray. In the psychotic frenzy even Norman Starkey and Heber sustained some collateral damage. Debbie managed not to participate in the carnage.

When DM returned for a report, Lisa Schroer (who remained a DM pet throughout given her position as CO of Gold, that handles the only product he gives a damn about, Events) in her inimitable fashion, started embellishing the forced confessions allegedly gotten from Guillaume and Yager while under legally recognized conditions of torture. Lisa dutifully reported that Guillaume and Yager had in fact confessed to having a homosexual relationship.

Debbie tried to correct the report, interjecting that they never really confessed as Lisa was reporting. DM shut her up in a heartbeat. Once DM left, Lisa Schroer , who was a little more in charge of the Hole at the time than Jenny and Angie, briefed the Holees what a treasonous “bitch” Debbie was for “defending” Marc and Guillaume. She was accused of being “mutual out ruds” for having sided with the victims of torture. That included loud accusations from Lisa, Angie and Jenny that Debbie “must be a lesbo.”

For the next twelve hours Debbie was made to stand in a large garbage can and face one hundred people screaming at her demanding a confession as to her “homosexual tendancies”. While this was going on water was poured over her head. Signs were put around Debbie’s neck, one marked in magic marker “LESBO” while this torture proceeded. Debbie was repeatedly slapped across the face by other women in the room during the interrogation. Debbie never did break. And fittingly she was rewarded with what turned out to be a break in another sense of the word.

When I confirmed all of these facts with multiple sources, I knew without a doubt there was no turning back for me.

I well remember the purpose of the Sea Org.


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I well remember the purpose of the Sea Org.

And? That was? I see nothing here that violates the intent and purpose and methods of Ron's Sea Org. If anything, it's a difference in humorless degree; not kind. If anything, DM's SO is a more *successful* Sea Org. A much 'tighter ship'. Nothing new; just worse.
Ron was a slacker.



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-freedom from torture

I had no idea of the story about what happened between 2005 when my wife and I left FSO, to pt as far as Debbie and Wayne are concerned. Now that I am filled in, I regret starting this thread. I am looking forward to the full story coming out, whenever and in whatever forum they choose. Debbie and Wayne, live long and prosper.


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Reverse Indulges :duh:
After escaping Flag and securing a rental car, Debbie and Wayne did like every self-respecting erstwhile slave has done for centuries, hightailed it north. They drove toward Debbie’s father’s place in North Carolina. They attempted to remain low profile. However, OSA spared no money in hunting them down. Debbie and Wayne were located in a coffee shop in South Carolina. While Security and OSA sources debate the truth of it, at least one of them insists that the OSA operatives on the scene used a car to block Debbie and Wayne’s in its parking spot in the lot. Kathy True (who ironically has lately taken to telling lies habitually) from OSA Flag entered the coffee shop and tried to convince Debbie and Wayne to return. They finally agreed to at least route out “properly” so they would not be declared. Debbie insisted her father was awaiting their arrival and they were going to see him first.

True received a brutal toasting for letting them leave South Carolina headed north. Consequently, True dashed to North Carolina and immediately began pestering Debbie and Wayne to return to Flag.

Debbie and Wayne only agreed to return under the promise that they do NOTHING but route out rapidly. They returned after True had accepted their terms as authorized by DM through his RTC Rep Flag.

Craig Jensen’s daughter got the assignment to sec check Debbie. She was an RTC sec checker, despite being a relatively green SO member, perhaps because of daddy’s elite IAS donation status. Debbie was put in “session” and was immediately interrogated. It was an out-tech dog’s breakfast, Nazi-style badgering ordeal.

When Debbie had finally had enough she threatened the RTC rep that if she was not out of custody by the next day that the Clearwater Police would arrive to release her.

Lo and behold, Debbie was finally speaking DM’s language. Suddenly, Debbie was being listened to. An OSA team came in and delivered DM’s life ring for Debbie and Wayne to avoid declares and lost hope of ever using or seeing Scientology at any time in the future. Some “bullet-proof” termination contracts were drafted by OSA attorneys. The contracts called for heavy monetary fines should Debbie and Wayne ever disclose the seriatum violations of State and Federal criminal laws they had witnessed and were subjected to. In order to make the contracts “binding”, they were given modest severance pay in exchange for their non-disclosure promises. :omg:

That’s right folks, DM’s latest “solution” to holding onto his precious withholds is paying people not to disclose them. I call it Reverse Indulgences, after the Medeival Catholic church practice of accepting money in exchange for exonerating folk for their confessed crimes. The practice was so abhorred it served as the primary motivator for the Reformation. DM’s Reverse Indulgences is a far more pernicious practice. He pays money (parishioner’s donations) to prevent folk from confessing his own crimes.

Now, our legal team (yes, we have quite a formidable one, all sub rosa for now of course) has done plenty of research on the matter. Their conclusion is that DM’s silence contracts are NOT enforcable for two primary reasons:

a) Contracts that silence the disclosure of felonious behavior are a violation of public policy and are thus unlawful.

b) The contracts we are familiar with so far dispense such a pittance in exchange for silence (and are entered into with a party who has no opportunity for legal representation) they are unenforceable contracts. For example, in the case of Debbie what do you suppose reasonable severance compensation would be for a Chief Executive Officer who brought in 1.75 Billion dollars during her tenure (yes One Billion, Seven-hundred and fifty million dollars)? Believe me, she got chump’s change. So did the other subjects of “contract tech.”

At the same time, recognize that Debbie, Wayne and others similarly situated are suffering from an intentionally created in terrorum effect. That terror is the knowledge that for all practical purposes they do have their backs against the wall because Miscavige WILL spend however many millions he has to ruin his opponent.

I call it the Time Warner effect. We sued Time Warner over their 1991 Time magazine cover story. After eight years of expensive litigation the dismissal of the case was affirmed by the highest court in the land. The press duly noted Time’s “victory”, while DM laughed all the way to the IAS patron’s ball. You see, we knew that Time had spent so much money defending themselves from our punishing over-litigation strategy that during the course of the litigation Time had exceeded their insurance coverage. First they had to dig significant amounts out of their own coffers to see the case through. Second, they had hugely increased premiums when they finally found a carrier after their then-current one dumped them like a plague infested rat.

DM literally giggled for years at how Time began to treat Scientology with kid gloves, steering clear of any Scientology controversy. And while his mirth is more twisted and spasmodic of late, he still feels a measure of confidence with the TW boys.

So, if America’s largest media conglomerates can be made to kow tow to the menace, what do you think a single, middle-aged wreck, with no viable job history and no assets feels like?

Please recognize that when dealing with people who have been subjected to “contract tech” or Reverse Indulgences. At the end of the day, the more folks who step up to the plate the safer it will be for them too.

It puts me and some of my friends in a very tough and vulnerable position to carry on with the work we do. But, hey if life were fair what kind of game would we have?


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Thanks for all the news and historical info.
Great job everyone.
And it ain't even the first week of "Year of the SP".