Definitions of Scientology Organizations


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I did this on my other thread, and then moved it. Because it really should be it's own thread. This is mostly what the organization SHOULD do supposedly, not what they might ACTUALLY do)

This should be read in conjunction with the threads on SO Organizational Structure (including ranks)

and the chart on Command Structure that LBV did (wtg LBV - better than I could have done)
COB - Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Religious Technology Center (now just Chairman of the Board, the big honcho, da boss)

ASI - Author Services - literary agent for L. Ron Hubbard Library properties.

RTC - Main Licensee and therefore representative licensor for the trademarks and service marks of Scn.

CST - Church of Spiritual Technology - Actual owner of trademarks and service marks. Supposed to ensure they are used properly by RTC and by extension the church.

IASA - International Association of Scientologists - Membership organization and the "War Chest" for the church/COB.

CMOI - Commodore'e Messenger Organization International (CMO -policing and enforcement organization for COB, RTC, Watchdog Committee)

WDC - Watchdog Committee - Members of CMO charged with ensuring their sphere does what it's supposed to do.

INCOMM - International Network of Computer Organized Management - control of computerization for all of scientology

AVC - Authority Verification Center - responsible for certifying that those you deal with using LRH methods or Scientology are actually licensed to use it.

LRH PPRO - L Ron Hubbard Personal Public Relations Officer, to ensure L. Ron Hubbards image is positive and kept so.

Senior C/S Int - Senior Case Supervisor Internation - reponsible (through C/Ses at lower levels) for ensuring proper technology has been applied to those recieving "Pastoral Counseling"

ESI - Executive Strata International, headed by Executive Director International - responsible that churches succeed and that the organizational structure is maintained.

GOLD - Golden Era Productions - responsible for the production of all Audio/Visual items involved in the church, successful marketing for Scientology (through the CMU - Central Marketing Unit), Dissemination of Scientology through written materials (getting the word out), and R COMPS (compilation of Ron's materials - audio, written words, etc).

OSA - Office of Special Affairs - reponsible for Public Relations, keeping the church on a sound legal footing and handling any legal issues (attacks, etc)

CCHR - Citizen's Commission on Human Rights - responsible for exposing abuse in the field of Psychology and Psychiatry and to ensure spiritual problems are handled in religious settings.

FFR - Flag Flag Representative - in charge of the Flag Representative Network, responsible for ensuring managements orders are followed.

(Flag was from the navy use of this term, the flagship or the place where the admiral/overseers monitors and controls the fleet. Flag is not dependant on a particular ship. It's wherever it's being run from now. Kind of like the President of the US. Air Force One is whatever plane he is on regardless of which physical plane it is.)

FFO - Flag Finance Office - in charge of the finance network, ensuring that money is properly spent and that management is supported by lower organizations.

LRH COMM - L. Ron Hubbard Communicator - responsible for ensuring that materials written by L Ron Hubbard are not altered or degraded in any way. By extension, oversees the standard delivery of technology. Also handles images of L Ron Hubbard at their level. Also handles communications to ED International as ED Internation took over the "Write to Ron" line when LRH passed.

CMO IXU - CMO Internation Extention Unit - responsible for CMO functions at the flag level.

(Liason - a person that acts as the representative for someone else or for higher ups. Higher ups can't be bothered with all details, so you don't talk directly to the higher up, you go to the Liason and he passes it on.)

ILO - Internation Liason Office - Management Liason for all sectors of scientology (used to be Flag Command Bureaux)

SMI - Scientology Missions Internation - responsible for successful missions of Scientology and opening new areas.

WISE - World Institute of Scientology Enterprises - Licences secular usage of Scientology administrative technology/structure. WISE is an organization of businesspeople who use L. Ron Hubbard's methods in their business.

ABLE - Association for Better Living and Education International - in charge of the use of LRH methods in traditionally "charitable" functions for society and those things that are supposed to help soceity as a whole. Drug rehab (through Narconon), Criminal Rehabiliation (through Criminon), Educational Methods in schools (through Applied Scholastics), The Way to Happiness Foundation (the use of non-religious moral code written by L. Ron Hubbard)

IHELP - International Hubbard Ecclesiastical League of Pastors - in charge of ensuring field auditors are using standard technology and that they are certified.

FB - Flag Bureax - Management of actual Scientology churches.

CCI - Celebrity Centre International - responsible for organizations that deliver Scientology technology to celebrites, to ensure that they are not distracted (by papparazzi, average folk etc) while recieving Scientolgoy and to ensure that those with greater reach get the best treatment.

CLO - Continental Liason Office - handles the same functions as ILO but at a continental/area level. They answer to ILO.

BPI, NEP - Brigde Publications, New Era Publications - responsible for English (BPI) and non-English (NEP) publication of written materials of Scientology and L Ron Hubbard. Only legal source for churches to get published materials. BPI handles North America and I am not sure, South America, New Era the rest of the world basically.

SH - Saint Hill Organization - Ensuring that those that are clear or need advanced procedures to reach clear recieve them and are moved to advanced organization. Also responsible for training the staff of lower organizations in Standard Technology to all but the advanced levels. (up to Class VI course)

AO - Advanced Organization - Responsible for the standard delivery of lower advanced (OT) services (OT 1 through 5) and training the highest level of non-staff and non-NOTS (new era dianetics for OTs) level auditors. (class VII and VIII).

FSO - Flag Service Organization - Internation delivery organization that can deliver all levels of Scientology and is responsible for delivery of Solo NOTs (New Era Dianetics for OTs) and training staff to deliver NOTS (OT V) at AO level, Ls (advanced spiritual counseling) and training auditors to deliver Ls (Class X,XI,XII).

FSSO - Flag Ship Service Organization - responsible to deliver the first actual OT levels (OT VIII) and, when released, OT IX, seperate from society which would be distracting to those at this level. This is on the Freewinds, the only ship in the Sea Organization. As a whole this is often this is referred to as SHIP (includes FSSO and FWSO - Freewinds Ship Organization - responsible for maintenance of the ship).

ClV Org - Class V Org - responsible for delivery of all preclear services, and for auditor training up to Class V

Please list any other terms needing definition.