December 5th raids and vigils


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As some of you may be aware, December 5th is the day Lisa McPherson died on her way to the hospital from the Fort Harrison hotel in Clearwater. The story of her death helped galvanize the anti-Scientology movement and inspires many protesters to this day. Since December 5th falls on a Saturday this year, many cities are choosing to do their protests on this important date

The Hamburg Megaraid is running from the 3rd to the 6th of December. More than just a picket, Hamburg plans to use their Megaraid to help disseminate information about effective activism strategies, preserve material created as part of the anonymous movement, promote international cooperation, and party hard. Everyone is welcome. Check out for more information.

Montreal: Regional Megaraid
Can't make it to Hamburg? Montreal welcomes you! Quebec and Montreal anons have joined forces to put together a megaraid for eastern Canadian and US anons. 11 am on the corner of Papineau and Rachel, followed by a march to the org. Everyone is welcome.

Boston: Raid and Vigil
Boston will be holding our regular protest early for the month of December in honor of McPherson. The raid will take place at 11 am as normal, followed by a break for food and other activities, and then back to the org in the evening for a candlelight vigil. Anyone in the area is invited to come for either event.

London: Raid
For London anons who can't make it to Hamburg, they'll be meeting at Tottenham Crt Rd at 13:00.

Nashville: Raid
No time posted yet, keep an eye on for details.

Los Angeles: Memorial
No time posted, planning thread here

San Jose: Raid
Mountain View CA anons have chosen to do two raids this month, the first will be at the San Jose Org to promote awareness of McPherson's death, beginning at 11am. They intend to stick around until the winter wonderland event at 5 pm that night. Anyone in the area who is able to make it out for part of the day would be welcomed.

Clearwater: Raid
Clearwater will be holding a "frogger" themed raid for December in honor of the jerk who tried to hit one of them with a car in November. Guests are welcomed, but reminded to be extra paranoid as Clearwater is home to some crazy OSA. 10:30 am, latecomers should stick around as the group heads out for a quick march first thing.

Oslo: Raid
Oslo is going with a School's Closed theme because Will and Jada Smith are showing up. 11 am at Karl Johans gate. Remember that masks are not allowed in Norway.

If I missed anything, please let me know