Debbie Cook's Trial


Troublesome Internet Fringe Dweller
. . . The only way the cult is going to get rid of DM is for a trusted aid to stick a needle full of vistaril in his ass, li he did to LCon. Karma.

DM isn't the problem. He's just following the KSW Standard L Ron Hubbard Tech and/or personal example. If anything, he's of assistance in that his actions continue to bring Scientology into disrepute. The last thing we need is for the cult to mock-up a leadership change and PR its way out of the mess that it is in. At the moment, the cult is downsizing as the supply of raw meat dries up. But, even if every public and every staff were to walk out tomorrow, there are sufficient cash reserves and a real estate portfolio to die for which would see the cult continue indefinitely, only more covertly. The only way we are going to excise the cult from society is via a full and open criminal prosecution. At the moment, that is looking less and less likely. Like you say, we've been close before, but not now.